to earn your light


A jungkook scenario in which he is your best friend and you have to bail him out of dangerous situations constantly, even if it means putting your feelings aside. 

Genre: Fluff (angst and smut in later parts) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 Why me? you thought to yourself. Why does he always call me? 

 The words repeated themselves in your mind as you pressed the gas. Once again you were on your way to bail out your best friend. He was such a playboy, and was always hooking up with the wrong girls at the worst time. This time he had gone too far. Of all the girls to hook up with at your school, he had to choose the one dating the school thug, Sehun. He would be lucky to be alive by the time you got to him. 

 "I’m honestly gonna kill him if he isn’t already dead" you muttered taking your third red light of the journey, earning angry honks from the car you almost hit. Despite almost causing an accident, you remained relatively calm. You were so used to jungkook doing this that it didn’t phase you anymore. 

 Turn left at the next light 

 "Thank you Siri" you sarcastically replied to your navigation. 

 The destination is on your right

 As you pulled up to the house you shut off your headlights and rolled to a stop. Everything seemed relatively quiet at first. The house looked almost peaceful. Doubt filled your mind as you were beginning to think that you were at the wrong house. That thought quickly ended when you heard the deafening sound of a window shattering followed by a women’s scream. 

 " stop it already! It was my choice to sleep with him.“ 

Shrilly rang through the once peaceful night air. More crashing pursued. 

 "Where is that asshole? I’m gonna kill him when I find him." 

And that was Sehun. Another window shattered. You wondered how nobody had called the police yet. Then again, in neighborhoods like this, everyone tended to keep to themselves. It was the kind of neighborhood you had always wanted to live in. It was a far contrast from the rundown apartments you lived in. A girl could only dream. Your passenger door being thrown open tore you from your reverie. 

 "Drive! Drive!” Jungkook shouted, a smirk plastered on his face as if he just got away with murder.

 As you were speeding away you felt something hit the back of your car. 

 "What was that?“ You questioned jungkook, looking in your rear view mirror to see Sehun shouting profanities at your car. He only laughed in reply. 

 ” whooooo! That was exhilarating!“ 

Even though you weren’t near him, you could practically hear his heart pounding out of his chest as adrenaline coursed through his veins. You always said his thrill seeking would kill him one day. He never listened of course. Why would he. You looked over at your idiotic friend in your passenger seat. 

 "Put on your seatbelt." 

 "Yes mam” he replied with a cheesy salute. 

 You could only shake your head. Even though he got on your nerves constantly, ran you ragged with his shenanigans and made you do all sorts of crazy things to save him, you loved him. You have loved him since your first encounter with him in junior high. 

He was peeping in the girls locker room when you caught him. Jungkook was too immersed in being a pervert to know the basketball coach was coming. Before the teacher had a chance to see him, you spun him around and attached your lips to his. You stayed that way until the coach walked away, muttering something about horny teenagers these days. You saving his ass by kissing him immediately sparked a beautiful friendship. And it was since then that you had liked him, even if he was a pervert and a mad man.

 "Hehehe I got away, and I got a prize to remember it.“ He manically laughed as he pulled a lacy red thong out of his pocket. You mentally slapped your forehead at his antics. Maybe you didn’t love this crazy man as much as you thought. 


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each student
asks what my tattoo
means and i can’t resent
their curiosity, i would have it too,
it’s only natural to ask
so i have to mask
the pain
since i can’t explain
the ink flowing in the vein
it protects,
i can never resurrect
that light
in me, and no poetry i write
can grant
the wish i can’t
stop making,
but though my heart is breaking,
i wish… i wish the light
of you in me
is enough to ignite
the little one growing in another mommy,
help build a home in her tummy,
you’re already my angel
so give someone who deserves it most
the miracle
i never earned but almost
your light deserves to be
more than a tattoo -


- give her all your love sweetheart -

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"I have something to say. Three words, eight letters. food." w/ hank pls ♡

“And I thought you loved me.” He says, grabbing the bag of takeout from your hand and pressing a kiss to your cheek.

You laugh, flinging yourself down on the couch and flicking through the channels, trying to find something appropriate to watch on your night in, settling on an old monster movie. “I brought you food, Hank, therefore I love you.” 

He rolls his eyes, sitting next to you on the couch, pulling you up against his side and hands you the carton of curry. 

“I love you too.”

“Good, now shut up and eat.”

Hank chuckles, stealing a bite of your food, earning him a light smack on the hand and a pout. 

“You have your own food, Hank!”

“Sharing is caring, sweetheart.” He leans forward and kisses the tip of your nose, “Besides you aren’t going to finish all of that.”

“Well, I am now.”


@ghostyreader-of-tyria wrote the dialogues and I am responsible for the drawing and the trash ship!

I ship The Luminate and Lazarus and I’m not sorry!

Here’s the whole sonnet just in case you can’t read it on the drawing :

“Oh Illuminate your beauty is a shining light,
Your golden armor, oh how it gleams,
I have no desire for us to fight,
Your beauty has no comparison it seems!

By dire straits we did meet,
And oh did your rejection burn,
But as our foes made swift retreat,
I swore that your love I would earn.

Oh Illuminate your spirit is a shining light,
And as you vehemently did defend,
I fell for your wrathful smite,
As I saw a beauty I could not comprehend!

I swear your beauty would never be forgotten,
Your wondrous golden glow,
And by my actions I shall prove myself not so rotten,
For your scorn brings me naught but woe.

I seek only your dearest affection,
For I could not bear your rejection!”

Don’t be afraid darling,
Just let it out.
Let out all of the fear, anger and sadness.
Let it out.
Don’t let it consume you darling.
Don’t allow it to tense your muscles and cloud your mind.
Don’t let it rot your heart and weaken your eye.
Your feet are planted, but you are not stuck.
You are growing, and no, not by luck.
You are earning your life of light, so just let it out.
Let it out darling.
Don’t let it consume you.