to defeat her at first

What Natsu was really going to say...

On a lighter note of our precious baby vanishing in thin air, what did he really want to say?

In reference to this panel in 453: 

So flash forward to 538 when Natsu, Lucy, Happy and Gray are walking back:

What I’d like to point out is while Lucy and Gray are talking, they are oblivious to the interaction of Natsu and Happy, as many readers are as well. The focus in this panel was meant to be on Gray and his relationship with Juvia, but I couldn’t help but notice Natsu’s seemingly embarrassed and anxious face and Happy’s scared (if you could call it that) face. It seems Happy mentioned something to Natsu during the conversation of the relationship Juvia and Gray, something that is possibly related in some way to Gray’s unclear relationship with Juvia who loves him. Maybe something along the lines of him and Lucy? Which causes Natsu to react in a embarrassed and panicked state. I can practically hear Natsu telling Happy to shut up, because the war is finally over and now it’s time to do what he said he was going to do (which he also swore he’d do whatever it was in front of Lucy as well).

Plus, in 520, whatever Natsu wanted to do we can rest assured differed from Zeref and Acnologia, since it was stated above. I doubt Natsu knows that Acnologia has been defeated (for now) so we can rest assured he wasn’t going to talk about fighting or anything like that. Plus, can we please note that he wanted to do/say whatever it was and that took PRIORITY over defeating Zeref and Acnologia. Natsu’s first thought went to whatever he wanted to do and THEN Zeref. Whatever he was going to say is very important to him, even more so then him dying or the impending (and almost over) war. 

And I just wanted to throw this little cap in from 521 as well. Here we see that even as Natsu went into a demon/END mode he was still conscious that he thought that Lucy died. This is still a lingering fear of Natsu’s I believe, that Lucy will somehow leave him by dying. We know that Future Lucy’s death was very emotional for Natsu, and time and time again after the 1 year time skip Natsu is shown to be very protective of Lucy, claiming that “Even if all is left is her head…Lucy will still be Lucy” (477) and protecting her by putting his body first. Even when it comes time for him to face Zeref and Natsu’s first defeat, he thanks Lucy, thinks of her, knowing she is helping him. Why is this important to note? Because in reference to the panel above, whatever Natsu wanted to do/say trumps beating Zeref, and with Lucy gone/dead than he could never accomplish that. Not only is she the closest person to him, and vise versa, but with her dying he is left with unfinished business IE what he wanted to say to her. Hence him going overboard. Just thought this was worthy to note!


Back to the point lol…

This panel in particular shows how teasing Happy is towards Natsu. The second panel he seems to tease Lucy in a way, which makes me believe that whatever Natsu was about to say, whether it be a confession or whatnot, it involves Lucy. Otherwise, I don’t believe Happy would have responded to Lucy with that expression. The bottom panels also show Happy and his teasing, him holding back a laugh with a blush on his cheeks. He’s obviously teasing Natsu about something, something that he knows will embarrass Natsu. He tends to make that expression when it is in regards to Natsu and Lucy and their somewhat unclear relationship:

One can argue that it can be for fanservice, and yes it very well can be, but I don’t see it that way. What Natsu wanted to say involves Lucy in some form so hopefully he comes back so we can find out what ;A;

I believe that Anna and Acnologia coming back (since the last panel there seemed to be this rip in the sky so bitches are coming back) will probably bring a way to save natsu in some form? I don’t believe he is gone for good, but I do believe a sacrifice will be needed in order to bring him back. However, much like these chapters are going, it could also be a troll, and he vanishes somewhere to makes amends with Zeref maybe before coming back to the guild since Zeref and Mavis both defeated the curse? maybe since they defeated it w love they can have like a wish granted, much like Zeref wished he made up with Natsu lol if this is the case I’ll be shook.

chat-en-rose  asked:

Greenie, give me your rant about why nintendo never goes for the explicit zelink ending (explicit as them holding hands or kissing, not something nsfw)

Alrighty then. HERE I GO! THIS is going to be LONG. LOL

I believe it’s because Nintendo (and by Nintendo I mean Miyamoto and Aonuma, after all they kinda have the last say in the LoZ games LOL) are fully convinced that it’s us, the players, that join the dots, which is why they don’t feel the need to go all the way.

Not to mention, that they’re old conservative japanese men and like to keep romance… more like in the background/shadows (???) and focus more on the gameplay and stuff. I mean, after all, the games are not romance oriented specifically.

BUT! they have included moments between this two. 


We know something happened at the end of Link’s Adventure behind that curtain

And Zelda (at the end of oracle of ages) gave Link a kiss. A kiss that both of them quite enjoyed. 

*with hearts and all hahaha so cute!* 

With recent games, for example skyward sword, Aonuma expressed his doubts in regards of this scene:

At first he wasn’t so sure, but after some talks, he decided that it was ok to include it. I remember him saying something along the lines “are we really taking this lovey-dovey route for this game”?  and at the end, he was truly happy that they included this scene in the game (and I’m sure zelink fans around the world also felt the same way). 

We all know how this game ends. Zelda asking Link what he wants to do and he  just smiles at her. I think it’s obvious which was his answer hehe… After all, he fought with his life, in order to be with her again. My take is that Nintendo felt they’ve done enough for us to understand, that they went from best friends to lovers.

Also, in other games such a Spirit Tracks and Phantom Hourglass, their interactions are quite adorable. Personally, I LOVE Spirit Tracks. You can be with Zelda for almost 99% of the game…. and you really get to know her. You can also control her (and she’s a badass with that Phantom armor!) 

But, what I love the most is how innocent and pure their bond is. Once Zelda regains her body, she hugs Link and his reaction is so adorable ;A; 

He blushes hehe (he also blushed when he first met her btw). 

And once they defeated the baddies., they hold hands while watching Anjean go to heaven. In fact, the camera makes a close up of their hands:

A part of me, feels that Nintendo’s intention is to keep it fresh. Like, the implications that there’s something going on between them are there. They exist. Link and Zelda are not a crack pairing. Nintendo has provided enough canon material in the games for us, like I mentioned earlier, to join the dots

For example, in  Skyward Sword and if you explore Link’s room and check his desk you’ll notice that he sculpts wooden statures. He has one unfinished bird on his desk with a hammer and chisel and a couple statues on his furniture. And also, if you go to Zelda’s room you’ll notice that SHE’S the only character he has given his work to, because she has a statue of a loftwing in her room. There are no other characters in the game that have this statues. I even visited everyone is Skyloft to be sure. 

That’s Nintendo’s subtle way of telling us that there’s something special going on between them.

Do I want to see them kiss? HEL YEAH I DO!!!,  but I would lie if I said that I do not appreciate details  such as this one, that strengthen their relationship. 

t’s just like Zelda’s diary in breath of the wild. To be honest, at first I felt dissapointed that Link was so serious all the time. But after reading her diary and watching all the memories in order… I felt that I finally was able to understand his character a bit more, thanks to what she said about him. 

He isn’t a guy whose gonna blush over something. He’s pretty good at hidding his emotions because, people always had high expectations of him… So, the only way he found to keep people happy, was by keeping all his fears to himself. In fact, it’s pretty interesting  what the stupid guy whose wandering outside Gerudo town tells you (after you get the sand and snow boots from him).  He says that Link is a cold and calcuating person and he adds, that he’s also actually quite strong. I couldn’t agree more with that guy.

I mean, being LIKE THAT is pretty much what saved both him and Zelda from Calamity Ganon first attack. He didn’t let the sorrow of the death of his friend (Daruk, Mipha, Urbosa and Revali) get the best of him…. Or to watch Hyrule’s Kingdom get destroyed in a blink of an eye.

His main focus was to protect what’s important for him to the point of giving his life… And he did.  He died protecting her. 

And what truly touches my heart is that, he always believed in her. Even when they were running away from all those guardians, his top priority was to keep her safe. He never saw her just as a “weapon” to seal Ganon away (kinda like the King did)… He always saw her as what she was. Even Impa tells us that, Link became Zelda’s comfort during the times she wasn’t capable of using her power. 

So… In conclusion. Even if I’m dying to see a kiss between them… A wedding and for them to give me granchildren (LOL)… I’m happy with what we have of them. They’re not the typical ship and for me, that’s what makes them so special. 

Hopefully we’ll see them kiss again ;A; Nintendo plz understand

Her Happy Beginning

A little Lieutenant Duckling fic, vaguely inspired by this post (it sparked the original idea at least) for the lovely @the-reason-to-sail-home. Thanks to @mahstatins and @ofshipsandswans for reading this for me!

On AO3

Some people wait a whole lifetime for their happy ending. Others find theirs sooner and yet find themselves bored and wondering, is this it? Princess Emma of Misthaven is luckier than most. She finds her happy ending at just six years old.

She just doesn’t know it yet.

“Who dares trespass on the fearsome Captain Hook’s ship?”

Emma freezes at the rough words despite the evidence of all her senses clearly showing that she is far from harm. In a forest, in fact, not more than a few miles from her family’s summer home and miles away from the sea.

But, in all her six years she’s never known anyone to take such a tone with her. People usually don’t when they talk to a Crown Princess. She should know that this is but a game of make believe, but she’s a lonely child and not used to playing games. And so, these words are enough to strike fear into her heart.

“Oi! Are you deaf or are you defying the Captain, lass?”

The voice comes from much closer now and she jumps, unsure of what to do or say. Instinctively she raises her hands in surrender and turns to face the pirate.

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It was a mistake.

The blood drained from his face as his daughters first word slipped through her lips. It wasn’t ‘mom’ or ‘dad’, no of course not, no matter how many times they repeated the words as a contest to see who she would call out to first she never said them back.

But a word he says one time, just once and there she is uttering her first word and Rey is going to kill him.

She turned to him, a trained smile on her face that told him he was in so much trouble. Ben. Our daughters first word is… Oh, she was fuming.

“Traitor.” The little bundle of joy exclaims again in her uncle’s arms. Ben turns to Finn whose smile is so bright as he bounces his daughter in his arms.

“I didn’t know she could talk yet.” Finn turns to them and he can feel Rey’s annoyance through the bond.

“It’s her first word.” She sounds defeated, but Ben thinks it shouldn’t have surprised them considering how Finn spoiled her rotten.

I said it once, it was a joke. He adds through the bond.

Yeah, and we know how good your sense of humor is.

“Traitor.” Their daughter kept repeating, putting her tiny arms around Finn’s neck.

“Oh, yes little one, uncle traitor.” He snuggles her close and then adds. “I’m gonna steal you while your parents finish their creepy little mind fight.” He then turns to them, the smile ever present. “She loves me.” They couldn’t argue against that.

Wait ‘til your mother hears about this.

a/n: This is crack, based on this post. I mean no hate towards Finn and I know he wouldn’t be her uncle, but he’s her uncle and Poe is her other uncle.

Fourth Christmas

the series is as follows so far:

FirstSecond ThirdFourthFifthFifth Christmas, Part 2SixthSeventhEighthNinthTenthEleventhTwelfthThirteenthFourteenthFifteenthSixteenthSeventeenthEighteenthNineteenthTwentiethTwenty-firstTwenty-secondTwenty-third


She hadn’t decorated that year. She’d flown out to California with her mother several days before Christmas and wasn’t supposed to return until just before New Year’s so she made the executive decision to leave her decorations in the closet.

Mulder had also refrained from decking her place out in her absence.

It was fairly difficult for him.

But then he got the phone call, had to fly out to her and all manner of holiday cheer was forgotten, shoved to the wayside in the wake of news he never expected to turn out anything but bad.

Now, they were just leaving the airport, January 3rd and the world depressed around them. They rang in the New Year piecing together a funeral, Scully holding him at arms’ length while she pushed her mother away completely, choosing to sit idly in his hotel room rather than face champagne, fireworks and Dick Clark. He’d cracked open the mini-bar in the room and paid an exorbitant amount to help Scully drink her sorrows down, drowning them for a few precious minutes in cheap whiskey and off-brand gin.

They’d left for their plane right from the church, Scully having once again told her mother that she was fine traveling home without her. Maggie had been not-so-subtly hinting about staying a few extra days with her new grandson and given Scully couldn’t picture being trapped on a plane beside her mother for six hours minimum, she paid extra, informed her mother she was leaving with Mulder and walked away, trying not to think about the funeral they would have to attend first.

The flight was quiet but not awkward, surprising given the last two weeks of their lives. Mulder, to his astonishment, felt a small, cold hand slide over his arm, her fingers fitting between his like they were meant to be there, as they took off. He didn’t react, thought, except to twist his hand upside-down, palm to palm, weaving knuckles, warming bone.

Disembarking the plane, they entered the insanity of National Airport and Mulder all but curled himself around her, blocking her from running passengers, shopping bags, backpacks, rogue rolling luggage, that mumbling guy that seems to be in every airport they’ve ever been in, just wearing a different hat. Guiding her to baggage claim, he grabbed their bags, clearing a path she trailed close behind in as they aimed towards his car.

Finally, eventually, they were on the road, Scully small in her seat, Mulder quiet in his, until, “is it strange that it feels like it was never Christmas?”

Worrying his cheek between his teeth, he shook his head, “not really. I mean, you got out there and the world went weird, then surprising then completely terrible and now you’re back home in January and you never had time to stop and realize it was Christmas.”

Head back against the seat, she let her face fall towards the window, away from her partner, “I don’t want to go home, Mulder.”

“Then we won’t.” Instead, he took them to his apartment, opening her door for her, taking her hand as she stepped up the curb. Soon, they were in his place, door safely locked behind them, Mulder gently guiding her towards the bedroom, “go take a nap. I’ll go back out and get some food for this place and when I get back, we’ll have dinner and watched Christmas movies until March.”

She had a protest crawling up her throat but it never saw the light of day as she nodded, defeated by the world and uncomfortable in her own skin. Walking first out of her shoes, then pulling off her sweater to reveal Mulder’s Care Bear t-shirt she had stolen, loaned back and commandeered once again, she made it under the covers before she began to cry. Watching her from the doorframe, he gave her a minute while he pulled his own shoes off, relinquished his overhead, closed the blinds to the falling twilight as well as the soon-to-be-glowing streetlights. Finding the box of Kleenex in the living room, he set it beside her on the nightstand, then leaned into her, hand on the mattress, “do you want some company or would you like me to go find some food?”

Her non-committal, soggy, shoulder shrug gave him his answer and without another syllable, he climbed up and crawled right over her, jostling her, accidently-on-purpose rolling her onto her back, t-shirt chest smushing her nose, blankets all bunched by the time he went horizontal beside her. She was still crying but her lips were curled up instead of down and that was progress in his book.

Once he’d gotten under the covers, straightened them, made sure they were tucked around her opposite shoulder tightly, he manhandled her lightly, rolling her the rest of the way towards him, tucking her head against his shoulder, “hit me if you want me to go away.”

Then he cried with her.


It seemed hours until she finally fell asleep, the last bottled up 11 days pouring forth in an ugly catharsis of Kleenex, sobbing hiccups and soaking wet cotton until she finally passed out, mouth open, nose congested, eyes so puffy he’d be surprised if she could see anything the next morning.

He wouldn’t trade her for a damn thing.

Inching out of the bed, he got his shoes back on and disappeared out the door, food and other things on his to-do list.


It was well after midnight before he fell asleep on the couch and after 3am before he felt the softest of kisses on his cheek, then the heavier of kisses on his mouth. The quiet ‘thank you’ made him open his eyes, deciding he would be a terrible person if he followed her mouth for another kiss but the debate was there, the contemplation, then, her lips on his again, just the corner of his mouth but it held warmth and promise and tasted a little like Almond Chicken sauce.

“You found dinner.”

“I did find dinner.” Sitting on the coffee table, she leaned forward, elbows on knees, “and I found Christmas.”

Smiling so wide his eyes disappeared in crinkles, “I couldn’t let you not have Christmas.”

Scully pointed over her shoulder, “you broke into my house again. That is not the reason you have a key.”

Behind her, her tree was twinkling beside Mulder’s desk, lights, ornaments, stockings, candy canes all stolen from her hall closet and apparently transferred, while she was dead asleep, from her place to his and set up, spewing forth Christmas joy where there hadn’t been any when she went to sleep.

“I do that.”

“I see you added garland. Where in the world did you get garland after Christmas?”

“Magical elves and post-holiday blow-out sales. I could have also bought 1.2 miles of Christmas lights for $.60.”

“Why didn’t you?”

“Where the hell would I hang 1.2 miles of Christmas lights?”

“We could have made it work.”

Sitting up, he patted the couch beside him, “come here.” She scooted to him before he continued, “how’s your head?”

“Throbbing. How do my eyes look?”


Her barriers were still down, as they tended to be more and more around him and without pretense, she shifted her legs over his lap and leaned into his upper arm, “I found the new ornament.”

It was a glittery snow globe of Santa on a beach, feet up, reindeer lolling on his back in the sand.

“Bought it a few weeks back and was just gonna slip it in your box when I was over next and then, well, this seemed better.”

Hugging his arm next, “I love it. Thank you very much.”

Once his arm started moving, he wasn’t about to stop it and soon, it was around her shoulders, his feet on the coffee table, his other hand on her knee. Giving it a small squeeze, “I think we should pretend that we are couch potatoes whose world extends no further than this apartment.”

“Can it extend into tomorrow maybe?” Looking at her watch, “we only have 3 hours until we are supposed to leave for work.”

“Are you suggesting Christmas hooky?” Simply nodding her ‘yes’, he ‘hmm’d’ his agreement in his throat, then rested his head against the top of hers, “any of that Chinese food left?”

Muscles tightening to stand, he held her in place instead, “that wasn’t a hint to go get me food. I’ll get something later. Right now, I like you here and me here and … I like us … right here.”


He was almost back asleep, head heavy on hers, when he heard her say something. Not opening his eyes, “what?”

“How can I miss her? I knew her for less than two weeks.”

“But she was your daughter. Doesn’t matter how long you knew her.”

“How do I know if I miss her as a person or as an idea?” He could hear the waver in her voice, “what am I supposed to do now?”

“Right now,” turning her in a twisty, contorted, shifting, sliding kind of way, he managed to get them both lying on the couch without either falling on the floor, “I think you should stop thinking and close your eyes,” gripping her and turning her a few degrees until her hip wasn’t digging in his parts, “and listen to my voice while I tell you,” now running his finger lightly over her eyebrows and forehead, “a story,” moving his finger over her cheek and chin, “about how Santa is really an alien.”



“I really wanted to keep her.”

Squeezing her tightly to him, he mumbled into her hair, “I know you did.”

Welcome to the Family

Relationship: Jensen x Daughter

Words: 2,270

Summary: When the reader receives upsetting news from home at a Supernatural convention, Jensen steps in to save the day.

A/N: I realized after I wrote a bunch of this that 1) it doesn’t fit with actual convention stuff and 2) it’s totally and completely unrealistic but bear with me kids. Besides, even if it would never happen in real life, I think we all kinda wish it would, right?

Originally posted by dean-sam-winchesterbros

Your name: submit What is this?

There was an excited buzz about the convention hall. Any minute now, Louden Swain would come out on stage for the Saturday Night Special Concert, and you couldn’t wait. Your first convention had already been incredible so far, and you knew it could only get better. Sure, you might not have gotten an autograph or a photo op, or had the best ticket in the world. But just being around people you had something in common with and who loved Supernatural as much as you did made your first experience magical.

Suddenly, a roaring cheer erupted from the crowd as Carry On Wayward Son by Kansas filtered into the hall through the speakers. The noise level was so deafening you could hardly hear yourself think, and yet you sang along anyway. It felt as if everyone at the convention had joined together to jam out to the official unofficial theme song of Supernatural, and the thought made you smile.

Tumultuous applause rose from the fans as Richard, Rob, Matt, Mark, and the rest of Louden Swain came bounding up onto the stage. The boys hammed it up for the audience in between songs, and even brought out some special guests from the show to perform with the band. In your opinion, the best part was when Jensen came out and performed Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Simple Man.” Your smile never wavered the entire time, and you laughed and clapped along with everyone else.

You should have known it was too good to last.

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anonymous asked:

I just saw your Maid Dragon pic and dear god, I think that's why the japanese hate western fans so much. I mean, I get that it's your style and all, but you made them look so disgusting, the refined japanese factions, all replaced by big manly factions, your Kobayashi even looks like a man, defeating the "lesbian" idea at first glance, her shoulders are too broad, but the biggest insult to the original design was Tohru's face, that horrible smile, straight from uncanny valley nightmares.


ok but imagine alex coming home from a hard mission and get shot by an alien gun. it did nothing to her at first but the villain just laughed. they defeated him and alex was thoroughly checked but they found nothing. well a few weeks later maggie was in the kitchen cooking and asked alex what she wanted to eat. alex didnt reply but maggie could see alex on the bed reading. she said her name louder and alex replied. maggie was confused but shrugged it off. well weeks passed and everyone kinda notices alex being off. first winn told her abt some coordinates only to be asked abt said coordinates 2 mins later. kara had to put the volume on the tv up all the way on sisters night and it was super loud for kara (esp with super hearing) while alex just mindlessly watched as if it isnt. james and her were training and james shouted ‘heads up!’ when he accidentally threw a gym equipment only to hit alex upside the head and alex said, 'a little warning next time would be nice?’. eliza called and had to repeat everything she said louder because alex kept sayin 'what’ and 'come again’. j'onn tried to speak to her through the headset in her ear for a mission only to be asked what she was supposed to do while he was explaining, that mission failed. maggie noticed all that and confronted her one day. “alex, i think you’re losing your hearing.” alex didnt hear her. “Alex!” Maggie shouted. Still no response. Maggie wrote the words on a notebook, went to alex and showed it to her. alex just nodded and said “i know. i cant hear anything but faint sounds. i didnt want to admit it. i think the alien gun from a month ago did it” maggie smiled and held her. alex said, “i want the last words i’d be able to hear be your voice please. say anything” maggie said, “I love you.”

You’re Not Her: 6. Fire and Ice

Shout out to @squirrellygirlart for beta reading this for me!!!!

Sorry for the wait everyone!! @polkadotsdesign @justa-dork


Start                                <—– Previously

Marinette was suspended. Her parents were angry of course but once Marinette had explained what had happened they understood. She was, however, grounded for the duration of the week because “violence is never the answer Marinette.” Being grounded was fine by her, it was an excuse to keep from socializing, but that didn’t keep Adrien from stopping by and dropping off notes and instructions for their group project. Marinette wished he would leave her alone. Thus far Adrien had caused her more problems than she currently needed in her life right now. She knew it was irrational to be angry at him for Chloe’s behavior but she couldn’t help but feel a little bitterness towards the model. If he left her alone Chloe would have less incentive to approach Marinette of course after the stunt Marinette had pulled Chloe would probably keep her distance when tormenting her now. Maybe her dislike of Adrien stemmed more from Chloe than it did from his actual actions but Marinette couldn’t find it in herself to change that. She was exhausted by people. Talking to anyone, even friends became a chore. The only emotions that came easily now were overwhelming sadness, anger, or complete apathy. Sometimes it was easier to just mask over one’s sorrows with the all consuming hate that anger brought. It was a reprieve from the drowning misery of grief. All this made it easier to dislike Adrien. He himself might not be the problem but by being associated with him it had caused more face time with the people of her class, and to her utter horror, more biting comments from Chloe- neither of which Marinette wanted.

Unable to intercept Adrien at the front door, since she was grounded, Marinette’s parents scheduled a time for her to come by his place and work with him. Marinette was hoping that she could just do all the work by herself, her parents, however, did not agree that that was fair. So Marinette stood in front of the Agreste Mansion, ready to get through this as quickly as possible. The gate stood slightly ajar. Marinette looked to the telecom used to beep people in and grimaced. She didn’t need any extra interaction today. Talking to people was like forcing herself to chew on glass. It was painful, forced, and left her feeling mangled and raw. With a deep calming breath Marinette pushed the gate open and wound her way up the long walkway to the door. She rapped on the door and waited. There was no answer. Agitated about already having to be here Marinette knocked again this time more forcefully. A tall dark haired woman answered the door a confused and harried expression pulling her face.

“How did you get in?” The woman asked suspiciously.

“The gate was open,” Marinette explained. The woman’s eyebrows shot up, realization crossing her features. “I’m here to see Adrien,” Marinette said expectantly.

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all good things

@deathberryprompts so it’s not quite a drabble, but this one is for ‘fuck’ - it’s a post-684 fix it which i hope will bring a smile to your face, and happiness to your heart. inspired by this fanart. and the 12th one here. and my own salty desires. 351 words. enjoy!!

Rukia insists on seeing Ichigo home from school on the first day of her visit after Yhwach’s defeat.

“You’ll be busy at school so I’ll just come meet you there,” she had said with finality. He could just picture the smug look on her face.

The roof of Karakura High is a familiar place. They sit together under the cloud-speckled sky before heading home to the Kurosaki clinic. The breeze is peaceful, and Rukia swears she can taste the juice from the strange carton that Ichigo had opened for her many moons ago.

They soak in the sun’s rays, feeling the strain of the past few months dissipate. Ichigo has had the comfort of his studies to throw himself back into, but Rukia has been living in a war zone. She molds herself into a pillar of strength for Ukitake-taichō and the thirteenth, but her indomitable work ethic has her a bit run down.

“So, any thoughts on what you want to do once you graduate?” she asks with a yawn.

“Actually, yeah..” He pauses and glances over at her as she slides down the side of him and forms a little ball, resting her head on his lap. Ichigo scratches the back of his head.

“Well?” she asks in a distant voice.

He takes a deep breath.

“I want to take Kyōraku-sōtaichō up on his offer.”

“Mmmm. I’m happy to hear it.” She smiles and curls a little closer to him, yawning again.

Ichigo looks down to see her eyes close, lips still upturned. For a moment, seeing that expression on her face, he feels like he’s back in the Kuchiki manor after eating her curry for new year’s.

“Fuck, Rukia, no! We have to go soon.” He says with annoyance.

“Well then wake me up when we do, idiot.” She swats at his leg weakly, and drifts off.

I could get used to this.. Ichigo thinks, and lets his head fall back against the railing. His fingers find their way into Rukia’s hair. He lulls himself to sleep by brushing through it, dinner with his family forgotten.

so, a little ending note in case it wasn’t clear: yhwach is defeated (probably by ichigo, rukia, uryū, maybe a few more people too.) and ichigo returns to the gensei to figure out what he wants to do with his life/to spend time with his family before he continues his destiny. ukitake is alive and going to join kyōraku as co-sōtaichō, and thus hand over the 13th division captaincy to rukia, and ichigo will come to soul society full time and take over as rukia’s lieutenant.

Ladrien June Day 5 - Random Wikipedia Article

Adrien sighed and minimized the document. This assignment was really boring. He briefly looked over the Wikipedia article he had opened before hitting the ‘random article” button. It took him to a page about the an extinct kind of fish. Vaguely interesting.

He clicked it again. It took him to the page of a Japanese football player. Another click took him to a page about a short lived British comedy program. Then a neighborhood in Nairobi, then a technical article about some computer thing, then some sociological concept, then some small time Canadian politician. That one had a section marked ‘scandal’, which he read of course, so now he knew that some local representative in Saskatchewan bribed people to cover up the fact he was cheating on his wife. That information was in his brain now.

He leaned back in his chair and sighed. He really needed to finish that assignment. Maybe just one more article.

When the page loaded he blinked in surprise. Seriously? What are the chances?

It was Ladybug’s wikipedia page.

There was a picture of her from a press conference, smiling widely and waving to the crowd. It was a long page, and if he had to guess he would say it was mostly written by Alya. How had he never realized they had wikipedia pages?

“Ladybug (real name unknown) is a ladybug themed superhero who protects the city of Paris, France from regular attacks by the villain Hawkmoth. She works alongside Chat Noir … .”

He opened his own page in another tab to look at later and read through the page. After an introduction of her debut, it described the battles they had fought and different techniques she used. There was a section about her interaction with the press and charities she endorsed, as well as a section detailing everything the public knew about her

Adrien couldn’t help but smile. Seeing all of his Lady’s accomplishments on one page made his heart swell with pride. She was so magnificent.

It also made him happy because, while he didn’t know her true identity, he knew so much more details about her than the general public. The facts that she had shared with him, that she liked video games and that she didn’t like coffee but she still drank it when she needed to wake up quickly and she was terrible at remembering dates in history class, were all precious even if he didn’t know her name.

As he said after they defeated that first akuma, no matter who is under that mask, he was in love with that girl. It was one of many details that the page left out.

A Quest for Vengeance: Heliod’s Trechery: A Short Story

Time for another episode of my “A Quest for Vengeance” Series!

In today’s episode, @vorthosthewillis‘s Finn and @nantukohunk‘s Saria come together and bring some closure to parts of Saria’s past. Violent, righteous, and vengeful closure.

If yall want me to tag you in future episodes, let me know!

You can read the other episodes –> here <–

Gather `Round! It’s Story Telling Time!

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Craft Show Amish Sex-Slave

Most men would find it an aggravating afternoon. Spring art festival of the convention center? Boring.

For me, it was ample hunting grounds.

Being a professional slaver, you had to know where and how to take advantage of opportunities when they were presented. I’d stumbled upon this little…show, the year before, so I knew exactly what to expect.

There were women everywhere. Old, young, fat, skinny, educated, and non. The most important thing was, their subconscious and inherent assumption of safety in numbers.

This was a primary celebration of the things women liked and were into, even if it wasn’t advertised as such. They’d even gone as far as I have a little area that they called “husband waiting area”.

All of this added up to perfect opportunities, for me.

I went in Friday, just to scope the lay out, and to make my final preparations. The convention center was set up as a large room closed off from the rest of the center. The doors could be opened to make more room for larger shows. They took tickets at the front door and the back door was next to the bathrooms and led out to the loading docks.

It literally couldn’t have been a better situation if I had designed the building myself. They had temporary curtains up, that I found that I could move in such a way as to cut off nearly the entire view towards the bathrooms in and out to the loading docks and no one noticed. Saturday came and in I went dressed in worker’s coveralls. I’d found, in my time doing this, that there were certain outfits that nobody pays attention to, or the person wearing them. Work coveralls was one of them.

I made other preparations as well, my hair was different than I would normally wear and I had a dyed it and my beard that I had grown for just this occasion. Once I left a quick shave, hair trim, and washing out the dye and I’d look completely different. It was nice to have facial hair that grew as quickly as mine did. It meant no one that might be able to identify the “guy in coveralls” would ever be able to associate me with that person. I’d essentially vanish with whatever prize I claimed.

Two hours wandering around and I’ve seen several potentials. Like I said before, you could tell the women considered themselves safe in numbers. So, like any exceptional predator, my goal was to isolate one from the herd. And then the opportunity came. She was only about 5’8”, with beautiful blue eyes, she was one of the vendors. Dressed in traditional Amish attire, meaning I knew her hair would be long, and even the unflattering Amish outfit I could tell there was a beautiful body underneath.

 I’d learned, from listening while pretending to be shopping, that she and her family were driven down from out of state by a friend so they could sell their desserts here. Then they were driven home every night because their religion wouldn’t allow them to stay in a hotel.


Her family had even set up near the rear entrance.

Now I just needed to wait.

I went back towards the bathroom and opened the rear entrance and, after checking for witnesses, brought in a large tool box I’d set there earlier and wheeled it over to the bathroom.

It was set up so there was one entrance and women went left and men went right.

I pushed my toolbox into the men’s room, pulled out an “out of order sign” and sat back and waited, as I watched my chosen prey.

Sure enough, I saw her coming to the bathroom. I waited, with baited breath, hoping no one else came with her or another woman, or man followed her in. That would put the kibosh on my plan.

Luckily, no one did, and I had my back to her as she went by, not even paying attention to me, or what I was doing. The laziness with which most people walk around, with no regard with respect to their surroundings has always amazed me. Of course it serves my purposes so I’m indeed thankful.

I moved the bathroom out of order sign to the entrance for both, and put another sign further up the short passage.

I heard a flush and turned and knelt as if I was working on the water fountain between the two bathrooms. As she came out, it was obvious that she didn’t notice a thing. Just as she stepped past me I spun, one hand clamped over her mouth and nose with a chloroform rag, and the other arm wrapped around her waist, effortlessly picking her small body off the ground and walking backwards into the men’s room.

She froze for a couple precious seconds which allowed me to get her well out of sight of anyone that might come down to check the bathrooms were really closed. I dragged her into the furthest most stall, shut it, and pressed her against the wall continuing to hold the cloth over her face.

She was trying to scream, but between the cloth and my steel grip against her face, the screams were swallowed before they’d even left the stall. Unlike the movies chloroform is not instantaneous, it takes a couple of minutes. I knew she’d be fighting and squirming for her life, given the situation, so that’s why I made sure she had no leverage, and no chance to escape while the drug did its job.

After a couple minutes, she was dead weight which I simply let fall to the floor in the corner.

30 seconds later, I was back with my toolbox, two sets of handcuffs, and several leather belts. One set of cuffs went around her ankles and the other around her wrists. I used the first belt to strap her calves to her thighs, after feeding a second belt behind her knees, so I could use that one to strap her thighs to her chest. What I was left with, was a nice tight little ball that fit perfectly in my toolbox.

The shelves were removable and, once done, the bottom of the toolbox that was specially padded and insulated became visible. I shoved a tennis ball into her mouth, it was hard to get it in, but it went, and she wouldn’t be able to spit it out. This was just for the trip to the van.

I closed the tool box, gathered my signs, and, after a quick look towards the show, was out the door to the loading area, and into my van.

From first contact to leaving the premises, ten minutes.

Once I got home, and got her down into the basement that’s when the real fun began.

I stripped her, and put her in a special device I’d designed. It held her wrists and knees in a single solid line by way of steel bars and locking cuffs. Her knees were kept wide and her wrists helpless on the outside of her knees. In addition there was a thick helmet buckled around her head with an integrated ring gag in her mouth. It rendered her completely blind, partially deaf, and unable to form any kind of articulate speech. Finally, there was a collar around her throat which locked to the center of the steel bar, keeping her bent into an uncomfortable position.

It all left her totally helpless, completely exposed, and utterly terrified. Just how I like my prizes to wake up.

In the two hours it had taken her to awake from her drug induced stupor I had our wash my van, taking it from the dingy blue to the sharp metallic green it normally was. I had showered, trimmed my hair, shaved my beard, washed out the dye, and burned in the incinerator everything that I had worn on that day.

The man that had taken my prize had effectively vanished.

I walked down to the basement to the sound of her screaming.

I walked up and grabbed her by the throat squeezing hard enough that she would be having a hard time breathing and said, “your life, as you knew it, is over. I have chosen you. The next several weeks I am going to break you. I am going to turn you into the perfect sex slave. You will fuck, and endure any humiliation, any pain, any act, anything, I choose to do to you.”

She tried to speak, I’m sure to beg, or scream some more but I just squeezed a little more and went on when she quieted, “whoever you think you are now, forget it. That person is dead and gone. When you are through with your training, I will sell you for a hefty profit and I will forget about you two weeks after that. I suggest you embrace the facts and realities of life because there’s nothing you can do to stop or change any of it.”

With that, I released her throat as she panted, trying to get her breath back I said, "one more thing, this is the last time I will talk to you, in any way, as a person. You are no longer a person, or a human being. There is no longer ‘you’, or ‘yours’. You can forget the words like, ‘me’ or ‘mine’. None of those exist for you anymore. Now the terms that will be used are ‘it’, ‘cunt’, ‘hole’, ‘slut’, ‘whore’, and ‘slave’. What once existed as a human being is now just a product to be trained and sold.”

She shook her head, so I went and grabbed one of my canes and shoved her onto her back. I brought the cane down viciously across her right ass cheek, and then again on her left.

She screamed in agony and squirmed and tried to fight. I watched amused as she tried, desperately, to bring her hands down to massage the now burning and painful flesh. I struck with the cane three more times on each cheek. By that time, she was sobbing and crying incoherently.

I grabbed her chin and lifted it so her ear was close to my mouth and said, “That’s just a taste, hole. I can make it much, much worse than that.”

She shook and shuddered, and tried to pull away. I tapped the cane on her crotch, the message clear, and she stopped moving. I then said, “I can give it a more thorough lesson if that’s what this ignorant hole needs.” She shook her head, desperately, at that.

“Does it understand,” I asked, coldly.

After only a moment, she nodded her head.

The first defeat. The first acceptance. Little did she know that, despite what she might be thinking about being able to fight, or resist, she had already started down the inevitable path to abject slavery. Over the coming weeks she would first fight, then grudgingly accept, then fully embrace the new role I had chosen for her.

With proper further training, from whomever I sold her to, she wouldn’t be able to even remember her old life, or a time before her enslavement.

I released her throat, turned, and left the cellar, slamming the door as I went.

The next day I began her training in earnest. Sex in every single hole, I laughed when she cried as I violated her cunt and ass. Forced orgasms, again laughing at the obvious shame as I forced one after the other out of her helpless body, then switching it, and taking her to the edge and denying her release again, and again, and again. Seeing the desperation in her eyes, finally breaking her to begging to cum.

And of course lots of discipline and daily application of the whip.

Two months later, exactly as promised, she walked up on the raised platform that I use for my auctions and posed exactly as she’d been trained to show her off her assets in the most beneficial, and therefore profitable way.

Gone was the subdued religious girl that I had taken and in its place, exactly as I had said, a perfectly trained and obedient sex slave.

She brought me nearly $250,000. An excellent start to the year, and I haven’t even gotten to Spring Break yet.

First You Fall

Maisie Dalton fixed things.  And Niall Horan was definitely broken.

Chapter 5

Maisie had no idea what she was thinking when she woke up that morning, got dressed, stopped at Starbucks for two coffees and headed to Niall’s house.  After the way he’d treated her yesterday and his icy cold stare last night at the restaurant, the last thing she should have been doing was standing on his front doorstep, staring up at the solid gold door knocker and contemplating actually knocking.

It had occurred to her last night, after a short romantic interlude with Steven and a talk with Clarice, that Maisie was approaching this in all the wrong ways.  Niall was resisting her because she was forcing it.  She needed to work with him.  Together.  Make him see that she wasn’t the enemy.  Clarice’s reminder that Maisie was always the peace keeper between her mother and her father was not exactly what Maisie wanted to hear.  But she sure needed it.

Maisie had never failed a client.  She had a 100% success rate record by way of crisis managing musicians, sports figures and the Hollywood Elite.  And She refused to let Niall Horan was not going to be her first defeat.  

She needed to step back, stop taking things so personally and remind herself that she was a professional.  She was good at this.

She reached up to push on the doorbell, a deep sigh exiting her lungs before she finally pushed it.  He probably wasn’t even home.  Especially after he’d been with Melinda last night.

She checked her watch, ignored the phone call from the same unknown number that had called her twice last night and twice this morning and looked back up at the door.  She set her shoulders.

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so like u know in the second toby maguire spiderman movie that scene on the train where he got his mask taken off and he’s unconscious and the people on the train all go like “hes just a kid…” and crowd around him to defend him from doc oc? okay u probably dont but that description is literally all u need 2 know about it lets go

Basically imagine that but like. Either marinette’s miraculous gets taken away completely or her transformation wears off and shes too weak to hide while she’s changing back (maybe the villain of the week is actually *surprise!* competent, maybe its hawkmoth idk) but anyway so she changes back at her school in the process of defending the kids? and the kids are like “holy,,, shit shes. i know her. shes in my english class. thats marinette. holy. holy cannoli. jesus christ.”

and the baddie is demanding that they hand her over but theyre like …no. They crowd around her and protect her and even somehow manage to fend them off until chat noir shows up. 

imagine even chloe standing up for her. 

imagine like, one scenario where shes not the biggest bitch possible.


More of Len S. N. Frames! Featuring (my badly drawn) renditions of Professor Pippy P. Poopypants and @guiltyhipster‘s Nurse Offstill! (who is the best oc ever)

#1. Just Len being an excited bean.

#2. Len S. N. Frames, before her (first) defeat, was hired as Nurse Offstill’s assistant. She is.. very annoying. Also very small and very creepy. I would go in more detail but it’s a long story and my cat demands I return to bed to cuddle her.

#3. She and Professor Poopypants having an argument, and also a relative size thing, showing how much of a smol bean that Len is. She is 25 but commonly mistaken for a 16 year old or less. They are five year olds, both of them.



Faith vs. “THE FAITHLESS” – The final battle!

Framed for a crime, held prisoner by a team of her greatest enemies, and quickly running out of time, Faith must confront the truth of her first true defeat! But has victory truly come to The Faithless – a revenge-obsessed squad of malicious malcontents – or will Los Angeles’ soaring protector give them a run for their money first?

From the Hollywood Hills to the Santa Monica Pier, L.A. is about to witness the ultimate beat-down between good and evil…and when the final page arrives, you’ll be saying, “What the frack?!”

Rey's introduction to the Force in TFA and the implications that has for Episode VIII + IX, esp. concerning Kylo Ren

I thought I would dive into the introduction of the Force in TFA and how this is going to affect Rey’s relationship with it in the upcoming episodes, as well as her relationship with other characters (esp force sensitives).

One thing which is very clear now in TFA, is that Rey’s introduction to the force is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from Luke’s introduction to it in Episode IV. Whereas Luke is clearly introduced to the Force through Obi Wan Kenobi (the classic mentor role in the hero’s journey), Rey is introduced to it by the force itself. There is a lot of ambiguity in the film, and by far one of the most nebulous moments is when she is called to the Skywalker lightsaber. Although Maz Kanata talks about a calling, it’s important to understand that Anakin (it’s creator) and Luke were never actually ‘called’ to it like Rey was. Obi Wan Kenobi physically gave Luke the lightsaber, and he experienced no force visions. Rey’s introduction to it is unique to her and her alone, and I believe this to be a small but significant moment that actually supports the idea that she isn’t a Skywalker at all.

As to why she felt that calling (I did do a post about memory loss and her convo with Finn), we won’t know for sure until episode VIII. Visions are not uncommon, in fact, Luke has one in Episode V (he sees cloud city) but the difference here is that while he was deliberately trying to connect to the Force, here, it is the reverse, with the force reaching out and connecting to Rey, and through a physical object. You could argue that her relationship with the force is in fact the very antithesis to Luke and Kylo Ren’s relationship with the force, but not necessarily concerning the light or the dark side. 

Originally posted by vousvoulez

Unlike Luke, Rey’s mentor in the first episode of her trilogy is not clear. In fact, unlike Luke who only has one in episode IV, she has several. The most important is the Force, which introduces itself to her but there are other, equally important ones too. It’s also interesting to see how this particular reading of the film blends in nicely with the title “The Force Awakens”, as if Rey woke it up like a physical creature and it reached out to her. 

After watching TFA for the first time, Han Solo seemed to be the clear 'Obi Wan’ role, and he does play a part that is similar in many respects to Obi Wan. He explains the past, specifically the main antagonist’s past, to Rey in a very nebulous manner, just as Obi Wan talked about Vader, even using some words which Obi Wan himself used (check out my previous post for that). He helps Rey and Finn get to the Resistance by going to a ‘Cantina’, he helps the Resistance in blowing up Starkiller Base and shutting down the shields, just like Obi Wan did with the original Death Star, he dies at the hands of the antagonist, while the protagonist witnesses it taking place. In terms of plot, he is very similar to Obi Wan Kenobi and that particular character’s actions in episode IV. However, there is one very crucial difference between them. Han Solo is not actually a mentor figure, like Obi Wan Kenobi was.

Although you could argue that he gave Finn a quick crash course.

But in all seriousness, as far as the introduction of the force is concerned, that being the title of this post after all, Han’s involvement is very different to Obi Wan Kenobi’s. For starters, unlike Luke, Rey actually knows about the Jedi.

“Luke Skywalker? I thought he was a myth.”

“The Jedi were real?”

For Rey, the Jedi, and you could argue, the Force, were myths or legends. Luke was completely oblivious to the Force, and had no knowledge of the Jedi Knights. Rey, on the other hand, seems to have some knowledge, even though she only views it as fiction. Aside from speculation over whether her past involved force sensitives of any kind, we can at least completely rule out the idea that she was a Padawan during the Jedi Massacre. As far as TFA is concerned, she seems to view the Jedi as a kind of fairytale, a fantastical adventure, which it is to the audience. When Han confirms that it’s all true, that is exactly what it is. A confirmation. Whereas Obi Wan actually explained to Luke what the Jedi were, in Rey’s case, it’s almost as if Han had just told her that there really was a Santa Claus. There is a look of child-like wonder and excitement on her face, that much is abundantly clear.  

When, however, the force actually presents itself to her, she rejects it.

Now, we can hypothesize why. Does it bring back negative memories in her past that are connected to the force? Were her parents force sensitive? Were they killed by force sensitives? Endless questions with no answers, but the most obvious thing is this.

That force vision? It was absolutely terrifying.

The force is not what she expected it to be. She can guess that the dark cloaked figure has something to do with Jedi, but it’s not what she expected. It’s not a fairytale. Now it’s actually become part of her reality. And reality is scary.

Her first encounter with the force clearly scares her out of her wits. Luke, on the other hand, rejects Obi Wan’s offer not because he’s scared of the force but because he thinks it’s a world outside of his current life, and he cannot leave his current life. What’s more, Luke’s first real encounter with the frightening side of the force only comes in Episode V with his experience in the cave.

Already we are seeing a lot of differences between Luke and Rey’s introduction to the force. 

Rey’s first actual physical mentor is Maz Kanata.

“Close your eyes. Feel it. The Light. It’s always been there. It will guide you.”

Unlike Han, Maz actually gives Rey instruction towards how to feel the force, and, how to use it. Rey takes her instruction and uses it at the end of the movie, just as Luke does with Obi Wan guiding him. Maz also helps Rey move on and take on this ‘call’ just as Obi Wan Kenobi does with Luke. Her part is small, but it is a vital part of Rey’s journey through the force. Although Han talks about the force, when Rey has the force vision afterwards, she asks Maz-

“What was that?”

And it’s only when Maz confirms to her that that was the force, that Rey puts two and two together. When she talks about Luke, it alludes to Obi Wan instructing Luke in Episode V to go and train with Yoda. 

Up until this point, most of Obi Wan’s points have been covered. But from this point on, we move into new territory. Because Rey actually gets another ‘Mentor’, if only by mistake. I think everyone reading this knows who I’m talking about. 

Rey’s second mentor is actually her antagonist. 

Originally posted by elittlejoia

Ok…. So what do I mean by that? As said in my previous post, Rey’s first use of the force is during the interrogation scene. And what is interesting here, is that she uses the dark side. 

Obi Wan’s role as a mentor in Episode IV was to teach Luke how to use the force, it’s importance and meaning. Maz and Han explain to Rey vaguely what the force is, that it is real, and Maz explains to Rey that one can feel the force, and that the light side will guide her. 

What’s interesting is that unlike Luke, Rey is actually introduced to the dark side in her first episode, whereas Luke was introduced to it properly in Episode V by Yoda. Rey covers more ground than Luke ever did in his first episode. 

Although it was completely unintentional, when Kylo probes Rey’s mind, which is an ability associated with the dark side, she pushes back and actual probes his mind. Which logically means that Rey’s first use of the force is through the dark side.

The complete opposite to Luke’s journey. 

And Kylo Ren plays a key part in all of this. If they had never encountered one another, she would never have unlocked her ability, and would not have used the dark side of the force. This, for me, proves that Kylo does actually play a ‘mentor’ role in the film. I don’t mean to say that he is her mentor, which he most certainly is not, but he plays that particular ‘role’, as well as that of the antagonist. He even says that ‘she is strong with the Force’ and ‘untrained’. Words associated with teaching, training.  -See my previous post for more on the interrogation scene.- It’s also interesting that when she attempts to use the light side of the force, “You will remove these restraints”, she struggles a lot more than she did with the dark side. This makes sense, as Yoda explains-

“Anger, fear, aggression; the dark side of the Force are they. Easily they flow, quick to join you in a fight. If you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny, consume you it will…..”

This might as well be a description of what happens to Rey during the lightsaber duel at the end of the film. 

The duel at the end is as much a confrontation as it is an unintentional lesson on Kylo Ren’s part.

“You need a teacher. I can show you the ways of the Force.”

The lightsaber duel further confirms Kylo’s role as both ‘mentor’ and antagonist, his words first of all reminding Rey of the Force, as well as highlighting the fact that he actually wants to teach her. It’s interesting that he is the only character in the film to ever do this, in fact, he looks far more eager to do so than even Luke himself.

What’s really interesting is what happens next. Rey feels the Force, as Maz instructed her. But, as Daisy accidentally told us, she is finding the force with Kylo Ren, which to me recalls Luke and Yoda and their lessons, both feeling the force and Yoda guiding Luke. Although it is nebulous, I think it is clear that she uses the dark side in order to defeat Kylo. It makes sense since up until this point, the dark side has helped her defeat Kylo before, and it was the side that she had first contact with, at least in this film. Moreover, her potential for the dark side is much stronger than Kylo’s, as she manages to overpower him both in the interrogation scene and here as well during their duel. You can even associate Luke and Darth Vader’s final battle, with Palpatine seducing Luke to use his anger against his opponent, as similar to Rey and Kylo’s battle, although in Luke’s case it’s a lot more explicit. Kylo, I think, wanted her to use the dark side, see the Lego TFA game for a more blunt version of the duel.

In a way, he was already teaching her by helping her feel the force, in this case the dark side, just as Obi Wan did with Luke when he had to destroy the Death Star.

Out of the all the ‘mentor’ roles in TFA, Kylo Ren, by far, has the most impact on Rey in terms of the Force, and that interesting as he is the antagonist. For Luke, eventually Darth Vader is why he manages to become a ‘true’ Jedi at the end of Episode VI, but that is over the course of three episodes. It’s interesting that Rey covers so much ground in only one episode.

And we end with our final ‘mentor’. In this case, Luke is more of a potential mentor figure, and he obviously alludes to Yoda. He looks rather apprehensive, just as Yoda did, and personally what I get from it is a certain reluctance, as if he doesn’t want to have anything to do with the lightsaber or Rey, just like Yoda didn’t initially want to teach Luke.

So what does this mean in terms of Rey’s journey through the Force in the upcoming episode?

One thing is for sure. If you are expecting her to simple train with Luke like he did with Yoda, dally a little in the dark side and then confront Kylo at the end of the film, you’ve got another thing coming. Her view of the Force is already drastically different to how Luke viewed it at the end of Episode IV, and her pull to the dark side, in my opinion, will become more and more explicit in the next film, just as Kylo’s pull to the light will as well. Kylo himself is not Darth Vader number two, so their dynamic is going to be completely different.

The fact that Rey has so many mentor figures in TFA suggests to me that she will have more than one influence in Episode VIII, and just as Luke had both Obi Wan and Yoda, I believe that she will have other influences other than Luke, and, unsurprisingly, I believe Kylo Ren is going to play a major part. I might even go as far as to say that he will introduce her to even more unexplored areas of the Force, if only inadvertently. On Rey’s part, I think there will be a lot of confusion, with both Kylo Ren and Luke’s influences causing a lot of conflict within herself. And based on episode VII, for me, I think it’s clear who is going to have the bigger influence on who she will eventually become, just as Darth Vader did for Luke.