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Hey hey! I had a SUPER fun time recording this and almost a better time editing it. Let me know what you think! :) HOPE YOU LIKE IT  <3


“Do I become you?” 🤔

“Well, there’s a few false starts, but you get there in the end.” 😁

This bit. Twelve has been around the universe for a long time while his 1st incarnation is just getting started on that same journey. Both were so endearing here; it made me smile and tear up.  💕


I made witchy balls for Yule!
Here are the ingredients I used :
- Kosher salt
- Lavender
- Rose petals
- Hyssop
- Sage
- Vervain
- Chili flakes
- Baby’s breath
- Mountain laurel seeds
- Some non descript plants I gathered with my boys on our last strolls, and that are filled with love and happiness

I put them in various amounts according to where I put them in the house to have the following effects:
Kitchen: creativity, love, psychic abilities, protection
Main room: protection, cleansing, love, creativity, happiness
Master bedroom: love, honesty, dreams, sleep, serenity

It’s a pretty cheap and easy way to practice the craft and to protect and put good vibes in your house. Also, it’s really cute and is pretty easy to fit in a secret witch regimen, if your relatives celebrate Christmas ☺️


Alistair Theirin in a terrible Christmas sweater, and the bonus: the losers of the poll xD

I had so much fun people, really xD Dedicated to who actually voted him, so @queen-scribbles, @the-enforcers-adventures, @ilyasvieltrevelyanshepard, @starsandskies, @dirtyheartblues, @pastelgarrusvakarian and @andrastini

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Stark’s Secret Santa

This is for @lovelynemesis  ‘s Rocking Around the Christmas Tree Challenge

My Prompt: “I was your secret Santa, but I gave you outdated chocolate by accident.”

Relationship: Tony X Reader

Warnings:  Fluffy smut.  (I wanted to write fluff, and if you can’t write fluff for Christmas, when can ya?) 

Summary:  You’re casually dating Tony and he brings you to the Avenger’s private Christmas party, complete with a Secret Santa

A/N:  This is a fluffy little Christmas story with some smut thrown in at the end.  Not what I normally write! 

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               The elevator rose and you fiddled with the present in your hand.  There was no reason to be so nervous, but something about tonight felt different. You’d attended several parties as Tony’s arm candy, this one shouldn’t be any different, but when he invited you and mentioned there was a secret Santa it made the entire affair more intimate, something you didn’t expect from your pseudo-boyfriend.  

               You glanced at the present and hoped Bruce enjoyed the wooden slide box you had picked out for him.  It was perfect for a scientist who took his work home with him, something you knew Bruce did on the regular.  The twenty-dollar limit made picking a gift difficult, but you were confident it was the right amount of thought.

               The door dinged and you smoothed down your silver cocktail dress before placing the calmest, natural smile you could muster on your face.  

               “There she is.” Tony walked towards you with open arms.  

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