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what are your thoughts on a parallel verse where Neil didn't survive baltimore? idk maybe the verses come in contact or maybe just a dead Neil au. just your thoughts or anything? you're very insightful so it's nice to hear from you

“I’m in hell,” Wymack says. “I’ve died without knowing and gone straight to hell.”

“It could be worse,” Nicky muses. “I mean, you could have three Neils instead?”

Neil should be offended by that. And he would be, if there wasn’t three seperate Andrews staring at him with that familiar slow-blinking gaze.

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someBODY Once Told Me - Smii7y

Couple Things:
1) Thank you guys for 50+ subscribers. I know that doesn’t seem like a lot, but I’ve only been on Tumblr for a month or two, so this is incredible that to feel like I’ve been welcome here.
2) I don’t watch people like RacingCatz or Subscribe to KyrozGaming, so I’m sorry if the characterization is off.
3) This is not only a high school AU, but a superpowers AU as well, so all the guys have powers. Tyler had an accelerated healing factor, like Deadpool or Wolverine. This is just to explain an action he does later in the chapter
4)It’s Smii7y. This shouldn’t be a surprise, but there will be memes.
5) I’m now shutting up and sitting back to see if you enjoy.


From: are you coming already?

To: give me time. I’m not getting busted again.

From: hurry up then

Smitty sighed at his friend’s impatience. John knew how delicate this process was to sneak onto their roof hiding spot. It was something they calculated so they wouldn’t get caught.

Smitty could see John tapping his fingers on the side of the building through his so called sixth sense. He also say Jay waiting in one of the stalls like he was in the other bathroom. If he wanted to, he could also check on Cody, who was probably ordering fast food in another state. He couldn’t describe this power really. It wasn’t like John’s foresight since he could only see the now. The word that came closest to what Smitty had was Clairvoyance.

He flicked his vision back to Jay. His friends was just heading out of the bathroom, signing out as the bell rang. Smitty followed out about 30 seconds later, making sure anyone watching didn’t think it was planned. They would then converge at the ladder, and Smitty would keep watch on all the teachers on hallway duty so they weren’t caught.

Jay found the spot first. It was simply a ladder heading up to the roof that a teacher showed him while doing the egg drop project. He told Smitty, John, Cody and a handful of others. Since then it’s been their spot. Other people found out about it though. Mini knew because Cody one time stupidly ran to get McDonald’s without shoes. Ohm found it when Minx made him rage so hard he shadow traveled here. Tyler discovered it when he trailed John one time in order to hide from a teacher. Some of the guys even believed Nogla knew, spotting them a couple times from the tree he was always in.

Smitty quickly snapped out of his thoughts when his feet, on autopilot, stopped moving. He was at the closet, and he quickly ducked inside once he made sure no teachers were watching. Jay was already waiting for him inside, playing with his little penguin character he liked so much.

“There’s the milk boy.” Jay said when he noticed Smitty. A little milk bag appeared besides the penguin, and both men smiled. Jay had a little animation made for all of them. Smitty’s design came from when he brought over a bag of milk from Canada. He even put 3D glasses on it and a propeller hat. Jay just really like penguins, so he made a custom one.

“Sup.” He replied as he picked up the milk bag and put it on his shoulder. “The other guys up there?” Jay nodded. Smitty started heading toward the ladder, but stopped when Jay didn’t follow him. “You coming, man?”

Jay shook his head. “I’ve got physical therapy with Craig. His healing can really only do so much for us.”

“How’s that going for you two?”

“Better than when I first got hit. Not good as new yet, but we’re getting close.” Smitty smiled at his friend as he felt the milk bag fade from where it rested from his shoulder.

“I can tell.” He commented. “You weren’t able to maintain 2 animations before.” Jay beamed proudly as his penguin waddled in circles in front of him.

“Thanks, Smitty. I’ve got to go now, but thanks again the support.” He picked up the penguin in arms and walked to the door. He waved at Smitty, who waved back, before leaving. The latter than made his way up the ladder, only pushing the hatch up slightly as he got to the top so he could hear.

“Where the hell is that fuckboi?” Tyler complained as Smitty focused in.

“Tyler, calm down.” Craig assured him. He put a hand on Tyler’s shoulder, but the other one only glared.

“Relax.” John affirmed. “Besides, I can summon him.” Smitty smirked at this. He didn’t have John’s foresight, but he knew what the other one had planned.

“Wait what?” Cody asked innocently as reached the top of the building’s side ladder with a shake from Sonic in hand. “What’s happening?”

“John’s going to use his mystical power of foresight to predict when Smitty gets here.” Tyler mocked.

“No, that’s not how I do it.” John assured, and Smitty flicked out to wait for his cue. “Watch this.” There was a silence before John spoke again. “some-”

One second pause. Then go.

“-BODY Once told me the world is going to own me.” Smitty belted out as he bust through the hatch. Cody and Craig started laughing, while John’s smirk only widen and he began singing along.

“I ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed.
She was looking kind of fun with her finger and her thumb
In the shape of an L on her forehead.”

Craig managed to regain enough composer to also add to the makeshift off-key chorus, while Tyler only starred at them in disbelief. Cody was still watching, giggling slightly between sips of shake.

“Well the years start coming and they don’t stop coming
Fed to the rules and I hit the ground running
Didn’t make sense not to live for fun
Your brain gets smart but your head gets dumb
So much to do, so much to see
So what’s wrong with taking the back streets?
You’ll never know if you don’t go
You’ll never shine if you don’t glow

“Hey now, you’re an all-star, get your game on, go play
Hey now, you’re a rock star, get the show on, get paid
And all that glitters is gold
Only shooting stars break the mold.”

When it was clear that they had ended, Cody began clapping at the three. Craig took a small bow while Smitty and John high-five.

“Grade-A memes right there.” Smitty proclaimed, and John only nodded in agreement.

“I hate all of you right now.” Tyler fumed. Craig snickered, before trying to calm him down.

“Did you guys plan that?” Cody asked, ignoring the steaming Tyler.

“It’s about as planned as our CS:GO strats.” John stated.

“Meaning we have a general idea but in reality have no idea what we are doing.” Smitty clarified. Cody nodded, and went back to sipping his shake.

“They are such a couple.” Cody commented a little time later, and Smitty glanced over his shoulder. Mini was holding onto Tyler’s arms, rubbing up and down in efforts to calm him. His lips moved, but they couldn’t hear the words. Wildcat seemed calmed by them though, as anger was slowly replaced with serenity.

“One of the many ‘couples’ in this school.” John agreed.

“How many are there?” Cody questioned.

“You are very curious today, aren’t you?” Smitty wondered allowed, but it fell on deaf ears as John answered Cody’s question.

“Well, there’s them.” He started, gesturing at Mini and Tyler. “Then there’s Evan and Jonathan, Bryce and Ohm, Marcel and that coffee barista.”

“Scotty.” Smitty filled in. “Don’t forget Ze and Chilled. Plus there’s that new kid who might be in a ‘relationship’ with Max.”

“Oh I saw that.” Cody commented. “They were holding hands the first time they walked into the cafeteria. I think it was the new kid’s first day.”

“Yep, definitely a 'couple’.” John confirmed. “Oh, can’t forget about Brock and Brian.”

“Nope, they’re an actual couple now.” Smitty rebutted. “Brock told us at lunch, and he said they’re slowly going to tell the others.”

“Aw.” Kyroz whined. “And I thought we were going to be the first couple out.” Cody practically choked on his shake. Smitty and John shared a glance.

“You two are dating?!” He exclaimed. Both boys nodded.

“We’ve only come out to a couple of close friends.” Smitty explained. “We’ve been trying to figure out a meme-ingful way to do it.”

“Same.” John added. “Kiss?”

“Gladly.” Smitty locked lips with John, the fire that was originally there when they first kissed in a gaming convention bathroom. It synchronized them, heartbeat and breathing, so that they felt no need to come up for air. It felt good, kissing once without fear of anyone catching them in stolen moments. It was their spot, their paradise, though it felt like the world had faded away and it was just them.

“TYLER!” John and Smitty broke away to look at Craig, who was leaning over the edge of the school. Tyler was nowhere in sight. The boys had, in fairness, forgotten they were there.

“What happened?” Cody said, voicing everyone’s opinion. “I was watching John and Smitty make out. Intensely, I might add.”

“Tyler jumped off the roof.” Mini explained. “Said he, and I quote, 'Couldn’t handle these dipshits.’”

“Damb.” Smitty replied.

“Noice.” John added.

“Now I understand why Tyler wanted to jump off the roof so bad.”

The Stromes and McDavids - Part IV

(1) (2) (3)

Word Count: 1603

Player: Connor McDavid (Edmonton Oilers/Erie Otters)

Warning/s: mild swearing

A/n: I’m so sorry for everyone that had to wait but I’m proud to finally finish this!

Originally posted by nugent-hopkinks

“I can’t believe this is happening.”, you giggled, trying not to burst out into laughter. 

You had never seen your twin brother likes this. He was a wreck! His hands were shaking as he was gripping onto the armrest tightly. Like the seat was his last lifeline. 

“Don’t laugh at him, Y/n. You don’t know how nervous he is right now.”, Ryan scolded you from your other side.

“Your hands weren’t shaking though.”, you smirked before you turned back around to Dylan.

“Calm down, Dyl. It’s going to be fine, okay? You already know you’re getting drafted.”, you said, putting your hand on his arm. 

If looks could kill, Dylan wouldn’t be drafted but put into jail. He knew you were just mocking him, but the nervousness was too much for him. He was more nervous than ever before. He would trip on the way to the stage. He wouldn’t be able to put the jersey on or accidentally punch someone in the face. What if there was a mistake and he wouldn’t be drafted?

“Dyl? Oh my gosh, look at Mom.”, you grinned. 

Dylan followed your gaze to your Mom. She was waving with both of her hands, and on the other end of the arena, you could see someone do the same. That someone, turned out to be Connor’s Mom.

“Looks like she found the McDavids.”, Matt chuckled. 

Dylan and Connor made eye contact through the room and started to do the same wave making you laugh even harder. But it was distracting Dylan, so why not? That moment of quiet was good for him, although it didn’t take long. Soon the lights were out and Gary Bettman (damn you hated that guy) made his usual speech. You were basically counting the seconds until it was over, just wanting everything to start already. And it did. 

The first pick, made by the Edmonton Oilers.

You were aware that Jack Eichel was a great player. But you just hoped that Connor would be drafted as first overall. You had known him for years, watched him give his best countless times. That guy that had a Justin Bieber haircut when he was 15? You weren’t sure of many things, but you were sure that he deserved to be drafted first. 

And he did, setting everything in motion.

The Draft day had been exhausting for everyone involved. After photos that were taken, numerous hugs for people that you knew, and having to calm Dylan down multiple times while simultaneously handling all three of your brothers at the same time - it was fair to say you were tired. 

You needed sleep. Everyone would’ve agreed on that.

Everyone but the person denting your door with their continuous knocks.

“What the fuck.”, you muttered to yourself as you turned on the light on the nightstand. 

The clock next to your bed made you groan in frustration. 2 AM. Who would do this to you?
Was it one of your brothers trying to mess with you? Maybe an emergency occurred or someone mixed up room numbers. Actually, you didn’t care about that, you just wanted to slip back into your dreams. But the knocking wouldn’t stop.

“Just a second.”, you groaned, wiping your eyes. 

You pulled your shorts and Dylan’s T-Shirt back into their rightful place, trying to fix your hair a little. You didn’t want to move, but you dragged yourself to the door.

But it wasn’t one of your brothers. Instead, it was Connor. He was wearing comfortable clothes that looked like he had hastily thrown them on and his hair was a fluffy mess on top of his head. He was nervously bouncing on his feet while he was waiting, his eyes snapping to yours the second you opened.
You hadn’t seen him since you congratulated him. You’d shared a tight hug, but all you managed to say was how proud you were until both of you were ushered into different directions.

“I forgot.”, he said hurriedly.

“The time?”, you questioned in confusion.

“I forgot Edmonton. Oh, my goodness- I don’t know how I forgot but I forgot that I was drafted by the Oilers.”


“I’m going to Edmonton. You’re going to Edmonton.”, he explained hurriedly, the words he was blurting out lifting your confusion a little. 

What did he mean? You were going to Edmonton because of UAlberta and Connor would play hockey in… Edmonton. 

The realization hit you like a truck. How did you not notice this?

“We’re both going to Edmonton!”, you blurted out, eyes going wide. 

Connor chuckled, taking a big step towards you. You didn’t even have time to say anything else. He wrapped his arms around your waist and crashed his lips to yours.
After that first kiss at the party, you thought you would never get to kiss him again. But here you were, kissing Connor McDavid. Your childhood friend, best friend of your twin brother, your continuous crush since you were even interested in boys. Connor’s own mind was whirling as much as yours. He didn’t even process the draft yet, the start of his career. But there was no one he would want to know at his side more than you. 

Both of you didn’t want to end the kiss, but you were surely running out of air. Gasping when you pulled away, you rested your heads against each other, trying to catch your breath.

“I love you. Damn, I’m so in love with you.”, Connor admitted. Words, that he never thought he would tell you.

“I love you too, Con. I really do.”, you replied, putting your lips back to his.

“Y/n, where have you been? Mom is driving everyone insane looking for you.”, Matt groaned, obviously still tired. 

You would bet your ass he got more sleep than you last night, but that boy could sleep a solid 9 hours a night and be tired. Maybe he would end up like Dylan, looking dead inside all the time. 

“I just got up, relax. I’m here now.”, you grinned with a roll of your eyes.

“Where’s that smile coming from?”, Matt asked, thinking it was a little suspicious.  

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”, you lied, trying to stop smiling like an idiot.

“Uh whatever, come over to the table so Mom stops bugging everyone.”, he muttered, basically dragging you over to the table. 

You were squeezed in between him and Ryan, with Dylan giving you curious looks the whole time, as he was seated on Ryan’s other side.

“What?”, you muttered under your breath.


“Then quit staring.”

Dylan opened his mouth but he closed it again, your whole family falling into the usual breakfast chat. You were nervous the whole time, waiting to be released into your room so you could pack up your suitcase. What if someone knew that you didn’t stay alone in your room? That you had a visitor that snuck back into his own room at 4 in the morning to get some sleep?

You hoped that Connor did manage to sleep a little, but you couldn’t see the McDavids anywhere in the breakfast area. And if they were, your mother probably already invited them to the table next to you, so you couldn’t miss them either. Maybe they were done already? You were longing to see Connor again, the smile on your face still there since when you had first woken up.

“Ok, so you three got time to pack your suitcases. You, Dylan, have some interviews to finish up. We meet in the lobby at 5 PM to catch our fight, alright?”

All of your siblings nodded, seeing it as the sign that you could get up. All four of you used that chance, Dylan, right next to you.

“Ok, so did anything else happen yesterday?”, he asked, trying to sound casual.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean… with Connor.”, Dylan clarified. 

He knew that there was something you didn’t tell him, but you just loved to tease him. He was really annoying sometimes. To frustrate him was one of the things you did best.

“Dylan, you left your phone.”, your Mom said, cutting off every potential answer you could’ve given.

“Wait here.”, Dylan ordered. 

You stopped in the large doorway and watched Matt and Ryan file out into the general direction of the elevators. Dylan went back to the table, snatching his phone, right as the elevator dinged and a very familiar group of people came out, making their way through the doorway. 

The McDavid’s all greeted you as they passed, Connor’s Mom immediately locking eyes with yours. But they stopped when they realized that their youngest one wasn’t there anymore. Maybe it wasn’t the ideal moment because both your families were looking the two of you, but Connor stopped next to you, a smile similar to your’s on his face.

“Morning.”, he greeted.

“Morning. You sleep well?”, you teased.

Connor nodded.

“Very.”, he murmured, before slowly leaning in to peck your lips. 

You could basically feel everyone’s jaw dropping, and Dylan’s shit eating grin in your back. But you didn’t give a damn.
You would go to Edmonton. With him. So your thought of you might never being his girlfriend was proven wrong, but the circumstances never changed.

Where a Strome is, a McDavid is not far away.

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I promise to ask you immediately once I've thought of something to delight on. Welp, grace me with exhibitionism + dirty talk please? ^-^

I hope I understood the definition of exhibitionism correctly. I really enjoyed writing his drabble.

Sebastian was distracted as of late. Ciel noticed that, and later the servants did too. The butler seemed to always be in thought. His reaction time and in general his actions were slower. What really started to worry people is when Sebastian’s attention wasn’t on the things going on around him. Two times already they caught him spacing out or staring at something a little too long.

“Is there something I need to know, Sebastian?” Ciel asked one night when he was having dinner.

Sebastian blinked. “What do you mean, Sir?”

“It’s just that lately you haven’t quite been yourself.” Ciel clarified. “Are you all right?”

If only you knew. “Perfectly fine, Sir. No need to worry.” Sebastian said with a warm smile.

“Alright.” Ciel concluded. However, the matter wasn’t solved for the boy. If this continued, he’d order his butler to tell him the truth through the power of their contract.

Once Ciel returned his attention to his food, Sebastian’s expression changed to seriousness and he stared at his master. He knew Ciel was onto something and that some day he will question the demon thoroughly. However, if he ever found out the reason for the demon’s behavior, he’d be revolted. The thoughts that went through Sebastian’s head… Sometimes the demon could not will them away. The thoughts of putting his face in his master’s hair and breathing in his scent. The thoughts of exploring his master’s body with his bare hands during bath time. Just running those hands all over that body and feeling the smoothness of the skin, the softness of the flesh, the curves of the body. Those thoughts were innocent compared to the others the butler had; the kind he touched himself to when he finally had time alone during the night.

He thought of groping his master’s pert buttocks. He thought of spanking that rump with his bare hands and whipping it with the crop whip. It would be nice if he could make those butt cheeks bleed so that he could later lick up that blood and savor the taste of his master. No doubt, Ciel would cry. And Sebastian would lick up those tears and savor their taste too. He also thought of putting his face into that soft butt. Bury it between those buttocks and grope the mounds of flesh. Rub his face against them and maybe even explore his master’s crack with his tongue. He also thought of what it would be like to suddenly grab Ciel, put him up against a wall, crouch or kneel before him, pull down those shorts and suck his little penis. No doubt, his master would be confused and shocked, but that was the beauty of it. Doing things like that in a place where someone could come by and easily see them. Oh the things that would do to his master’s morale and position as the Queen’s Watchdog.

 Sebastian beat his meat to those thoughts after everyone else in the manor had gone to bed. Despite how inhumanly fast his hand moved and how hard he gripped himself, it just wasn’t quite enough. He wasn’t sated and that frustrated him. Sitting on the floor with his back against the bed, his right hand bare and soaked in seed and his junk still hanging out, Sebastian breathed deeply as he stared into the night sky outside his window. He decided, tomorrow he’d send the servants and Tanaka into town to get things to refill the inventory. Then the manor would be all to him and Ciel.

Sebastian came into the study with a food trolley. He rolled it to the side of his master’s desk and proceeded to set up the tea and the bakewell tart on the table.

Ciel was sitting back in his spinning chair, one leg over the other. He had kicked off his heeled oxfords under his desk and now his feet were only clad in nylon socks. His elbows were on the arm rests and one hand held a document while the other held his chin. He was hard in thought and hadn’t paid attention to his butler who had come in.

Sebastian stood at his master’s side. He looked at the boy, awaiting orders or a sign of attention. Then his gaze traveled over the young body and came to Ciel’s thighs. The shorts Ciel currently wore rose a little and revealed some of his thighs. Sebastian stared hard at his master’s legs. Finally, he had enough.

“Wh-what? S-Sebastian!” Ciel was surprised when suddenly the document was taken out of his hand and he was picked up from his seat. He registered his butler’s presence then and demanded to know what was going on. Sebastian put Ciel up against the wall with his back, having raised the boy to his level off the ground. Ciel’s eye widened and he took in a breath of shock when he saw his butler undo his pants and take out his already wet erection. He knew his butler must have been big, but he hadn’t realized just how much until he saw the thing itself.

The butler spread his master’s legs. Holding him up with one arm at his behind, Sebastian moved one of Ciel’s legs between his own and slid his member under the shorts leg. The manhood was trapped between the fabric of the shorts and soft and smooth leg of a young human. Pressing his lips together, the demon started to thrust his hips.

Ciel raised one hand to cover his mouth and closed his eye. However, he couldn’t run away from the sensation of his demon’s cock fucking his leg, spreading precum on his skin, and the labored breath of the said demon. He lost track of time and was called back to reality when suddenly Sebastian stilled and something wet and warm flowed onto his thigh. Ciel opened his eye and looked down to see the fabric of his shorts leg soaked with something.

Sebastian pulled out but that wasn’t it. He lowered his master to stand and turned the boy around none too gently. Pushing him up against the wall with his front, Sebastian tore down the forsaken shorts, earning a gasp of shock from the human. He wiped up his seed from his master’s thigh and then rubbed it into the boy’s crack.

“Sebastian, what are you-?“ Ciel began to demand but was cut off when suddenly something plunged inside him. His eye widened and tears pooled in it. The pain was excruciating. And then it got more painful as whatever it was that entered him started to move in and out.

The demon had his master stand normally while he himself bent his knees to get his hips on the boy’s level. Having spread his master’s buttocks, he plunged in and entered his lord all the way in one thrust. Then he started to move. The thrusts were hard and deep, and soon he heard a pained whimper coming from the boy. However, did he care? Not at all. He leaned in to his master’s ear and hissed. “You’re my bitch now.”

After a while, Sebastian decided to get a more comfortable position. He took hold of Ciel’s legs under his knees and stood up fully, lifting the boy. Then he continued to move. At this angle, he was hitting Ciel’s prostate more sharply and the boy whimpered louder.

The tightness was divine. Sebastian wanted more of it, so he thrusted harder. It wasn’t too long until he stilled, his member spilling the demon’s seed inside the gut of the young lord. However, one round was nowhere near enough for the demon. He pulled out, but only because he had a change of position in mind. Oh how wrong Ciel was to think that the demon was finished with him. It was when Sebastian put Ciel on his desk on his front did the boy realize the horror wasn’t over just yet. His legs were lifted and spread, bent at the knees so that all of him was on the desk. Sebastian lined himself up with the freshly deflowered hole, then took hold of the boy’s upper thighs and thrusted in.

“Ah!” Ciel let out a pained moan.

Sebastian pulled his master back a bit so that he could get more of him as he began to thrust deeply. Leaning over his master, he hissed in his ear again. “What a slut. Taking me so well even though you were a virgin just minutes ago.”

Ciel squeezed his eye shut and lowered his head, hiding his face.

“More like a bitch than a guard dog to me.” Sebastian continued. “I will make you into my concubine. Demon’s Whore, how does that sound?” He capture a delicate lobe between his teeth and bit into it, earning a small cry. That sound made the demon thrust harder, faster. His master was absolutely divine. Sebastian moved like a mad dog in lust during the mating season. His growls and grunts sounded like an animal’s too. Then he buried himself as deep as his own member would allow him and filled his master with his biggest load yet.

The two were still after that. Sebastian was catching his breath and Ciel was crying, covering his mouth with his hand to stifle his sobs. Then Sebastian stood up, still inside his master. He watched the boy’s shoulders shake as he cried, then he pulled out and reached for Ciel. He turned Ciel over and that’s when he saw the boy’s tearful face. One hand was over his mouth. When Sebastian leaned forward, Ciel pushed against the demon’s chest with his little hands. “No, no. Sebastian.” His voice was a panicking one. “No more. Sebastian, no more! Please!” The words “it’s an order” did not come. Ciel was so shocked be must have forgotten about them. Of course, the little master never expected something like this to come from his demon.

Sebastian leaned over Ciel despite the boy’s attempts to push him back and started to lick up the tears off the other’s face just like he did in his fantasies. Except, this wasn’t a fantasy. This was reality, and reality had consequences.

Ciel turned his head to the side, facing away from the demon but Sebastian continued anyway. Then Sebastian stood up and crouched down. Ciel’s eye opened in surprise when he felt something wet and soft run over his stinging hole. He rose his head and looked down to see Sebastian between his legs. The demon’s head rose and lowered as he lapped at the hurt hole, then the tip of his tongue circled inside the ring of flesh which was the entrance. The hole tightened up in response, but that didn’t stop the demon from pushing his tongue inside and eating his master out. Ciel tried to run away, but Sebastian wrapped his arms around the boy’s waist and kept him in place. All Ciel could do was lay there and whimper. After his master was clean, Sebastian looked at the boy’s member. The little boyhood got excited as Sebastian rimmed his master so the butler treated the boy to a decent blowjob.

Afterwards, Sebastian scooped Ciel up and took him to his bedroom. He’d have a bath ready and he’d treat his master with care and gentleness. However, Sebastian was silent. He didn’t know what to say, or if there was anything to say at all. All he knew is that things would not be the same. Ciel would be furious with him and would probably order Sebastian to do something that would limit the demon’s interaction with his lord. He knew for sure that it now depended on how he’d react to his punishment and treat his master later if Ciel would let the demon close to him again and if there would be some trust between them in the future. On one hand, Sebastian regretted what he did. On the other, not so much.

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i am a huge fan of you and nobodysuspectsthebutterfly and i've noticed quite a lot of rhaegar hate from you two (which i sort of agree with ngl lmao) but i was just wondering how you reacted at first about the romanticization of rhaegar and lyanna's tragedy bc tbh whenever i hear of it, i start to get chest pains bc i hate it so much

Thank you so much! 

I think I might have given you a false impression. I don’t hate Rhaegar. (I would guess that nobodysuspectsthebutterfly doesn’t hate Rhaegar either — though she doesn’t blame people who do hate Rhaegar, and neither do I — but Butterfly can speak for herself on the matter.)

I’m very critical of Rhaegar’s actions but I don’t hate him. I think being labeled “Prophesied Savior of the World” since birth is a very heavy burden to bear. (That’s probably why it’s a good thing that Jon grew up in ignorance of his true parents, and that “no one ever looked for a girl”.) Even with such a heavy burden, though, Rhaegar shouldered it without any apparent complaint: “It seems I must become a warrior.” I think that’s something that’s too easily forgotten: Rhaegar wanted to save the world in the War for the Dawn. It’s just … the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

As I was saying earlier today, Rhaegar focused on the Big Picture of “saving humanity”, and he lost sight of what that actually meant. Aerys was out of control, but instead of implementing the government reforms he was thinking about (possibly a permanent Great Council of lords to limit the power of the king and appease the great houses who had been upset for a couple generations), Rhaegar disappeared and left the people of Westeros in the hands of a madman. Winning some future War for the Dawn does no good if Aerys burns everyone to death in the meantime. Similarly, Jorah says that Rhaegar would have stopped the Dothraki from raping the people they conquered, but, regardless of what Rhaegar & Lyanna’s story was, there are some serious consent issues in a relationship between a 15-16 year old girl and a 23 yr old married man who disappears off the map and who isolates that girl from from the rest of her family and who impregnates her despite the high risk involved in such a pregnancy.

Typical of GRRM, Rhaegar is morally grey: “When I look around at the real world, it’s a world full of greys. Even the greatest heroes have weaknesses, and even the blackest villains are capable of the greatest acts of compassion and humanity. People are complicated, and I want my characters to be complicated, too.” I don’t think it’s in keeping with the spirit of GRRM’s text to say that Rhaegar was Wonderful, but I also don’t think that Rhaegar was operating on the same level as Ramsay or Littlefinger or whoever when Rhaegar wanted to save the world. (This is why I argue that Lyanna chose to go with Rhaegar, because if he instead abducted Lyanna, then he stops being morally grey to me and becomes much more of a villain, which I don’t think is what GRRM intends for someone who tried to save humanity.) So I admire Rhaegar for wanting to save the world, but I condemn the way he went about it, abandoning the government, humiliating his wife, and the many other unforgivable things he does. 

I’m not trying to say that anyone’s hatred of Rhaegar is invalid, not in the least. Everyone has to work out their own relationship with Rhaegar’s actions, and if Rhaegar publicly humiliating Elia makes you hate him, then by all means, hate him. There are too many men in RL who treat women like shit, and no one should have to accept that in fictional men. But my own relationship with Rhaegar isn’t “I hate him,” it’s “It’s complicated.”

So now that I’ve clarified … I first read AGOT when I was around 13/14, so I don’t remember exactly, but I probably thought Rhaegar/Lyanna was romantic idk. I had many bad ASOIAF opinions. I dislike the fandom’s general tendency to romanticize Rhaegar/Lyanna but I also dislike the fandom’s general tendency to turn the relationship into a strict dichotomy of either “True Love” or “Abduction” without considering that there are “grey” options in between those two possibilities.

I might be alone in this but I kinda headcanon Ray as sex-positive asexual.

Like, Ray strikes me as the kind that loves first? He enjoys sex, it’s fun and feels good and he probably also wants to please his partner, but he could go the rest of his life without sex and not be bothered at all. And for him, attraction is all about falling in love, and never sexual.

When we see him notice Felicity it’s because he knows about her hacking skills and finds her talented, so he tries to recruit her. And in that one episode when he guest starred on Flash in season one he says the line, “Sex is great!” when trying to help Felicity out of an awkward conversation and that just struck me as…odd. Like, sure, you could chalk it up to his general eccentricity but, consider this: him being ace and feeling the need to clarify something that would probably have been a given for allosexuals.

With Kendra, he spent so much time joking around with her and it didn’t even occur to him that there could be potential between them until Stein asked him about it. And when he did list things he liked about Kendra he didn’t even once mention appearance, instead focusing on how she’s funny, quirky, and a “really good wielder”. Basically, her personality and talents. I mean, come on, the writers couldn’t have set this up for me more perfectly.

Just. Give me sex-positive asexual Ray who isn’t appalled by sex or opposed to it but 100% prefers simple kisses and cuddles more. 

pfl-jr-agent-ontario  asked:

In "Golden Boy" you have scenes where Delta seems to be the one in the driver's seat. York is compromised or injured and Delta keeps him conscious, focused and moving. Can you talk a bit about the power/control balance between your York & Delta?

Basically, you seem to describe scenes where Delta more or less possesses York, moving him and influencing him. I have never seen it as a negative thing… but I think other people have.  But in the context of York and Delta’s relationship,  how do you view those interactions and in the context of the Freelancers in general?

i was actually just yelling about this on twitter a few days ago about how RvB is my favorite horror series and i really wanted to see darker takes on the whole AI thing (specifically some twitchy-ass Jacob’s Ladder-style possessed Freelancer art) buuut let’s break this down.

(and to clarify - I certainly don’t mean this as any kind of attack on people who ship York/Delta or anything like that, so I apologise in advance if this upsets anyone. it’s just conjecture.)

So in the context of the fic, I’d say that Delta’s ‘control’ is entirely based on their canonical ability to harness the powers and abilities of the suit, and by expanding it just a little bit. Delta can, when York allows him or is too exhausted to resist, more or less ‘control’ York’s body, especially the armored suit. So it’s less a mind control thing and more of a possession; York’s still aware of what’s happening, but he’s not the one doing the actual motions. In the very specific instances it happens in the fic, Delta acts as an extension of York’s natural reflexes and it’s (usually) done with York’s (implied) consent and his (assumed) best interests in mind. 

I’m super picky about consent issues, especially in cases where “the body is willing but the mind is not” a la sex pollen, intoxication, and other tropes. Therefore, I kind of classify the York/Delta power balance here to be potentially in this vein; especially considering how much it’s implied that the Meta isn’t entirely Maine, it’s totally possible for an AI to ‘override’ the will of their host’s body. For added horror potential, consider a Meta York - contrasting PFL-era Delta’s occasionally ruthless approach to missions (see s10e1, where he willfully deceives York into being blown into space) with York’s canonically friendly, peace-keeping nature and you’ve got some real cognitive dissonance.

What it boils down to is this; could Delta, especially in the fic I mentioned, take control over York’s body against his will? Yes. Does he? Not explicitly. Are his intentions pure? Again, not explicitly. As Delta takes control in some life-or-death circumstances, he’s trying to keep York safe, but in one scene in particular it’s hard to say if York wanted to stay safe. Delta benefits from York staying alive as well. 

It’s pretty clear that any AI could, with the right motivation and circumstances, strongly influence their partner/host possibly against said partner’s own will. Sigma and Omega are the only ones we know to do this, but I think it’s possible that any of the AI could. I wish we saw more meta (the other kind) in that vein; not to excuse the actions of any traitorous Freelancers or to vilify any AI, but it’s (to me) a frightening concept.

TL;DR all the AI seem to have the ability to make puppets out of people, many of them seem to have the emotional capacity, and while very few of them do it the potential fucking terrifies me. In Golden Boy, Delta doesn’t knowingly overstep York’s boundaries. But he totally could.

10 + 1 reasons why Jim Moriarty is alive

If you are a follower of mine (♥) , you probably know that I support that Moriarty lives and will come back. However, I want to make something clear: I don’t support this only because I like the character - in fact, I support this mostly because any alternative does not make sense to me.

I have made multiple posts or commented on many reblogs where I have written down some of my thoughts, but I decided it was better to make one single post where all my points are gathered. 

So, here are all the reasons Moffat and Gatiss plan to bring Moriarty back. 

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