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Hey, listen up. You’ll be fine. Just follow this path. Run as far as you can, I promise there will be people to help you. You might not find them right away…but keep running until you do! Now go! Run! Get runnin’!

July 26th, Happy Birthday Sasha Braus 🍃

both choi twins were requested in the “calm down” palette so i put them both in one…
idk how to feel about this, this is my first time using a color palette T__T also didn’t spend much time on this because my arm hurts..

Coloring tutorial

My own take for this tutorial is pretty standard. Nothing too “special” but this is how I do it.

1) Base colors - I like to keep it saturated while maintaining a nice palette.

2) Details - Lineart coloring, hair, clothing patterns, blushes and etc.

3) Color Balance and Shading-  I use Multiply and Overlay layers on the characters or objects to pop the colors. This usually depends on the background though. For shading, I could either airbrush, cell shade, or just don’t.

4) Background - Go crazy, my dude.

5) Final tweaks - The Photoshop Magic