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Sawamura Eijun: Captain + Cleanup AU


26.02.16 // all my revision for mocks

there’s 5 A3 mind maps here, 8 pages of extra notes and who knows how many flashcards… and this is only for 2 exams!

Voltron story idea- 

The castleship gets caught in an electrical space storm and the energy causes the crew to transport to different points of times in the castleship (so like space and time displacement)

  • Hunk gets sent while the castleship is still in construction and meets smol Coran.
  • Lance gets sent about 4 centuries into the future and meets Queen Allura. 
  • Shiro gets sent a few decades after Allura has been put in the cyropods and discovers something. 
  • Allura and Keith get sent to the day before Allura’s mom dies (and gotta keep Keith from stabbing Zarkon).
  • Pidge and Coran get sent to a bit after Allura is born and Pidge meets some of the past Paladins.

I just thought of this 20 mins ago. So many ideas, so many possibilities, so much angst >;3c

23.03.17 // 11:44

Today’s to-do list! I have a four hour gap between my last lecture and my next seminar, and so it’s the perfect time to be productive. I got caught up doing some reading yesterday instead of doing my seminar questions, so finishing those is the first thing on my list


I am absolutely and completely numb to the world today.


Week 8/14 |  spread of the week starring yuri from yuri!!! on ice, kei tsukkishima from haikyuu!! (because ep4 of season 3 was awesome). 

People sometimes ask me why I’d invest so much time in my bujo instead of doing something “useful”. But I don’t want to be productive the whole day anymore, I won’t aim for perfection or for other people’s absolution anymore. Bujo-ing is life :D
Do what you love to do and keep your mind healthy
. Grades are not the most important thing in life, you’re not the sum of your achievements. 

p.s. for the bujo-newbies: bullet journaling doesn’t require a lot of time but can help you using an amount of time for doing one task by another and will give you a more relaxing feeling of “yeah, I got this.” ;)