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WILL TELL YOUR DAD TO DIM HIS CAR AGH IT BURNS *dives into a pool of Aloe* -A sunburned Anon

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what kind of hairstyles do you think Lance would try out while in space? I mean eventually it could get too long n such? do you think he'd grow it out a bit, or have an undercut?

it seems like lance expresses himself physically a lot, so i think he’d have A LOT of different hairstyles through the years,,i feel like lance would be one of those people to grow out his hair pretty long and then just cut it all off out of nowhere bc he “got tired of that style and is moving on” haha

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Sans Are you like capable of traveling to other universes and stuff because i still dont get your powers

The general idea of what he can and can’t do based upon current knowledge. On another note, he is unable to teleport, he lost this ability when his skull was cracked. But it’s been so long since that incident that he’s practically forgotten he ever had that ability. Instead, he’s learned ways to use his threads for mobility. Aside from this, the threads can also act as band-aids or stitches if he receives an injury.

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Does Tzeench teach you how to play that children's card game he is so fond of? If he does maybe we could play sometime, I run a mean Kaiba deck over in duel links

-He tried two times. I wasn’t really able to understand the rules and gave him madz because of it.

So when Tzeentch is playing with somebody, Kairos usually, it mostly looks like they are just throwing cards at each other and occasionally scream JUST AS PLANNED :D
Sorta entertaining.

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Would you be willing to make fanart of you, Sofia, and Maria in the middle of Nonstop, more specifically the part about the Federalist Papers? I'd imagine you'd be the Hamilton of fanart, since "Hamilton wrote the other FIFTY-ONE!!!!" It's totally up to you, and sorry about sending in so many requests, I just get excited about your art.


Don’t apologize!! I’m glad you like my stuff! Thank you so much! (plus any excuse to draw sofia and maia is a good one)

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Heya! Are you going to make a Summer Fraxus collage to match the other three?

This thing has been haunting me for an entire year already lmao as I kept putting it aside “for later” last year till summer actually ended, but I think I’ll try to! It would be a shame to leave it ¾ done. 

Well, I’m gonna spend the entire July mostly in a lab, since I’m doing a summer internship at my uni, but I’ll probably make something for it!