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WIP #29

An Enjolras.  Pencil and Inktense (a watercolor-type ink medium), with just a touch of white acrylic.  Lots of documentation for this one–I must have liked it even as I was working on it.

In chronological order:

1.) The finished pencil lineart.

2.) Masking fluid is on, and I’ve just laid the base color for the hair, eyebrows, and background.  This was a very unusual piece, in that the hair and the background were going to be the same color, so while the masking fluid would normally be applied to the hair to protect it from the background color, here it’s applied to the face instead, to protect it from the hair color. 

3.)  Some of the shading done on the hair and background.

4.) A bizarre photo, in which Enjolras looks demonic because of the masking fluid on the eyes.  :)  Skin is colored and mostly shaded here.

5.) Masking fluid has been removed; skin is done.

6.) Much of the Inktense is done here, though the background, hair, and shirt are still unfinished.

7.) This is an interesting picture of a stage that I almost never photograph on my drawings (probably because I’m impatient to finish them at this stage).  It’s when I’m part-way through the process of darkening my pencil lines, after I’ve finished all the coloring.  You can see the distinct difference between hard outlines and soft ones on a watercolor-type drawing… Everyone has their own preference on that choice, I suppose, and I clearly have mine.  :) 

8.) Weird as it seems, this is a scan I took of the piece when everything was done except the white acrylic details on the face.  Like, what, in case I messed them up…?  I don’t know, but there you have it.  This one’s raw and not color-corrected.

9.) The finished piece, now acrylic-ed and color-corrected.

10.) The finished piece, a detail.

aurum88  asked:


My favorite headcanon for the Taaco twins is that they never had a last name in their home plane. Both as a result of constantly bouncing between homes and being on the road all the time, they just never acquired a consistent last name, and so they were just Taako and Lup when they joined the IPRE.  

And when they spent 100 years with the IPRE running from the Hunger, they didn’t NEED last names, because everyone on the Starblaster was on first name basis, so it wasn’t weird.

But then they go to Faerun, and Lucrita voidfished everyone and set up Taako with his food wagon.  And in Faerun, EVERYONE has a last name, so the first time Taako gets asked for an autograph, he swirls his first name, and then just sort of blanks on what his last name is.  And he thinks to himself, well, I can be as cool as I want to be, because no one knows me, and so he scribbles down Taaco as his last name.

And then he’s just sort of stuck with it, and it becomes his Thing. He’s Taako Taaco, from TV, filpwizard, and chef extraordinaire!

And then Here There Be Gerblins goes down, and the THB get recruited by the Bureau, and on their intake forms Taako writes down Taaco in the last name field, so now it’s official. (Lucretia facepalms when she sees it, but can’t really do anything about it because she ~totally doesn’t know~ these new reclaimers)

And Taako last name doesn’t really matter again for a while because he’s far too busy dealing with saving the entire planar system, and getting his memories and his sister and his family back.

But one day, sometime after the Day of Story and Song, Lup sees him signing some important document as Taako Taaco and is just like WTF?????  She’s a little upset, because it’s a reminder of the 12 years that he spent without her, of Lucritia’s betrayal and her own inability to Do Anything while she was stuck in the Umbrastaff.  But in the end, those experiences made them who they are, and so Lup is just like, ok, this is my name now too!  

And then Lup starts signing all of her Official Reaper Forms as Lup Taako, and Barry is Confused but now Lup and Taako are the Taaco twins, and no one can convince them that it’s unnecessary.

things to stop doing

•sexualising children

•writing smut about children

•harassing children

•bothering children

•leave them alone they’re still learning and trying to live without y’all immature asses

How do some women not wear a bra in public and still be so confident and casual????? like????????

I go bra-less when I’m alone in my house and I’m self-conscious af about it. Like how the hell????????? where do you get that level of “I don’t give a fuck” attitude? I need to install that software please? Like hook a sista up? pretty please?

Don’t get me wrong

I love Sofia but It hurts to see Her playing right back for a few reasons:

1) Sofia would be so much more effective in the midfield or as a forward. Like she could connect with Christen more and they could work that Chicago magic.

2) Ali Krieger, an actual Right Back, talents are being wasted by sitting at home.

3) Sofia is wearing Ali’s old number while playing in her position.

anonymous asked:

Does tom and lauren are at good terns like idk he really doesnt like any of laurens tweet he didnt wish her burtgday, she seema to have liked every but if hus tweers also on insta he constantly keeps posting his really average gf pics, which us tbh very annoying i really dont find her that much attractive but its his life , all i care about is tom and lauren hate each other or not? Cuz i have been in stydia fandom and dylan and holland hated each other this whole time thats y their kiss was eww

They don’t hate each other. So what if they don’t like each other’s tweets or insta photos? And I don’t watch teen wolf so I don’t know and don’t care about the stydia fandom. The Lucifer cast loves each other and enjoy working with each other and that’s that.