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okay here’s the tea: dan and phil are soulmates and the thing about soulmates is that they’re defined either platonically or romantically. regardless of the extent of their relationship, they’ve journeyed through life side by side in a way that only two people who were meant to meet and stay together can. think about it…they met on twitter, texted each other, skyped, and then bam they met and “created this entire world”. fast forward eight years and they’ve gone on tour, created a book, gone to several events, and released a board game (on the anniversary of their meeting, no less). you can tell that they’re extremely close and don’t plan on parting from each other any time soon, so it’s safe to say that their lives are intertwined in a way that only soulmates achieve.

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Green: *She floats over the two a bit before chuckling.* Salutations sir. I'm the element of time but you can call me Green. Anna, if you'd mind why not introduce whom this rare specimen is? And to be fair Anna you did say it right in calling Jewelwriter my ally.

“Not a problem, This here is my brother Krys. That fortune teller from before already said that but it seemed proper to start with the name. He works as both a book keeper and a guardsman for mother, but recently he’s been unable to do much work with her, i don’t know the exact reason as brother says it’s “confidential” so i don’t pry” Anna exclaims, resting her flipper on Krys’ shoulder.

“I’m nothing special once you meet me, I just keep books and on occasions have to decipher Anna’s notes, after that I just hand the info over to father and he creates a book for the library.”

“I’d venture a guess that Anna has spoken somewhat highly of our family, she just can’t stop reading. It’s an admirable trait, more of the villegers should read what we’ve collected over the years, Anna knows the best ones don’t you?” Krys smiles, teasing Anna by petting her head.

“Why yes! I’d love to share my favourites with anyone who’s interested in literature.” Anna grins enthusiastically, brushing Krys’ flipper away.  


For my next art book, the thing I’m most proud of is Departure - a special chapter showing a new concept that I created just for this book. I wanted to portray, in the most honest way possible, how I generate ideas, and how I go from my first sketch to character sketches, scenes, settings and concept art. When I started working on this chapter, I had no idea where the idea would take me, so it was quite an adventure :)

Find it exclusively in The Sketchbook of Loish, on Kickstarter for 14 more days:

A Handful of Questions to Ask Yourself While Creating a Character

Compelling characters make compelling stories. Here’s a bunch of questions you can ask yourself while developing a character. 

1) What does your character want from life? What is their motivation? What drives them? Most people want things - it could be as small as wanting a sandwich, or something huge like wanting to change the world. Does your character want something? Does your character dream? What about? And if they don’t, why don’t they? 

2) Is your character shy? Outgoing? Insecure? Proud? Why are they the way they are? My favourite example of this question answered well is Ron Weasley from Harry Potter. He’s insecure because he doesn’t come from a wealthy family, has a bunch of older brothers who are all amazing in some form or way, his mother always wanted a daughter, Ginny, and so he doesn’t feel as wanted. Also, one of his best friends is the Chosen One, and the other is the brightest witch of her age - a cocktail that would make anyone doubt themselves. 

3) What kind of clothes does your character wear? Why? The way you dress says a lot about who you are. For instance, If a character wears designer clothes and the latest fashions, it shows that they have the means to keep up with the trends. However if they wear a medley of things bought second-hand, or buy cheap stuff from supermarkets, they might not have the money to spare on outfits, or maybe they just don’t care about fashion.

4) How does your character speak?  Speech patterns have origins. An accent, language, a dialect, all signify geography, social class, personality. It could be as simple as cussing too much. But be sure you know why your character speaks the way they do. And if it’s not a speech pattern you’re familiar with, do your research!

5) Likes and dislikes I sometimes give characters specific likes (”I like tomatoes”) or specific dislikes (”I dislike eggs”), simply because it humanises them. You don’t have to do this, or be as specific as that, if it doesn’t serve your story. But it’s definitely something you can consider. Everyone has those little things they love and hate, and you can go places with them. (”I hate eggs because my childhood bully threw an egg at me and scarred me for life.”) Be creative and have fun with it.

6) Who does your character love? Romantic attraction isn’t necessary to create a wholesome character. Nevertheless, if they are in love with someone, be sure to understand why they love someone. Love is at its best, a complicated emotion difficult to break down, but a relationship has to be believable. As a reader, I need to be able to look at a couple and think, yeah, I can see what their love is built on. 

7) What would their favourite songs be? This is not so much a question as it is a trick I use to get a better feel for who my character is. No matter what time period your story is set in, you can use this to understand your character better. Take your playlist and pick what songs they would enjoy. It says a lot about who they are. For instance, one of my characters would enjoy Western classical music and nothing else. Another character listens to the worst kind of pop and loves it. 

8) How does your character react under stress? Can they cope with it? Do they get tense? Angry? Teary? Why? Why not? How a person deals with stress is a vital part of their personality. Decisions taken under stress can be the worst you’ve ever made, or (depending on how you handle stress), can be effective solutions to problems. The way a person reacts to stress often has a lot to do with their background and upbringing. Example (this is a generalisation, of course): someone who comes from a difficult family background may have more extreme reactions to stress than someone who is well-adjusted and comes from a happy family. 

9) What does your character do when they’re alone? You’re often a different person alone than when you are with other people. The pretences and false faces come away, and all the little thoughts you usually ignore now have time to play in the open. Who is your character when they’re alone? What do they do? What do they think about? Why do they think about/do things in that way?

10) Where does your character fail? Characters must have flaws to be compelling. Nobody is perfect, and your character shouldn’t be either. Whether its insecurity or anger, or a lack of initiative, or smaller things like not being a good artist, or not being the best at sports–we all have personal failings and we all have things we aren’t good at. Consider: where does your character mess up? 

I hope this helps! Remember to have fun. Developing characters can be the most exciting thing. Keep an open mind while working. Happy writing! 


The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet (Wayfarers #1)

i can wait for the galaxy outside to get a little kinder


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Do you have any tips for writing a romance novel?

Romance plot cheat sheet:

Advice about a love story subplot:

Advice about love triangles:

Link to a website with alot of stuff on writing romance:

Romance writing tips (not mine):

Writing relationships tips w/ links to more articles:

Writing a relationship your readers will ship (not mine):

Writing romance/fluff with links to articles about creating chemistry:

Tip to avoid romance:

Hate to love:

I’ve written romance, but only ever as a subplot. I’ve always wondered how there can be books that are 300+ pages with a main plot of romance and are basically realistic fiction and don’t even have subplots of scifi or mystery or something. I’m really admirable of writers who can do that.

Anyway, I think this post about covers what I know about writing romance. For general asks about romance like this one, I’ll probably refer people to this post until I gain any new insight or my thoughts change.

I'm so slow at processing things...

5 hrs later the BBMA’s I began to cry meanwhile listening to 봄날 and realized that I just witnessed one of the most exciting and most beautiful moments in THOUSANDS even MILLIONS of people’s lives on TV.

This award is not just for us (ARMY), but for those 7 boys who became men right before our eyes.

They made history; from being the first Kpop group to be nominated, having the most votes and surpassing JB, to being the first Kpop group to win the TOP SOCIAL ARTIST AWARD!!!

Taehyung almost cried meanwhile standing on stage accepting the award, Yoongi immediately grabbed the award with a big smile on his face, Namjoon (from my perspective) was stuttering- not because of his bad English, because his English is better than mine- out of shock, and Chim, Kook, Jin, and Hobi were absolutely speechless.

They went through the hardest things in life from mental illnesses to leaving their families, being dead ass broke, and growing up under a spotlight; they deserve this award.

I’m glad to call myself an ARMY and be a part of this fandom watching our boys grow.
I’m proud of our boys and I’m 10000000% sure you are too.

Let’s continue flying with our beautiful wings.


Happy Birthday, Dame Agatha Christie! (b. September 15, 1890)


Here is the cover and 4 spreads I created from the upcoming ROCKET from Mike Vago and Workman Publishing. It is the follow up book to TRAIN from last year and this time features a little rocket you can push through the book! Creating this book was a very interesting challenge for me, but also a ton of fun.

Preorders are available here or from your favorite bookseller!

Random fandom things I love...

1) The fact that 90% of Clexakru headcanon Costia as being portrayed by Nathalie Emmanuel, making Lexa’s first love a sapphic woman of color <3

2) We see Lexa as so much more than just “The Commander/Heda” and she deserved a full name… so we gave her one, Alexandria Woods :)

^Credit: @hailhedaleksa

3) You extra as fck binches created a legit comic book for a spin-off, Queer the Walking Dead, with our zombie apocalypse ADC/ET ship, Lexark :D

^Credit: @thecatsbian

BONUS: This is the most badass fan made trailer, Grounders netflix series would cure my anxiety, water my plants, & raise my credit score ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

^Credit: @T’challa