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how long does it take them/how much further do they take things before finally having the "I'm in love with you" convo 👀👀

its already been…..2 long….. 

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Shiro finishes shortly after Keith, curling over him and heaving as he comes back to reality, comes back to his senses. Keith’s slumped forward, his back rising and falling as he takes short gasps, and the room is filled with the sounds of them trying to catch their breath.

It then strikes Shiro what exactly he said to Keith, what the camera captured, what can’t be explained away by saying he was caught in the heat of the moment. He tries not to shake as he slides out and hears Keith make a noise, tries not to shake as he rubs circles into Keith’s lower back.

“Shiro,” Keith says his name again and, right—he’s got to untie Keith. The ribbon slides off easily, and there’s faint red marks on Keith’s wrists. It’s not from the cloth; it’s from the hold Shiro had on Keith earlier on, and he doesn’t know if it’s a pang of guilt or want that courses through him. A mix of both, probably.

“I got you,” Shiro says, and gently rolls Keith onto his back. He’s not ready for how absolutely wrecked Keith looks.

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ParentalFMA Week Day 1: Escort
Words: 1808

A while ago I got a review on one of my Parental!RoyEd fics that specifically requested “no winry, just daddy roy and ed”, which was an odd request since Winry hadn’t even been mentioned in that fic. Naturally, my first thought was to create a parental!RoyWin fic just to counteract just a grievous request. 

Three months later, though this is not exactly what I had in mind, this will have to do. 


It was too damn cold.

That was all Winry knew. It was nearly winter, her jackass of a patient had not only gotten himself tossed in a hospital and had forgotten to send someone to pick her up when she came to work on his “apparently broken, I dunno” automail, and it was quite simply too damn cold.

She didn’t have the hands to wrap herself up in, with one hand occupied with her toolbox and the other with her suitcase, she couldn’t pull her shawl tighter, or pull her scarf up, or even just shiver into her arms.

She just had to stand there and freeze.

And Ed didn’t even have the decency to tell her what had happened! Only her common sense led her to the conclusion that he’d landed his stupid ass in the hospital. He hadn’t said a word, but the fact that he had called her to come, rather than just showing up out of nowhere and making her pull three all nighters in a row, told her that whether it be at the whim of his surprisingly stubborn little brother or a certain persistent commanding officer, he was stuck in town, at a hospital.

So, with no knowledge of how bad it was, just that he was having a “hard time” with it, she had come prepared for anything as big as having to completely replace it, to simply a loose bolt.

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Tomorrow is Release Day

My new book, Private Lives will be released for the Kindle tomorrow, January 23rd (not coincidentally on my birthday)!

Check out the synopsis and reviews here.

But guess what? Thanks to Amazon’s unpredictable “up to 72 hours to release the paperback” publishing system, the paperback is available NOW! (it was was ready in about 6 hours - go figure).

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Also available on Amazon Germany, Spain, Italy, France, and Japan. 

Expect a blitz of Private Lives related posts tomorrow as I celebrate the release of my new book. This is a completely original piece, one never posted before. I think you guys will love it!

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I just finished reading Charybdis and it is painful and beautiful. Your whole multiverse is amazing, especially how Makino is so recognizably herself no matter what path she takes, and Shanks is just. Constantly awestruck by his wife. And after so much hurt, I cannot wait to see Makino finally come into her own. But there is one thing I've been thinking about since I got to that chapter: What would have happened if the Red Force's Den Den Mushi hadn't been too depressed to receive Makino's call?

First of all, please consider me absolutely DELIGHTED by this!! I love nudging my girl into roles that are pretty far out as far as canon is concerned (case in point: Emperor), but it’s still incredibly important to me that she is herself—that she doesn’t make choices she wouldn’t, and that at the core of everything she is or does there’s still that bottomless kindness and gentle nature.

(also, Shanks being perpetually in awe and smitten out of his ugly sandals by whatever Makino proceeds to say or do is the lifeblood of all my writing, ahahahahaha I don’t have a glaringly obvious kink or anything, not at alllll)

And you ask a really good question! I guess other than putting Shanks out of his misery sooner, it would have changed Sabo’s whole approach to getting Makino across the Grand Line. They would probably have stayed on that island longer, the Red-Hair Pirates coming to them rather than the other way around. The logical choice, with an eight month old baby to think about.

Of course, staying on that island, not getting away while they had the chance and with Blackbeard coming into possession of Sabo’s vivre card…

Okay now you’ve got me considering alternate storylines to a fic that’s already an alternate storyline of another fic, so have a teeny tiny AU, because I’m horrible:

“Are you sure you don’t want us to come and meet you?”

“No,” came the immediate reply, his voice firm—then, a little gentler, the words softened with a sigh, “No, just—just stay put until we get there. We’re not far.”

Makino tucked her lips together, and didn’t say she was tired of staying put, of waiting, of doing nothing but sit on her hands when she could so clearly hear the strain in his voice, and the evidence of all the things he didn’t say. She wanted to say to hell with waiting, to take their son and Sabo and find a ship, and to go back out to sea and find him. The Grand Line didn’t scare her anymore—not now, when he was so close. She’d been land-bound her whole life and she’d never felt this kind of restlessness, had never once coveted the horizon, but the longing she felt for it now was so fierce it stole her breath.

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Taron & Colin Viewing Party! Download link for Week #4 - Mamma Mia!

I will make the chat post 30 minutes before chat time so everyone has time to show up. Then when we’re all in chat I’ll do a countdown so we can start the movie at the same time. :D

Remember that these are the times:

  1. AEDT: Saturday, 6pm.
  2. CET: Saturday, 8am.
  3. EST: Saturday, 2am.
  4. CST: Saturday, 1am.
  5. MST: Saturday, 12am.

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Download if you need to do so and I hope I will see you there! If you want me to tag you for the actual chat party then make sure you like/reblog this post!

I am going to get lots of writing done today. I say “lots”, but my ideal minimum is 3k words lol. I just really want to get this fic further along, I want to get to the good juicy parts, because ohhhh boy are they juicy. Well, they are in my opinion lol. I don’t know, maybe this fic is a little too…I don’t know, it could be a little squeamish? Hard to explain. (And god, why is it so hard to come up with filler sort of scenes? I knowww, I know, “every scene should be important and not filler blah blah” but plot stuff needs to be delayed and I do not know how to delay??? How to fic????)

BUT YEAH. Anyway. Lots of writing. No messing around doing other things. Or else I’ll delete my AO3 account as punishment for myself pfffffffft XD

Five more days until Thranduil is on the world stage. It’s hard to believe. I count the days…752 days since I started this unexpected journey. I’m still trying to get the attention of my family–even now when there are people reading this story all over the world. I guess we never get over wanting the closest to us to care about what we do. It makes me sad some days–I try not to let it bother me but it always does.

Whenever anyone asks where they can buy Book II: The Saga of Thranduil or read it, I always think of my family and wonder why they haven’t said a word. It has only been a little over 2 years. I suppose I’ll get over it when it is time for me to sail into the West.

Tomorrow is Sim AU Day so I welcome you all to join me in the festivities!! It’ll be the one year anniversary since the official introduction of the AU and I want to make it count :’)

I’ll make a longer and super sappy post tomorrow about how much this AU means to me personally lmao but! Tomorrow will be an entire day dedicated to my beloved AI Lance, Keith, Zero, Error, Katy, Shiro, Hunk, Allura, Coran, and Original Lance so please! Send asks, art, fics, whatever!! I will answer them all gladly!

It’s my favorite AUs birfday so let’s have fun with it, yeah? :3c

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why do you believe dysphoria is necessary to being trans?

because if you havent got dysphoria, what would motivate you to want to be another gender? lets day youre dfab, no dysphoria, but you like to dress masculine and have short hair. okay. you can do that and still like, be a woman, because so long as the distress isnt about your body not matching your brain, there shouldnt be an issue. gender doesnt equate to prefrence of aesthetics, despite what one might lead you to believe. if youre a woman who wants to go by a masculine name, do it- a writer i love, lionel shriver, she changed her name to lionel after feeling her birth name was too feminine, but shes still. a. woman. because the issue wasnt with her body, it was with her mislike of the traditionally feminine name. social dysphoria isnt something that comes alone- for people with body dysphoria, social dysphoria is that grating reminder that people dont see you as your truly are. your brain is distressed hearing “he” when it knows that you should be called “she”. when you havent got body dysphoria, social “dysphoria” (which it is not, in this case, dysphoria at all) is either a mislike of your name because it doesnt fit, which you are mistaking as being a gender related issue, or if its the pronouns that are distressing, theres a couple things it might be. it could be that youve been on tumblr too long, and youre manifesting what you think you should be feeling. it could be that youre annoyed people are talking about you. it could be youre stressed out by the connotations which come with “he” or “she”. i couldnt say. 

all the “you”s mentioned are universal, btw. im not talking directly to you anon, because i know nothing about you, and dont presume to. 

not to mention, being trans sucks. it sucks. coming out sucks. having to go through all the trouble sucks. being laughed at sucks. being treated as a joke sucks. being. trans. sucks. so why on earth would you want to invite yourself into that if not for some inward force pushing you towards it? i dont understand.

but let me ask you, why do you believe you dont need dysphoria to be trans, assuming you do?