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Homunculist (Alchemist Archetype)

The second construct-themed alchemist archetype we’ll be covering on the blog. The homunculist technically does not craft constructs, but rather creates artificial life that barely share anything other than a name with the homunculus monster. We’ll see this crop up again with the Promethean Alchemist, but for now, let’s focus on today’s entry.

The homunculus as a creature has it’s roots in alchemical folklore, with the idea that inside a single sperm cell lies a miniature human form, which could be cultivated artificially into growing into a fully-formed, but miniature version of a human being, or other animals, as the case may be. This has ties to the idea of the mandragora plant having a connection to humans. Regardless, many alchemists in the real world equate actually performing this feat, the creation of life, with the Philosopher’s Stone, some even putting it above the legendary stone and its capacity for chrysopoeia, or turning base metals into gold.

The homunculist, however, has achieved creating simple, small life forms early in their career, but it is what they do with them afterwards that sets them apart, learning how not only to create life, but also modify it.

Having little interest in poisons or warping their own bodies, these alchemists instead focus on creating life forms, specifically small animals or vermin bonded to them on a primal level. In other words, familiars. However, I can imagine that some who practice this art do indeed branch into more fantastical creatures, creating magical beasts or deriving small outsiders from raw planar essence.

Where things get really interesting, however, is their ability to manipulate and enhance the essence these created beings, granting them increasingly more drastic alterations as their mastery improves.

Interested in a familiar-possessing alchemist that can grant their creature eidolon evolutions? This may be what you’re looking for. Unlike the familiar granted by the tumor familiar discovery, these creations have the advantage of evolutions, but the trick is figuring out how to utilize them. A familiar with the mauler archetype might benefit from more combatative evolutions, to say nothing of extracts geared towards making them particularly deadly with share spells. A homunculus familiar geared towards intrigue, spying, delivering touch extracts, and so on will instead benefit from more subtle evolutions, such as spell-like abilities, skill bonuses, and additional mobility. As for the alchemist themselves, one can use most any build with them, but creating fleshy simulacrum, alchemically-animated undead, bottling oozes,crafting constructs, and other discoveries centered around creating life does fit thematically with the lore surrounding real-world stories of mastering the science of life in alchemy. Also consider looking at the rules for fleshcrafting from Horror Adventures if you want to take it down that volatile route.


Though they are indeed animals or vermin, these homunculi are still created beings. As such, they may not fully resemble the animals they are based on, perhaps having unnatural or strangely neotenized characteristics such as missing fur, large eyes, and so on. Additionally, their desire to create life might make them enemies of particularly zealous religions that view such an act as the sole purview of the gods.


Always accompanied by a beakless chicken with disturbingly human-like teeth, Daloph the Potion-Master is not particularly well-liked in town, the citizens avoiding the eccentric man whenever they can. However, he is an uncanny expert in the lore of fleshcrafting, and is willing to trade the flesh of magical beasts, particularly those that resemble several animals combined together, in exchange for sharing his knowledge.

Perhaps driven by the primordial nature of her blood, the ganzi alchemist Tessendra has been making great strides in creating life with her archaeopteryx familiar created from a feather, and even several simulacra duplicates of herself aiding in her research. However, her expertise has not managed to save her from debt, and several unscrupulous lenders are eager to collect from her in unsavory ways.

Cultivating lesser mandrakes (treat as petriferns without the petrify ability) makes for useful familiars for nature-inclined mages. However, they can also serve another purpose for an aspiring alchemist, as their toxic secretions are incredibly useful in the creation of homunculi and other fleshy constructs and crafted life.

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What is a familiar?
A familiar is an animal whom you have a spiritual connection with. A witches companion. You call upon them to help you with your practices. They can be physical or spiritual beings. They are healers and guardians but above all, a loyal companion. Provides the witch with psychic protection as well as negative energy. They do not have to be your ‘pet,’ any animal that you use symbols of can also be your familiar but on a more spiritual level. Animals are chosen as a familiar because of their connection with nature and innocence. They protect on many spiritual levels as well as the home and property of the witch. They become able to communicate together in dreams and during meditation.     

History of Familiars
In Europe during the witch hunts familiars were thought of at demon like entities sent to do a witches bidding. It was believed that they were cats, dogs, and toads possessed by demons. Thus, during the witch hunt era many animals were hunted and slaughtered because of their connection with witches. Familiars were supposedly given to the Witches from by the Devil. It was believed that they were fed from the witches blood.

In some Scandinavian countries familiars were thought of as fearies, elves, pixies, dwarves, sprites, and elements of nature.

In shamanistic practices the familiar is in fact not a physical being rather it is a spiritual entity. It protects in the astral plane and from any psychic attacks.

In England and Scotland familiars took form of toads.

Familiar Misconceptions:

  • Not every witch has a familiar. In fact some are quite happy working alone. Some witches may even be allergic.
  • Cats are not the only animal used as a familiar.
  • No familiars are not possessed by demons or the devil.
  • Not all pets are familiars!

Types of animals to used as familiars: 

Any animal can be used as a familiar! The most common are cats (especially black) and dogs.

How you know it is your familiar and not just a pet:

  • It chose you.
  • You have a bond on a spiritual level.
  • You put more trust in it then anyone/anything else.
  • Takes an active role in your rituals.
  • Sits politely while you are casting being sure not to be a bother.
  • Loves to lounge in your magick work space.
  • You feel a boost of energy whenever they are near you.
  • Watches the window constantly watching for any unwelcome beings. 
  • Trails you like a shadow.
  • Hates to be separated from you

How to find your Familiar:

  • Cast a spell to bring clarity on your familiar.
  • Meditate on it.
  • Ask a form of divination about finding you familiar.

Ways to bond with your Familiar:

  • Provide it with a collar, halter, leash, etc that has protective crystals and herb sachets sewn into it. 
  • Carry a piece of a NATURALLY shed item from your familiar in a sachet or tied together with ribbon.
  • Provide them with the best food and housing you can afford.
  • Always place them before yourself.
  • Spend lots of time together.
  • Provide them with their own protection.
  • Speak to it.
  • Brush or stoke it. 
  • Treat them and reward them for their help.
  • Treat them with the kindness they deserve.
  • Honor them.
  • Provide them with an altar.
  • Give them offerings.

Familiar uses: 

  • Provide you with physical and spiritual protection.
  • Provide you the uttermost loyalty and respect
  • Benefits your emotional well being.
  •  Helps you connect with nature.
  • Enhances are physical and psychic abilities.
  • Protects home and property.

When to work with a Familiar:

  • When you want to attune with nature
  • Meditation
  • Healing magick
  • Dreamwork
  • Astral travelling 
  • Divination
  • Scrying
  • Spirit communication
  • Welcome them to join you when power is being raised and spells are cast. 

Respect a Familiar deserves:

Let it accompany you on its own accord and make sure it is willing to participate, NEVER force them to join in on a ritual. They are very sensitive to psychic power and vibrations. Treat them with kindness and the same respect you would give to a human being. Be sure to treat them as an equal and not something you own. This is very important if you want to create and maintain a connection with your familiar. Familiars are living beings and should never be treated like an athame, candle or an object for spell casting. Make sure to be cautious with the type of tools you are using during your casting with a familiar. Be cautious of candles or any toxic herbs!   

Names for familiars:

Instead of you choosing a name for them, ask them what their true name is.


What type of Familiar do you have?

I have a horse and a cat as my familiar! 

May the moon light your path!

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