to do tomorrow cause im going to sleep

Being here in Australia for the past few days has felt a little odd. I dont consider this place home anymore, but I do at the same time since my family is here. Anyway, its winter here but that doesnt stop me from surfing. 

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rimi u uldated in the morning and i had hw to do and then go to work so i couldnt read the update and after i got home from work i still had hw to fonish and now it's two am and i CANT STOP READING. I CANT!! IT'S IMPOSSIBLE!! tHIS CHAPTER HAS ME HOOKED and i wanna stay up to continue reading (im in the part where yuri goes to viktor's rooms) but i should rly sleep cause i have a three hour class tomorrow that always makes me sleepy. im struggling. THAT IBANOVIGCH ASSHOLE can go die whatever


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it is 10:22 and i hv my first day of senior year tomorrow and im so excited i cant sleep and also i rlly hope i meet a cute girl cause ive had no romance all summer and im a lonely lesbian

honestly mood abt the meeting a cute girl thing sinkmss. anyway good luck w senior yr i know ur going to do great !!! i believe in u!!

tell me what time it is + where u r + what ur thinking!

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I'm having such a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep even though I'm so tired. Also I keep having bad dreams, vivid ones because of my medication (Sertraline). I don't know if the two are related. I'm trying to get myself out of depression but it's going to be really hard to do what I need to do tomorrow because I'm going to be so tired. Do you have any tips as to how to relax and help my mind be quiet so I can sleep? - Switchingcommand

Hey there dear,

I have had troubles with this lately, really not much fun I know. Im sorry you’re struggling with it at the moment. Initially I suggest that you tell your doctor about this because they need to know whether this change in your sleeping patterns is caused by the medication; they can either change your medication or help you find ways of resolving this issue. So yeah, just let your doctor know what’s been happening.

In the meantime, there a few things that people use to help them sleep better:

  • Having a warm bath

The cooling down period after a bath is actually what helps you get to sleep so maybe have some tea or hot chocolate and a bath and then get into bed. As well as helping you actually fall asleep, it’s calming, it helps clear your mind, and it’s a nice treat for yourself :)

  • Doing yoga and/or light exercise

Just like the warm bath, these will help to sort of clear your mind and help you feel relaxed and loose before bed.

Here is a really cool website for yoga poses which will just show you how to do yoga movements really. If you do yoga, it can be nice to play calming music in the background, to have a mat or towel for safety, and to remember to concentrate on breathing, balance, and the simplicity of the movement.

Good exercises to do are mainly very small amounts of strength and flexibility exercises: do a few slow crunches, reach for your toes (exhale when you do this), and stretch your muscles out (thighs, arms, calves, back, neck, etc.). You shouldn’t do much more than that because the aim isn’t to get your heart rate up; it’s just to get you a little loose :)

  • Guided Relaxation

-Guided Meditation

-Guided Sleep Meditation

These are both two videos which I think are quite useful because you can remember some of the methods (especially those of the second video). For any of these to work you need to get rid off all distractions, be lying down, and have full concentration on the sound of their voice and what they are saying. It is more likely to help the more you commit. [This should be the thing you actually fall asleep to- listen to it as you fall asleep].

  • Have a night-routine

Have a list of things that you will potentially do the same/similarly every night in order to help you sleep. So this could be: Brush your hair > stretching, getting into bed, listening to a few calming songs of your choice > trying to fall asleep to some guided relaxation.

It can help muscle memory in terms of how to relax and it can psychologically help you recognize what actions, activities, and sounds mean relaxing and sleep.

  • Check out the resources we have in place

-Getting a good night’s sleep: Some really effective tips here

-Calming anxiety and panic: Not all of these will apply to your situation but the things like breathing techniques should help to clear your mind. Please use this page if you are stressed about a bad dream.

-Sensory techniques: From our grounding techniques- again some are useful: Stretch, Clench and release your fists, Tense and relax your muscles, Count things- pens, handles, window frames, etc.

I want to remind you how important it is that you tell your symptoms to your doctor- it could just be a side-effect: either way they can help you more directly.

You are getting along fantastically,



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