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[This is a long ass post so get ready to literally just hear me gush about meeting Jeremy Shada]

(the ginger boi in the photo is me, he made me laugh so I’m looking off camera)

Okay so here are all the details about me meeting Jeremy at MCM on Sunday for no reason other than I’m so fkin happy that it happened????

Before I met him I met KJ Apa from Riverdale, but tbh as great as many people say he is I’m way more bothered about Jeremy because I’m Voltron trash, Lance trash, Klance trash etc, so it was a huge thing for me! I mean i was in full Lance cosplay ffs :’) I also met my now-friend @mreblip in the que (I’ll untag you if you want but you’re awesome)

A few minutes before I got to actually meet and chat with Jeremy he was with this kid and he drew Finn for them and it was so adorable afl;jkfal

And when I finally got to meet him he was the????? nicest?????? person?????? Literally like, I know most celebrities would try and be cheerful when meeting fans but it all felt so genuine

I don’t remember much of what I said at first other than him saying “Nice cosplay!” and me saying that I was a massive fan of his and the show and he went “Aw thank you” and then I also mentioned that I liked Adventure Time and Student Body President (he looked really happy about the last one b/c I don’t think its as popular, and then he asked me where I watched it etc)

Then when I finally properly came out of my fanboy coma I asked about Keith and Lance scenes in Season 3 (if you’ve already read my other post then you know lmao) and he said there’d be a lot in the first half of Season 3 as they try and deal with Shiro being gone. And honestly the way he answered it was gr8 because he said it with so much respect etc? Its practically like I’d teleported into an SDCC panel and he was so respectful, sincere etc

Then he asked who my favourite character was and I said Lance, and he went “mine too, I love Lance because he’s got the funniest lines”. As he said this he wrote “Shut your quiznak” next to Lance in my Voltron graphic novel (And it feeds me that it was a klance line a;kk;lfk;lakf;l) then wrote his name and ““Lance” aka Ben”, then I asked for a hug and I walked off with a massive fkin grin

About 4 hours later I showed up for the photoshoot with Jeremy (I’d taken off the wig because MCM is fkin hot) and about ten off us got to stand inside the photo booth at a certain time which was 20 minutes after we were meant to, and literally as i got in he ran through the tarp on the other side :’)

When it was time to get the photo he recognised me from earlier (and I internally screamed) and he complimented my real hair colour (ginger) and my cosplay again, then he made me laugh by going “What a guy” right after he complimented the cosplay, and the photo guy decided that was the best idea to take the photo and not take any reshoots (Even though someone further through the cue had 3 reshoots???) so I’m looking off camera and grinning like an idiot :’) But tbh even if I’m not happy with how the photo turned out on my end, its still a rly happy fkin memory so I’ve lived with it

As I left he went in for a hug (aflajfl) then before I went back out of the photobooth I saw this amazing Lance cosplayer give him the rifle they made and he held it for the shot (which looked amazing because he legit looked like Lance, its on instagram on Jeremy’s tagged photos if you wanna see it)

His band Make Out Monday played at 3:30 aswell but I couldn’t find where they were playing ://// But still, I got to see him a whole bunch the other times so it wasn’t too bad

Theres literally no point to this post other than me gushing about how I got to meet one of my heroes, but like, yeah. If you can meet Jeremy at a con etc then definately do, because from what I can tell he’s a really nice, really genuine person ^^

Side note- I may/may not be meeting Steven Yeun on the 30th of July!!! (another con in London)

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A birthday that doesn't go as expected

Thanks for the prompt, my dear!  Here you go, @thewesternredcedar.  I hope you like this bit of nonsense.  xo

Summary:  It’s Jack’s surprise 30th birthday party, and the suit on his bed isn’t the only one everyone is going to see him wearing that day.  Also on AO3

Crisse de calice!” Jack yelled as Bitty ran behind him and begged him to stop.

“Happy birthday!” the crowd screamed when Jack entered the living room, and then immediately the cries died as everyone got one giant eyeful of Jack Laurent Zimmermann, naked as the day he was born.

That… was not how Jack expected his birthday to go that morning when he woke up.

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Anon Summary: In which the Reader holds ill feelings towards Leonard but is force to work with him until the Reader is kidnapped. Will Snart be able to find the Reader in time? What kind of fate awaits our Reader?

Anon request: Hiya!Reader and Snart are sworn enemies.But some reason they have to become a team.On the mission a psycho man kidnapps,strips and chains her to bed.When he was about to rape her Snart saves her because he loves her.Lots of smut pls.I❤your writing.

Warning: Smut, unprotected sex, creepy psycho and attempted rape.

Note: This story is in no way, shape, or form trying to glamour rape and this blog does NOT support rape. Thanks for reading.


It was suppose to be a easy mission. You and Barry were suppose to just catch a metahuman that has been trying to destroy the city but Zoom shows up, knocking you on to the ground and breaking Barry’s spine.

“Barry!” You call out in a panic as you watch your partner fall to the ground, not being able to move. Zoom soon press his foot down right out Barry’s spine, causing him to cry out in pain.

“Let this be a warning little fish, I am the fastest man alive. Not you’re precious savior Flash.” Zoom presses down harder on to Barry’s back, making him scream louder.

“Stop it!!” You yell, getting up and charging at him but before you can reach Zoom, he’s already picking you up by your throat. “The League is coming little fish. Be ready.” And with that, Zoom drops you and speeds off. Literally. You stare in the distance in fear of Zoom coming back but the sounds of Barry’s painful coughs brings your back. You quickly come over to him as he coughs up his own blood.

“Hang in there Barr. It’s going to be alright.” You say before getting a hold of Cisco and Caitlin. “Guys, you have to hurry down here quickly, Barry’s hurt.”  It does take long before Cisco comes in the S.T.A.R. labs van, helping you with Barry. You guys make it back to the lab just in time to get Barry checked out by Caitlin, “Well, his spine is broken but since he heals fast, he’ll be back on his feet in no time.”

“Barry’s out cold and that metahuman is still out there.” Cisco says while you come back in the room from keeping an eye on Barry.

“Did somebody say cold?” You, Caitlin, and Cisco turn towards the doorway and see none other then Leonard Snart a.k.a Captain Cold leaning against the door frame.

“Okay, we really need to get better security on them doors.” Cisco mumbles.

“What are you doing here Snart?” You ask in a harsh tone as Snart walks in, his hands in the pockets of his blue parka.

“I’m here for the kid.” He states, looking around. “And why is that?” You ask again. Snart looks you up and down before responding. “Barry owes me a favor and I came here to maked uses of that.” Snart says.

You cross your arms under your chest. “Barry won’t be doing any favors for a while, so you should come back another time.”

Snart shrugs a shoulder. “Can’t do that.”

“And why not?” You ask.

He shrugs again. “Don’t want to.”

“Barry’s been hurt Snart.” Caitlin steps in, noticing the annoyed look on your face. “Pretty badly actually, so Barry’s going to be spending his time healing.”
Snart’s silent for a moment, thinking about what he’s going to do next. “Fine then. You, girl with the sour face. You’ll have to take care of it then.” He points at you.

“And what makes you think I’ll help you?” You ask, feeling your fists balling up.

Snart looks at you. “Because, while the kid’s away you’re the second one in charge around here.” “Well, I wouldn’t call her second in charge but..” Cisco mumbles but Snart keeps going. “And whatever mess Barry makes, you guys clean it up. And guess what, the kid made a mess.” Leonard says.

You close your eyes and take a deep breath, counting to ten while you do before speaking. “And what mess is that Snart?”

Leonard starts walking around a little, looking around. He’s been in S.T.A.R. labs plenty of times but every time he comes in, he always checks his surroundings.

“Barry was suppose to be taking care of some..what do you call them? Metahumans?” He ask before turning and looking back at you. “But he didn’t, now some freak is roaming around and that’s bad for business.”

“You mean the business where you steal from people and do bad things for money?” You state but Snart just smirks. “No need to hang yourself up on the negatives.” He says, making you roll your eyes.

“Look, Barry’s out of it. If you just give him a couple of days then you can come back.” You state, looking at Snart.

Snart takes a deep breath before speaks. “You’re right. I’ll be around in a few days then.” He turns on his heels but once he reaches the doorway he comes back around. “Actually, if I do recall, I remember helping you out a couple of weeks ago.” He states, looking over at you with a smirk. “I think it’s time for you to repay your debt.”

You stare at Leonard Snart in shock for moment before thinking back to a few weeks earlier where you were on a solo mission because Barry had to help out team Arrow. There was a metahuman that could freeze his surrounding and with your powers to control water, it didn’t help that every time you tried to fire he’ll just freeze your attacks. Just when you thought all hope was lost, Snart steps in from out of nowhere. Ice vs ice, the fight seemed to drag out but it wasn’t until you and Snart combined your attack were you able to finally take the metahuman down.

You watch as Cisco and Caitlin put the metahuman in the pipeline when Snart comes up behind you. “Looks like you owe me one kid.” He says.

You look up at him with smirk. “Do I now? Because I could of sworn I helped you out too.”

Leonard cocks his head back before speaking. “Tell you what, why don’t we go out for some drinks to celebrate?”

You can’t help but smile. “I could go for a drink. But just one.”

When both you and Snart show up at Saints and Sinners, you expect just one drink but Snart orders a round of shots for you two and you couldn’t say no to the look on his face. He looked relaxed and stress free. You soon start taking shots after shots until you were a giggly bubbly mess. The bar did start to get crowed, causing you and Leonard at the bar top to talk closely. Even though he doesn’t say much in general, he was in a mood to talk and to you of all people. It wasn’t until you both leaned into each other on accident that your lips brushed up against one another. You both pulled back a bit quickly, staring at each other in surprise but neither of you moving. You soon felt one of his hands caressing against your cheek before pulling you back in and kissing you passionately on the lips.

It didn’t take long before you were both out of the bar and in a cab back to your place and once you got there, things started to heat up. Leonard had you out of your clothes in a matter of seconds and setting you on top of your kitchen table, you legs spread out and on his shoulders. He stripped off his parka and shirt before getting down on his knees, his lips kissing and nibbling on your inner thighs.

You moaned, know that it’s wrong to be hooking up with a criminal like Leonard Snart but you both knew that it was no going back after this.
Soon enough, he started devouring your pussy, causing you to cry out in pleasure. His lips sucking and nibbling over your swollen clit while he started to finger fuck you. You cry out loudly when you came, his name on your lips while your body shook in pleasure. Snart soon picks you up and carries you to your bedroom where he lays you down before he strips off the rest of his clothes, leaving himself naked and in full glory. You weren’t surprised when you saw Leonard’s full size, he had the whole package.

You were to busy admiring his size that you didn’t notice your hand stroking his member until you heard his deep moan. “I want you Lenny.” You whisper as you felt his lips on your neck.

“I want you too baby.” He whispered back as he slowly slides his thick hard member between your wet folds, stretching you to fit his size. You wrapped your legs around his waist to pull him in closer as he starts to thrust his hips in and out of you harder and harder, his roughness only turns you on even more.

Between your loud moans and his growling, you knew you’re next door neighbors were going to complain but you didn’t care because at this very moment, you were having the best sex of your life. It wasn’t until your nails were digging hard in his back and his hard thrusting that you were both cumming. Hard.

After a few moments of catching your breath and soft kisses, Leonard pulls himself out of you and lays back down on your side. You bite down on your lip to keep yourself from grinning from ear to ear. You look over at Leonard, seeing him laying back with his eyes closed and for a moment you think that he’s asleep.

You sit up slowly, about to get out of bed to change when you felt a hand on your arm stopping you. You turn to Snart, seeing him staring at you intensely.
You sigh, already having a feeling what he’s going to say.

“Lenny..” but he cuts you off. “Don’t. Just lay next to me.” He says, his voice deep and serious. You look at him in confusion before he speaks again. “Don’t think Y/N, just do what you feel is right.” He lets go of your arm before laying back and closing his eyes again. You stare at him for a moment, slowly taking in his appearance up close, notice how his brows furrow, even when he is laying back he’s still thinking. Or the faint laugh lines on his face.

You can help but smile a little while admiring him. “If you’re going to sleep naked, at let cover yourself up.” You say softly with a hint of humor while you bring your blankets over the two of you.

Leonard shrugs. “I like sleeping naked. Plus, it’s not like you didn’t just see all of me just a few minutes ago.” He says with a smirk on his face while he wraps an arm around you, pulling you closer to his side.

You can’t help but blush at the thought of Leonard Snart going home every night and sleeping out in the nude. “Oh shut up.” You say softly, laying your head down on his chest as you hear him chuckling a little, his finger tips messaging your head helps you fall asleep quickly.

It didn’t feel like you wete asleep for long until your alarm clock go off on your phone, waking you up so you reach over to shut it off you soon realized that you in your bed alone. You get out of bed quickly, changing into one of your S.T.A.R. lab t-shirts and shorts to go look around for Leonard.

“Lenny?” You call out, walking into your living room and kitchen. You phone vibrates with a text from Barry that he’s back in town and to meet him at S.T.A.R. labs. You quickly shower and change, expecting to Snart to be there when you got out but your heart sank when you finally realized that Leonard Snart left and he wasn’t coming back.

That was over two weeks ago and now here you are, on a mission with the same man who used you for sex. Snart was going over the plan when he noticed you zoning out.
“Y/N, do I need to go over the plan. Again?” He ask, you can hear the annoyance in his voice and it only pisses you off even more.

“No, I don’t care about your plan. In fact, I can take this metahuman on by myself actually so you are not needed.” You state, grabbing your gear to head out.

Before you could head out, Snart grabs your arm, stopping you. “We need a plan to stop this guy Y/N.” He states firmly but you don’t listen.

You pull your arm away quickly from his grip. “We..” you point between both you and Snart. “Don’t need anything. Like I said, I can take this guy on myself without your help so just stay out of my way.” You shove passed Snart and quickly turn to rush out of S.T.A.R. labs, both Cisco and Caitlin calling out to you.

Out on your own, you quickly find out where the metahuman from earlier is hiding out at. Before Zoom came in, you and Barry were easily handling the meta. ‘This will be a piece of cake..’ You think to yourself but soon you feel a pain on the back of your head before your vision went black.

When you finally came too, a bright light on the ceiling disturbs your vision before you’re able to focus on your surrounds. When you try to move your hand to your pounding head, you find it chained to a rail above your head.

“What the hell!?” You test your legs, finding them chained up as well. You start to struggling, using your powers to try and break through but they don’t break and soon, the sound of a door opening stops you.

“Oh, you’re awake.” You hear a polite voice speaking. You turn you’re you head towards the voice before seeing a tall middle-age with thick framed glasses comes into view.

“Who are you?” You ask weakly, you vision still a little blurry from being knocked out. The man walls over towards you before sitting down at the end of the bed.

“You’re at my home.” He states calmly, not answering your question while he gestures around the room and you follow. Noticing the dark red painted walls and vintage style painted hanging from it. You also noticed to your left side large tanks with lizards inside them and their heat lamps.

'No wonder is was so hot in here..’ You think to yourself.

“I’m sorry, I’m being extremely rude here. My name is-”

“Lizard man.” You say, looking at the metahuman you and Barry were fighting earlier which is the name Cisco gave to you two. The man pauses for a second, as if he’s processioning what you said.

“You know, that’s what they used to call me back in college.” He says in a low tone. “All my peers, laughing at me.” He soon gets up from the bed and head back over to the door and opening it. You hear to other voices from where you’re staying at before he comes back, locking the door behind him. He comes back over and sits back down. “I used to hate when they called me that.” He starts again. “I don’t know why. My lizards, they’re like my family.”

You look at him as if he’s grown two heads. 'This guy can’t be serious..’
“I don’t know which one is worse. Your own family calling you a freak or the guys bullying and torturing you.” He stops, thinking. “Or the girls. I think they were the worst. Always laughing at me..” He clenches his jaw. “Yeah, they were the worst, laughing at me , setting me up only to play me in the end for their own amusement. But now that I got this power, they’re not laughing now.” He lets out a dark chuckle before turning his attention towards you.

You didn’t notice it before but it wasn’t until you felt his cold hand on your thigh that were naked. You struggle against the chains, trying to move away from him. “They’re not laughing now..” He mumbles as he continues caressing your naked skin.

“When we fought earlier, I knew you different from all those other girls from my past.” He says, a faint blush on his cheeks. “Even before then we I bumped into you. Instead of being mean, you helped me up. It was your smile..” He whispers, moving up on the bed until you were face to face. “And your scent.” He soon leans in, smelling your hair. “You were so nice to me, Y/N.”

His hands soon start moving over your body slowly, “but I was so nervous and scared to talk to you that I had to follow you. I’m sorry.” He whispers in your ear, causing you to shake in discomfort. “And then I saw that you were just like me. You had powers to, just like me and I just knew that you were the one and the only way I knew you would talk to me is if I got your attention-”

“So you blew up a park!?” You ask, still struggling against your restrains. “There were innocent people there!”

“I know and I was going to apologize but your friend, the Flash came attacking me.” He says. “I’m just as upset as you are. All I wanted to do was talk to you..”

“And you thought kidnapping and chaining me to a bed was a good idea?” You narrow your eyes at him but he shakes his head. “I know you’re upset.” He soon gets off the bed and start stripping out of his clothes. Once he’s down, he lays down next to you, stroking your face while you try to struggle harder.

“I know you’re upset Y/N, but I’ll make it up to you..” He whispers and you feel his lips kissing on your cheek and over your face before moving down to your neck. You struggle harder but the more you do, the more turned on he seems to get. 'I don’t have enough energy to fight back against this creep..’ You think to yourself, feeling your own tears starting to well up in your eyes, feeling helpless. ' me..’

Just as he grabs your face you both hear the sounds of gun shots outside the room. He quickly lets go of your face and gets off you. Soon the gun fire stops and stands up confused. “Anthony? Jefferson?” He calls out and you assume he’s calling out to his bodyguards from outside the room. While his back is turned you try getting out of the chains he trapped you in, not noticing the door freezing to the point that it breaks, knocking into Lizard man. The loud crash brings your attention to the noise and you see Mick Roy and Weather Wizard walking in.

“Mick?” You look at him in surprise as he spots you.

“Y/N. Captain, she’s in here!” He calls back over his shoulder and soon enough, Leonard Snart walks in and seeings you chained up on the bed, naked. He makes his way over to you. “Y/N, are you alright?” He ask.

Your eyes start to well up with tears again before shaking your head. “Just get me out of these things.” You say, your voice shaking as the emotions of the situation start to hit you.

Snart doesn’t say anything else as he looks around him before spotting and grabbing the key to get you out. Once you’re let free, you throw your arms around Leonard before he hugs you back. He takes off his parka and puts it around you before picking you up bridal style to carry you out of the room.

“What about Lizard man?” You ask, watching Mick and Weather grabbing him. “Are you going to take him back to S.T.A.R. labs?” You ask.

Snart shakes his head. “Well handle him the rogue way.” He replies. You look up at him for a moment before leaning your head on his chest and closing your eyes. Snart takes you back to place, this being the first time ever being there.

He looks over your wounds and cleaning them for you, letting you shower alone which is where you cry not only for yourself but for all the other girls Lizard man probably hurt. Once you’re done with your shower, you step out, seeing a pair of fresh clothes left out for you and you change into the long sleeve black shirt and grey boxers, his clothes fitting big on you.

You walk out of the bathroom and find Snart sitting on the couch in the living room. You look around, noticing a lot of fine art hanging on the wall and the nice decor in the room. As if sensing you, Leonard stands up, looking at you. “How are you feeling?”

You shrug your shoulders, wrapping your arms around yourself. “Could be worst.” You reply. “Thanks for the clothes.” You give him a small smile as he comes over to you.

Leonard grabs a hold of you and gently pulls you into a hug. “Don’t ever go out on your own again.” He says and you stand there in shock for a second, wanting to enjoy this moment with him but all you can think about is when he used you.

“Don’t talk like you actually care about me..” You say. Leonard pulls back from you a bit, his hands placed on your shoulders as he stares at you confused.

You smile sadly to yourself. “Don’t play dumb with me Snart. You know what I’m talking about.” You say, looking away.

Leonard looks at you for a moment before sighing, rubbing a hand over his face. “Y/N, that was an accident.”

You shake you’re head. “It’s fine Snart, you don’t have to explain anything to me.”

“No, Y/N that’s not what I meant. What I meant was…I’m a criminal. I do bad things to people. I hurt people Y/N.” He states boldly, causing you to look up at him. “I’m afraid my actions are going to hurt the people I love and if tonight taught me anything it’s that I don’t want you to get hurt Y/N.” He says, his hand coming to the side of your face, feeling his thumb brush against your cheek. “You’re too good for me. To important for me to ruin your life.”

You’re silent for a moment before speaking, “but that shouldn’t be an excuse for you to just leave me like that.” You say, feeling your heart beating fast that you were sure he can hear it.

“Would you have honestly been happy if I stayed? Knowing that your friends would of found out?” He ask and for a while you’re stuck. What would of happen if he was there when you woke up that morning? Knowing yourself, you would of freaked out because you slept with Leonard Snart, the only enemy that team Flash can’t seem to get rid of and if they would of found out, things would of been bad. But still..

“I don’t care what other people think.” You state. “Over a year ago I would of cared but after having my whole world turned upside down, wondering about what people say or think is the last thing on my mind.” You look up at Snart, seeing him smirk before leaning up, pressing his lips against your gently.

“You sure about this, because once you’re with me it’s going to be hard to get rid of me.” He says and you can’t help but smile.

“Trust me, I’ve been trying for a year. I think I’m getting used to it.” You says back before kissing Leonard Snart again, and this time, you’re not shit drunk or full of regrets.


Before I get started, I’d just like to say… *runs quickly before ducking under a desk* Please don’t stone me. I promise, I’ll do better in the next one I swear it!!

The Gift For You | Suga

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Yoongi has many sides to him which is what attracted you to him in the first place. He’s been doing a good job as a boyfriend these past few years until on your birthday he doesn’t give you the usual attention you’re used to.

Word Count: 2k

Angst, Fluff

The clock finally hits 12:00 A.M. I am now a whole year older. Once I finish up the show I was watching by myself in the living room, I decide to call it a night.

I enter my bedroom where my boyfriend, Yoongi, is dead asleep in our bed. I wasn’t expecting him to cheer and sing happy birthday to me since he’s not that enthusiastic, especially when he’s tired. I’m not usually into celebrating my birthday but every year Yoongi always spends the whole day with me. No matter the schedule. Aside from his cold exterior and fuzzy inside, I loved that about him.

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EXO Reaction: You’re the new girl and you have a “bad girl” image

Chanyeol: You and your girl group were debuting tonight. Surprisingly, you were the “bad girl” of the group, and you definitely looked the part. Dark clothes, dark makeup, dark hair. Every picture, you had a slight smirk etched onto your face. However, that wasn’t entirely you, and everyone in the company could see that. Especially Chanyeol. Though he absolutely loved when you smirked as you walked by- it drove him absolutely crazy- he also loved the girl behind the look. 


“Yeah, Chan?”

“Good luck tonight!” 

You smirked. “Thanks, Chan.” 

Turning and walking away, you missed the slight blush that crept onto his cheeks and the way he admired your figure as you walked away.

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D.O.: He wasn’t sure what to think. You and your girl group would be debuting right after EXO performed and his eyes couldn’t leave you as you laughed and smiled. How did you look so dark, yet act so happy? Nonetheless, he couldn’t help but feel his heart speed up every time you listened to someone talk. Your face would go stony as you listened, completely concentrated on the person addressing you. To put it simply, he found it hot. Very hot. 

“Yah! Soo! Stop staring at Y/N for five minutes and pay attention to the change in choreography.” 

“Yeah, Yixing… okay. Sounds good.” 

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Sehun: Oh man okay here we go. He would be so in love with your image. Honestly, he’d be sneaking small glances at you as soon as you got on stage to practice for the company concert. His eyes wouldn’t leave you during the entire performance. When the choreographer came over to talk to you about possibly changing a move because he felt it didn’t fit with the song, your face became very serious as you nodded your head, absorbing every word he said. That would turn Sehun on to no end. That boy would not miss the chance to flirt with you. However, the flirting would be a little awkward at first because Sehun would be so nervous to talk to you. After a couple of attempts to get you to reply to him, he’d finally get something out of you.

“Hey Y/N. Do you want to play a game?”

You’d sigh, finally giving in to his flirting, even though you secretly loved it. “Sure, Sehun. What game.” 

“Let’s play Titanic. You be the iceberg and I’ll go-”


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Baekhyun: This boy would waste no time flirting with you. He would absolutely love the look and honestly, he would be a little jealous of how much better your eyeliner was than his. He’d probably try to convince you he was the bad boy of EXO, which would cause you to roll your eyes. He’d be watching you during the performance and would see just how bad you could be. After the concert, he would come up to you and compliment you, finally getting the courage to ask for your number.

“You know, Y/N. If you ever want to be bad, come find me.” 

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Lay: Lay would have wanted to talk to you ever since he knocked you down. It sounds a lot worse than it was. Lay had been walking into the dorm when you were walking out. Though you were only the new girl, SM had decided your bad girl image could help in EXO’s new music video. As you were leaving after the meeting, Lay was walking into the dorm, back from a shopping trip as it was his week to get the groceries for EXO. He hadn’t been paying attention and had slammed directly into you, knocking you flat on your butt. His momentum had carried him forward and he’d landed on top of you, groceries spilling everywhere, his chest pressed against your face. 

Now, you and your girl group were finished performing your debut song and coming off stage. Lay realized this was his chance to apologize and ask for your number. 

“Hello, I am Yixing and I am very sorry for knocking you over please forgive me I think you are very pretty and your image is very intimidating I MEAN I LIKE IT it’s different and I just wanted to know if I can get your number and maybe take you on a date and if not that’s okay and-”

“Here’s my number. I’m looking forward to that date.” 

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Xiumin: Being one of the oldest, your image wouldn’t intimidate him so much as turn him on. He’d been watching you practice before the company concert in a tight black dress and he couldn’t help but watch the end of it inch up your thighs and cup your butt. You didn’t care; you had spandex shorts on underneath it purely because the dress liked to inch up. But Xiumin didn’t know that. All of the boys noticed him giving you the once-over as you walked past them off of the stage. They all told him to get your number and, finally, he went up to you.

“After the show tonight, do you think I could take you out to celebrate? If your practicing is showing me anything, it’s that you’ll be amazing tonight. Why not celebrate perfection?” 

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Kai: You image had already caught his eye, and your dancing had made him fall in love with you. Not just that, but the way you acted the part of a bad girl. It was amazing. Just as there was a noticeable difference between Kai and Jongin, there was a noticeable difference between “Bad Girl Y/N” and “Y/N”. He couldn’t help but smile as he watched you, and he was planning on getting your number. Now if only he could get the courage to manage that…

Turns out, he didn’t have to get the courage. After three hours of Kai staring at you, you hoped you were picking up on actual signs and decided to ask Kai for his number.

“Here’s my number. Please, use it.”

You left him a blushing, giddy mess. 

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Suho: Suho would be so into your look. Bad girl with an amazing voice and amazing dancing skills? Sign him up. He’d be a little less noticeable about his crush on you than some of the others would be, but his members would still pick up on it. The way he watched your every move when you performed. The way a small smile made its way onto his face when you laughed. The way he shifted when your gaze landed on him. Though everything he did was subtle, he was definitely into you. It was a total surprise to you when he came up to you. Though you had been doing everything you could to get him to notice you, you didn’t think he’d even realized you were crazy about him. But you were about to find out he was even crazier about you than you were about him.

“Hello, Y/N. I am EXO’s Suho. Welcome to the family. Would you like to go out for dinner with me, to celebrate your debut?” 

You nodded and Suho was so relieved he hugged you before pulling away shuffling his feet before handing you his phone, indicating he wanted your number. After you’d given it to him, he smiled shyly and turned away to hide the grin inching its way onto his face. 

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Chen: At first, Chen wouldn’t be too into the look. He thought the image was who you were and that was why SM had chosen to give it to you. However, in the months of training, he’d gotten to see different sides of you. You and your girl group were only given four months before your debut to train. It was an insane task, but somehow you’d managed, with only three mental breakdowns. Chen had been there to comfort you your first breakdown. You’d been so embarrassed; you didn’t even personally know this hot adorable guy and suddenly he had his arm around you. However, Chen was grateful he’d found you during your mental breakdown. As odd as it sounded, it had been the thing to make him fall in love with you. Still, he loved to tease you about how little time you had to prepare.

“You know, Y/N, if you mess up, my arms will always be open.”

“No they won’t Chen.”

“I’m serious Y/N. I was ju-”

“No, I mean they will be crossed over your chest. Stop making me nervous asshole.” 

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Luhan: Luhan is manly. He would LOVE your image. To be blunt, it would turn him on. His only problem would be getting to know you. Sure, he always saw you around, but you were always surrounded by people, whether it be some of your members, choreographers, vocal coaches, or friends. He finally got his lucky break when you went to get your makeup done for your debut. Luhan ran after you to reach you before you disappeared into the dressing room. Tapping your shoulder, you jumped, turning. As you turned, his fingers brushed against your exposed skin on your stomach. He pulled back and looked down, shrugging his shoulders before looking up at you again and smiling sweetly. 

“I apologize for scaring you. You are just so beautiful and I wanted to wish you luck with your performance tonight. Please, come find me afterwards.” 

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Tao: Tao would act like a complete dork around you. Your image had defiantly caught his attention, and he was going to let you know that. For weeks before your debut he’d been trying to get your attention, whether it was through his dancing or rapping or even his style. He’d heard you say in passing that you loved when guys rolled up the sleeves on button down shirts. The next day, you’d never guess what he wore. He thought you hadn’t noticed him, but you had. Of course you had. He was absolutely hot adorable, and you could see the effort he put into getting you to notice him. Finally, he got up the courage to try to talk to you, though it didn’t go exactly as planned, as he kept stumbling over his words and blushing.

“Wow, okay, can I start over?”

You laughed. “Of course.”

“Can I have your number?”

“See! That was easy. Here.”

“I know it was easy. I just wanted to make you feel more comfortable.” 

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Kris: Totally. His. Style. He would low-key stalk you until he finally got up the courage to flirt with you. Kris is such a flirt. He’d try to be cool and wow you with terrible pick up lines. You’d find it amusing and even start to write down in a notebook all of the pick up lines he told you. Some of your favorites were: 

Are you Google? Because you have everything I’m searching for.

I went to the doctor today he said I was lacking in vitamin u.

I lost my teddy bear, will you sleep with me instead? 

Finally, he got the courage to simply ask for your number.

“Did you finally run out of pickup lines?”

“No, I figured it was time to stop playing games and just ask the girl of my dreams out.”

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Request something! 

Ex-Aid is over *sobs* And I think I need to draw something to celebrate it.

Kamen Rider Ex-Aid is the first KR show I’ve ever watched. I still remember that I started watching it when episode 5.. or 4 had just come out, and was finally dragged in this new hell. It was strange at first as I had only watched Super Sentai prior to it, but the show caught my interest immediately.

I have never thought that I would have a crazy crush on a singer or actor, now Dan the man /Iwanaga Tetsuya is my husbando and no one is gonna stop me loving him.

While watching Ex-Aid, I’ve also watched Den-O, Gaim, OOO (and the first episode of Ghost). Den-O finished, Gaim dropped, OOO still has some episodes left to finish. 

I’m glad that I’m into this fandom.

So let’s excite!

🦄🦄NEW VIDEO!!🦄🦄 watch it here:
“I know this may be old news to some of you, but the day is finally here!!! I AM LEGALLY FEMALE AND LEGALLY KADENCE!!!!! I am legally ME!!!!😍😍😍 Words cannot describe how happy I am and how blessed I feel to even be able to write this post❤️ Seeing Kadence Pinder and Female on my birth certificate, ID, Social Security card, Debit/Credit Cards and all legal documents has literally changed my life. I know some of you might not get how much of an impact pieces of paper would have on someone, but just seeing my name and seeing female next to it makes me feel validated and feel like I’m finally recognized for the woman I am… and that’s pretty hard for a transgender woman to feel. This is seriously such a huge achievement and milestone for me and I’m SO glad I can celebrate it with all of you💙💙 I go more into depth about it in my video, so go watch it and show your love and support by hitting the Subscribe button!! I love you all❤️ #KadencePinder”

A Walk In The Park - Chapter Five

Disclaimer: Fiction.

Warnings: Drugs, booze, sex!

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Notes: Lemme know if there any mistakes and I’ll fix them. <3

Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four

Chapter Five

The best part about drugs is that they can make you feel like you’re on cloud nine. I took a hit of the joint, leaning my head back against the couch. I wasn’t feeling any better.

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Stuck With Me - Part 3

Catch Up Here

Sam x Reader (Soooooooon)

Words: 900ish

A/N: Remember that time I said I was updating Monday? Well fuck schedules, I like this part so you’re getting it now. This one’s a little short, but the next one is like twice as long so it evens out, right? It still doesn’t make sense to me that you guys are liking this so much but I love you for it. Thank you for all the feedback!!!


It had been three months since Y/N had moved. Life had been as close to perfect as she could remember it ever being. She was happy. Not just content. Actually happy. Whether it was the change of scenery, being with her grandmother or the divorce was unclear. Honestly, she didn’t care. For once, the why’s didn’t seem to matter.

“We are going out to celebrate this young lady. That’s final. I don’t know why you even argue with me. You know there’s no chance you’re going to win.”

“Grandma. It just seems tacky to go out and actively celebrate my divorce being final. Why don’t we just stay here? We can have some wine, watch old movies? That’d be plenty of celebrating for me.”

She knew there was no shot winning this one. Her grandmother was 100% right about that. It’s not often you win against an 80-year-old woman who’d grown very used to getting her way.

“You feel better now that you said all that?”


“Wonderful!” Now, go put on something that shows a little more cleavage. You my dear were blessed with my bosom, and it was such a good bosom. Hooked your grandpa that’s for sure. Go on shoo! Hang ‘em high and let ‘em fly!”

Beyond shaking her head Y/N didn’t bother responding. She simply turned around and headed up the stairs to her room.

Just as she was clasping her last necklace she was heard her grandmother yelling up the stairs that their ride was here.

“Ride?” Y/N asked herself before shaking her head and heading down the stairs. In general, it was easier to just question as little as possible when it came to her grandma.

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Life Swap Chapter 8

Hi guys! Hope everyone is doing well! Here is chapter 8! I saw all of Shawn’s birthday party post and it makes me want to write something about a drunk Shawn. Who seems so fun by the way! Only if we could all party with him. Anyways im super pumped cause i’m seeing him next week. So i’ll probably post chapter 9 next weekend! Hope you all enjoy and if any of you are going to see his shows have sooo much fun!

Chapter 8

           My eyes flicker open, to the sound of the TV playing in the background. I try to move but I didn’t realize that Shawn was using my body as a pillow. He looks so peaceful when he is asleep. The blanket is snuggled up to his chin and his hand gentle placed around my leg like it’s a pillow.

           I find my phone which is shoved inside the couch cushions. I just look through while Shawn is sleeping so I don’t wake him up. Since I had no service yesterday, none of my messages were received, so I didn’t bother to look at my phone. The red circle by my messages read the number seventy five. I never get this much attention but I have a ton group chats which always adds up when you don’t keep up.

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Do you think that the Simpsons are kind of trash now, no hate? Like after the 90s it's been going downhill as everyone says? Basically, do you still tune in to the new episodes / enjoy it? This topic always makes me sad because the Simpsons represent a golden era of America and to know that it's dying is just sad

I do agree that after season 9, the show deteriorated in quality, it has been lazy at times, relying on ‘Jerkass Homer’ gags and cameos that don’t work out for the show or celebrity it focused on (Seriously, did you notice what happened to NSYNC, Mel Gibson, Lady Gaga etc RIGHT after they played a central role on the show?) But, when watching the seasons prior to and following The Simpsons Movie I think the writers have finally decided that the ‘golden era’ is past and are rebuilding rather than attempting to mirror it.

And i say the way things are now is as pleasing and entertaining as it can be after so many years and I do enjoy it still.


Hello, readers, and welcome to our final week of the season! To celebrate, we’ll be sharing Famous Finales all week long, and I’m up first! I hope you’ll forgive me for going very nostaglic here… I spent the afternoon yesterday celebrating the end of the year with my Opera Workshop teens, and we found ourselves watching old videos, including some from the very first year of our workshop, when they learned the second act of Mozart’s Le Nozze di Figaro, including this epic finale. This piece is close to my heart, and always such a revelation for young singers, especially. Though I know this piece inside and out, it never fails to show me something new every time.

We hope you’ll enjoy the week! Much more to come! - Melinda Beasi
Emmys: ‘Homeland’ Hero Rupert Friend Revisits Quinn’s Sacrifice
'Homeland' fan favorite Rupert Friend discusses Peter Quinn's full journey in our latest Emmy Talk.

YAHOO: I think a lot of fans felt very angry that we didn’t get to see Quinn’s memorial service. That letter is the only thing that really gives us a bit of what that would have been like, a bit of closure.

RUPERT: I haven’t watched Homeland at all, but we watched the finale, like a respectful thing to do for Quinn, actually. [My wife] Aimee and I watched it as sort of a sendoff, and it was a bit jarring that nobody showed us how anyone celebrated this guy, the few people that knew him. As he says in the letter, “Don’t put a star on the wall for me, don’t say some dumb speech.” Then I think, “Okay, so how did these few people, who are not allowed to publicly celebrate him, remember him privately? What did they do? Did they go somewhere magical and special and sacred to him, and did they say some words? Did they pour a little whiskey on the ground? What happened?”

I missed that, and then afterwards, no one spoke about him. Carrie didn’t speak, Saul didn’t speak, Dar didn’t speak. Then I started thinking, “Hang on a second. If we didn’t see his body, no one checked his pulse…” Do you know what I mean? I’m like, “Maybe they dragged the President out of the car, took her to a safe place, and then what we don’t see is that they pulled Quinn out of the car and rushed him away.” He was only shot in the shoulders. Do you know what I mean? I was like, “Oh, I don’t know. Now, I’m going to feel really stupid giving all these death interviews.”

BTS Reaction to their S/O being in Jay Park’s Mommae video.

|| I’ve been obsessed with the song so might as well write a lil something. ||

Your boyfriend had been scrolling through videos on Youtube and just by chance came across Jay Park’s Mommae video, during the viewing he happened to notice a certain someone in the video. You. 

Rap Monster - He would be slightly offended that you hadn’t told him, I mean, it would probably have been a big deal for you and you didn’t tell him? If you explained that you were embarrassed or that you didn’t even know if you’d make the final cuts, he would easily forgive you.. As long as you showed him some moves. 

Want to show me some of those moves again? *wink*” 

Originally posted by baebsaes

Jin - Despite his initial embarrassment over watching the video, he’d be super proud of you for dancing in the music video, maybe offer to celebrate with sweets. He’d just be curious as to why you didn’t tell him sooner. 

Originally posted by gnoid

Suga - He did not know you could move like that, so seeing you dancing in such a way, he’d be shocked but also happy that you made it into a video, happy to see you doing something you love. 

Originally posted by jjungkook

J-Hope - He would be over the moon about you making it into a bigger production like Jay Park’s video, he would be screaming and jumping; so happy and proud of you.

That’s my girl!!” 

Originally posted by jiminb

V - Taehyung would definitely be happy for you, he’d probably have a reaction similar to J-Hope’s. He’d be jumping around but then he’d stop to inquire exactly when you had learned to do that. 

Originally posted by jeonsshi

Jimin - Jimin may or may not be jealous that you were dancing like that around someone like Jay Park. He really just wished it were him. He would try and hide his jealousy but you’d figure it out and inquire as to why he was acting like this.

i just don’t get why you had to dance like that with him.”

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Jungkook - He would be very flustered at first, but quickly that would subside and his pride would be showing. He would probably make jokes about it, possibly even dirty innuendos over your parts in the video. 

Originally posted by sehuns-bubblebum

Despite all of their reactions- They would all be very proud over something that you did on your own without their help, they’d be happy you were following something you wanted to do.

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13, 20 & 36

13: Talk about the first time you had sex/how you imagine your first time.
I’m talking about my first consensual time as to not scar any of you!
It was July 4th weekend, and his parents were going to the States to celebrate, leaving him alone in the house. He invited me and our other friend over. I walked there, and showed up at like 11am, knowing full well I was spending the night. We played video games for a while, then he started tickling me. We had this big tickle fight until he finally stopped and just laid there, his forehead pressed on mine, staring into my eyes. Our lips just touched, when our other friend showed up. So we let him in, and the three of us played video games and cards and watched movies. Our other friend was pretty open about his sexuality and stuff and was like “we would be more comfortable in our underwear” which yea, we would be. So the three of us spent the rest of the afternoon in our underwear. At one point, the three of us were cuddling on the chair, the other friend was like under my best friend and I, and then my best friend’s hand started slowly going up my thigh. Not to get too graphic, but no joke, he fingered me without our other friend knowing as we were laying on him (yikes). Around 11pm, our other friend left, and my best friend and I cuddled on the couch and then realized we were too handsy so went to bed. We were laying in his bed and he was like “So…” and then I just grabbed his dick and started jerking him off. And the rest just came naturally. There was no awkward first time or bumping heads or nervousness. We just fell apart in each other’s arms and went at it till like 3am. We did giggle a lot though, so maybe we were a little nervous. The Moon made his skin look like porcelain. 

20: Talk about something that happened in high school.
I took this really really hot nude, and was showing a friend while in business class. Like, I looked like I belonged in a VS advertisement. If I can find it, I’ll show y’all. Anyway, so I’m showing this photo off, when the business teacher walks by. He grabs my phone and says “Stop distracting other pe…. Oh my.” So I grabbed it back from him, face redder than red, and was like “Hot, right?”

36: Talk about your guilty pleasures.
*nervously hides Warrior Cat books under my bed* I don’t…. I don’t know what you are talking about. 

Thank you for asking!!

Ask me questions from this list!


Cold War Part 1

Warning the following analysis of the show will all be occurring SUBTEXT that means that it won’t be obvious to notice on the surface, however I will try my utmost to show you how it is being shown by providing quotes and scenes where you may notice what’s going on. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED, don’t come back and tell me that they never SHOWED IT or never SAID ANYTHING because it’s the actions that are subtext and will have more meaning but I promise you it’s great.

Episodes needed for re-watch for this part

Girl Meets Communism

Girl meets Texas Part 3

Girl meets Bear

Girl meets I do

Girl meets Sassy Halter Top

Girl meets Ski lodge part 1 and 2

Girl meets money,

Girl meets I am Farkle

World of Terror 1

Girl meets Legacy

The first guidelines about the cold war is from 1945, where each of the known countries were celebrating the end of World War 2. America had now finally come back and was recuperating and earning back their power country status and USSR had finally made it to being a power country after the War had ended due to their participation in the World War. They had managed to have gotten back everything they had lost in the world war to Germany. However there was a new change for the position in leadership. The USSR had changed presidents/dictatorship which had caused a scare in America about the taking over of the other countries and turn it into a communist state. This is what started it all, by some actions made by each country it became a competition to outdo the other and then it led to fear of another world war looming, in the middle of this cold war, other countries achieved independence and fought with each other, civilly, and this led to more fears of other countries joining however one civil war between a country led to the splitting with USSR and America, this country was Korea in girl meets world, that represents the very villain of gmw, which is BMW Assumptions, same as the wicked witch of the west represents BMW assumptions as well.

However that is later on in the events of the war foreshadowing. First of all let’s deal with the beginning. Which as you can see begins right after ski lodge and the first event occurs a bundle. Both I do, Sassy halter top and Bear all is linked with what occurs in subtext in the timeline of the cold war.

In particular, American officials encouraged the development of atomic weapons like the ones that had ended World War II. Thus began a deadly “arms race.” In 1949, the Soviets tested an atom bomb of their own. In response, President Truman announced that the United States would build an even more destructive atomic weapon: the hydrogen bomb, or “superbomb.” Stalin followed suit.

So as said before, there was an outdoing war between both countries which involved the development of the nuclear weapons, In terms of GMW this may be foreshadowing that both Farkle and Riley may have to outdo the other In terms of feelings, once she realises. This event will be explained later in my third post I think. But for now…

In ski lodge the foreshadowing of the weapon was used In Mayas fantasy, the first sign that it would affect both Farkle and Riley, is Farkle warning not to reveal the weapon behind the curtain. Sounding aggravated he points and warns both Lucas and Maya to not open the curtain (Michael Jacobs inadvertently telling the audience that he’s not ready to pull the curtain yet in reference to wizard of oz.) but also the fear that the weapon would kill them all. This was due to Riley coming in uninvited and taking over Mayas fantasy, which also shows that she knows about the weapon that’s going to appear. Because the wire is also red that’s needed to cut it, which is a Riley colour, this means that the weapon will be involved with Riarkle, heck it’d even involve the feelings of Riarkle being the weapon, actually that would make sense that the Fear of Riley’s feelings would cause an issue with the show, would occur after the curtain is pulled back. The idea in the scene was that Riley was the one in control of the purple cat world, she is the owner of the weapon. With the quote as she stares at Maya “I know what the weapon is and you aren’t it” That was clarification that although Maya is ironically named the “Bomb” she isn’t the thing that everyone including Riley and Farkle are scared of that is behind the curtain. Using Wizard of oz. analogies, we know that behind the curtains is how the wizard shields his true form, which is just a man who lies about having powers and had manage to acquire knowledge about using technologies to seem advanced when he’s not. Linking that to GMW that means that whatever is behind the curtain is similar to a façade, however due to it being able to “KILL THEM ALL”, the façade would come in a form of feelings that affects everyone’s perceptions including ‘Dorothy’ perceptions of the “Wizard”

The question being what the ‘Wizard’ is supposed to represent? Thoughts have been released that the wizard may have a double meaning/representation. Whilst on one hand the Wizard could actually represent the man himself Cory Matthews giving advice on how to kill the wicked witch, the Wizard may just represent the façade of the concepts of Corpanga being the one and only ‘true’ love. However for me I would agree with both. In terms of ski lodge however for me the bomb behind the curtain represents the wizard as the concept instead of Cory Matthews.

So we have that the wizard has to represent the idea of the concept of Corpanga being that the first person you end up dating is your first true love. So that means that of course, that the way the concept can be revealed is by ‘Toto’ pulling the curtain and revealing that the wizard is a fraud. Which could involve the idea of Riley discovering more information about feelings and love. Thus it would make sense that the Bomb behind the curtain in ski lodge is of course representing Riley’s feelings for someone and since she’s afraid it’d kill everyone when revealed it means that the feelings has to be for someone she’s hiding it for which is of course Farkle.

It’s not just Riley who’s also scared about the impending countdown, also Farkle who seems on edge about actually revealing of those feelings is the one who’s actually trying to prevent that from happening. The first reason being actually explained in girl meets Farkle’s choice. Which is the most important detail the show focuses on, the one thing the show is all about. Rilaya’s friendship. As shown in the pilot, the one thing that is goanna be permanent, that the show and the characters will try to preserve is the friendship that is Rilaya. So as mentioned before Farkle also is one of those characters who are determined in preserving the idea that Rilaya needs to be saved. Heck it’s even the reason he managed to catch Riley’s eye in the first place. The first thing he confirmed was that using his brain, he will be able to love both of them EQUALY.  So how is this linked to Farkle’s choice? Well that’s the deal, In Farkle’s choice the world changes and offers Farkle an opportunity to be able to rule the world by finally having Riley and Maya notice that Canada the greatest ally near America representing Farkle is taken for granted. Luckily for him, Riley notices and Farkle just about to get what he’s been waiting for seven years, actually realises, something Lucas also realised but couldn’t avoid that Rilaya is the biggest deal in his life, their friendship NEEDS to be preserved thus he lets that opportunity go and loses the only time he had Riley actually get willing and ready to fight for him and well give him a chance in being seen as a romantic interest.  He lets it go in that bay window scene letting them know that their friendship is the most important thing to him. In doing that he makes Riley also come to a realisation that she should never settle for less than Farkle however he doesn’t know about this but this can be seen as his reward by the universe for preserving that one important thing and being completely selfless. He also gets rewarded by having both girls actually come to fight for him at the award ceremony.

Linking this to Wizard of oz. theory, that Farkle is the Tin man, for me the axe that was owned by the Tin man and what got him stuck on the day it rained represents the promise to love both girls the same. In the book the story for the Tin man was that he was a wood cutter who fell in love with a maiden whose mother didn’t like him and went to the wicked witch of the east to get him cursed/enchanted, the wicked witch enchanted his axe and caused it to hurt him when he used it and this led to different parts of him being cut by the axe. At first it his legs I think and then it was his head, and then it was his heart. Tin man was more grieved about losing his heart because he couldn’t feel any more for the girl he was in love with, he couldn’t recognise his feelings anymore for leading him to have an indifference. In the meantime as this mutilation occurred, he went to a tinsmith who replaced each body organ with tin apart from his heart which made his chest hollow.  Ok so one day when he was cutting a tree, when he had raised his axe to cut the tree down, it ended up raining on him causing him to be stuck and rust.  So he was not able to move afterwards.  This can be similar to me that the promise to love Rilaya the same as much as it’s the smart thing to do thus he’s a “genius” it led him to also be seen as a nothing to Riley (whom he truly loves in a different way) and caused him to be ‘stuck’ as that nothing. This use of science as the only thing he leans on and believes is what led him to making this decision and it’s also something he’s battling when his feelings for Riley comes up in the way. He has to define if logic and science i.e. using his brain is better than using his heart. And because of Riley aka Dorothy he ends up having a need to grow in girl meets yearbook and discover more about feelings vs science. Of course we know the best answer as he said is to use both head and heart, sense AND sensibility to make the decision. The first thing the axe does when it’s enchanted is that it cuts his legs, which again represents that once he had made that promise it stopped from being able to move forwards to Riley in terms of Romance. Then next it cuts of his head which symbolises to me that his promise to love both of them equally stops him from thinking about what love really is and what it entails. Then it splits him in half, symbolising for me him becoming 2 people, one that wants to chase after Riley, the other who has to keep his promise the same. This struggle is shown in Girl meets Farkle’s choice and mostly all of season 1. In doing so he ends up not having the ability to be able to portray his feelings. As shown in season 1 where he struggles between empathising with the core 4 and struggling with dominion and wanting money and power over friendship. Of course during the journey to the Wizard, Tin man starts to show signs again of empathy and feelings same as with Farkle whose character had developed over season 2, especially Girl meets money, Girl meets I am Farkle and Girl meets Legacy etc…

Special Thanks to these wonderful analysists 

First thanks for their wonderful discovery and link to the wonderful wizard of oz allusion 

@theowldetective @lunequireves hope I got some of the details right 

and to the lovely @rilesmeetsherpluto Thank you for everything and for making me giddy when we analyse this show together :) And thank you for helping me bring this theory to life

So this is the beginning and I can’t wait to continue breaking this up with you, This is the first part of Part 1 and this is just the beginning. This is a MASSIVE theory and a lot goes on so bare with me 

The next part of Part 1 1B  will be out after girl meets bear 

Eeeep this theory is soo much to me though , 

Thank you I am Farkle 

Request: Alone

“Do you really have to go for a week? I’m gonna miss you”

Jack let out a soft sigh and ran his hands through the older man’s hair, kissing the top of his head and nuzzling into the soft, sweet locks. “It’s only fer a week Mark, you’ll live”

Sighing heavily, Mark wrapped his arms tighter around his lover and pressed another kiss to the side of his neck. “Doubt it.” He muttered against his skin, eyes closed tight as he dared not let the tears escape him.

The Irishman parted slightly in their embrace and looked down at Mark’s face, smiling sweetly as he saw the upset expression that plastered his face. “Yer a grown ass man, I’m sure ya will” The American rolled his eyes and sat up in bed, stretching out his arms as he saw the light coming through the curtain.

“What time’s your flight?” Mark yawned, glancing in the other man’s direction as he saw him get out of bed. His shirtless body making Mark yearn to touch him as he started to dress himself. “In about three hours, better make haste babe”

The older man nodded his head and breathed out softly through his nose, slowly pulling himself up and walking over to his boyfriend, arms coming around his torso and pressing him flush against his chest. “I’m not kidding when I say I’ll miss you” Jack sighed, staring down at the floor.

“Yeah I know, I’m gonna miss ya too..”

The drive to the airport was long and painful, they made small talk on the way there but the entire time both men knew that they didn’t want to sever from one another. Yes, seeing his family again for the first time in over a year was important, but being away from Jack was just so damn hard.

They arrived at the airport car park and climbed out of Mark’s car, coming around to the front where they sorted out Jack’s bags and suitcase, the other man unable to keep his eyes off his lover when he realised how little time they had left together.

“Ya know, ya could always come with me” Mark chuckled softly, running a hand through the thick of his own hair. “I can’t neglect my fans, they need me” Jack rolled his eyes before he shifted in close to him, placing his hands on Mark’s broad shoulders.

Both men shared a sentimental look as they knew that it was time to say goodbye. “I love you” Mark whispered, leaning down to place a chaste kiss to the Irishman’s lips. Jack smiled, warmth filling his chest. “I love ya too. I’ll be home soon, don’t worry”

Mark inhaled deeply through his nose, closing his eyes momentarily before opening them again to stare down at Jack. “Both you and me know that I will” They shared a laugh and then kissed one another again, this time a little bit more intimately.

“See yeh in a week?” The younger man whispered, the American nodding his head as they finally parted and Jack grabbed his stuff, beginning to make his way toward the airport while Mark watched on until he could no longer see him.

Heading back to the apartment by himself was a numbing situation, entering the apartment alone was even worse. He’d never felt so lonely until now. Mark was really missing Jack.

Days went by and Mark refused to leave his apartment, feeling uncomfortable at the aspect of going places without the man he loved so dearly. He remained in isolation, spending each and every waking moment either texting Jack or watching his videos on Youtube.

He thought himself insane for this kind of behaviour but he couldn’t handle being alone. Not after nearly a year of Jack by his side.

The week passed quickly and before he knew it, Jack was on the plane home. The last text he’d received was just before he had boarded and it had read ‘I can’t wait to see you. Missed you so much and your beautiful face. Watch me tonight, I’ll show you how much I’ve missed you xx’

This text had anticipation running in the form of shivers through the Irishman’s body, excited to know that his boyfriend was planning on giving him a present on his return to L.A. Mark was known for that kind of stuff though, to ravage Jack at any given moment that could be called a celebration.

It was late when he finally arrived in Los Angeles, the sky was pitch black and the city was lit up beautifully. Jack smiled to himself as the plane slowly made its way down the runway and came to a hault. He was home.

Opening the door as carefully as he could, the younger man walked into the apartment and breathed in deeply, catching a scent that he knew was home. Filling his veins with joy as he set down his bags and closed the door behind him.

“Mark?” Jack called out, looking around the apartment for any signs of the other man but not finding him anywhere. He wandered up the stairs and into their bedroom, his heart melting at the sight he saw.

Mark was sat at the computer, unconscious with his headphones resting limply on his head. His body was adorned with one of Jack’s bigger hoodies and on the computer screen itself, was a playlist of the Irishman’s videos. One currently playing. Jack couldn’t help the tears that filled his eyes at the sheer image in front of him.

Quietly, he walked over and switched off the monitor, being careful as he took off his headphones and placed them on the desk. His hand stroked at the sleeping man’s cheek gently and he watched as his touch had no impact on his slumber. He was completely out of it.

“Mark, I’m back..”

Eyes cracking open slightly, Mark looked up slowly to see a man stood above him. Adrenaline rushed through him since in his half-asleep state, he imagined it to be an intruder. Jumping up and trying to get away from the other person but as his mind began to wake up, it became clear this was no intruder.

“Jack? Is that you?” The Irishman smiled sweetly and pressed a kiss to Mark’s lips, the older man’s immediate response being to wrap his arms around his lover and pull him onto his lap. “I missed you so much, Jesus Christ.. I did”

Laughing gently, he rested his hands on the sides of the other man’s face and pulled him for another kiss, Mark returning it eagerly as his hands ran up the sides of Jack’s body. “I can guess, considerin’ what I saw when I came in” Confused for a short moment, Mark then remembered he was wearing Jack’s hoodie and that he’d been watching his videos.

“It was very lonely, Jack. What other choice did I have?” Jack giggled at his lover and rested his head on his shoulder. “Well then, best be glad I’m back then”

The older man smiled at him and kissed the top of his head, closing his eyes as he found himself getting sleepy again. He took hold of Jack and picked him up, placing him on the bed before he joined him. They didn’t even bother taking off their clothes.

“G’night Mark..” Jack whispered, feeling his eyes falling shut. Mark kissed his forehead, cuddling closer to him.

“Goodnight Jack”


Last night was the season finale of House of Lies and if you watched, you saw that everything has exploded. The entire show is up in the air which is incredibly exciting. What better way to celebrate the show than to watch the live improv comedy special we all did for Showtime a few months ago. Enjoy House of Lies Live, shot at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles with Don Cheadle, Kristen Bell, me, Josh Lawson, Lauren Lapkus, Ryan Gaul and Eugene Cordero. Everything in this video was made up on the spot. Enjoy and share it with your friends so hopefully I can put together more of these long form improv shows for TV! The YouTube clip above has all of the curses bleeped out, to watch the uncensored version, find the special on Showtime On Demand or ShowtimeAnytime and enjoy all the profanity in the universe.