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My Opinion on the Heroes Turning Evil

So… I was talking with my little brother about Ladybug and his comment on a episode had made me realize something.

This happened while I was asking my little bro about the show and such (I was the one who introduced it to him and I’m curious about his reactions). He kept on talking about the people who turned into akuma, so I asked him who he wanted to turn into akuma. He answered me immediately with “No one!”

Then I asked him which character he doesn’t want to be an akuma the most, and his answer?

Cat Noir

Apparently, he doesn’t like the Copy Cat episode because the akumatized villain looked like Chat. He thought that Chat Noir had turned into an akumatized-villain and he doesn’t like that.

This had made me realize.

We can’t turn Chat Noir or Ladybug (especially) into an akuma.

Ladybug and Chat Noir are the heroes meant for children to idolize. Letting them give in to the akuma will demerit their “heroic value” to kids and may sent wrong message. The two heroes are supposed to be their model, someone to look up to.

And yes, sure, we had seen an evil version of Chat Noir. And I asked my brother about this, and what he said?

Me: What about the Dark Cupid? The one with the arrows?

Little Brother: You mean the one that can corrupt people? I like all the episodes except Copycat. Chat Noir is corrupted by Dark Cupid’s arrow but he can’t be akumatized.

Apparently, being corrupted and akumatized are two different things. Akumas are the evil things that you must avoid, while “corruption” is the Dark Cupid’s power and can’t be helped. And I say he got a point, turning into an akuma needs consent, while the corruption power is Dark Cupid’s ability and not something under your control.

This is a kid’s show. And the kids are looking up to the two heroes of the show, Ladybug and Chat Noir, to save the day and fight the evil villain Hawkmoth. Kids know that being akumatized is bad, what do you think will be the message sent to them when the heroes who they count on to save the day turned into an akuma (the evil thing they must avoid)?

This also especially applies to Ladybug. Because she is the main lead, the Yang that brings order, she needs to be the role model for everyone and she can’t lose because everyone is looking up to her as the hope. 

I must admit, I am also one of the people who will find it interesting if our heroes can be akumatized. But if they were to turn into an akuma (or Ladybug and Chat Noir succumbing/losing), it should happen on the anime version meant for the older audience because it’ll be bad to put that in this CG version meant for kids.

My brother’s favorite character are both Ladybug and Chat Noir. He’s always like to say that Hawkmoth is defeated again, that LB&CN saved the day again. He doesn’t want anyone to be akumatized, and the reason why he answered Chat Noir as a character he doesn’t want to turn into a villain the most is because of the Copy Cat episode.

Repeat with me:

Today will be a good day.
Tomorrow will be even better.
This week will be great.
Every day this week will be fantastic.
This month will be amazing.
This year is MY year and it will be spectacular.

Because I deserve it,
Because I will make it so,
And because I won’t allow my fears,
Illnesses, disabilities, toxic thoughts,
And mean people bring me down.

I am the commander of my life.
The ruler of my moods, of my emotions and
Feelings. I will win against all odds and
Smile while doing it.

*I love you, remember you are awesome*

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