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Lab Rats AU. in this au all of the kids have unique powers that they were “born” with and are kept in Campbell corp Labs to examine their powers and behaviors to determine if they will be a threat to mankind or save it.

Subject M-1-24 :   Pyrokinesis - sets things on fire with the smallest hint of contact. heat increases if angered or confused, so much so the heat is close to that of the sun. to calm his anger give him his teddy bear or contact with his “friends” . but if all else fails let him continue his rant in the “cooling” station. when done with exhausting himself out after throwing his tantrum. give him plenty of water , food (preferably spicy) and rest. 

Subject N-5-9-12:  Electrokinesis - has the electric power of 5 cities combined. but needs to recharge when done demonstrating his power. give him a good book,food and isolation from the other subjects.  

Subject N-9-9-11 : Enhanced Speed - can run faster than the eye can see. enjoys jumping around so make sure there are pads to cushion her fall. and give her 3X the recommended amount of food to replenish her energy as she goes through it very quickly.

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The proposal

Gwen knew David was a simple guy. She knew that he wasn’t one for flashy gifts or large, over the top displays of affection. That still didn’t stop her from gazing at the row of pricey rings displayed on the shop window. One golden band had maple leaves dancing around, another had an emerald beading. Gwen would have loved to buy David the ring with golden vines etched onto it, but she knew with her income she would have to settle for a simple one. Pity. David really deserved better-

Gwen quickly shook that thought from her head. No. She was not going to finish that train of thought. Thinking she wasn’t good enough is what lead to David crying for three days. Straight. David loved Gwen for who she is, not what she could buy him. The man was no gold digger, hell, he’d be happy with a plastic ring from a cereal box.

Strolling into the store Gwen marveled at the display of jewelry before her. Each piece was absolutely stunning. Had David been a more complex man she was sure he’d love the flashy pieces, but her boyfriend was of a humble spirit. The ring had to be just right. It needed to exclaim to the world, “ this boy can’t be bought, he’s mine and I’m his.”

She browsed the aisles for what felt like hours, frowning at the outrageous prices in the rings. Maybe she couls check the sale section?

“May I help you ma'am?” Gwen startled as the woman behind the counter addressed her. She fumbled with her words before mutely nodding. The woman beamed at her.

“Getting a ring for someone special?”


“Boy or girl?” Gwen raised an eyebrow at the woman. The lady chuckled at her reaction. “I ask due to ring sizes. I don’t judge love.” Oh. Right. Wait, what was Davids ring size again?

“Uh, boy. Really preppy, simple. Easy to make happy.” The woman nodded as Gwen listed off a few of Davids traits. She reached into a desk behind her and pulled out a plain band with a green line going around it. The ring was absurdly plain, but it would look absolutely stunning on David.

Gwen paid for it without a word. Luckily it didn’t cost her a fortune. Good. Otherwise David would feel guilty for having her spend a lot on him.

Now to wait at home for David.


David sang Gwen’s name as he burst through the front door. It was a perfect day for an evening hike, he couldn’t wait to hit the hiking trail with his girlfriend.

When he got no reply David poked his head in the living room. He knocked in the bathroom door. No answer. He knoced on the bedroom door. Silence. With a shrug, David decided that he might as well get dinner started before Gwen came home.

He pulled off his coat and hung it then dug his apron out of one of the cabinets and tied it around himself. David pulled out the pot and was about to fill it with water when he heard the front door open. Gwen was back!

He quickly raced out of the kitchen to greet his girlfriend. “Gweeen!” He cried, throwing his arms around his slightly shorter lover. Gwen squacked and flailed slightly as she tried to regain her balance.

“Way to almost bowl me over David.” She said in mock anger. It was a good thing the ring was in her jacket pocket. He definitely would have questions if Gwen agreed to the bag.

David stepped back slightly so Gwen was at arms length. He brushed back a but of her hair causing Gwen to blush. It totally wasn’t because he was in an apron, looking like an adorable house husband. No sir ee.

“Oh, I was thinking we could go on a hike after dinner. I was just about to get it started-”

“Can’t we eat out tonight?” Gwen whined. “David, you have been cooking for the past week on top of work. And I doubt either of us bought groceries.”

“…….” Now that David thought about it, the fridge did look rather empty yesterday…..

“Pizza?” He offered

“Pizza. I’ll start the car.” Gwen grabbed the keys and went to wait for her boyfriend, her hand in her pocket felt the velvet box that held her and David’s future.

The drive to the parlour was short. The couple enjoyed a quick meal of cheesy, greasy pizza then headed out for Davids favourite hiking trail. It was a moderate one. Nothing like the roots and cliffs at Camp Campbell.

Gwen allowed David to excitedly drag her out of the car and towards the trail. She had the way to the clearing memorized by now. Before heading up Gwen quickly checked her pocket for the ring and tissues. For David. Because she knew he’d cry. Definitely not for her.

As they progressed through the hike Gwens rah of sunshine chattered on about his day. How class went, the people at work. Max begrudgingly calling him from band camp just to let David know he was still alive.

As the pair walked David eventually ran out of topics to discuss. He went to reach for Gwens hand only to find it was in her pocket. Odd. They always held hands on their hikes. Maybe she was cold?


“Yes Gwen?” He yelped as Gwen grabbed his arm and dragged him to the clearing. This was it. She was really going to do this. Gwen suddenly became hyper aware of the sweat on her hands. Shit, were they like this when she held David? And was her heart usuay beating this fast after a hike?


It was now or never.

She took his hand in hers ignoring her minds screaming about her cold clammy hands.

“David. We’ve dated for three years. We’ve kept lil shits from dying and somehow managed to run a camp that was in shambles.” David didn’t know where Gwen was going with this, but nodded. It seemed like she had something important to say.

“Look…you….you put up with my bullshit ontop of Max’s and well…’re great okay? The best fucking boyfriend I’ve ever had.” Damnit, she was rambling. What happened to the eloquent speech she had written in her head? Ah, fuck it. She might as well be blunt.

“I want you to marry me.” Gwen let go of Davids hands to pull out the box that held the simple ring. Her heart leaped in her throat as she waited for her boyfriend reaction.

“….I….I….Gwen are you sure?”

“I bout you a fucking ring, what do you think?”

“B-but…I-I’m not buff.”

“Easier to hug you.”

“I’m not good at being tough.”

“Not true. Kids told me about Jacob.” David winced at that. Gwen internally cursed.

“I’m not manly…..” Gwen’s eye twitched. Was he serious?

“David.” She grabbed his hand and jammed the ring on his finger. “I don’t fucking care. I’m man enough for the both of us.” David stared at her for three seconds before the tears poured out. He threw his arms around her chanting, “yes, yes yes! Of course I’ll marry you!” Rolling her eyes Gwen grabbed the tissued and dabbed away her crybaby boyfriends tears. She kissed him on both eyes, his nose, his chin, then finally on the mouth. She then smirked.

“Any chance I can convince you to wear a veil?” She cackled at the adorable blush dusting her fiances face. “C'mon.” She took his arm and pulled him down the trail. “Let’s get back before your tears fucking freeze.”

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(Part 1) CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING: The Nikki period episode, but it’s all happening without david’s knowledge. Gwen went into town for a job hunt or something like that, and Nikki starts bleeding. David is organizing activities (or maybe it’s Saturday) and is oblivious to this all going on. Eventually he stumbles into the funeral planning and asks “what’s going on?” Max “Nikki’s dying” Neil continues with “so we’re planning her funeral.” Nikki jumps in with the “ITS GUNNA BE VIKING STYLE AYAYAYA!”

(Part 2) david is really concerned so he asks why she’s dying and she points to her crouch area and just says “my organs are falling out,” AND DAVID REALIZES WHAT HAPPENED and he sighs really big because WOW what a turn! And he actually knows how to help out because he helps Gwen a lot whenever she get hers. He finds Gwen’s heating pad, and tells the whole camp about using pads (education opportunity!!) Gwen walks in with the campers wearing pad sleeping masks and just leaves again 😂

I love it! I can only imagine how frantic the campers would be, trying to fulfill Nikki’s last wish to be lit up like a viking, and making sure she’s comfortable and happy and giving her flowers. Meanwhile, Erid is eyes-closed listening to music because let’s be real she’d know *exactly* what was going on. They get a boat, they’ve filled it with dirt and rocks and flowers and of course logs, nature things essentially. Nikki climbs in and they start dousing it with gasoline. Max and Neil have the matches and they’re all just waiting for her to die. Max is NOT misty eyed. ABSOLUTELY not. But Harrison and Nerris and Preston and Nurf are definitely bawling. Neil, too, is stoic and calm. He is. Really. No those aren’t tears.

I love this whole thing.

ALso, i didn’t know I could italicize emojis

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What do you think Max's favourite game of pretend with his dad be in teen dadvid au? Being a hero and monster? Dinosaur and adventurer? Anything imaginative.

He likes to be ‘Camp Man’ and have his dad be ‘Other Camp Man’ and his stuffed animals are campers. He has a little baby clipboard with a piece of construction paper covered in scribbles (his ‘camp activities’) and he’ll have his dad put the stuffed animals at their assigned ‘camps’. David’s so proud of his little camp man and he’ll play along with him for hours. 

Sometimes they’ll also go camping in the backyard during the spring, when it’s getting warmer but Camp Campbell isn’t open yet. 


When I saw these pictures from hedgehog_azuki on instagram I was like EXCUSE ME WHAT and now I’m a different, more virtuous person who has been shown the glowing face of humanity’s truest potential and is forever changed by its everbearing gifts. Also it cleared my skin.