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Summer Solstice Tips! 🌻

• make some homemade iced tea (or sun tea)!
• shower your plants with extra love - talk to them, sing to them, place little crystals near their roots
• create a summer altar, filled with bright yellow flowers, vibrant beads and ribbons, sun imagery, orange and yellow candles, vials of gold glitter, + the Sun tarot card
• write a summer bucket list!
• do a tarot reading or meditate ~outside,~ surrounded by the warmth of the sun and the sounds of nature
• go on a walk! go out to get some cool, yummy summer treats! smile! 💫🌞✨

Hello out there! This blog has been quiet for a while, hasn’t it? I’d like to fire this goodwill machine back up, but before I do, let’s fix one of the things that made it difficult for me last time.

Searching through the FR tags looking for people who had active blogs and links to their lair was kind of a pain.

So here’s the deal: if you’d like to be on the list of lairs I go through at random to compliment the dragons inside, reblog this with a link to your lair or profile!

Don’t be shy! I don’t care if you’ve been here for four days or four years. If the idea of getting random dragon compliments would brighten up your day then put yourself on the list. I do these on and off when I have the free time to spare so there’s no promises that I’ll get to everyone but it can’t hurt to put yourself in the mix.

An Aggressive Inconvenience
( darkiplier )
An Aggressive Inconvenience

Anonymous: Can we get Dark or Anti being angry and yelling about something?


I take back control and have free reign in this house of his, and out of everything that I’m looking for, there’s one missing from the list…! How do you lose something so simple in this large of a house, Mark?

Never mind the fact that everyone ELSE is away for the day with the dog!

Seriously… (breathing heavily)


theoneandonlyzoe  asked:

the depression's hit me with several non-functioning days at the worst part of the sem, any advice?

hi, hello. i know, from experience, that those days are the worst. it’s difficult when you need to do things, but you just can’t function. sometimes you even begin to hate yourself. don’t. during these times, practice self-care.

these are some things i would recommend when you feel the blues™:

  • change your sheets
  • get enough sleep
  • take a hot (or cold) shower
  • do a complete skin care routine
  • make your bed
  • clean up your desk
  • throw away the trash x get your laundry done
  • walk
  • run
  • run some more
  • better yet, take a hike
  • visit museums, look at art
  • buy flowers and put them in your room
  • be silent, clear your mind of any thought
  • unplug from social media
  • draw a self-portrait
  • laugh at memes
  • if you don’t play an instrument, listen to live music
  • sing/lip sync along to any music you want
  • free-write
  • make a list of beautiful things you’ve seen
  • make a list of all the places you’ll go to
  • compliment yourself
  • dress up really nicely
  • watch the sunset
  • go to the sea (you’re 60% water)
  • hold a hand
  • be silly
  • dance until you shatter yourself*

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Do you know any fics where Rick or Michonne are getting over heartbreak and find each other?

Hi there anon!

Sorry for the wait but here’s a listing made just for you! Hope this helps. 

anonymous asked:

do you guys have an insomnia tag/masterpost? if not can you recommend some fics based around it? thanks in advance<3

Hello, anon! We haven’t actually - up until now :) 

Here’s a little list of insomnia related fics for you! Enjoy ♥


  • Love Hurts, But Sometimes It’s A Good Hurt by softestisak
    Summary: He hasn’t gotten proper sleep for the last–he rockets up, opening his eyes in horror. He doesn’t remember the last time Even slept over. He licks his lips and gets his phone out, unlocking it too quickly, struggling with his code, and opens his messages. He knows it’s going to hurt, seeing his last messages sent to Even without getting any response, but he has to know when Even last spent the night with him.

  • Every Person is on an Island by iamjustakiddo
    Summary: In these moments, they’d built their own tiny, sleep deprived empire, surrounded by walls of darkness and silence, desperately preventing any sounds to escape. When the heat would cease and they’d fall into the soft sheets with trembling limbs, breathing heavily, that’s when Isak would lean his head against Even’s shoulder and be gone in a few minutes. Even’s heart on the other hand would take hours to calm down, while he struggled for air, each time overwhelmed.

  • Sleep Is For Dreamers by unfancyandy  
    Summary: Isak’s always had a complicated relationship with sleep.

  • Make a spark, break the dark, find a light with me by LostInAdmiration
    Summary: Isak can’t sleep, so spends his nights wandering around the street. Even works the night shift at the store around the corner, and they bond over their mutual insomnia.

  • Things Look Different in the Morning by allyasavedtheday  
    Summary: roomates!au & uni!au; “So,” he says, drawing the word out. “I told Even he could stay here.”Isak blinks, convinced he’s misheard. “Eskild,” he says flatly. “We don’t have a spare room.” Eskild straightens his back, expression turning sheepish. “That’s the other part…I was thinking he could stay in your room?” * In which Even needs a place to stay, kollektivet gains a new roommate, and Isak just really wants to sleep.

  • i never sleep (‘cause sleep is the cousin of death) by Evenbechbaesheim
    Summary: Isak’s just had enough. He can’t fucking sleep. It’s never been this bad, and with the doctors news, he fears it’s about to get a whole whole lot worse.

  • surrounded by eight of the most beautiful, crazy-ass mother fuckers the world has ever seen by traumatic
    Summary: Isak gets sent to a group for anxiety sufferers. The boy who sits across from him makes him feel positively electric. Or, where everyone’s fucked up, Isak is living in his past, Even stares a lot, and, sometimes, talking about your problems actually helps.

  • You and Me, We’re Crazy by wylielx
    Summary: mental insititution!au; So, he climbed and the realization hit him. A bird was flying over his head and he knew that this would be the only way. He reached the top and smiled as the sun smiled back at him. He spread his arms out and let himself be taken by gravity. His smile faded when another realization hit him. He wasn’t flying. Or, Even checks himself into a mental institution after a fairly bad episode and nothing seems to change until it does.

  • will you share your soul with me? by hippopotamus
    Summary: There’s a school camping trip at the beginning of Isak’s second year. He’s not sure why he agrees to go, especially when he remembers how difficult it is for him to sleep anywhere that isn’t his own bed. It turns out he’s not the only insomniac on the trip.


Things I'm doing to better myself this summer

- Getting rid of alcohol and coffee from my diet
- getting up in the morning

- drinking A LOT of water

- writing down how I’m feeling

- moving my body as much as possible (even if it’s just dancing whilst cooking!)

- taking at least one breath of fresh air a day

- keeping my surroundings clean and tidy ~ helps to keep my mind clean and tidy!

- understanding I’m better off without some people

- staying in my own lane ~ drama free ~

- focusing and working on my goals

- count my blessings! What I am grateful for

- listening to someone to UNDERSTAND them, not just to reply.


- trying to eat less processed sugary foods!~ they just make me feel kinda mad and lethargic after

- letting my skin and hair breathe by wearing no makeup and using no heat on my hair

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85 & 50 with Tyler bate please !!

OH SHIIIIIT whaddup, mama is back (kinda not really to her full ability) sorr sorr, I’ve been in this funk AND I THINK I’M GETTING BACK TO WHERE I USUALLY AM. This request is gonna kill me emotionally because. It’s gonna be angst. That’s it. I  A M  S O R R Y, ask me about my tag list: @newjapan @llowkeys @hardcorewwetrash @bombomiver

#50:  “I need you to forgive me.”
#85:  “It’s not what it looks like.”

It was eerily calm, the way it happened. You had thought if being put in this situation, you’d actually be able to do something instead of acting like some damn helpless damsel in distress.

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❝ you forgot the concealer babe,❞ // youtuber!taehyung

i guess you could say being a youtuber for at least 4 years already, you would have mentally prepared yourself for ridiculous collaborations, prank wars and surprise vlogs from other youtubers. as a make up youtuber, you were quite surprised yourself to weave your way apart from make up tutorials to doing the Best Friend Tag or random holidays vlogs to doing series of pranks and occasional challenges. the versatility of your youtube life has somewhat landed you a golden ticket to new experiences and you absolutely love the taste of adventures. well unlike that one time seokjin almost burnt down your bedroom when he justified that having a barbecue mukbang with pillow forts is an incredible idea (no, its not).

and when you think videos didn’t get any more ridiculous other than helping jungkook prank jimin with sticking pegs over his apartment, your boyfriend just manages to emerge the top on the list.

“you forgot the concealer babe,” taehyung murmurs, but loud enough for the camera that’s somehow teasing you with its blinking red light just a few feet away from you and taehyung.

“don’t babe me Tae. i think i very well know what to do,” you snorted, frowning as you tried to focus on the blending the foundation on taehyung’s nose. “i still cannot believe you dragged me into this.”

you grumbled under your breath but taehyung was quick to tackle you, fingers running up and down your waist as you let out a sudden squeal, slapping your hand to your mouth when you realised that your insanely loud pitch was recorded.


“that’s what you get for questioning my make up knowledge,” taehyung smirked, before glancing towards the camera. “guys, sorry about y/n, she thinks she knows everything about make up and I don’t.”

“excuse me?” you gasped, placing your hands at your hips and raising your brows at your boyfriend. “if i remembered correctly, before this video, you rummaged through my shit and asked whether the cherry pink lip gloss is edible.”

“it tasted good!” taehyung defended himself, raising his hands in the air to surrender. “besides i think i spent enough time watching do your make up to know what to do. now chop chop! the beauty blender isn’t gonna dab itself y/n.”

“oh my god,” you chuckled to yourself, but no matter how ridiculous this supposed Girlfriend Does My Make Up video seems to you (partially because taehyung suggested you guys use your make up), you couldn’t help but just feel a burst of unadulterated warmth and affection from the way taehyung tugs you closer to him, face inches away from you as if the thought of making out with him was much more tempting than making him up.

“you know, my viewers would be very suspicious if you just keep staring at my face,” taehyung softly spoke in a low pitch, giving you his boxy smile with eyes close but he just knows exactly what you were thinking of without having to open them.

“oh hush you idiot,” you giggled, dabbing his lips cheekily. 

“now, now. that’s not how my everyday make up is done babe,” taehyung tuts, making you flick his head and earning a dramatic whine from him.

like you said, nothing is more ridiculous than doing the weirdest with taehyung. but if it means to have him do the craziest things together out of love, you wouldn’t mind it one bit.

“hey y/n! what about we do the Boyfriend Does My Make Up challenge?”

“when you learn that the lipstick goes on your lips and not in your mouth, then yeah, maybe I will consider it,”

Recommendations and Reviews

A/N Right guys before I get onto the stories I’ve picked for this week id like to say a massive thank you to everyone who’s taken the time to read these, reblog them and like them, it means a lot to me to know that they are being helpful to some people, I would also like to thank all the amazing authors of the story’s I recommend they put all there hard work and emotions into the story and for me everyone of then blows me away they are all beyond brilliant. One more think if you read these story’s in this post please leave feed back for the author, they really do appreciate it, and it shows there hard work, both mentally and physically has been all worth it, so please just a quick ask or message will make there day, they do really deserve it.

Now ill stop babbling and get on with it I’ve done 9 story’s for this week, I’m still working on the one shot list, there are many amazing ones around and I want to make sure I’ve got them all.

The first fic on my list is called THE BOSS written by @lancefuckrr, its 12 parts long with 3 epilogues. This fic is set in the 70s and is nail biting drama and action, it had me hooked from the first chapter, its all about Bucky being your boss and owner of a strip club, we follow the characters on their journey of discovering and trusting each other, with a lot o heartbreak, fluff and smut, it is beyond brilliantly written and I highly recommend reading it.

The next one is called HE’S NOT THE ONE by @buckybarnesstar, this is a 4 part fic, but don’t let the size fool you this fic is big in everyway possible, the emotions, suspense and fluff, its extremely well written and one I have read over and over again. It is base on the reader joining the avengers, coming from hydra and her journey she goes on to getting people to trust her ad falling for the wrong guy. I feel in love with this story and it will be one I go back and read over and over.

Right the third one is called MY FAKE BOYFRIEND by @supersoldierslover and has 11 parts and an epilogue. I absolutely adore this fic, the way Bucky is portrayed made my heart flutter. It is based on Bucky being the readers fake boyfriend hence the title, but the journey they go on and trails they go through, is full of fluff, angst and Bucky being a general sweetheart, this fic actually made me swoon, I would really recommend reading this.

Number four is called TEACH ME by @seargantbcky, it has 7 parts to it. This is one of those fics that makes you swoon after every chapter, its based on Bucky wanting to learn to draw and asking the reader to help we read about how they become close, but of course its never easy for Bucky but will there be a happy ending. I love this fic the description and use of words is amazing, defiantly give it a read.

Number 5 is called BARTER by @buckyslocalfarmer its 12 chapters long. This story is based on a demon Bucky, its the first story I read that had Bucky and other characters in and was not based on the marvel films. I was a little unsure at first, but once I read the first chapter I was completely hooked. The description and detail in the fic draws you right into the story. Bucky as a demon is totally hot, this fic is full with twists and turns, heartache, fluff and some amazing smut, it will leave you wanting more right till the end.

The next one is called SOMEONE FROM THE PAST, by @nikky-the-writer, its 8 chapters long, this story is extremely creatively written, based on Bucky receiving an order from fury to retrieve intel, not expecting it to be someone from his past. I loved the detail in this story and how it give us background information on the characters, the description of the characters emotions is so powerful, you feel it yourself. It is nail biting action and will keep you on the edge of your seat till the end.

Number 7 is called SAUDADE by @lomlbarnes  and is 11 parts long. This fic is one of my favourites, I remember when she did the teaser for it after reading that I was so excited and I was brought to the edge of my seat constantly wowed after every chapter was released. It is based on someone going though hydra with back, it is so magically written, it had me crying, laughing and screaming over this fic it is beyond brilliant and everyone should read it.

This one is called ELECTRICITY by @buckyismyaesthetic and is 6 parts long and one of the most beautiful story’s I have ever read, it touches on real life issues and has portrayed them throughout the story amazingly. We journey with the reader and how she deals with her self hatred and growing love for Bucky, the detail in this story bring the emotions to life and you feel everything the characters are feeling, part of it is done from Bucky’s POV and it was very refreshing and insightful to read. This fic is full to the brim with heartache, fluff, angst and Bucky being a sweetheart, I cant recommend this fic enough its just amazing.

The last one is called PROMISE by @mrsbarnesomg and is 4 chapters long. This story is so emotionally and beautifully written you actually feel there with the characters, this fic brought me to tears on every chapter both sad and happy, its about Bucky making you a promise but will he come through with it. I really enjoyed reading this fic it was so creative and had me on th edge of my seat throughout it I highly recommend it

Ok so that’s it for this week, if you ever have  any trouble finding the story’s let me know and I can send you a ling. Please don’t forget to leave feedback for the authors they may have written these fics a long time ago but they will be pleased to know there still being read.

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Pass the happy along! When you get this reply with five things that make you happy and then pass it along to the first 10 people in your activity 💛

Thank you so much! I will do this rn! It’s in a list of five so it counts right??? All these people + so so many more make so super friggin happy and inspire me to be better on a daily so ta da!

1. @1e-9desu 

2. @paleandsleepy @positivepastel @pocketfulofsin @fawning @tsumtsum @chellychuu @kawaiiorshine @sapphicshimmers @notallherebutdefinitelyqueer @babyanimalgifs @blushsweets @japancandybox @sheisrecovering @dreamygraveyard @isucktoesforreal @negativeblessing @palekitty @kira-kira-kitty @uniforms @tinytealight @softestjpg @miukie @mirukeu-senpai

3. @springgette @overlord-satan @tinyyokaiprince @reifaun @loli-nurse @pinkiemarshmallow @pinkdeers @pinkpossibly @princess-of-positivity @princesskealie @princesskatie @neko-mom @ari-kanon @pink-june @cassiopae @starrybud @kawaii-hello-kitty @positivepastel @strawberry-milku @bubble-snowflakes @seiirinn @prettypandaeyes @mondai–girl

4. @ruri-runes @lazy-gudetama @lacey-lamb @pinktsun @pastel-blaster @pastelprince-ess @mexiwolf @sugars @queenfrosting @tokyocrybaby @novice-heartbreaker @nyanpng @kiyumie @eggpuffs @eearth @c-ptsdofficial @sexual-abuse-survivor-support @ichthyosis @starchus @stacojiu

5. @starryheaven @kawaii-miunicorn @multicolouredfairylights @dollymeds @dollie-prince @milky-curls @drippy–paint @strawberri-custard @kremekun @honeysake @alpacaaffair @mado-kaa


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Hi! I don't know if you have experience with them but if you do, could you do a breed analysis of Airedale terriers? Thank you and I hope you have a great day 😊 also, a funny story as QT: my dog (an airedale) has to take allergy pills. He's learned that if he chews the food we put them in and spits the pills out he's going to get increasingly good food in an attempt to get him to take his meds. He's managed to manipulate all of us but it's not rly a major behavioural issue so we just humor him

I do have some experience with this breed, some of these individuals have come very close to biting me on several occasions and I’m no longer willing to trust any member of this breed. They are, rightly or wrongly, high on my ‘dogs that want to bite me’ list.

Please note the disclaimer that these posts are about the breed from a veterinary viewpoint as seen in clinical practice, i.e. the problems we are faced with. It’s not the be-all and end-all of the breed and is not to make a judgement about whether the breed is right for you. If you are asking for an opinion about these animals in a veterinary setting, that is what you will get. It’s not going to be all sunshine and cupcakes, and is not intended as a personal insult against your favorite breed. This is general advice for what is common, often with a scientific consensus but sometimes based on personal experiences, and is not a guarantee of what an individual cat is going to encounter in their life. 

Originally posted by mhysaofdragons

I saw these dogs so often for fur and skin problems through Summer. They were particularly bad at getting grass seeds lodged in themselves, I recall a particularly unpleasant case of one dog who managed to get them lodged in her vagina. To this day I still don’t know how, and they were a bugger to retrieve. They also commonly had skin allergies and moist dermatitis (hot spots).

These large terriers can present with hip dysplasia, though it’s not as common as in other larger breeds it is unusual to see in terriers. They see nto be a reasonably sound breed, skeleton-wise.

The breed is large and deep chested enough to develop gastric dilatation volvulus, an emergency condition where the stomach twists on itself. Usually this is seen in large and giant dogs, and new players in veterinary medicine may assume that a terrier breed wouldn’t get it, but they certainly can.

The breed might be a little iffy with endocrinopathies secondary to auto immune processes. I’ve seen my share of hypothyroidism and Addison’s disease in these dogs. This might just be the local population though.

And while I’ve not seen it personally, the breed will occasionally throw pups with pulmonic stenosis, a congenital heart defect that often presents as a murmur when the dogs are still puppies.

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Aime and Forge: 4, 13, 17


4. Best places to kiss on their body

13. What gets them flustered

17. Regrets


4 and 13 answered!

17. Regrets

I emailed 7 more people back; if I still didn’t get to you, hold tight! I’m so sorry that there is such a long wait list, i really do want to draw a commission for everyone who inquired about one! 

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Asalamwalikkum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu: I had asked a question earlier about finding authentic Islam-related books. It was really nice of you and your followers to reply to my query. I greatly appreciate it, Jazakallah khair. I will look into the suggestions provided, Insha'Allah. Yes, I am looking for a list of books in English that will provide me with a detailed biography about the life of the Sahabahs and the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). I really appreciate your help. Thank you.

Wa’alaikomissalaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

Here’s a list of books 

In addition, I recommend the Al Bidayah Wan Nihayah of Ibn Kathir. 

Anyway, once you are finished with the recommended list, I would then add more. 

Whenever I recommend a book or a list, I really do not want to overwhelm that person. Try to check and get 2-3 books from the recommended list, finish that then proceed with another set. Do not be greedy nor be in a rush in learning as it takes time and always accompany your learning with remembrance and asking Allah for guidance.

I’ve known a lot of ilm seekers who hoard books but they just gain pleasure on collecting them rather than reading them and learning from them. We should also learn the etiquette of collecting such books and how we should take care of them. 

Remember, we take care of the books by learning from it and reflecting from what has been writing in them and sharing what we have learned from them. As ilm seekers, we have to take note of the effort, time and labor that the scholars have put just to write and make such books available for the next generations who would want to learn more about Islam. 

P.S. I still think and believe it is best if we want to learn more about Islam, we start from the Qur’an then the biography of the Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam.

well, I just added a whole family to my “would burn their house down if I was allowed to” list

Tyler just finished telling me what happened.  So Tyler is at work and he has his iwatch on with the pride band.  This family comes in and when he’s checking them out the lady says “you know being gay is a disease” straight to his face.  So he fakes a cough trying to be funny (because wtf else are you supposed to do when you are trying to stay professional and not tell someone off).  At that point the whole family stared at him and the one guy gets all mad and red in the face and looks like he’s damn near ready to jump across the counter. He finishes ringing them up and goes to hand her the bag and she says it’s ok you can set it on the counter, I’ll get it. Then proceeds to ask her family if anyone has hand sanitizer.  So yea, they are on my list now.

So hey, remember that Match-up post from like two months ago?

… I promise I didn’t forget it, all nineteen of them! I know I said I’d cap off at ten, but I feel a little bad just deleting them from my ask box… So it’ll just take some time to get to them all, but I plan to do my best to complete them from here on out LOL.

More importantly, this post is actually a small preview of the current ten I’m working on. If you sent one in, your URL might be on this first list! Of course, I’m not going to reveal your actual match-up (where’s the fun in that?), but I figure I’d list out the way I essentially structured them. They will all follow the same format as the first one I did for quincette, and these small notes do play an important role in the backstory I try to give. 

I know it’s been a while, but I figure a good way to get back into things might be starting with tackling this. So under the cut, so I don’t take up your dash space–but these ten should all be coming very soon!

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Ok I know you're writing and I'm sorry to bug you (although hopefully you won't get this until after you're done and it won't bug you) but which do you like better for fanfiction... Tumblr or Wattpad? Do you have any recommendations for longer, multi-chartered fics?

hi hello i prefer wattpad for longer fics just because it’s easier to read. you can catch me on there under the same username to see what i’ve got on my reading list there! shout out to @johnlennon-harrystyles who has a GREAT series on wattpad. 

for chaptered fics on tumblr, i know @cuddlemusclestyles, @islareeveswriting, and @harrysmeadow have got you covered! 

Panic! at the Convention

Originally posted by nothingidputbeforeyou

A/N: Yes the title is a reference to Panic! at the Disco. I happened to be listening to Death of a Bachelor at the time and it makes sense. I have never been to a convention so I don’t know how it works so I made stuff up. Enjoy!

Word Count: 686

Warnings: Self-something… Hate, that’s what it is; self-hate.

This was not your plan at all. All you wanted to do was ask a simple question to your two favorite boys in the world. You’ve had quite a few episodes before but you were hoping it would let up for a least one day. The day you got to talk to THE Jensen and Jared.

Today was the day. Today was the day you finally got to do the last item on your bucket list of this to do, people to see. You were just outside the doors. You had your ticket in hand and was waiting for them to open so people could get seated.

The convention began and you were so nervous. You could feel yourself already start to sweat and slightly shaking. You knew these symptoms, they were the start of a  half hour, time-consuming, panic attack. You kept it at bay for as long as you could, considering. Jensen and Jared were like angels up there, smiling and laughing with the crowd.

Fortunately or unfortunately, depends on your view, you had a front row seat, directly in front of the boys for your first time. They got straight to asking the questions. Soon enough it would be your turn. As it got closer to your turn, your heart started to race. Your breathing became short and unsteady as the microphone was being passed to you. ‘What if I embarrass myself? What if they hate me? What if they don’t like my question?’ Many things were passing through your mind.

The microphone had made its way to you and was now in your hands. “H-Hi…” you stated hesitantly, really focusing on your breathing. The boys smiled at you and said hello. “M-My name is Y/N.” you chocked. It was hard to focus on anything at this point. Everything was a blur, your heart wouldn’t slow down. So much for getting a break.

Your hands became clammy and a cold sweat dampened the back of your shirt and trickled on your forehead. “Welcome sweetheart,” Jensen answered. He could tell you were having a hard time and looked to you with a worried expression. Jared seemed to notice your breathing rates and instantly knew what was about to happen. After all, he had seen it once or twice in his lifetime. “No, no, no,” you repeated and shut your eyes tight as the room started spinning in ways that made you want to throw up. He stood just as you collapsed to your knees.

Both Jensen and Jared dropped from the stage and held you close, trying to make you control your breathing and calm your heart down. “Hey, hey, you’re okay. You’re okay. Focus on air coming and going from your lungs. Breathe in 7 seconds and out 12 okay? Can you do that for me?” Jensen spoke softly to you as he rubbed up and down on your back.

A whimper and a fast “I can’t. I ca-” was all you could manage before Jared had your face in his hands. You couldn’t help but stare at his hazel eyes in awe. “Breathe with me Y/N.” he slowly took in a breath, 7 seconds, before letting it out, 12 seconds. Your eyes wandered to his mouth as you focused on his movements.

Your breathing regulated and the room stopped turning. Everything was normal again but in the process, you managed to disrupt the convention and most likely embarrassed yourself.

The boys both hugged you before helping you off your knees. You’d forgotten for a moment that there was anyone else in the room until the audience began applauding and screaming in joy. You blushed immensely before trying to go back to your seat. Before you could even take another step, a hand was grasping your wrist. “Honey, you’re sitting up on stage with us. Can’t risk another panic attack now can we?” Jensen spoke. You stared at him in amazement.

You thought the evening was completely ruined and you had just started beating yourself up for it. But maybe it wouldn’t be so bad now.