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Smth i hate about straight white men writing marginalised characters it feels to me that its either gross stereotypes or "this is how i feel you SHOULD act" im so sick of settling for badly or grossly written characters because its the only lesbian i can identify with :(

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It is one of the most tiring things in my entire life.

Straight White Men do not know how to write marginalized characters, I’ve seen good attempts and I’ve seen bad attempts. But I’ve never seen a Straight White Man succeed and at this point, I just have no faith in any of them.

Which is why I wholly support more marginalized writers and developers, especially in the gaming industry. It is why I want in the gaming industry, because we need to see more of ourselves there. Not just as characters, but actual developers with direct input.

I think the unusual thing about the diner scene in episode five (”I don’t have time for, or interest in, talking about your stupid picture of a cowboy”) is that the rest of the show goes to great lengths to show that Dirk Gently isn’t actually psychic in the traditional sense of the word.

We would’ve gotten more explanation-slash-context if we’d gotten the flashback scene they’d fimed, but still. The only conclusion I’m drawing here is that the universe had a very good reason for telling Dirk that Todd had drawn a cowboy, and the reason was that Todd needed a push towards actually believing that Dirk really is what he says he is.


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 “You give terrible dating advice,” Simon said. He had just barged into Magnus’s apartment and found Jace lying down in the spare bedroom. He couldn’t believe he embarrassed himself in front of Maia like that. And it was all because of Jace. How stupid could he have been?

Simon goes to yell at Jace about his terrible dating advice and gets more than he ever imagined he would.

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Someone’s gotta spend their career measuring fly genitalia under a microscope. Frankly, I’m grateful to the person who is tackling that tedium, because if they didn’t, I might have to, and I don’t wanna.” god im sorry to get fake deep about a line about fly genitalia in a post about science but this was like incredibly comforting to read for me rn honestly