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This is a months old ask in reference to this comic. Part of a whole McHanzo-y thing that I have made enough random parts to at this point that I’m just going to make a special tag for it. OTL Anyway, I threw this together since I’m getting back into the headspace for that spin off cause, as per the list I made, the next continuation comic is up in my queue. The last one I was pretty disappointed with in terms of skill level. I mean, I know I make a point of not putting a mountain of effort into them just so they don’t take forever, but then the downside is I end up pouty of the result. XD Which is much easier to do when it’s people and not robots. So I’m going to try to find a better balance in this next one so hopefully I end up liking it more.

ANYWAY AGAIN: To actually answer the question: Hanzo basically just charged the necklace with dragon power™ since it was made from his weapon materials. It doesn’t really do anything but look cool BUT if McCree has it on him, he is very easy for the dragons to find. So now if they get let out in a fight, they might pop over and say hello to McCree on their way back to Hanzo. Hanzo did not know this would happen and he is secretly embarrassed by their behavior. 

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A 2-For-One Deal

This happened to me in the early 1990’s, and I ended up with revenge I really didn’t deserve. Most good revenge stories are about an a-hole getting what he deserves. In this case, I was the a-hole. LONG STORY!

I was working in a large union manufacturer, and I was the shop’s problem child. At the time, I was a raging alcoholic/addict, and you could fit the fucks I gave into a matchbox and still have room for the matches. I had a big mouth, and a bad attitude, and naturally, management was somewhat less than fond of me.

Of course, being an asshole, I thought I was the persecuted one. It was all about me, don’t you know. My problems with authority was all because of the authorities, and I couldn’t see that my problems were of my own making.

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Series: Tom Holland Imagines

Relationship: Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: Triggering material for anxiety and depression 

Request: @potterhead1265  : heyyyyyy can I get one where Tom helps the reader through an anxiety attack?? 

A/N: Tom IG fan account- Tiemeupspidey

-Please don’t read if you get triggered easily.

Short and sweet xx


[Reader’s POV]

“Hey love, I’ll be back later I have to do photo shoots today” Tom comes into the room sliding on a pair of pants. Hopping into them and pulling them up to his hips. Looking up at you, his curls moved back flopping a bit.

“That’s fine babe, I’ll probably take Tessa for a walk and draw a bit later till you come back” Leaning over you grab his wallet and hand it to him. He thanks you giving you a brief kiss before leaving the room. Of course, he overslept and set a timer for longer than he should of. Under his breath, he was muttering that he was going to be late. He reminded you of the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. 

“Drive safely!” you call out hearing a ‘Will do!’ followed by the door downstairs slamming shut. The sheets scrunched as you moved on the bed. Repositioning yourself you lay back down on the bed. Sleep was beckoning you but you knew better and not sleep your day away. 

    Time seemed to fly by as you cleaned around the house. It felt good to get things off of you to do list. When everything was done that meant you had more time to spend with Tom when he gets home. Nikki dropped off Tessa while you were busy cleaning. When you busted out the vacuum the house filled with barking.

    Unlocking your phone you open up your music app. Shuffling your relaxing playlist you exit the app and head onto Instagram.  Swiping up on the screen you lower the brightness. Your eyes wincing at the light from the screen. Sitting up due to the pictures that started flooding your feed. Messages started piling in from your best friend. You had gotten off of Instagram for a week due to some of Tom’s fans. 

    Ever since you two had been together for over two years, it was half of his fans that despised you. Half of them liked you and supported the two of you. Yet the other half couldn’t stand you. They always tried spreading rumors to try and split the two of you up. One time it almost worked causing the two of you to end up in a horrible fight. Nikki had to smack some sense into Tom when he almost broke up with you.

      It was super stressful to try and stay positive when media was looking at everything you do. Scrolling through all the posts your eyes land on something that broke you inside. It was Tom holding hands with some other woman. Your fingers zoom the picture up as your eyes scan to see if any photoshop has been done. Normally you could tell the photoshop but you saw her reflection with hers and his in the window. Setting your phone aside you try and take a few deep breaths. She looked like a slime model making malicious thoughts swarm your mind.

     Opening your phone up you click on the messaging app. Scrolling down your messages you click on the thread you had started yesterday. The sounds of the keyboard filled the air. Once you finish the message you press the blue arrow sending it. Letting out a defeated sigh you get off the bed still holding your phone. Moments later it started to vibrate in your hand. Tom’s name flashed on the screen, you wanted to answer but pressed the power button.      

     Your head was swarmed with thoughts of how you wanted to yell at him. Anger was the main emotion that coursed through your veins. Setting your phone down on the counter, your thoughts stop when you see yourself.Of course, you wanted to yell at him but was the problem you? Eyes trailing over your body in the reflection.Raising Tom’s shirt you look at your body, the gaze felt as if it was burning the flesh. 

   Your eyes watched as the blood trickled quickly out of your wrists. The razor slips past your fingers clattering onto the floor. Leaning against the wall the coolness feels good against your skin. The cuts in your wrists were shallower than they’ve ever been before. Dark thoughts swirled around in your head thinking of all the people that hated you and Tom together. Closing your eyes you slowly slide down the wall.

   Walking over to the glass doors you open them turning on the water. The temperature slowly increases in the shower filling the bathroom with steam. Stripping off your clothes you get into the stream of hot water. Minutes felt like hours going torturously slow. The hot temperature burned your skin that sure was turning red slightly.

“Darling I’m home early! We need to tal-”

“What was that sound?”

“T-Tom?” your voice comes out slurred , the sound of it stinging your ears. Looking down your vision tunnels in and out as red falls in front of your eyes. The door busts open to revel a panicked faced Tom.

[Tom’s POV]

   I got a call from Harrison over what was sent to my girl. It was a shot from the movie I’ve been working on in the countryside of Scottland. We went into town to get food and Kiera grabbed my hand. Of course a photo got out and now this could really fuck up our relationship. Plus my mum would kill me if I ruined this beautiful relationship I have…

I could feel the hit on my head coming..

   Running up the driveway I click the lock button on my car keys. The feeling of my heart rate rising stirred my emotions slowly. More and more my mind swirled at the possibilities of what could happen. Calling out to the house when I walk in I hear nothing. Tessa comes from the living room couch with a happy bark. A loud bang comes from upstairs making Tessa looks towards the stairs, followed by a small whine.

“What was that sound?!” I yell still recieving no answer. Taking off toward the stairs I make my way up to the bedroom. The sound of running water fills the air making me look over. Our bathroom door was open with steam flowing out into the room. 

[Reader’s POV]

“Oh God baby why’d you do this again?” Tom lifts your body out of the shower. Your skin is then covered by a towel. Another wraps around your wrists, the cotton pressed tightly againsty your skin. Blood was dripping from your head, probably from the fall.

“I don’t make you happy” you whimper out as he holds onto you. Leaning you against the wall he opens the cabinet bringing out a box of medical supplies. 

“You’re my everything angel, what you saw wasn’t real.. you’re my girl and the only one I care about..” his words toned out as you felt your heartbeat getting faster. 

Pausing before you spoke “You could leave me for anyone..” the thought of him leaving you sent your heart into a frenzy. A frenzy of panic and distress. 

“Look at me angel, look at me”

    Tears clouded your vision as you looked up. Blinking them away your vision becomes clearer. He was looking down, gaze focused on the bandage being wrapped around the wounds. Once finished he places his hand on your cheek. The warmth soothing and extremely comforting. 

“I’m never leaving you baby, ever” his voice serious as he looked down at you. His curls were disheveled from him probably running his fingers through it constantly. 

    Tom pulls you into his arms and starts to sing Ed Sheeran to you. It’s his way of calming you down. Which was singing your favorite songs to you. Of course, they were Ed Sheeran because who doesn’t. When you were all calmed down he picked you up taking you to the bedroom. He gave you his shirt to wear since you were naked from the shower.     

“you promise you won’t leave?” You ask resting your cheek against his chest. His fingers run up and down your back slowly.

A kiss was placed to your forehead before he said “with my entire soul baby, I will never leave you because I’m the one who keeps you ” 

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-Sorry this wasn’t my best one

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Pre-orders will be opening in 7 days
We’re still waiting on a couple of merch files and finished illustrations, but it’s getting closer to wrap-up time.

Here is a list of the options we’ll be offering once pre-orders open!

PDF Copy - $10 (offered later in the PO period)

Zine Only - $20

Postcards/Stickers Bundle - $30
Includes: 1 zine, 4 postcards, and 2 sticker sheet

Merch Bundle - $35 (Limited)
Includes: 1 zine, 4 postcards, 2 sticker sheets, and 1 acrylic charm

These prices do not include shipping.

We’ll be releasing the merch previews as they come in, so follow this blog or our Twitter page for updates!

In the mean time, scroll through the previews our artists and writers have posted so far!

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032 + college athlete!yoongi

author’s note: thank you all for the great feedback on the college athlete au! post, your messages and reactions really make my day~~ i got an anonymous request for an extension on basketball player!yoongi from the college athlete bts post and i was suddenly inspired. i also combined this with one of 100 ways to say i love you prompts bc i’m a cheater and i spend too much time watching naruto to get thru that list otherwise.
disclaimer: gif is credited below as cr.; none of the gifs used here are my own, they are simply cropped for uniformity and easy reading

cr. | 032. “it looks good on you.”

“Come on, don’t do this. It’s the first game of finals and he needs you there,” Jimin’s sweet voice begs through your phone receiver.

“Hm, tough luck. Didn’t know genius Min Yoongi was that superstitious,” you scoff, “Yoongi’s played basketball all his life; he doesn’t need me there to win.”

“Bullshit, you know you’re the only reason he went for a varsity college team,” Jimin retorts. “You’re the reason he’s still playing.”

You huff and cross your arms. “He’s never said that to me.”

“He’s never said it to anyone, but that doesn’t make it any less true.” Screw you, Park Jimin, you think, and your stupid, charming way with words.

“I’m mad at Yoongi, Jimin,” you say after a minute, eyeing the basketball jersey hanging on your clothes rack. You think about him, your stubborn, hard-headed, boyfriend, and sigh.

“Being mad at someone doesn’t mean you stop loving them.”

“When did you get to wise, Park Jimin?” you ask with a smile, crossing your room to take the jersey out of the closet.

“I have always been wise. You’ve just only been noticing me for my pretty face,” he grins, “Now get dressed, I’m coming to get you.”

Jimin promptly hangs up, only to shoot you a text informing you that he’s been outside of your dorm the entire time. That little piece of shit. You quickly throw on a pair of jeans and the appropriate footwear, and gather your belongings.

You eye the jersey one last time, finally taking it off of the hanger. “Why I love a stubborn man like you is beyond me, Min Yoongi.”

It’s halftime when you and Jimin arrive at the gym and Yoongi’s team is still down by thirty points. You’d thought Jimin was exaggerating when he said that Yoongi was really out of it, but when you checked the scoreboard and saw the three fouls he’d committed in the past quarter, you knew he wasn’t kidding.

The uneasy crowd dies down as horns blare throughout the gym, signaling the end of halftime. You spot Yoongi’s distinct tuft of black hair as he shuffles back on to the court, completely unfazed by the loosing streak until he hears a distinct voice amongst the settling spectators: “Yah, Min Yoongi, get your head in the game!”

His head snaps to the source of the voice and the relief that washes over his face once he sees you is something out of a movie. His smile reaches his eyes and he’s something between elated, surprised, and sorry. He wants to run over to you, hug you, kiss you, apologize, and kiss you some more, but as the crowd cheers on in agreement with your call out, he simply sends you a finger heart before jogging to center court. He’s playing for something now; for your forgiveness, and that, he thinks, the more than a good enough reason to win this game.

The match goes into sudden death overtime and Yoongi’s team is quick to jump on his when he shoots the winning basket. Jimin is even quicker to push you courtside to wait for him.

The second he sees you again, he’s hugging you as tightly as he can; smiling, laughing, and taking in the fact that you’re here with him.

“You came,” he says while catching his breath after letting you go.

“I did.”

“Is that mine?” he questions, pointing to the red and gold jersey hanging off of your shoulders.

“It is.”

His smile doubles in size. “It looks good on you.”

You can’t help but smile back at him and let him hug you again, let him pull you as close as he can without a care in the world.

“I’m still mad at you, you know,” you say softly, in between stroking his hair and congratulating him on his win.

“I know,” he whispers back, “I still love you, you know.”

Yoongi can feel your lips stretch into a small smile near his neck. “Yeah, I know, Yoongi.”

Nessian headcanons

this is just a list of things I like to imagine nessian/nesta doing

-headcanon that nesta loves reading and once she gets past helion’s mindless flirting they become really good friends and discuss books to the point where she’s welcome all the time in the day court whenever she wants and has free reign to the library and in return she promises to put in a good word to cassian on helion’s ménage à trois (4 actually but oh well, ménage à quatre??) fantasy which cassian denies every time

-a good healthy relationship between cassian and nesta where she can go spend time in the day court for weekends on end if she pleases to and cassian encourages it

-headcanon that nesta loves cassians hair and cassian loves nesta playing with his hair and will interrupt her relaxing to lay his head across her lap until she pauses what she’s doing to run her hands through his hair bc he’s needy

-sometimes if cassian is going over plans in their library she’ll just come in and curl up on his lap with her own book and read until he’s finished or until she falls asleep

-sometimes cassian carries her up to their room and sometimes they just spend the night on the couch

-they aren’t a pda couple and will never do anything more than cassian giving her kisses on the top of her head and even then she still blushes

-cassian is always up at the ass crack of dawn bc his internal clock is just wired that way like all the god damn time he is up and usually he doesn’t wake nesta and is most times back before she wakes up

-but even days off he’ll be up early (later than usual but still early) and need to do something and nests will just groan whenever he suggests they should go watch the sun rise or make breakfast (nesta is a brunch girl don’t @ me)

-cassian is also hella persistent when it comes to waking nesta up bc he hates sitting around and doing nothing so nesta has to figure out ways to persuade him to stay in bed (if u know what I mean)

-he always stays in bed bc she always makes it worth his time

-they’re also the type of couple that can handle distance and time alone

-nesta is a v independent gal and cassians got armies to command so it isn’t uncommon for them to spend nights apart or days from each other

-they always come back together tho and it’s like neither of them ever left (cassian will come home late in the middle of nights after missions and sneak into bed and nesta easily finds him and they spend the whole next day alone)

-cassian loves it when nesta reads to him (esp if her hands are in his hair he could die right there)

-once he convinces her to train she actually makes a formidable opponent (her lack of experience really being the only reason cassian can beat her)

-(sometimes she cheats and uses a little bit of her powers)

-cassian loves cooking and nesta loves watching cassian (shirtless) cook

-cassian says “i love you” all the time and nesta blushes every time

-she’s more of an action speak louder person so she doesn’t say “I love you” often though cassian knows she does

-they’re always bantering it’s literally never ending

-cassian is just head over heels in love with nesta and can’t imagine how someone so beautiful and strong could ever love him and feels like he will never deserve her and she is too good for him

-nesta feels the same way but loves him bc he truly sees her and loves her and puts up w her


The Cooks & Foods from FFXV Comrades and the Square Enix Cafe Placemats

So on the official FFXVEN Twitter Account they pointed out that you can get different cooks at camp in Comrades that will make dishes for you. The first photo is apparently all the different npcs you can get to cook for you. As far as I know and have heard so far, it’s completely random for someone different then Monica to show up.

Now once you get said NPC to cook for you, you learn the recipe in the main game. I’ve had Cid and Cindy cook for me so far. When I loaded up my main game to do the weekly timed quest I noticed when I camped I had learned both recipes Cid and Cindy had made in Comrades, they are just named differently.

The weird thing I noticed is these recipes match up with the recent placemats that came out at the Square Enix cafe. Noctis is eating those tacos with Cid on the placemat, and in the game it’s listed as one of his favorite dishes (cause of the heart over the pixel Noct’s head) Prompto is eating with Cindy on the placemat and in game the salad is listed as one of his favorite foods.

I’m wondering…since Aranea is with Ignis on that placemat and Iris is with Gladio…once they make food for you at camp and you learn it in game, will those dishes be their favorite foods? I wonder if any of the bros will have favorites from any of the other npcs?

A list of some of the things people have said to me in the last few days whilst I’m admitting their animals. 

1. “It’s only a cat, it doesn’t need a microchip, I don’t care if it gets lost.” - in response to me asking if they wanted a microchip implanted

2. “You’re the nurse. Look on the computer. You tell me.” - when i asked if the vaccinations were up to date

3. “Only do all of that if the insurance will pay for it.” - after the owner listed many things she wanted the dog to have done whilst he was in. “I’m not sure about that, you will have to check with your insurance company about what your policy will cover.” - “You work at the vets. You’re meant to know about pet insurance. You should be able to tell me what is covered.” - I then tried to explain that I don’t know what her individual policy covers seeing as it is her policy for her dog. She wasn’t having any of it and argued with reception afterwards. 

4. “Is the flea treatment up to date?” - “Who do you think you are asking me that? Do you think I don’t take care of my pets? Obviously the flea treatment is up to date!” - all I needed was a simple yes or no answer

5. “When can I pick my cat up?” - “It should be some time in the afternoon, we will ring after surgery once she has come round from anaesthetic to arrange a time to collect her.” - “When will that be?” - “I can’t be sure at this time.” - “But I have things to do today!” - and we have things to do today, such as the surgery on your cat!

I have also had worse incidents in the last few days where owners have been very rude whilst I’m admitting their pets. One owner was so rude to me that I nearly walked out and got a vet to finish off for me. 

Please be nice to your nurses and student nurses because admits can be stressful and people can be rude. And yes miss receptionist I am very aware that I have people waiting but I am currently with another patient so they will just have to wait a little longer. 

anonymous asked:

Hey, you're a writer, right? Do you think you could offer me any advice? Often, I come across an interesting character in a book or movie that I completely love, and I wish so much that I could have a character just as interesting or unique, but whenever I try to create a character, they just come out as bland and boring and have no personality :( Any tips for creating a great character? Thanks <3

Well character creation has been a hobby of mine for quite some time. And I’ve been told my dialogue and characters are interesting, so I’ll try. Here’s some tactics I use. But keep in mind that every author is different and has their own techniques for doing this. It’s never ever going to be a one size fits all.

That being said, let’s get into the bullet point list.

  • Okay. List form. Things are getting serious.
  • First of all, buddy, a character has to be in a place. A time. What’s that place and time? China in 15 BC? Mid 20th century Chicago? The planet Zeloid in an unknown time period after the first interplanetary civil war? Get to know this place intimately. If it’s a real place and time, do your research. If it’s fake, come up with a social system and economy and national identity and all that jazz. If it’s your hometown, get to know your surroundings more. Look at the socioeconomic standing of people with a different class than you and see how they live and talk. Be as intimately familiar with your character’s surroundings as you dare.
  • Next, who is this person, broadly speaking? Where in this society did they come from? What do other people see when this person walks by them at the market? What is their class? What do they look like? Have they always looked like that? How old are they?
  • Think about how real people work now. Study them. Look at them through a microscope and let yourself play God for a minute. Judge them. Figure out what makes them tick. Eavesdrop. Creep on conversations, but don’t be a stalker. Ask questions when you can. Study organic conversation. Think about yourself. What part of yourself do you want this character to have? Are they like you? Who you wish you could be? Are they like your mom? Is there a bit of your 5th grade teacher in them? What makes real people interesting? What kinds of flaws do certain types of people tend to have? Is the suburban mom too often plagued by a superiority complex? Do people with certain mental disorders tend to have certain insecurities? What type of person is more prone to hubris?
  • Okay. Now you know where they are, what they look like, and have studied a bit how people work. Now we get into the backstory.
  • You should get to know your characters better than they know themselves. Your character should feel so real, it’s like when you’re writing them they write the story for you. Sounds weird I know, but it happens.
  • Where were they born? How did their parents treat them? Did they have parents? What’s their sexual orientation and gender? How did they take that? If they’re straight were they aware of that and try to be a good ally? Why are they a good ally? Do they know a lot of queer people? If they are queer how do they cope with that? Is it “normal” in their society? Are they resentful? Did they use to be resentful? What is their favorite color? Why is that their favorite color? Did they go to a good school? What were they most likely to get bullied for? Were they ever a bully? Did they regret being a bully? What mental disorders do they have, if any? What role do genetics play in their behavior? What role does nurture play? Can you imagine what their inner dialogue sounds like? Can you know them so well that you can think for them? Do they feel real to you? They should feel like a real person.

I’ll take you though a character I’m still working on developing. Show you the process I’m taking here.

  • First, I was making this character to go with another character. To be his twin/half sibling and introduce the audience to the Egyptian pantheon in my mythology verse I’m working on. So, I know already I want her to be a cis lesbian, biracial, and grew up in the 1960s. She is immortal but didn’t know this for the first part of her life. This is where I’m starting.
  • I decide she is from Harlem. I do some research on Harlem during this time. She grew up in the middle of the civil rights movement. She also saw a few race riots. Was probably also called “too white” by black people and horrible racial slurs by white people. I decide this made her adaptable and tough, but also distrusting to some degree. She has wavy hair that is puffy, but not enough to turn into an afro. She wears it in braids now and back in the day wore it naturally as an act of rebellion. She’s tall, but not really really tall. Muscular but not obviously so. Her skin is a light brown and she has a lot of freckles. Her eyes are a golden shade of orangish yellow that an sometimes cause people to make a double take when they look at her. She’s used to this and tends to tease them about it.
  • She is thrown into the supernatural world in her 20s knowing almost nothing about it. I already know she is adaptable, so I go with her through this experience and watch her adapt to it. How incredibly different the Norse and Egyptian worlds are and how she’s again caught between worlds but now in a much more extreme way. How does she react to this? I see that she is cautious, but willing to learn. She sees how hard it would be to fight back, and she’s smart. She’s biding her time to see what she can do and control her newfound powers. I see she is the type of person to slowly warm up to people. She slowly warms up to her newfound half brother who grew up in Oregon, far different from anyone she’s ever encountered. I am already intimately familiar with him and how he would react to her. I make them bounce off of each other a bit. Get to know each other. This forces her to answer questions or brush them off. Which questions will she answer honestly? How far can I push her?
  • And there I just introduced myself to her. I learned just a little bit about my new character and the development can begin. She’s interesting already. I’ve done way more things for her than just this, but these were the beginning stages. Just the tip of the iceberg. She’s going to be a main character so I’m planning on getting to know her intimately well. She has to be as real as possible. If she isn’t it’s quite possible the audience will pick up on that.

Proper character development can be a lot of work, but it can also be a lot of fun. I’ve got characters I’ve been working with for years and they still surprise me. Take your time. Really really think in depth about them. Sit down to tea with them if you must, and find your own way of getting to know your characters. I hope you have a lot of fun with them.

anonymous asked:

I recently went through my bank statements and saw how much I spent on Ikesen 😅 I feel extremely guilty spending so much. I've decided to not spend anymore and just use the coins in game (even though a new route is coming out😣) Do you think not getting the premium story parts is that big of a difference? I'm pretty much new to these games 😔

Uh oh, Precious! I think we’ve all been there! ahaha

You don’t have to never spend, if you don’t want to, but you can practice spending better!

I’ll list my own tips for otome budgeting– perhaps you or another corner-buddy may find something that you can apply, for your situation.

But first, you asked:
Do you think not getting the premium story parts is that big of a difference?

Yes, there is a difference between the Normal story and the Premium story! 

For one, the Normal story is shorter. Certain dialogue, exposition, romantic and/or emotional progression will be omitted. 

It also comes with plainer attire, and cannot be re-read, unless you do the entire route all over again and choose the Normal story, instead of buying the Premium one.

However, you can always go back and buy the Premium story the next time you play a route! If you cannot afford it when you are playing it, don’t despair! Just save up for next time!

Now, on to how you can afford the things you want from otome games!

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It’s Christmas time and the sides we’re doing a secret santa deal and Anxiety got Logic. What should he get for the logical side. He was over thinking things and getting anxious about this but he wants to please Logic. He needs to ask the logical counterpart what he wants.

“Hey Logic?” He asks. “Yes, Virgil?” Logic responded while reading a book. “What’s um something you’d want for Christmas?” Virge said while messing with his jacket sleeve. Logic looks up from his book and dog eared it. He looks at Anxiety with a small smile and pushed up his glass. “Hmm, Anxiety. This is going to sound very illogic and it’s coming from me but go with your heart and think about what I might like. Don’t over think it because whatever you get me I will like it.” Anxiety just stared at him with disbelief. He goes to open his mouth but Logic put up his index finger to his mouth and made a shh sound. Inside Anxiety was screaming. “Fine.” he said and left.

Anxiety was pacing around his room and was muttering. “What gives him the right to say to to say something like that. HE IS LOGIC. HE NEEDS TO GIVE ME MORE THAN THAT BS. Don’t worry Anxiety. Just get me whatever. That’s not how Anxiety works Logic!” He wasn’t paying attention and trips over his feet. “Agh owww. Okay okay. I need to chill.” Anxiety did his breathing exercise and he felt calm. “Okay now to think about what Lo wants. He already has plenty of books and he has his unicorn onesie. But he.. has one tie!!” That’s it. Anxiety racked his brain and he remembered that Lo once said “Serious people wear neckties!”

So that night he stays up late and creates this weird looking tie that holds a resemblance on Jack Skellington’s top part of his suit and with strips and poka dots and and tiny books and rainbows. Some purple and a touch of glitter even Anxiety shuddered about. He giggles a little because he knows Logic won’t wear this. This isn’t serious but he may like it right? “No.. he won’t.” A tiny voice said. “Yes he will.” Another one said. Anxiety shakes his head. He needs some sleep. So he just jumps on to his bed and instantly falls asleep.

When it came time to the secret santa deal, turns out Patton had Roman while Roman had Patton. Logan had Virgil and Virgil well had Logic. Logic had knitted Virge this black and purple scarf. He said it was therapeutic and was nice way to relax. Anxiety loved it and rethought about his gift but Lo waited for him to give him his gift. So facing his fears, Anxiety have Logic his gift and waited for the laughing but when he didn’t hear anything he looked at Logic, he saw Logic looking at it with awe. “This is amazing. I really like it. Thank you for following your heart and doing something that is out of the norm.” Logic said.

Roman snickers. “The Grinch isn’t so bad after all.” Then there was a whack sound and an ow coming from Roman. “Ow! Patton!! I was joking.” Virgil was content with the night and he was happy. Everyone was happy.

🚫If you are a part of the True Crime Community, unfollow me right fucking now. My blog may be “morbid” but I am not going to accommodate for you sick fucks who idolize those who have murdered, raped, and slaughtered innocent people. Get the fuck off my blog you pieces of disgusting shit. You do not belong here. I will block every single one of you I find on my followers list.🚫

Especially you Charles Manson worshippers. The sick piece of shit got what he deserved for the evil he has done. I will not tolerate mourning of his death, you will be blocked.

State of Mind (Part 2)

Warnings: None… I think

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Notes: Tbh, I feel like a few of the thoughts I wrote are really repetitive but ??? this will have to do hahah. Enjoy (:

Link to AO3 will follow when I get home

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Hiya! On your blog you have all your stories listed under one page and the Langely Legacy separated by generation. How did you do all that?

Hello! So first you’ll go into “edit theme” and scroll to the very bottom of the window on the left hand side. You’ll see this and you’ll want to choose “add a page”.

Then you’ll go in and you’ll be greeted with a new page where you can set up your custom url for it. For example, to get to my legacy page it’s /gallaghers, so you’ll set it for your personal legacy/story. Then the little camera icon is where you’ll upload pictures for each story/legacy gen you want to list.

Then what I like to do is after I have the picture uploaded, I’ll highlight it (just like you would usually highlight text) and you’ll use the infinity lookin’ icon to add your link, and I like to link to the beginning of a certain generation with each picture. So for example: this picture would be for the start of gen 1, so I’d link it as /tagged/gallagher1/chrono. Adding “chrono” at the end of the link will list the posts in chronological order. If you want them to be from most recent post to older, you’d just leave the “chrono” out.

In order to get your posts to come up in chronological order, you’ll have to tag them when you create a new post for them in the tags section. For me, I use #gallagher1 and #gallagherlegacy. So you’ll use what tags you’d like for your own posts.

And that’s basically it! I hope this helps out :) If you have any more questions, feel free to ask or check out my “tutorials” tag because there’s probably something else there that’d be able to help you.

my leo sister called and asked me what i wanted for christmas because she really wants to get my a present herself and said “wait i have a list of things that you might like that i wrote down to ask you… a face mask, lip scrub, a hairband.. ummmm do you like any of those ideas?” i told her i loved them all and that i would love anything she got me because i know that she knows me and i trust her ❤️ then i told her i would always love another bolo tie too because i know the ones i like are only 10$ :’–) we were talking about my hair cut and she said i have the perfect face for that hairstyle and that people made fun of her when she kept cutting hers shorter and i got so sad because she kept putting herself down because of her face shape but shes really really beautiful, both of my sisters are… it amazes me ..

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5 things you can find on my blog: Me telling ignorant idiots Cleopatra was GREEK and also not a black woman, discussion of Marc Antony’s sex life, defending Tutankhamun/Ankhesenamun to the death, occasional ye olde fashion porn, Louis XVI and his giant dorky crush of his wife.

5 things you can find in my room: Books, novels, graphic novels, book shelves, piles of books on the floor.

5 things I’ve always wanted to do: Go to Versailles, get a grown up job in my field, see the treasures of Tutankhamun in person, get my own place to live, have a replica 18th century gown.

5 things that make me happy: My dog, my best friend, snuggling in my flannel sheets, an afternoon off to just lounge around, imagining happier ends for my historical favs.

5 things on my to-do list: Go to a physio appointment, clean my boots, wash my winter coat, buy a pair of formal shoes, make a hair appointment.

5 things you may not know about me: 

1. I have natural ringlets in my hair, which quite a lot of people seem to think is fake but NOPE. Just lucky.

2. I’m 30, but often get mistaken for MUCH younger. To the point I’ve had to whip out my birth certificate.

3. I have two college degrees/diplomas whatever the fudge I’m supposed to call them.

4. I will literally fight anyone who keeps insisting on calling Tutankhamun “The Boy King”. HE WAS A GROWN MAN AND A DAMN FATHER WHEN HE DIED. HE WAS NOT A TODDLER HIS WHOLE LIFE.

5. I can not STAND the feel of velvet. Or cotton balls. Even THINKING about touching them gives me the heebie jeebies.

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@sweet-ree had requested #10 or #30 from the prompts list, but I’d already done both of those. She graciously said I could pick whichever prompt I wanted and do a drabble for that, so…. I chose:

#46 - “Your lips are so kissable.” for mshenko! Hope you enjoy! 

“Kaidan… I…. really need…” Shepard gave up trying to get his sentence out. Every time he opened his mouth to speak, his lover slipped his tongue inside. He didn’t want to complain about that either, but there were reports to write, strategy to plan…. God, five minutes of sleep would be really fucking great right about now, too.

Kaidan had other ideas it seemed. “Your lips are so kissable,” he mumbled, replacing words with action and tugging John close for yet another kiss. “I can’t seem to help myself.”

Just days ago, Shepard had been pining away for this very thing. Before Apollos, before Kaidan’s adorably awkward little speech that Shepard imagined him practicing in the mirror before their ‘sanity check.’ Shepard had been in love with Kaidan Alenko as long as he could remember. He kept his feelings and desires in check, though, not wanting to overstep his bounds as Kaidan’s commanding officer. Not wanting to ruin their friendship by declaring his feelings.

When Kaidan had invited him out for lunch, Shepard had jumped at the chance to spend some more time with the man. Selfishly, he longed for that bit of reprieve from the stresses and strains of the war. Wanted that one on one time with Kaidan because he was just so fucking starved for some sort of relief from all the responsibility that had been heaped onto his shoulders.

Kaidan had offered him all that and then some. Offering to share the burden, his life, his heart with Shepard, and he was so goddamned grateful he didn’t know how to articulate it. Suddenly the reports and duties seemed a little less pressing, what with the way Kaidan’s lips were pressing against his own, tongue slipping into his mouth over and over. Kaidan saw Shepard trying to burn himself out as quickly as possible, like a candle with both ends lit, and he was offering him that shelter from the storm that he knew Shepard so desperately needed but would never ask for, never take for himself.

John loved him all the more for it. Forgetting about work and everything it entailed, he wound his fingers through Kaidan’s perfectly coiffed hair, dragging him even closer, returning the kiss with vigor. Reports could wait. The war would wait for a little while, because, “You’re lips are pretty damned kissable, too.”

here is a list of things i would prefer to do with my in-laws rather than watch another second of mon-el on supergirl:

-watch them all get sloppy drunk on bad tequila

-explain white privilege again

-see everyone in tighty-whiteys 

-relive every fight from planning our wedding 

-watch them try to hook up printer for 4th day in a row

-explain sexism again

-listen to them describe the plots of 10 movies i have seen and 5 movies i have not seen, in excruciating detail

-tell them i write fanfiction 

-explain fanfiction 

-they do a dramatic reading of my fanfiction 

-dig my own grave 


-explain privilege again from grave

Add yours! What horrible things would you rather do than watch mon-el back on supergirl?

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I suddenly got curious. Do u guys read BL manga or juz stick to manhwa? Please tell us ur faves.

This is just my personal opinion, I didn’t get to ask the rest of the team. But I do enjoy variety comic, ranging from manga, manhua and of course manhwa. I read too many so I’ll just list a few

  • Hidoku Shinaide
  • Royal Servant
  • Dolphin Fairy
  • 19 Days
  • What Lies At The End
  • A Guy Like You
  • Wolf in the House
  • Make Me Bark
  • Hate Mate 
  • Lover Boy
  • All About Lust
  • Meeting Him
  • Honto Yajuu

and the list goes on. It’s too long that it’s impossible to list everything here. Moreover I suck at remembering Japanese title xD But besides BL, I read the other genre too, which mostly is shounen genre.

- wawaa

Today my podcast made a comment about how you don’t HAVE to send out Christmas cards because they are expensive and a lot of work (they talked about ways to survive the holidays and self care during the holidays) and i was like ….. DUH!

Every year I scramble to send them out, getting the addresses together, making my list, adding a new name every day to my list, stressing about paying for the shipping so they come in time, getting the stamps. Then the actual work to stuff the envelopes, put the address stickers on…. I probably spend $50-$75 a year doing this because I have to order so many cards and so many stamps. Even figuring out what photo to use ( and making Gavin pose ) is stressful. Dan doesn’t want to be in the photo, the dog doesn’t cooperate. Having to order them and figure out Shutterfly or cvs or whatever… and plus half of the people I send them to… don’t even send us a card. Plus they just go in the trash eventually!!!

So why the fuck am I wasting all this time and money???? Dan sure as hell isnt going to do it. Gavin is too little to help.

So I’m done. I’m not doing it this year. If someone wants a photo of Gavin they can ask for it and I’ll gladly send them a photo. But I’m not wasting my time (or money) this year.