to dust we shall return

we are made of dust
and to dust we shall return
        together; with our hearts
burning and souls aching for
                another way to become one.

we are made of dust
and to dust we shall return
             as lovers
born in the stars as fated as time was created
          like vines in an empty house; always finding
                            each other
through decay and circumstance.

we are made of dust
and to dust we shall return
        along with the wind
reckless; strong; impulsive; 
       with withered hands holding on tight
                 gripping at each other
           phantoms of a poet’s lost song.

—  let their chests crack open for the world to see (their insides as gray as ash) // m.s.
Traditional astrology teaches that all the planets have effects on the personality and its three vehicles. We know that the actual shape and temperament of the physical body is characterised by the Sign of the Ascendant and the planets found within or in aspect to the first house. Yet the Earth and Moon, regardless of their placement in the natal chart, exert the most essential qualities on the nature of the physical body. The Earth is easily found in the natal chart. It is always exactly opposite the position of the Sun.. the physical matter of the Earth is our physical body. This is the primary reason we are affected by the forces exerted by the Sun, Moon and other celestial bodies on our planet. From the purely physical standpoint ~We are dust and to dust we shall return~. What animates our physical organism and all the other heavenly spheres is not dust, but Light, and it is to Light that we also return.
—  Alan Oken
And to dust we shall return

The news that morning had been interrupted by an emergency alert. Breakfasts were halted, traffic had stopped, pedestrians stood still. Everyone was looking up to the sky, terrified. There was no logical response. There was no time.

Earlier that week, relations between several countries had grown tense. Outrage, disgust, and animosity exploded between their governments. The outlook was bleak. There was no way this could be resolved peacefully.

After a few days a button was pressed, a set of doors had opened, and fuel was burned, leaving only a cloud of smoke behind.

As they looked up to the sky, merely a few hours later, they saw a small blip. They all knew what it was, though they wish they didn’t. Heart rates accelerated, panic set in, fear overwhelmed them. There was nothing they could do.

As the blip grew larger, families huddled, individuals prayed, groups watched. Some ran. Some stood, petrified. All knew their fate.

When it touched the ground, there was a blinding flash of light, followed by a blast. Minutes later, there was nothing.