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The H vs 3 was started by the media, and yes some people in the fandom got affected. But other people are making sure that narrative is alive and that keeps going.

(2)also we don’t know his contracts and obligations. Even if he wanted to wait, there are things imposed by the label, even if he had more negotiation time this time. And is good to remind some people that babygate was supposed to have ended a very long time ago! I just feel like people demand way too much of him yk? He’s his own person as well. It’s unfair to ask him to stop everything. Louis has stunts and it’s all shit but he’s working and has jho and maybe a new collab. Why can’t harry?

yeah, i agree. i think one of the reasons why people feel disconnected with harry because that is what the media narrative were selling us for years now. simon and the old team pushed for that when we clearly know that it’s not the case and H loves all the boys. i do think people are always asking so much of harry all the time and they will not be satisfied no matter what he does because they expect something from him. like remember when liam said that he would “want to be harry for a day just to give him a day off?” he has been under so much pressure since he was 16 YEARS OLD.  i think this is also one of the main reasons why harry became less active on social media because people will find something wrong with whatever he does so why bother…. 

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