to dream of the future

Creature Comforts
  • Aries ~ Moon in Aries: Head stroking, encouragement, reminders of childhood
  • Taurus ~ Moon in Taurus: Any form of art (music, drawing, books), money in the bank, full tummy, work tomorrow, trees
  • Gemini ~ Moon in Gemini: Conversation, hand massages, reading
  • Cancer ~ Moon in Cancer: Familiar surroundings, a full house, memories, tummy massages
  • Leo ~ Moon in Leo: Affection, motherly love, flattery
  • Virgo ~ Moon in Virgo: External order, familiar routine, quiet
  • Libra ~ Moon in Libra: Someone to come home to, lower back massage, late night conversation
  • Scorpio ~ Moon in Scorpio: Remaining in control, self induced research/obsessive streaks, sexual/sensual intimacy
  • Sagittarius ~ Moon in Sagittarius: Researching destinations, memories of adventure, planning the future
  • Capricorn ~ Moon in Capricorn: Severe preplanning, skin rubs/massages, work/school to wake up to
  • Aquarius ~ Moon in Aquarius: Escaping into the mind, numbness/autopilot, exchanging ideas, dreaming of the future
  • Pisces ~ Moon in Pisces: Any form of art for entrancement, self destructive poisons, a comfortable bed for copious sleep

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Any good Heather Chandler headcanons?

yes god so many

-her dream for the future was to get married, have three kids, and live in a beach house
-except she fucking hates the ocean she won’t go near it don’t
-her parents are divorced but they still live together, they just never talk
-yes, dinner is very awkward
-she really likes motorcycles and she wants a pink one
-she would not be caught dead in a 7/11
-she likes playing with rubber bands
-she has an emergency beauty supply with makeup, baby wipes, a small brush, mini deodorant, a little roller ball thing of perfume, travel toothbrush and toothpaste
-she drinks a cherry coke every morning for breakfast
-she likes cherry flavored things
-she was homeschooled for a while because she wouldn’t play with the other kids or talk at all during school and it worried her mother
-she gets super paranoid at night
-fumes from hairspray and nail polish make her vomit so she wears a face mask when she does her hair and nails
-she goes to the mall every sunday from opening to closing time
-she fucking loves popcorn
-feed her popcorn with a shit ton of salt
-she will cry over anything and everything, she just hides so she can cry without being teased
-she is afraid of the dentist
-she once had nine cavities at a time as a child
-she thinks archery is cool

dreamy asks 🌙 (ask meee!)

Moon: A childhood book + your favourite line from it?
Stars: Who’s someone you’d sleep on the stars with?
Sun: City night lights date or meadow picnic date (or both) and why?
Comet: A movie/show/book that taught you something important you’ll never forget?
Space dust: Night rain or day rain? Soft rain or thunderstorms?
Fairy lights: Soft candlelight or warm sunlight?
Meteor shower: Favourite song(s) to fall asleep to?
Vanilla twilight (hehe): If you wrote a ‘concept’ post about your dream future in your dream home what would it say?
Milky way: If you could go back in time where and when would you go to? Why?
Saltwater room: Sunrise or sunset? Do you like saying hello to the sun or moon more?
Dandelion wishes: What is one thing that always gives you hope?
Rose petals: Where do you want to be the most in the world and why?
Floral: Would you rather live underwater or in the sky?
Constellations: What is your favourite instrument to listen to? What is your favourite instrument to play (or that you want to play the most)?

What my mother taught me about marriage.

Marriage is about necessities.

When he calls, the conversation doesn’t go long because you don’t have anything else to talk about other than where the money for the month went. And if the kids are all home.

Marriage is about sacrifices.

You sacrifice your job so you can take care of the kids. You sacrifice your dreams for the future of the children. You sacrifice togetherness for money. You sacrifice your health for your children’s health.

Marriage is about measurements.

Who sacrificed more time and money? Who made all of their beds and washed all their clothes? Who held the spoon that fed them? Who taught them how to read and write their names?

Who taught them how to sacrifice their dreams for a better paying job so they can repay what has been sacrificed in the past?

Growing Darker

dash lights
chasing a cone yellow white
too much of nothing
not enough of something
the eyes find no answers
and the music isn’t working
it’s not working
it paints no visions
tells no tales
it is opening the wrong doors,

Drawing the demons to me,

Calling the ghosts to come home,

Thinking too much I know this I know I’m doing it but thinking about thinking too much means nothing nothing even less

Things that should be
sit with failed futures in their laps
these dreams hopes directions
the world was sure to go
turned out to be more like
the black and white movie watched
on a staticky UHF channel
on a late 70’s summer night
you missed the beginning
but became invested in the story
because it was the only one you had
it didn’t matter how it began
you wanted to see it’s end
but a distant thunderstorm
absolutely invisible to you
wrecked the reception
snow blurred the screen
static crackle stole the words
and you were left
no completion and no clue even
to what you’d been watching
but you wanted to believe
it ended well it went well
you made up an ending
imagined how it MUST be
knowing you might never really know
what really happened

Only in the dark
I see all the endings
of so many stories
and none of them are anything
anything at all
like I thought they’d be
and the mind that won’t stop
analyzes questions without answers
sees all the problems past solving
despite knowing full well
it’s pointless and a waste

But there’s too much nothing
Not enough of something
into someone else’s dream
that was never meant for me

From deception your were brought to life,
Through deception you died.
I may have lied about everything,
But there is one I will always be truthful of,
I love you, I always will.
I want you more than anything, more than power, more than a kingdom, more than a crown.

I have always dreamed of a future with you,
In a garment fit for a Hara,
A crown in your head,
A gem in your palm,
A kingdom in your mind,
And it’s people in your heart.

I have always dreamed of a future with you,
A brave warrior and protector of our home.
A crown princess and pride of Lireo and Hathoria,
A future queen with a mind of steel and a heart of gold.

I have always dreamed of a future with you,
With a smile of someone in-love,
Walking down the aisle of the Hathorian palace,
Mixed emotions in my part, as you become one with your chosen Rama.
I have always dreamed of a future with you,
With a child in your arms, and I guiding you through motherhood and queenship.

But those will now remain in my dreams forever.
No, even my dreams are gone and shattered,
There is nothing left but I and a lifeless you.
I have made many mistakes in the past,
I was wrong at thinking that being betrayed by someone close to you is the most painful thing in the world.
It was a big mistake, for nothing is more painful than a mother holding the corpse of her child.
The child you conceived and carried,
The sweet prize of the pain you have gone through to bring her into the world.

Mira, my fierce and loving sang’gre
My first-born and my youngest,
My witty, and brave warrior,
Let your soul remember your mother’s words,
A spark gives warmth, but a blaze destroys.
To ashes all creations will reduce–
Everything that speaks of your death.

Their souls will burn,
To inferno they shall drown,
An excruciating pain they shall shout,
Mercy they shall beg,
Forgiveness they shall ask,
And I will show them none,
I will give them none.

INVIDIA by: Iris
From Pirena’s point of view

Photo credit: @GMAEncantadia (via Twitter)

Note: Surprisingly, I found writing Pirena’s POV harder than Ybrahim’s, I thought it was the other way around since I usually suck at sympathizing with a man’s emotion. Rama and Hara basically have the same pain—but what makes it a challenge is Ybrahim and Pirena’s contrasting emotions when they saw their children’s corpses for the first time. Ybrahim lost all of his strength and almost collapsed, that feeling is actually relatable, since I had the same feeling when I lost my granddad in an accident, I felt very very weak. Pirena, I couldn’t relate that much, there is just so much anger in her that I struggled to pick the right words to describe her wrath, her element fire became my guide, and despite being a stage mom, I always view Pirena to be such a dreamer for her daughter, and if I were to put myself in her shoes, this is how I will envision Mira’s future.  

Fast fact again: Invidia is the Roman counterpart of Nemesis 😊

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Calum is not ready for a relationship, let alone a serious. Calum has remained single and remain single for much longer🌻💐🌷

Very true. He’s finding himself and having fun. He’s gone on dates here and there over the years but they never turned into anything serious because that’s not what he wants. He wants to focus on his music and friends now, he will worry about the relationship stuff later. Like ash said “relationships and dreams” is what they were talking about. The future not necessarily the now.

I am trying to be the best that I can be, I am trying so hard to keep moving forward and to keep thinking about my dreams and about the future but i am being dragged down by everything, by his existence, by the heartache, by the good memories and the bad. I just want to be happy, I just want to fucking find peace. I don’t want to be angry forever, but he doesn’t get to walk away unscathed either, not after every single fucking thing he put me through. let me be okay someday please god 

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Since Jeff Davis knows that it's over for him, his show, & his work, the finale is either going to go two ways. Either he's going to go out swinging and trying to infuriate people, or he's going to lay down because he doesn't give a fuck. Really with both scenarios, we are all going to laugh. Buffy is having their 20th anniversary right now & I bet Jeff had dreams of seeing that kind of celebration happening in the future. But TW is an all-around failure and people have already forgotten it.

BAsically. The only thing that will last is Sterek lbr.