to days ride


Some interesting visual references in True Detective Season 1 ….

Disneyland and California Adventure day! :) where I can ride basically nothing but at least I get to hang out with family and Captain Starfighter ;)


Took an hour out of my crap day to go for short-ish bike ride. I actually went longer/further than I had planned, cos about ½ way through I actually started feeling more energetic so I went for another ‘lap’. 

I started off in 5th gear, which I’ve been going in 6th recently, but my legs were just really tired and the wind was in my face, but on the way back, with the wind at my back, I shifted down to 7th, so I guess that averages out to 6th! haha!

Anyway, glad I took the time of of this day to do the ride. The day hasn’t really gotten any better. It’s almost 10pm and still haven’t had dinner yet and I still have work to do, so best get to it.

Oh, and I forgot to put on my HRM, so I just guessed at the average heart rate.  And I didn’t go by the house where the Doberman was yesterday. Really didn’t feel up to that today! 

Hope your Sunday has been better than mine. :)

rarelywritten 2015 recs

I feel like I hardly read in any fandoms any more, but there was still a lot to enjoy this year! Disclosure: two of these were written for me, and I co-mod the exchange.

Strange Empire

I loved both fics in this fandom! sanguinity has done a great job with character voice, tone, and historical details. I’m always blown away when authors do noticeable research for fics because my own tendencies tend to run so much the other direction (feeling rather than fact). As Safe as Houses has Morgan Finn and his new wife (formerly Miss Logan) taking a balloon ride. Kissing Day is a sweet post-canon moment with the Lovings and Rebecca, shippy with certain goggles.

Orphan Black

Survival Under Extreme Conditions by bookgazing is heartbreaking and still thrilling and reassuring. It looks at Beth and Alison’s toxic relationship, unflinchingly, but still finds hope there for both of them.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Butterfly Knife by inlovewithnight is just exactly the thing I want from this fandom! Young Rosa in dance academy, fighting and forcing her way through. Young QUEER Rosa figuring out her place and who she is and what she likes.


Exit Music (for a Film) by Calliatra is just exquisite. I love Britta. I love the integration of so many of the things that make Britta BRITTA here. There are places where the abuse is hard to read, but I love knowing that Britta gets out alive and well.

The Fall

I still need to finish the season (bad me!) but I really enjoyed this bit of yearning and analysis of Dani and Stella. Binary thinking, indeed! By Her Side by kmo - check it out!

Lost Girl

Every time likebrightness writes Tamsin, I’m pretty fucking blown away. It isn’t fair. Even a few sentences and I’m totally weak and clamoring for more. i don’t wanna fight no more does what all of likebrightness’s best works do, and flesh out Tamsin while giving hope for a happy ending of the series where everyone’s together and joyful and Tam has a family.


Happy Birthday, Fort Ord National Monument! 

Three years ago today, Fort Ord National Monument in California was created by Presidential Proclamation.

The Fort Ord National Monument - a part of the BLM’s National Conservation Lands - holds some of the last undeveloped natural wildlands along the Monterey Peninsula, over 35 species of rare plants and animals, and miles of world-class recreation trails.  The BLM is committed to managing this treasured landscape in a manner that honors the nearly 2 million soldiers who passed through the gates of the former Fort Ord.

Who is she?
What is she to you?

She is angel
She is caramel curls on vanilla skin
She is two perfectly constructed eyebrows
She is joy and sorrow and playfulness with cheekbones
She is kindness in a smile

She is bravery
She is falling headfirst
She is head held high at a pointed gun
She is small hands pulling dead weight above water
She is hero

She is home
She is warm tea and sandwiches
She is lab coats and quiet bickering
She is cold soft kisses on my cheek at midnight
She is stability

Who is she?
She is gravity
She is the only thing in this world I am certain of

What is she to you?
She is everything