to cur with love

Ritual Sacrifice

I am slowly getting through all the prompts I have right now. So please know if you sent me a prompt, I’m not ignoring you, I just had to get through a monster Spacedogs story first. 

This story is for @victorineb and @desperatelyseekingcannibals, so blame them for this nonsense. I’d also like to thank @kateera for making this readable. 

         Hannibal adjusted his cufflink and smoothed his hands down his jacket, admiring his reflection. Thanks to their new life in Buenos Aires and Will’s general distaste for anything that couldn’t double as the covering of a picnic table, Hannibal had few excuses to wear suits anymore. Adjusting his tie, Hannibal turned, making sure the jacket broke properly to allow for a nice view of his backside. He froze when he heard a clicking noise behind him, his lip curling.

         “No, Martin.” Hannibal warned the shaggy white pup, recoiling slightly when the beast moved to sniff him. “Your fur covers quite enough.”

         The dog cocked his head, a filthy tennis ball in his maw. Hannibal reminded himself again that Will probably loved the cur more than him. With a pained sigh, Hannibal held out his hand and accepted the slobbery ball.

         “Fetch,” Hannibal threw the ball and absolutely didn’t run in the opposite direction.

         Taking a moment to catch his breath after a mad dash down the stairs, Hannibal began his search for Will. The kitchen was abandoned and spotless, his office door still closed. Checking his watch, Hannibal let out an annoyed huff at being made to play both fetch and hide-and-seek on his anniversary.

         “Out here.” Will called, amusement clear in his tone.

         Hannibal followed Will’s voice through the living room to find the door to the lanai open. When he finally spotted Will he stopped so suddenly that Martin and his disgusting toy barreled into the backs of his knees.

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Biphobia and bi-erasure are huge problems in the world in general but especially when dealing with canon bi characters or known bi historical figures. People love to act like the person a character/figure ends/ended up with makes any relationships they had with people of genders other than their end person irrelevant. (Like if they marry a man, the five women they dated suddenly mean nothing and those relationships magically have no baring on who they are as a person.) Part of the reason I love the works by @because-cur-non and @likearootlesstree is because they make a point to include Alex’s bisexuality as an important part of who he is.  They both acknowledge that him falling in love with a man/men does not negate his previous relationships with women, and, as a bi person, I find this very reassuring in the midst of people acting like bisexuality is just another name for confused and you eventually choose either gay or straight.  Alexander Hamilton was, based on the evidence we have, most likely bisexual, and he loved John Laurens and Eliza Schuyler.  It is very important to me that people relize bisexuality is a real fucking thing and that historically bi people fucking exist.


This is our Harvey baby ❤ We rescued him from a local shelter, he’s 6 months old and is a Mountain Cur/Chocolate Lab mix and we love him. After seeing these adorable photos, I love Harvey toooooo!!! ❤️

Z made a custom chat client just for their personal Shitposts because instant messaging, texting, social media all CANNOT BE TRUSTED NO MATTER WHAT and occasionally cyberstalks the other girls JUST to let them know how easy it is… in reality Z probably is not as secure as they think they are but their pride won’t allow them to admit it

Most importantly there’s a swear word filter on because Chance is an innocent baby who must be protected. It spills over to IRL because saying “cur” instead of “bitch” makes the group feel Shakespearean and cool (it makes them all look weird and pretentious but the power of Friend Memes is strong)

Swear Word Filter

Fuck = frick
Hell = heck
Bitch = cur
Asshole = lovely person
Hate = love
Etc etc

“Seriously? SERIOUSLY? I can’t even say love?! Frick! I can’t even say that?! THATS NOT EVEN A fricking SWEAR WORD, YOU lovely person!”

**Beep boop! I’m the swearbot. I get triggered when someone’s bein’ real foulmouthed. Why the hostility? You should take a moment to relax and think about all the people who love you.**

“I love this. This is so stupid, I’m not using this.”

curtis family headcanons

-ponyboy was a mama’s boy since he was never old enough to go out nd do things w their dad like darry nd soda
-mr nd mrs. curtis were high school sweethearts. they met their junior year
-one time around the beginning of their relationship, mr nd mrs. curtis got caught kissing under the bleachers at school one day
-the curtises nd their friends were the loudest people at darry’s graduation
-darry usually tried to help sodapop w his homework but often got too frustrated bc soda wouldn’t sit down nd concentrate
-mrs. curtis almost always had music playing unless they were watching tv so now the boys always have music on bc that’s the way it’s always been
-mr. curtis would waltz mrs. curtis around the room when a nice love song played or sometimes just when he got home from work
-their yellow cur dog loved darry most
-the only times mr. curtis yelled at the boys was when they offended their mother or the time sodapop tore his ligament, but argued abt still being in rodeos nd wouldn’t back down -one time mrs. curtis’s sister called sodapop the “pony boy” bc he liked horses so much. mr. curtis liked the sound of that for some reason, nd said that’s what they should name their new baby. “it’ll be for sodapop” he said nd it made soda so happy mrs. curtis decided not to argue
-ponyboy was always jealous that the dog loved darry most nd was always trying to play w it nd give it attention
-mrs. curtis’s homemade bread was famous in the neighborhood
-when mickey mouse was sold, mr. curtis was going to buy sodapop this little toy horse from this store by where he worked but someone else bought it before he got the chance
-darry used to bake chocolate cake w their mother nd that’s why his is the best
-mr. curtis would get rly into darry’s football games nd it would embarrass mrs. curtis immensely
-the whole family would watch i love lucy together
-“wow that sodapop sure has a lot of energy. i don’t know how you can handle it” “haha we don’t know either…..”
-when he was little, ponyboy liked to put on his father’s suit jackets nd walk around the house pretending to be mr. curtis
-the boys loved looking at pictures of their parents in high school nd of their wedding bc of how happy they looked
-ponyboy liked to sit in the kitchen when his mom baked bc she always let him have some of the dough/batter
-mrs. curtis would get calls from the school abt soda, steve nd two-bit at least once a week
-the family tried to go out on picnics in the country at least once a month

You common cry of curs! whose breath I hate
   As reek o’ the rotten fens, whose loves I prize
   As the dead carcasses of unburied men
   That do corrupt my air, I banish you;
   And here remain with your uncertainty!
   Let every feeble rumour shake your hearts!
   Your enemies, with nodding of their plumes,
   Fan you into despair! Have the power still
   To banish your defenders; till at length
   Your ignorance, which finds not till it feels,
   Making not reservation of yourselves,
   Still your own foes, deliver you as most
   Abated captives to some nation
   That won you without blows! Despising,
   For you, the city, thus I turn my back:
   There is a world elsewhere.

Coriolanus 3.3.120-135 – this is one of my favorite speeches in Shakespeare.