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I'm looking for more witchy blogs to follow!

Please like/reblog is this applies to you, comment with your/your blog’s “specialty” to make my search quicker!

☾ Cosmic witchcraft
☾ Green witchcraft
☾ Beginner tips/tricks
☾ Correspondences, info., vocabulary, etc. etc.
☾ Familiars
☾ LGBT+ witches/witchcraft
☾ Grimore ideas

No aesthetic blogs please! While some neat pictures are ok, I’m searching for information.


anonymous asked:

Hi! Do you have a fave batboy? If you do then who is it and why? Thanks~

Tim Drake! I love a lot about him:

  •  his intelligence - he’s?? Such a good detective??
  • how he’s kind of a fucking mess (the quiet kind of self-destruction, right?) but he’s also completely badass
  • I also really like his (original) backstory - a fanatic kid who was obsessed with Batman and Robin for years but didn’t step into the role until Jason died and he didn’t have much choice if he didn’t want Batman to go completely off the rails
  • Did I mention he’s kind of mess though
  • Like really
  • I also love how he can be kind of… morally dubious sometimes. Some of my favourite Tim moments are when he’s blowing up the League of Assassin’s bases or when he has the CIA running circles after him or when people are seriously wondering if this boy is sociopathic and power-hungry. (In other news: I need villain!Tim leading the Titans, please and thank you??)
  • I also really adore how he’s very results motivated. By that I mean we sometimes see lots of heroics being performative, we see heroes spending time worrying about how they’re perceived and their reputation, ect. Tim just wants results. He doesn’t do it for the acknowledgement, or because he wants to be a better person, or any of that. He does it to get results.

“Hey…”, you might ask yourself, “what does betterneko do with the time she doesn’t spend working or taking care of her children/husband/cat/house?”  

If you put money on “draws pictures of Papa III taunting ghouls with a laser pointer, like they’re kittens”….jackpot!

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hii how are yah?? hope youre having a great day! listen i have a question can you tell me how to purchase bts' concert tickets?? is it only available online?? also what happens before and after a concert..?? same goes for the fansigns...^^ also whats an army 4?? sorry if these questions are ridiculous and alot lol thanks ~

hello, anon! i’ve been good, i guess(?) thank you for asking~ ^^ i’m sorry for taking a while to answer your question lkmdlkfmv i wanted to make sure i got some accurate(?) info before replying you. also ahhh, please don’t apologise, they aren’t ridiculous questions!

let’s start with army 4 which is commonly known as ‘army 4기’ or ‘4th term army’. this refers to the 4th term/generation of BTS Global Official Fanclub ‘A.R.M.Y’. purchasing/applying for a term of official fanclub would give you some special benefits in terms of exclusive content from the fancafe (army 4기 room) that other non-official fans (aka non-army 4기) won’t be able to access. there will also be other perks in terms of advanced ticketing for concerts (whether or not it’s available for countries outside kr depends on organizers, etc.), going to music shows/other public broadcasting exclusive for army 4기. i don’t think information about the 4th term is out just yet and i’ve no personal experience with being part of the official army fanclub but!! you can check out the notice from the 3rd term for some idea on how it works!

next is concerts! hmmm, i can’t say much about concert ticketing because it varies across countries in terms of where to purchase the tickets. in most countries, ticketing is available both online and offline, however you would have to double check with the organizers regarding this! in the case of korea, bts tickets can be bought through interpark and those with official army fanclub status get to pre-reserve/pre-buy tickets before the general public. you would have to find updates from your local organizers regarding ticketing sales and other information as they would be more accurate for your country. as i haven’t been to a bts concert, i’ll be basing the before and after on my experience with other kpop concerts (cnblue, yg fam & exo).

some things that happen before a concert include: official merchandise sale, fans giving out free goodies and fansite merchandise sales/pick up and queuing for entry. notices regarding the sale of official sales and fansite goods should be updated through the twitter’s and other social media platforms of either bighit/organizers and fansites themselves so you would have to keep an eye out for those. entry terms for each concert (i.e. what you can/cannot bring) & concert faqs will be posted by the organizers/concert venue sites(?) as well.

after concerts, there might still be some sales of fansite goods/pickups depending on the fansites themselves however, people usually just head home post-concert since there’s nothing much to do after???? @A@

for information on how fansigns work and how to enter, you can refer to this post. the op has been to quite a number of fansigns (both for bts and other groups) and is quite familiar with the process of how to enter and the do’s/don’ts.

When someone casually mentions that they stopped watching Sherlock because of the queerbaiting and you have an intense internal debate over whether to tell them about TJLC (or if it’ll seem to far-fetched now that we’re in full-on conspiracy mode), all while trying to maintain a calm and collected expression on the outside, and the whole thing throws you for such a loop that you completely miss the perfect opportunity to mention both Oscar Wilde’s fling with Walt Whitman and secret gay and lesbian flower codes