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600 Follower Celebration fic for @fuckyeahfeysand

Summary: Your semi-regular phone call with a sex hotline brings you to meet a very attractive stranger.

warnings: smut, dirty talk, phone sex, explicit talking about sex, mutual masturbation

word count: ~3000

(pic not mine)

You were sluggish as you walked up to your motel room door.  It had been a long day, and you wished that your company could be nice enough to shell out the cash for a real hotel on your business trip.  You glanced around before you went in your room, noticing only the motel manager through the office window and another guest leaning against a car…

Well, you may have given more than a glance to that guest, seeing as he was a real-life Adonis, but you didn’t let yourself look for too long.

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At Last

Author’s Note: Hey guys! This is the first request I received for my 600 Follower’s Celebration! I still can’t believe that now over 700 of you decided to follow my silly ass. Y’all are awesome. I hope you like it! This is straight fluff I promise.

Requested By: @traceyaudette 

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Sam x Eileen

Warnings: Absolutely none.

Word Count: 1,500-ish

Song: “At Last” by Etta James

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“Well aren’t you something sweet to look at,” Dean smiled as he reached his hand out toward me and I took it graciously, the click of my heels hitting the floor echoing throughout the bunker. “You look gorgeous, Princess.”

I blushed as he kissed my cheek, then I linked my arm with his. “Thank you. It’s not often that I get to dress up like this.”

Dean stopped and turned me toward him, then placed a tender kiss on my lips, causing chills to go up my spine. I smiled as he pulled away, “You look beautiful every day. But this is…you take my breath away.”

“Oh, hush, you’re getting sappy on me, Dean,” I patted his cheek then winked at him as we made our way toward the Impala. “Where’s Sam?”

“He went to pick up Eileen at her motel,” He said quickly and I gave him a knowing smile. “I think this is a date for them.”

“And it’s not for us?” I raised my eyebrow. “Just because we’ve been dating for four years doesn’t mean we can’t still have a date, Dean.”

“Oh, trust me. This is a date,” He pointed at me. “And it’s gonna be an awesome one.”

As he opened the door for me, I giggled and climbed in the car, then smiled over at him as he slid in next to me, “I can’t believe Donna’s getting married. This is so exciting.”

“I’m not sure about him,” Dean gave a hard look at his rearview mirror as we made our way toward the venue. It was always entertaining to see Dean’s protective side come out. “After her last husband, I don’t trust anyone.”

“But you should trust Donna,” i laid a comforting hand on his and smiled at him. “Let’s just have fun tonight and celebrate her. She deserves it.”

“i remember a time when you didn’t trust me,” Dean sent me a teasing look and I shook my head and smiled. “You didn’t even give me the time of day.”

I chuckled, “I remember when that all changed.”

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600 follower celebration

So, I’ve somehow managed to gather 600 followers.  I am shocked, and incredibly grateful.

Since I’m planning to update most of my fics, for a celebration, I offer you some 3.7K of the story I started writing ages ago for the Tomarry big bang before getting discouraged and starting on Pledged in Blood instead.  I could be persuaded to keep writing it, if people are interested.

The basic premise - Tom used his immortality and fondness for dark magic and the high he got out of dealing with the Riddles and decided to become a magical assassin.  He hurt himself on a job and broke into the nearest house for first aid, and then keeps finding excuses to come back.

Tom staggered against a nearby wall as the world rematerialized around him, the unbearable pressure fading to be replaced by an agonizing pain.  Not an injury exacerbated by his hasty apparition, but something new.  Tom pressed the hand not holding his wand to his side, fingers exploring the area where the pain was worst.  The fabric was practically soaked with blood.

Tom swore.  This was the last thing he needed.  A carefully cast severing charm had the fabric splitting, and Tom widened the tear carefully, examining the area beneath.  What he saw was far from encouraging.  There was a chunk of flesh missing from his flank, carved out neatly.

Spliched.  He’d managed to splich himself.

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Pairing: Gabriel x Reader
Word count: 819
Warnings: Fluff. Mentions of foreplay.
Request: ( Anonymous ) If your requests are still open may I request a Gabriel oneshot where the reader has a bad upbringing and ends up being really insecure about herself and the first time they try to have sex she has a panic attack cause she’s scared that Gabriel will realize she’s not attractive but he’s understanding and caring and just holds her an whatever, surrounding the two of them with his wings? Sorry if that sounds lame or whatever.
Challenge:  This was written for @impalaimagining’s 600 Followers Celebration. My prompt was “What if one day we wake up and we aren’t in love anymore?”

Authors Note: I am so sorry this was late @impalaimagining - I really appreciate your patience !

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Can’t Take Her Anywhere

Author’s Note: Hey guys! This is one of my 600 Follower Celebration Requests! I really hope you all like this. It was requested anonymously with the song “Can’t Take Her Anywhere” by Dylan Scott. This is written in Jensen’s point of view and we’re going to say that Danneel is happy with someone else. A huge thank you to @carasauruswrex for proof-reading this at the last minute for me! You are awesome. :)

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, Mild Violence, Language, Tiniest bit of Angst?

Word Count: 1,400-ish

Song Inspirations: “Can’t Take Her Anywhere” by Dylan Scott

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Tonight was a big night and we were all excited. Jared and I were opening another bar together. This time, the bar would be located in Vancouver, BC and we figured it was only right because we had spent so much of our life in this city, getting to know the people and places. We fell in love with this place hard and fast and we thought of this as being our homage to the city we love. With Supernatural ending after this season, we only thought it was right to leave our mark here before we went home for the last time.

“You ready, man?” Jared smiled at me as he straightened his shirt and I smiled and nodded, then held up my finger to say ‘one second’. “Ah, yes, the wife. I’ll just be here.”

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Love Notes - Dick Grayson x Reader

Here’s the floofy floofy fic for my 600 follower celebration! Thank you all again for putting up with me and staying with me this long. I love all of you!

Tagging: @aworldwideapart @memento-scribet

Words: 798

It started when you and Dick moved in together.

His night job as a vigilante meant he often didn’t come home until three in the morning, and your day job had you waking up at five. So there wasn’t a lot of time to actually see each other between your work lives.

You really wanted to be the first person to talk to him when he got up in the morning, so you started writing sticky notes for him and putting them in places you knew he would be sure to see them. One on his nightstand. Another on the bathroom mirror. The tv remote. The cereal box. The refrigerator.

Soon he started writing notes back. You still talked on your phones throughout the day, but the sticky notes felt more intimate somehow, and you started doing it every morning.

Though you had left plenty of notes for Dick this morning, you had had a particularly difficult day at work. It just felt like everything that could go wrong did. You spilled your coffee all over your desk, staining half the documents you had been using. Your computer crashed three different times while you were in the middle of working. You don’t even want to think of how many times you dropped your keys while trying to go home.

All you really want is for Dick to hold you in his arms while you go to sleep tonight, but you know that won’t happen. When you walk in the apartment door, you immediately notice Dick’s notes back to you, and they bring a tired smile to your face.

When you open the fridge you see your note that says I love you now has a companion note that says Who wouldn’t love me? I’m amazing.

You roll your eyes and fix yourself a glass of water before walking to your bathroom to wash your face and change clothes.

You brighten my days! Your own handwriting greets you on the mirror.

Actually the sun does that but I’ll take the compliment. Dick’s blue sticky note is slapped haphazardly on yours and you snort at his technicality.

You walk out of the bathroom and open your dresser to pull out a pair of pajamas. As you’re rummaging in the drawer, another set of notes on top of the dresser catches your eye.

There is nothing better than waking up next to you. This was the note you had left on his nightstand next to his phone. It was the very first though you had this morning, and you felt like it needed to be the first thing he saw when he woke up.

You really are lucky aren’t you? Dick must have been in a particularly humorous mood this morning, because every note you’ve read so far has been wittier than normal.

“And you’re full of yourself.” You mutter aloud as if Dick is actually listening. You change clothes and walk over to your side of the bed. Normally you would watch tv or something, but today was so long and exhausting that you just want to sleep.

But when you reach the head of the bed, you notice another note on your pillow. A note that you had written as a side thought.

I miss falling asleep by your side.

Your heart sinks. He wasn’t supposed to see that. You must have left your note pad on your nightstand by accident this morning. You didn’t want him to feel guilty for working late. After all, his work is extremely important.

You turn your attention to Dick’s note and you furrow your brow in confusion.

Turn around.

You spin around to see Dick standing in the doorway with a bouquet of roses and a sly smile. “Dick.” You say his name with a soft exhale. This was unexpected.

“I’m full of myself, huh?” Dick raises an eyebrow and crosses the room to wrap an arm around your waist. “Did I surprise you?”

You look up at him with confusion. “Why are you here? Shouldn’t you be—”

“Working?” He cuts you off. “I miss watching you fall asleep with your head against my chest. And I miss your face being the first thing I see when I wake up. So the others will cover me tonight, and we’re both going to be sick tomorrow. How does that sound?”

You reach up and place your hands on either side of his face before standing on your toes to kiss him deeply. You cherish the taste of his lips and the softness of his hair, and the arm around your waist tightens as he pulls you closer to him. This is exactly what you need.

When you finally pull away, you look up at him with a soft smile.

“That sounds perfect.”

Endings & Beginnings

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Read Life & Death

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Word Count: 2030
Summary: Dean and the reader work to put the nightmares of The Sandman’s doing behind them. 

A/N: This is also my entry for Taylor’s 600 Follower Celebration! My prompt was “How happy are you?” If you’re not already following @impalaimagining, you’re wrong. 

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Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Title: Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Author: @jensen-jarpad

Characters: Sam x Daughter!Reader, Uncle!Dean

Word Count: 950

Warnings: None

A/N: This was written for Taylor’s 600 Followers Celebration (@impalaimagining) My prompt was “Is that a gun?”. I hope you guys like it!

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“Morning” - Dean mumbled, rubbing his eyes. - “What you doing?”

“Breakfast for dad… it’s his birthday!” - You raised an eyebrow at him and he nodded.

“I know it his birthday. What? Do you think I forgot?”

“You know I wouldn’t say that! But yes.”

“Aren’t you sassy?” - He chuckled - “Anyway… what you got your old man?”

You turned and walked towards him, eyes wide.


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It’s Gotta Be You- Sam Wilson x Reader(f)

Authors notes: This ones for my 600 follower celebration! Thanks so much Sam!! I recommend listening to the song while you read it lol give the fic a nice vibe to it.

Prompt: @themcuhasruinedme Kate, dear!! Congrats on your follower milestone ❤️ I’m gonna send you a song from ‘my boys’ (the Backstreet Boys) if that’s ok… the song is called “It’s Gotta Be You” and could you write it with Sam Wilson please? Thanks love!

Notes/Warnings: Implied drinking, Tons of making out lol

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Baby it’s the way you make me
Kinda get me go crazy
Never want to stop
It’s gotta be you 

 Sam wandered through the club with a grin on his face. He’d been watching you since you walked in the door. This was your Saturday routine. You, Nat and Wanda dropped all work at 5 pm, got dressed up and headed to this club for drinks and dancing by 10. You needed a break from being super and the three of you all agreed this was going to be the thing.

 Sam sipped on his beer as he watched you and Wanda dance together. The heavy beat keeping your heart rate up and the few drinks you’d already had allowing you to loose your concern for how people saw you. You swung your head from side to side sending your hair flying around you like a halo.

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Feb 5th 2016 I celebrated 600 followers by starting a new serious of my own choice. 

Today Feb 5th 2017 I have reached 6000 followers. 

Y’all are crazy for following me but it is much appriciated. I love you all. 

So today I celebrated by letting you pick my next series. I am a Dean!Girl through and through - so it is all Dean. Since I love a good AU they are all just that as well.

I will make a post in a bit to show you, your options. I will write if @bringmesomepie56 don’t kill me for this first :P

thanks to @chaos-and-the-calm67 @torn-and-frayed @percywinchester27 @mamapeterson @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog @nichelle-my-belle @blacktithe7 @deanxfuckingadorablexwinchester @mysupernaturalfics @bkwrm523 @ellen-reincarnated1967 @salvachester @aprofoundbondwithdean and all the amazing people I am forgetting cause I am so tired. I love you all. Tumblr wouldn’t be the same without you. You too Arie even if you kill me. 

You got knocked the f*ck out!

So, this is an imagine I wrote for my friends challenge!
@yellowtheremarvelfan celebrates 600 followers and I was happy to join!

Being said, there is not much information about this imagine, so enjoy it!

Words: 1321

Ever since the world went to shit, I had two constants in my life.
Shane and Daryl.
Since my brother apparently  didn’t survive his gun shot wound I only had them after THAT night.
The night, where the dead didn’t stay dead and became alive again.
Or something like that.

Anyways, Shane took care of me and my nephew Carl, as well as for his mom, Lori.
Shortly after that we met Carol and her family, as well as some other people.
Including Daryl and Merle Dixon.
Daryl Dixon.

Grumpy. Silent. Big Heart and mostly, undeniable hot.
But that’s just it.
The two of us never really got a chance to get to know each other better and now, settled in at the prison, I don’t want to make things any more awkward.

That was then and now I am busy otherwise.

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Flour Power- Sam Wilson x Reader(f)

Authors notes: This is the last request for my 600 Follower Celebration. Thanks so much Eliza!!

Prompt: Congrats on 600 followers 🎉💕Could you please write a drabble with Sam where they’re baking/cooking and it’s just really fluffy? Or if you don’t feel like that, maybe he takes her around New York for a day out? You can choose whichever you feel like writing 😊 I’m just in need of some fluffy Sam lol. And again, congtatsss!!! You totally deserve all the love and support ❤️ ~ Eliza

 Notes/Warnings: some anxiety, fluff

Originally posted by dailyteamcap

“Why do you have to do this?” Sam whined. He perched on the counter beside the sink and watched you grab item after item from the pantry.

 “Because,” You carefully placed the sugar, flour, eggs and vanilla extract on the granite surface. “I stress bake.”

 “Stress bake?” He grinned with raised eye brows, entertained at the thought. He swung his legs and his heels thudded against the cabinets beneath him.

 “Mhm.” You pulled out your cook book and flipped through the pages until you found the recipe you had in mind.

 “What’s got you stressed, babe?” He slid off the counter and stood behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist. He placed soft kisses on your neck and jaw and swayed gently from side to side.

 “Fury, contacted me.” You sighed.

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Hey all of you, I hope you’re having a great weekend so far, and I bring you my 600 followers celebration! I have just reached 600 followers (I can’t believe it either) and to thank you all for following my trash blog, I’ve decided to host a follower celebration! (offering blogrates, name aesthetics, hp aesthetics, make me chose edits and writing prompts!)

R U L E S ;

W H A T  Y O U  G E T ;

Send me two of the following: 

  • 🌟 for a blograte
  • ✨ for a name aesthetic, along with your prefered name
  • ⚡ for a hp aesthetic
  • two characters/ships (from hp) for a make me chose edit, or a prompt along with a character/ship for a short oneshot

F O R M A T  U N D E R  T H E  C U T ;

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{{ I got that one anonymous ask a little while ago that I hadn’t answered yet – “Mod and Teo body swap?” I think that celebrating my 600 followers is a great occasion to make your dreams come true. >3> }}

{{ Thank you so much everyone for putting up with Teo and me. Stay awesome ♥ }}