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I skipped the part where Max annoys David with questions about why they were going there, sorry)

But there is the nice pic of Max crying from happiness and i love it so much tbh

- Thanks guys… Really thanks.

- You’re always welcome, Max.

- Yay, now you are on a year closer to death!



“I was 12 or 13 years old–I can’t completely remember but I know that I could not drive yet. I was camping with my Boy Scout troop at a campground in central Missouri called Camp Lewallen. This campout was called a Fall Capao (not sure if the spelling is correct). In essence, these campouts were large-scale campouts that involved all of the troops in the Gravois Trail area. They were regular, weekend campouts that often had a theme and had different activities like campfires, camp games, merit badges, and other fun stuff. 

There was a huge field where all of the troops had their assigned camping spot, where they unloaded their gear and set up camps in a neat line down the field. Behind the field there was more open field that had no campsites on it because of a 20, 30ft dip in the grass. Behind this barren field there was what I assumed was a utility shed. It was small and wooden and had a light on top of a pole that shined towards the field. There were scattered trees between the field and the shed. 

It was a tradition between my friends in my troop to bring a laser-pointer to these populated campouts to have some fun at night. On the night of this particular story, my friends Ben and Brendan and I snuck out at two o’ clock to the middle of the field that was not being camped on and laid on our stomachs to piss off some other scouts with our laser pointer. We probably did this for about 20 minutes. We then found ourselves laying on our backs and looking at the stars, enjoying the innocence of youth. 

This peacefulness quickly vanished when Ben leaned over on his stomach and whispered, “What the fuck is that?” Brendan and I quickly turned over and we were all completely stunned by what we saw next. We were looking towards the utility shed and saw something running from tree to tree. 

At first glance it could have been mistaken as a human, but this was no human. This creature was approximately 6 or 7 feet tall and very skinny. The odd thing about it that discredits the argument of it being a human were it’s legs. At the ankle, they were as skinny as a nickel, and they progressively got thicker and thicker by the knees and thighs. We did not notice any feet. It’s body was that of an athletic, male teenager. It was not incredibly large or muscular, but seemed to have broad shoulders. There were no arms to be found. It ran from tree to tree at lightning speeds on two legs with either its arms to its side or without having arms. There were streaks of what could have been clumped hair or tattered clothing whipping in the wind as this thing ran from tree to tree. 

A terrifying truth that took me quite a while to realize is that as it ran from tree to tree, it would stop for a second behind the tree, then without any start-up speed, would sprint to the next tree. It never slowed down, it ran a consistent speed. This running motion looked that of a human. It ran on two legs and had movable joints in it’s hip area and knees. It didn’t make a sound. After about 30 seconds of taking in the mind-blowing creature, Ben had enough and turned around and ran. I couldn’t blame him at the time because it did seem like the beast was inching closer to us with every sprint to a tree. Brendan and I got up and sprinted after him, huffing and heaving as we ran for our lives to the shelter of our tent. That night we talked about it, agreed on what we saw, and have stood by it ever since.”

By: Tammengabobber (What is the creepiest, scariest, strangest unexplained experience/ story you’ve had, heard or know?)


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to expand on the camp counselor au: teru is in it for the Monies and the Good Guy Rep, shou is also in it for the sweet moneys and also because it was either that or find a horrendously mind numbing summer job. at least he’s outside.

shou is in charge of arts and crafts for exactly one day. he accidentally glues a child to a picnic table and is quickly switched out of arts and crafts. they let him lead hikes after that, because then at least hes far away from everyone else when he’s singing the inappropriate versions of camp songs too loudly. the kids are totally enamored of him, the rest of the counselors less so but they cant fire him because then they wouldnt have enough people on staff. he stays (for now)

teru is in charge of a group of third graders. he expects to be hailed as their god because he is older than them, but there has never been a rowdier and more antiauthoritarian being than the eight year old. its not that his kids dont like him, its just that he is SO easy to make fun of. he is infinitely covetous of shous mysterious child-wrangling powers and voices many many complaints about the rowdy redhead in charge of hikes tht eventually one of his kids just str8 up tells him to ask him out, teru INSISTS that NO i dont LIKE him i HATE him OBVIOUSLY cant you tell from how much i TALK ABOUT HIM

shou is sitting at a picnic table during lunch one day when teru brings his kids around and tries to get them all to stay put and eat quietly and the Gay Thoughts smack him in the face out of nowhere. he falls off the picnic table

teru is Ruthless when it comes to making his campers clean the latrines

shou is really Really good at the super complicated friendship bracelets and makes approximately ten billion

shou: hanazawa-kun i made you a friendship bracelet!! :D :D

teru: FUCK YOU SUZUKI *lets him tie the bracelet on* i literally hate you so much *admires the bracelet daily* he’s awful i wish i never met him *cries when he loses it in the woods* i only miss it because it matched my favorite shirt

shou: you lost your bracelet!! so i made you another one that’s better!!


the second to last day of camp is an overnight stay for the kids. shou gets assigned to crash with teru’s group that night, convinces teru to come on a snipe hunt with them. suffice to say they awkwardly make out in the woods and shou gets poison ivy

powers are optional ig, this was supposed to be headcanons but now i guess im writing a fic

!!!! i am now 100% on board with this au