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Since Anti still has the slit on his neck, that has to mean one of two things right? Either he never healed from last time, or he tried to kill Jack again?

perhaps! since the last time anti made an appearance, he seemed rather blood free. (if my memory serves me correct, i could be mistaken) so perhaps it is anti staging another attack on jack? plus, during that video at jack’s panel, you can softly hear jack whisper “help me”, as if anti is being completely relentless towards him and attacking whenever he’s given the opportunity. 

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Imagine you woke up one day to find several years had gone by in a blink. Maybe you were in a coma. Maybe you were in cryo-sleep. Maybe you angered a witch (it’s probably that one). Whatever: If you had a job and a place to live, you don’t anymore. Your friends have probably moved on. You feel out of place in the world. Oh, also, you have a giant tattoo on your forehead that says “desk-shitter,” because you shit on a witch’s desk, buddy – not a good move. That’s pretty much the same situation inmates are in, right after they’re released from prison: Not only adrift, but with stigma attached. Luckily, there are people who help. We spoke to “Carla,” who used to work at a correctional facility designed to assist inmates preparing for life on the outside.

One popular way to end up at Carla’s facility was to “serve more than 10 years in a state correctional facility and apply or be recommended to transition and finish your sentence early,” Carla told us. That includes legitimate murderers and psychopaths, who were absolutely not ready to re-enter society.

“When there’s a psychopathic rapist on the second floor and his file says ‘episodes triggered by ponytail hairstyle,’ don’t forget to bun your hair before bed check because he’s a fast motherfucker,” Carla says. “Some of them tried to kill me, [including a] neo-Nazi who constantly threatened to kill me until he knocked up a black stripper with twins and I helped her sign up for public assistance.”

But not even he was as memorable as the honest-to-God axe-murderer.

What I Learned Helping Hardened Inmates Return To Society

A woman of faith is a woman worth having. She won’t ask you to do evil, in order to hurt other people she dislikes. She will guide you to become a better person. She will have boundaries and integrity so she can build faithful and strong children. She will love God and serve him through her actions. She will correct you, pray for you and do what is necessary for you to understand what you have done wrong. Not to beat you down, but in order to lift you up so you can be an honourable man and right with the Lord. She loves God and serves him through word and actions. She is difficult to obtain because you have to let go of your pride and pain because she doesn’t think she is better than you. She just wants you to be better than her so she can be pulled along toward heaven also. She is the one person you never thought you would meet and the only person you believe exists for you.

- Shannon L Alder


Props to Trevor Noah though for putting up with a mountain of cognitive dissonance. 

“[Blaming both sides] is a remarkable phenomenon in which the victim and his tormentor become transfixed on the same scale of moral culpability. Through this process, the former becomes stigmatized; the latter absolved. […] Throughout history, [blaming both sides] has long served oppressors and their defenders as politically correct pretense to deflect responsibility and blame. For far too many others, it is simply a convenient crutch to cop out of confrontation and remain apathetic. On the choice between supporting the oppressed or excusing and enabling their oppressors, I choose the former.”

–  Atif Choudhury | The ‘Blame Both Sides’ Syndrome and Other Hard Truths of the Palestinian Tragedy

“Everyone will say that Pike had it coming.”

Where Clarke? Where? Because if I remember correctly, HE was the elected Chancellor, meaning the people’s choice since Jaha. HE was the one the people were rallying behind. HE was the one the people wanted. And if canon serves me correct, wasnt it JAHA and ABBY who lead the people down the ALIE path. I’m sorry but the writers need to brush up on continuity.

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This item from Harry’s house is a wine decanting cradle. You are correct. It can be used for wine or port. It serves a duel purpose as a bottle is placed on it and left to rest for (at least) a couple of hours to allow the sediment to collect on one side of the bottle. It also ensures a steady rate of flow so you won’t stir up the sediments as you pour the wine. When disturbing the sediments, you get less wine out of the bottle. This is of particular importance for older/vintage wines (which is most likely what Harry would have) as these can form plenty of sediment over the years. A version as elaborate as the one Harry has would be ideal for older vintage wine as it allows for a delicate pour with the greatest amount of control.  In the bottom picture you can see why/how a cradle is used.

A filter might also be used to further separate sediment. It’s also the more traditional way of doing it, which is very ‘Harry’. The ‘cup’ off to the backside of the bottle is used to hold a candle (again, the traditional way of doing it) to create back lighting to help you see through the bottle/what you’re doing while pouring so you’re not doing it too quickly and stirring the sediments up. They come in a variety of styles and are quite lovely and included pics of some to give you an idea. Versions similar to what’s in the movie are easy to find online if you want to ‘Harry’ up your life a bit. Hope this helps!

It takes a practiced hand and my headcanon of Harry using one of these is priceless! Love the thought of Harry teaching Eggsy this/how to use it for if he’s ever at a dinner party and/or must fake being serving staff while on a mission!

it’s okay to make mistakes, they help you grow and give you even more than you had in the first place, just know when to correct your mistakes to continue a path that serves you. 

Front view of the updated #medicalfrigate leading the fleet. The #milleniumfalcon in tow as always. Getting all the pods and details on the front “sword” correct took some time :) Each pod serves a specific purpose - such as command centre or bacta storage. Let me know which part of the ship you want a close-up of :) Instructions in bio :) #instalego #legophotography #starwarslego #legostarwars #lego #starwars #spaceship –

You were not supposed to mind too much. It was enough to be assured that such things no longer happened, that mistakes had been made but were now corrected. It served no purpose to look back. It did no good to toss in bed in your elegant apartment and remember the ways you’d helped give horror its showbiz smile, its interludes of song and dance.
—  Sasha Galich
Nineteen Eighty Four

It is 2016 they call

But all I hear is 1984

Two plus two is five not four

Is it?

Big Brother says so.

Safe spaces

Censored words

The language police,

Here to take out verbs

No curse words!


Double think

Forgoing reason for righteous

We keep going

Well it might just…


Mobs of social justice warriors

Taking sharpies to thesaurus

So what if its vulgar or coarse

I need not your recourse.

Words have a purpose

They are here to serve us

I think…

Therefore I am not,

Politically correct…

and furthermore the prosecution stipulates that the defendant’s innermost thoughts will be pixellated to prevent violation of his constitutional rights against self-incrimination.

in addition if at any time during these proceedings the defendant determines that he is unable to live with himself any longer he will be afforded the unrestricted use of an interrogation room furnished with a table a chair and a pistol loaded with a single bullet. 

in the event that the defendant chooses not to invoke the above escape clause he will receive a sentence of exactly 20 years to be served in a federal correctional facility of the state’s choosing. the defendant may reduce this sentence at a rate of 1 year per private citizen and 2 years per current or former federal or state official convicted of a felony charge as the result of the defendant’s truthful or perjured testimony.

if within two years of conviction the defendant has through the use of the previously outlined deductions reduced his sentence to zero he will be awarded his choice of one of the following special incentives: a guest spot on dancing with the stars, america’s got talent or i’m a celebrity get me the fuck out of here, or, alternatively, he may choose to enter into an 18-month relationship with an unmarried jenner / kardashian of his choosing. In addition he will receive detailed directions as to where he can go to get his reputation back.

the defendant is admonished to never never ever breathe a word not a sigh nevermore to whimper.

in sum and conclusion to wit and dear god bless you all and god bless the fear and greatsome nation of freedonia land of the brave and free from all eenie meenie i cant get no little town of put the weight on mr clean will turn turn onward christian soldiers rule the waves my country tis of pancho needs your ask not what i have a dream we will bury you under the boardwalk dont let the sun take me disappearing off to work we summertime is the cruelest month i wanna hold your best minds of i promise to do my party and i’ll do what lucy got some splainin on a boat on a river they call the rising as the world turns some 38 minutes ago small step for extremism in defense of liberty died in the cause of let me say this about that on the good ship just an okie chasing rabbits and the dormouse in your head the red-feathered trees along the ridgeline pulsing their leafy bellies in soft puffs and arcing across the red-strewn stream the dockhouse the flame-haired girl the gloss black hull sliding past the varnished boards and i stepped onto the deck and i turned to look back at goodbye.

Now Imagine This

Okay so we all know nagisa is looking to be a pretty badass teacher, but imagine if he used his 3e status to completely upstage or troll his students…

Exhibit A: So some of them are talking about their favourite manga and collectively it happens to be written by fuwa (anime only watchers Fuwa does start writing manga in the manga if my memory serves correct)

Now it will either be about 3e in which case nagisa can perfectly guess the plot despite its unpredictability or if not he specifically asks fuwa for spoilers so he seems like a God to his students and they’ll be incredibly frustrated and impressed.

He’d also drop bombshells at random but appropriate times…

So he’ll be walking down the corridor and overhears a conversation about a show kayano was in… and nagisa would just step in and say ‘I kissed her once’ and leave shocking everyone there

Or he overhears people talking about dream dates and someone mentions a ‘space date’ and they’re really confused why he starts talking abiut a red haired boy in the news and someone says ‘karma akabane?’

And nagisa says ‘yeah him my favourite date today is when we hijacked the ISS together, it was so romantic…’ and just abruptly leaves the classroom

And of course his phone would be idolised as well… maybe an early release from itonas company which no one realises until its released to the masses…

It will also contain ritsu so when someone shows off with siri or the equivalent ritsu hacks into their phone in around a second…

And lets sayhis phone rings in class and he answers it naturally one of them is going to ask

KID: who was that

NAGISA: suguya kosuke

ARTY KID(s): whaaaaaatttt?

NAGISA: he was jconfirming that he’d help in next weeks art lessons

ARTY KID: *almost dies*

Basically nagisa being absolutely amazing and trying to shock his students constantly…


Come hang with us as we celebrate SourceFed, SourceFed NERD, People Be Like and Nuclear Family on our Final Livestream!

Join us at 2pm PDT on into the night with Special Guests, never before seen videos, games and more!

From all of us here at SourceFed, Thanks and We Love YOU!!!!!

If memory serves correct, SourceFed was the first YouTube channel I genuinely feel in love with. Without it, I never would have branched out and found the VlogBrothers, then Felix, then Mark and Jack, then Cyndago, then SuperMega, who all kept the light on for me on even my darkest days.

Without it, I never would have found Game Theory, which led me to Brutalmoose, Caddicarus, and Jimmy Whetzel, the three YouTubers I looked at and thought “That. I want to do that.”

Without SourceFed, I would’ve never have found Matt Lieberman, who helped me build my confidence in ways I’ll never be able to express. Hell, all the hosts have touched me in ways I’ll never be able to express. They made me laugh, they made passionate, and they made me think.

So, to SourceFed, and to all the hosts and crew that helped it along the way, thank you. Thank you for everything.

Dramatic Idiot

Yes, i do know I’m late for the freeday. But it’s here and that’s what counts. right? Anyways, all I know is that I’ll still be writing lots of Voltron even after klance week is over - I mean, look at this ship! how could I not?!

Rated: T

Pairing: Klance

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 2813

Summary: Working at Starbucks for over a year was sure to give Keith his fair share of stumbles with peculiar people. However, during his year, he’d never seen anyone as dramatic. And what sort of idiot called - to Keith’s personal number - at two  in the morning, asking for coffee. (coffee shop Au.)

Of all things that could have happened, Keith guessed the actual outcome wasn’t as bad as it could have been. Considering how exhausting his day had been, and just how impertinent the customer was, quite a variety of things could have happened. Keith was just glad all he did was serve the wrong drink and misspell the correct name.

Having worked at Starbucks for over a year, Keith had his fair share of embarrassment. Most of the customers, however, never quite reacted this way. While the majority normally smiled tightly and uncomfortably, proclaiming to be alright, a few came with their own fatigue, and were in no mood for that, thus snapping at Keith.

Keith wasn’t really bothered by this; He was normally exasperated of his day - there was no point in holding a grudge against something he would have done himself if in different positions. That would be it and then Keith would move on for the rest of the day, stealing yearning glances at the clock hung far wall as he waited for his freedom.

University work already stole most of his day, and the job only served to shorten it drastically.

This occasion was peculiar, however, and the customer seemed to be adamant on his case.

“I asked for a caramel macchiato with coconut milk and two shots of espresso, but you guys gave me this! That’s not what I want!” Keith could feel his eyebrows twitching in annoyance only from watching this person throw their arms up, flailing as Shiro tried to calm him down.

“And not only that,” He continued, “But you all misspelled my name! It’s Lance, not Lannance!”

“I’m sorry,” Shiro apologized, smiling nervously at all the stares he received from his other visitors. “Just make your order again. We’ll be more attentive towards it and your name, alright?”

“Uh, no,” Lance glared, peering over Shiro’s shoulder onto the barista tasked with composing the drinks. “I request to personally speak to the one who committed this atrocity.”

Despite the number of attempts, it was evident Shiro would not convince this man to leave. With an apologetic cringe, Shiro craned his head back to Keith, chuckling sheepishly.

Keith, having heard the exchange, simply rolled his eyes and cursed under his breath, proceeding to join Shiro at his side.

Waving at his friend as an indication to return to other customers, Keith wiped his hand on the towel in hand, then placed it aside as he leaned on the bar.

“Yes?” He asked, his eyes boring into the other’s.

The young man crossed his arms with a huff.

“Not only did you misspell my name, but you also gave me the wrong drink.”

Keith hummed in half-hearted acknowledge. “And why did you not simply remake the request?”

Lance seemed almost baffled.

“Because,” Lance but hissed. “You misspelled my name.”

Keith was already tired of this. “Yes, and?”

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Why do some translators avoid to use the term 'slave' when it comes to relationship between Allaah and His creatures?

These are the correct translations:

العبد=the slave

الخادم=the servant

A servant serves while a slave worships. Allaah doesn’t need our services, so we are not Allaah’s servants. We worship Him, which means we are His slaves. That is why we recite: “Only You we worship…” when we stand in front of Him during praying. We don’t say “Only you We serve”.

I hope this is clear.

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More Jack + Cas discovering holidays please. 😊😊😊

I’m working on St. Patrick’s Day now, I’m not sure if I can finish it by March 17th, but I will do my best.
After that, if memory serves correct, the next big one is Easter, right?
Do we have a big one after that, or do I have a few months to really work on Halloween and Christmas?
Also, I don’t know which International Observances are the big ones.
Like, I didn’t know July 30th is International Day of Friendship or September 10th is Suicide Prevention Day. I’ll have to look and see if I want Jack and Cas to observe any other days.

I want to go back on the other major holidays, some that I’ve already done, and really spend time on them where maybe I could be proud enough of them to put them in my Society6 and RedBubble stores.
That’s my main objective with my Jack + Cas series, to make things I’m really proud of and not half-ass them.
I was working on my SPN Art Book piece during most of the holiday season so I never felt like I did them justice. I want to color them with my Copic Markers instead of digital too, so please be patient with me.
I have big plans for Jack and Cas ;)