to fall down

instead of fat hunk jokes how about a running gag that no matter what planet or galaxy they go to, some alien will always fall irreversibly in love with hunk for his kindness and open personality and the team has to come up with plans and procedures for what to do when hunk inevitably gets proposed to on a planet they’re trying to form an alliance with

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hc for a jikook vampire au plzz?

Jimin is a century old vampire who comes across newly turned Jungkook. He remembers the days of terrible wars, when humans were turned left and right and left alone to deal with the pain themselves. And the thirst.

But these days, it’s very rare for a newborn to be abandoned. Jimin finds Kookie passed out in a Park, half dead and still bleeding from the neck. But there’s also blood in his mouth. Vampire blood. Jimin picks him up and carried him back to his apartment he shares with his coven.

It’s night, and none of them are home, so he lays Kookie down in his room and cleans him up. Kookie will seize up at random, the burn of vampire venom rushing through his veins. His mouth opens and closes in silent screams. Jimin sits beside his bed, holding Kookie’s hand in his, praying the transformation will end soon.

He’s an old vampire, but the pain of transformation still makes him squirm, and especially to this young boy. He is indeed beautiful, Jimin admits, and it makes the pain on his face when he scrunches it up that much harder for Jimin to deal with. 

The rest of his coven files in, one by one, as they come home. The sun is just breaking the clouds when Kookie’s breath finally evens out, and his eyes open a few moments later. He’s confused as hell, and scared, and thirsty, but Jimin smiles warmly at him, and introduces himself. Kookie immediately notices his dull red eyes, almost burgundy. Not a human blood drinker then ( those that drink human blood have bright, almost glowing red eyes). That explains why they can live in the city, Kookie thinks.

Jimin is the oldest, but he isn’t the leader. That’s, of course, Namjoon. Namjoon helps Kookie learn the ropes, and accepts him into the coven, but it’s Jimin who he comes to when he has questions, problems, doubts, fears. It’s Jimin’s bed he climbs into during the day and Jimin he sleeps next to.

A few months later, the other coven members aren’t surprised when the two emerge from their room with mate marks on their necks.  

A better look at the new Symbiosis/Union Poster

I just want everyone to know that it’s okey to not get back up.

It’s okey to fall down and not have the energy to try again. To not throw yourself back into the part of life that knocked you down in the first place. It’s okey to change your activities according to your needs. It is absolutely okey to need space, time, and rest before you push yourself again- and it’s also okey to never push yourself again!

I feel that there is a lot of pressure on disabled/chronically ill/mentally ill people to perform despite the struggles we face, to somehow “overcome” our difficulties and push ourselves past what could be healthy.

It’s alright if you can’t push yourself to do that, or even if you just don’t WANT to. You do not have to live up to society’s too-high expectations of you. You do not have to cause yourself harm trying to perform tasks you are unable to do.

8+1 cards on Valentine’s Day

It’s late and Nursey has just gotten back to his dorm, and at times like this he really hopes that he will get dibs next year; he pretty much spends most of his free time in the Haus anyway.

He rummages in his bag to find his phone so that he can charge it before faceplanting into his bed. If he forgets about that and his phone dies again, he will definitely be chirped to death - just like that time after he let his phone free fall into a cup of tea. Or that time after he cracked the monitor because he dropped it while falling down the stairs. Seriously, the SMH, specifically their beloved co-captains, are always out for blood for chirp material as if their lives depend on it.

But when he finally pulls his phone out from the mess that is his bag, there is a note firmly attached to the back of it. And on the little yellow post-it note is a familiar scrawl,

Happy birthday, jerk. Only you can manage to be born on this day while being so damn clumsy. -WP

Oh, now he gets nine cards on Valentine’s day. Well, one of them is a tiny piece of paper, but it is still being put into that drawer for important things; he is a romantic from heart afterall.


I spent the day
running in place
to avoid falling down
I cried when I heard
they were praying for me
can’t go back
the day of forgiveness
has passed into sunset
I am not the prodigal
I am not the sun
perhaps some small light
still glimmers here
sometimes I feel it burn
the warmth lives in my fingertips
where I pass it on to you
the glow like pearl
I smear on your skin
linger over the touch
caress the words
to build another canvas
to light another fire
to open another door
and step through
to you

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wait what pants thing what condom thing i'm relatively new to bts what happened???

the pants thing was tht apparently during their debut stag recording the mic pack made jins pants slip/fall down and he like cried afterwards bye and the condom thing was he posted a pic of him and in the background u jst see a (king-sized i see u) condom and bighit was like lol tru but it was a fan gift

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Five favorite Palpatine moments.

Oh good gosh. Who is responsible for this?!

1. When he falls screaming down the reactor shaft after Vader gets fed up and chucks him.

2. When he distracts Luke by encouraging him and snaps him out of his rage right before he kills his father, thus accidentally helping prevent Luke’s fall.

3. When Yoda Force-pushes him across his office and he topples over the chair.

4. “Strange that I have not. I wonder if your feelings on this matter are clear, Lord Vader.” Like, why would you think that YOU could sense Luke more than Vader could? Ya idiot!

5. Okay, but his duel against Maul and Savage in The Clone Wars is actually pretty epic.

Leaves from the vine, falling so slow.
Like fragile, tiny shells,
Drifting in the foam.
Little soldier boy, come marching home.
Brave soldier boy, comes marching home.

if all timelines are possible, and even just some of those follow through… then there’s timelines after Asgore has killed Frisk.

maybe… for any reason at all, Frisk’s soul or the others disappear, or maybe they just do not destroy the barrier. maybe the monsters lose hope. maybe they all, eventually, Fall Down.

maybe one day, Asgore… Asgore is the only one left. and he won’t Fall Down.

maybe the last of the monsters, their once-King, does not feel he has the right to.

Hikari Theory.

I was thinking about what fake Genai said and the post of the next movie.

I don’t know about you, but I automatically thought in Wizardmoon.

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I know the explanation they gave in first Adventure for him not to come back was that he wasn’t a exactly digimon. But the Tri seems to ignore a few things before. And we have a sad/angry Hikari with a Fall Down Mode Ophanimon in the preview.

Big chances of things being linked. Using a Wizardmon to make Hikari crazy doesn’t seem difficult.

I’m so excited for the next “movie”!

Beauty and the Beast 30-day challenge: Day 14

14. Did you have a favorite/least favorite part?

I think my favorite part of the musical that isn’t in the movie is in the middle of “Something There” when Belle reads the story of King Arthur to the Beast, and he’s so enraptured, and when they finish he’s like, “I didn’t know books could do that.” And you can tell she’s having so much fun reading it out loud and enjoying keeping him in suspense. It’s a sweet moment of the two of them sharing her passion, and it leads to some genuine bonding (she feels comfortable enough to confide that she’s an outcast in her village, so they have something in common).

I also love the way they tweaked the West Wing scene just a little bit: that after he scares her, she kind of falls back and trips down the stairs in her haste to get away, and the moment he sees that she’s hurt, his anger dies completely and he’s trying to make sure she’s okay but she does not want to hear it. It kind of breaks my heart that he’s instantly ready to apologize, but it doesn’t matter (and I’m not saying that I blame Belle for running away, just that it’s sad). 

It just emphasizes to me how very, very afraid the Beast is of Belle being hurt, and especially of it being his fault in any way (albeit indirectly). No wonder he almost always waits for her to reach out to him first.

I also love the part when she’s refusing to have dinner with him and they’re arguing and she goes, “you can’t just order someone to be hungry, it doesn’t work that way.” It always makes me laugh.

I don’t think I really have a least favorite part, per se, but I will say that, while I always crack up at the part where Gaston mispronounces “rendezvous,” because it’s supposed to emphasize how dumb he is, it makes no sense. They’re in France. Why would he mispronounce a French word when that’s presumably what they’re speaking the whole time???