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craig probably had no impulse control as a kid so he’d like. eat a leaf or something and if any member of the gang asked him “?? why did u do that” he’d just go “i wanted to see if it tasted bad.. i was right” and just not say anything as he continues to eat it not breaking eye contact making everyone extremely uncomfortable

presenting a bad poem i wrote in my head at work:

there is a sausage

floating in the well

i should take it out

but i dont

later i look again

the sausage is still floating


i ignore it

im not paid enough


hmm yes i,, approve of this
the post is here
//haha sorry i,, it was 3 hours in of me trying to do a quick sketch and i,, was like fuck it and just saved it out


Scarecrow || Absolute Terror 

I talked to them about who they are, about the things they’ve done, about the things I’d do to them if they continued to bully me.

Now my work is complete and it’s time for me to leave this place.

@thisguydan // jemima, she/they
@artistphil // lucy, she/her
@averagesunflower // meg, she/her
@rosemarydan // beth, she/her
@dangoghs // ester, she/her
@cloverphan // cass, she/her
@trashcandan // ella, she/her
@blueskyplum // anna, she/her
@eucalyptusdan // alex, she/her
@starryhtml // charli, he/they
n me ofc @malafelis // felis, they/them

triggers to avoid:
trypophobia, eating disorders, self harm, vomit, homophobia, suicide, and gore

The struggle: when you like trendy things and you want a thing as a tattoo but it’s trendy and you over think and become terrified that you don’t actually like it you just want it because it’s trendy and you don’t want to be one of Those People and you can’t tell anymore what’s you and what is what other people put on you and then you just sit there all because you saw someone else got a tattoo