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Name: Bewilderbeast

Type: Fictional

Region: America

Description: A large white dragon, with fin wings too small to lift its body, and tusks.

Myth: N/A


  • Dragon Stats:
    • Tidal Class
    • Fire Type: Water that freezes on contact
    • Size: 520 ft long, 160 ft tall
    • Basic Stats:
      • Attack: 50
      • Speed: 6
      • Armor: 38
      • Firepower: 60
      • Shot Limit: 8
      • Venom: 0
      • Jaw Strength: 48
      • Stealth: 2
  • Like in other species, there seems to be some variation in color within the species. Valka’s Bewilderbeast was primarily white, while Drago’s Bewilderbeast was primarily grey.
  • The Bewilderbeast is capable of Mind Controlling other dragons, though this ability does not work on juveniles.
  • The Bewilderbeast is listed as a Class Ten Leviathan, the Tidal Class equivalent of a Titan Wing.
  • Speculation: Since the growth rate of the Krayfin, another Class Ten Leviathan, is known, we can speculate on the Bewilderbeast’s. The Krayfin hatches about the size of a Gronckle, and grows to the size of a Scauldron in a month.

I love Rishi for a lot of reasons. It’s my favourite planet in SWtoR. The pirates, the pirate clothes, the narrow wooden suspension bridges, the tropical paradise landscape, the overwhelming contact with players from the opposite faction…

And yet the little detail that makes me the happiest? The trainers. Some delightful asshole decided that each pair of equivalent class trainers for Empire and Republic should share a tent

And most of them are well-behaved. The Smuggler and Imperial Agent have long discourses. The Jedi Consular and Sith Inquisitor just flat-out ignore each other, as do the Bounty Hunter and Trooper.

And then there’s these assholes:

like who thought this was a good idea

Seriously though because I need to give them cookies, I’m laughing so hard.


I have since thought more upon this and realized something else. Look at the colors of their lightsabers. Is it just me, or is the Knight using the reddish one and the Warrior using the yellow one?

I’m pretty sure it’s not just me. Which got me to thinking ‘but why?’

What if they stole one another’s lightsabers

Like they can’t kill each other for whatever reason and they’re stuck in the same confined 100 square feet 24/7, and at one point one of them steals the other’s lightsaber in a fit of pique or as safety insurance. And the other one was like ‘well two can play at that game you little kark’

And now they’re waving their stolen lightsabers at each other because neither one of them is going to be the first one to give it back

and like

Imagine them heckling each other whenever one of them gets a student, obnoxiously disrupting the other person’s lessons.

Imagine the Sith Warrior bidding a student farewell by saying ‘Remember,peace is a liewhile smirking and watching the Jedi Knight’s eye twitch.

Just imagine these assholes

Fatesona 30 Day Challenge

Day Four: In clothes from the Kingdom they’re not from~

(click for a better view/zoom in)

AYYY I MANAGE TO GET THIS UP TODAY~! I didn’t think I would because b-day stuff going on. xDD; I wasn’t sure whether to draw a Nohrian class or casual clothes, so I drew both! Nohrian reclass for me would be Mercenary~ I believe it’s equivalent base class of the Samurai class from Hoshido~

I tried to squeeze as many Nohrian Fatesonas as I could on this day! Featuring the beautiful fatesonas of @jisunshines@belowtheraedar, @mellalyss, @tacticianwinter, @miu-draws, @seliaxlexias, and @ywrki~!


as a kid I used to put Elvis and Elton John in the same equivalence class of objects given that they were both singers in flamboyant outfits whose names began with El; it seemed logical.

Hello, I'm a new studyblr!

I’m Ruth, 15 years old, and I’m a new studyblr account.
I live in Switzerland, and I’m in the first year of gymnasium (10th class, equivalent of high school)
I made this account because I want to motivate myself and remind myself of my goals. I discovered this studyblr community a few months ago while searching for “back to school” content on tumblr, and since then I’m hooked. Now I decided to make my own account. I do bullet journalling. It is also something I started after I discovered this community, and I love looking at spreads from other studyblr’s. If I ever have a pretty I’m also interested in fitness, nutrition and body positivity. I like art and science too, so I post those things as well. Now, since my account is fairly new, I would love to get in contact with other studyblrs so someone sees the things I post. :)

(The users I tagged are studyblrs I discovered a few months ago or just recently. I would love if you could reblog this post, but you don’t have to)

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Is there a D&D equivalent of the Hunter class from Pathfinder? If not, how difficult would it be for you to create it?

The Ranger in D&D, particularly the beastmaster, is very similar to Pathfinder’s Hunter. I probably couldn’t homebrew a class, quite yet, but I do recommend checking out the Ranger (it’s one of my favorite classes, after all.)

Here’s a link to the revised ranger supplement for 5e.

I saw:

Passengers- A space ship carrying people to a colony world more than a century away does the equivalent of hitting an iceberg. The exact nature of the damage is unknown, but one of the passangers is awakened from cryo sleep with not way of putting himself back under. Now despite having a crew that, if I remember right, numbered over 200, no one thought it would be a good idea to have people awake in shifts or something similar. The poor guy finds himself alone with no access to the bridge or even the pods of the crew and a call home will take decades to get a response. Heck, he can’t even get a decent breakfast because he was traveling the equivalent of economy class. Even when he gets so he can enjoy some of the luxuries on offer he still has one major ugly reality to live with: he will be dead long before they reach their destination. 

Drepression leads to some behavior that under other circumstances might seem creepy, culminating in a horrible act. See, he finds himself attracted to one of the sleepers, studies all the data on her, spends his time mooning over her, and decides he’s in love. He also realizes he can wake her up and have company he so desperately needs. More than a year of being alone amd one day he just…does it.

Of course, if he had access to such info in passengers, maybe he should have considered waking someone with real technical or scientific training, someone with the skills or knowledge to help  come up with a plan for survival. I mean, clearly he thinks she’s pretty and he likes her writing, but she’s a city girl used to urban living and her skill set consists (as far as we know) of stringing words together real nice like, jogging and swimming. When they are forced to do repairs he has all the know how and she runs around holding a flashlight. Waking her seems  not just cruel but stupid as well.

So now two people are awake on the ship. He keeps it secret that she wasn’t awakened by a glitch. The two fall in love with her oblivious to the crime he commited against her. He deliberately chose to wake her, knowing he was condemning her to a life trapped alone with him, that she would not only never reach the planet but that she would never see another living soul. It’s a monsterous reality, and when she discovers she reacts to the violation and betrayal as you’d expect. 

Unfortunately they are still trapped together. Worse, both have been so caught up in their emotional traumas since waking that they haven’t been paying attention to the ever increasing problems the ship has been having. And with amazing luck, just as things go critical they temporarilly get help for an new early waker that can offer them a bit of “what’s wrong” briefing and an all access pass to the ship. Particularly in the second half lots of things happen that are a bit too convent unless you are a fictional chatacter.  Can these two save the ship and has Stockholm Syndrome set in enough for her to fall in love with his kidnapping ass? 

I mean, there is nothing with his ass. We get a good gander at it. I’m not even arguing that his reason for wanting wake  her isn’t understandable or that in such a situation she wouldn’t develop a bond with him. Just…there is a really disturbing aspect to this romance. Really disturbing. It’s like the film thinks her prolonged anger is a “wrong” on equal footing to what he did to her. She has to get over it and decide this guy that had been a stranger destroying her life and condemning her to a life sentance is some how just what she needed.  There is sort of a male fantasy entitlement to it. A guy wrote this I bet! LOL

Anyway, it’s a lovely spaceship and it has some nice action moments, like a bit of why swimming might not be so fun if the gravity goes out.  I like the concept of the drama even if I wasn’t so thrilled with where it ended up. Call me crazy, but I still find abduction a not particularly great way to start a relationship!**

**Yeah, I know, I love many versions of Beauty and the Beast so why should it bother me? The fact is in some adaptations it DOES trouble me there too. But thinking through and explaining the distinctions between versions where it bothers me and versions where it doesn’t would take a while, so I’ll save it for another time.

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     Warcraft Plant Asks - accepting

     Peacebloom: What were your character’s beginnings like? Humble, opulent, or somewhere in between? Were they raised by their biological parents or someone else?

     For the first eight years or so of her life, Zoen lived the fantasy equivalent of upper middle class (which would be lower nobility, I guess?) in Lordaeron with her adoptive mother, a mage named Sparks. They resided in a nice home in shining Capital City, spacious enough that they were both comfortable yet modest enough to avoid drawing any attention. Sparks was able to devote herself to the upbringing of her ward, and all was very happy and idyllic except for that one time Zoen wandered into the Undercity, but that was a fluke.

     Then the Scourge razed Lordaeron to the ground and that nice home went up in a pillar of smoke and flame. The two of them proceeded to flee on foot all the way to Stormwind, where the remainder of Zoen’s life would be spent in the miserable, abject poverty of Old Town. 

Walter Ong turns to the fieldwork of the Russian psychologist Aleksandr Romanovich Luria among illiterate peoples [of] Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan … in the 1930’s.

Luria found striking differences between illiterate and even slightly literate subjects, not in what they knew, but in how they thought.

Logic implicates symbolism directly: things are members of classes; they possess qualities, which are abstracted and generalised.

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Oral people lacked the categories that become second nature even to illiterate individuals [living] in literate cultures…. They would not accept logical syllogisms.

A typical question:

—In the Far North, where there is snow, all the bears are white.

—Novaya Zembla is in the Far North and there is always snow there.

—What colour are the bears?

—I don’t know. I’ve seen a black bear. I’ve never seen any others…. Each locality has its own animals.


“Try to explain to me what a tree is,” Luria says, and a peasant replies: “Why should I? Everyone knows what a tree is, they don’t need me telling them.”


James Gleick, The Information, citing Walter J. Ong and Aleksandr Romanovich Luria

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Over time, Blake came to detest Joshua Reynolds’ attitude towards art, especially his pursuit of “general truth” and “general beauty”. Reynolds wrote in his Discourses that the “disposition to abstractions, to generalising and classification, is the great glory of the human mind”; Blake responded, in marginalia to his personal copy, that “To Generalize is to be an Idiot; To Particularize is the Alone Distinction of Merit”.[20]

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The Tupperware cupboard is the American, middle-class, suburban equivalent to the Viet Cong’s punji sticks.

Find a spot to cram whatever container you’re trying to put away, cross yourself, and RUN.  And pray for the next sorry soul that needs to put away their leftover slices of pizza.