to busy taking photos


8/100 days of productivity
• practiced some math
• revised physics notes i got today at school
•revised geography notes

Also had biology homework,which i didn’t finish because i just couldn’t concentrate and was to tired to stay awake and make it …

I’m happy that i at least got some things done today and this challenge is really helping me to push myself to do at least one thing a day …

(I know these photos are horrible and my handwriting is the worst but i was to busy to even take decent photos )

littlemidnightkingdom  asked:

Merry christmassss!!!!!! I hope you have a great day!! Also your blog is freaking awesome! May I ask what the chocobros will do on Christmas? 😗😍😘😄

•Noctis: sleep all day and when he would wake up later that afternoon, he will go sit at the fire taking silly photos with prompto and probably join in on his pranks
•Ignis: prepare the christmas feast and distribute the hot chocolate to everyone on the chilly night. he would most likely be the one wrapping all of the gifts (poor specs) 
•Gladio: daddy would make sure everyone is having a good time and would be the co chef, doing whatever ignis needs help with; since prompto is too busy taking photos and noctis is dozing off. he receives a gift from prompto which has cup of noodles inside of course 
•Prompto: he would spend it with his best chocobros, taking silly pictures of them in christmas sweaters and santa hats/reindeer antlers. beg to go  sightseeing in town with all the christmas decorations while taking random selfies and pics of his friends looking around the on the streets!
ALSO slap noct’s ass occasionally. 
just guys being dudes. 

-Mod Rikku

((this was my admin application but it goes well with the ask so i thought i might as well use it!))

how Taylor said over one year ago now that she was trying to find as many different ways as possible to meet us, and she ended up having several secret sessions in her own houses, pre show m&g’s, Loft 89, visited sick children in hospital, drove to a fan’s house to surprise her and her son with presents, invited a fan to her NYC apartment on Valentine’s Day, invited fans to come and see her at an award show, called out a fan’s name in front of a crowd in England as she was looking for her after seeing her posts online, forcing the driver to stop on a busy road in Sydney to take a photo with a young fan with a tour shirt, making time to get out of her car in Hamilton Island to take a selfie with every single fan waiting outside, talking and taking photos with young fans in customs at Melbourne Airport and going out of her way to find a young girl’s home days before Christmas and literally tap her and wake her up from her sleep to surprise her. She really does keep her word.

Are you drunk?

S. Coups: Papa Coups turns into Baby Coups.
Mingyu: Stares into space.
Wonwoo: Frogets ho wto talk.
Woozi: Non-stop aegyo machine.
Joshua: VERY clingy.
Jeonghan: Pukes everywhere.
D.K: Passes out.
Seungkwan: Cries cause someone took his candy.
Jun: Pole dancing with a broom.
Hoshi: Picking fights with everyone.
The8: Hugs the floor.
Dino: He’s not even drunk. He’s too busy taking photos and videos of his hyungs.


Happy happy Ace Card Day!! I’m a little late to the party but here’s my contribution!

this was a good excuse to use all the purple paint and tiny canvases I have that I never use

In case you can’t read what my card says–but want to!– it reads (not necessarily as a coherent paragraph, but as a bunch of statements grouped together):

“I am Asexual! I don’t feel sexual attraction. That’s a little uncommon–I am 1 in 100 (how neato is that??) And that is perfectly natural. I am totes normal, yo. And I’m HAPPY!! It’s not a phase. My current feelings are more real than anything the future holds. My orientation is real and valid. No one gets to label me but ME! I am HELLA PUMPED that there’s a WORD for how I feel! The world makes SO MUCH more sense now! (like, holy shit) Date of Self Discovery: Jan. 25, 2015. There is a place for me in the LGBTQIA+ community! (I love you cutie pies <3) I am not broken. I am not missing out on anything. I am enough! The only ‘fuck’ used in conjunction with my person should be proceeded by ‘cute as’. I am lovely and delightful and rad and perfect JUST the way I am! I didn’t choose to be Ace. But I wouldn’t choose to be any other way than the way I am! I am the only me. I am the best me! I love who I am!! #AceCardDay”

Bonus Time, because I think I’m hysterical:

I hope you have a lovely evening you beautiful nerds

Genderbend Fanfic- Lucky Spots and Claws: Adventures of Ladybeetle and Chat Noire

Tales and adventures of Paris superhero duo- Ladybeetle and Chat Noire.

Balancing homework, school drama and gathering the courage to say at least one coherent sentence to his crush as an oridinary boy, and rescuing Paris from the evil Hawkmoth and her akumas inbetween as Ladybeetle- life was hectic enough for Marin Dupain-Cheng.
For Adrienne Agreste, she was used to a busy day full of appointments, events and photo shoots- easily taking her duties as Chat Noire in stride. Especially when that meant taking down villains with the incredible Ladybeetle as her partner. Life was busy and full for her.

Together the miraculous team protect Paris and save the day, and try to get through all the curveballs of life while keeping their identies secret. From dealing with school bullies and having fun with friends, to pleasing their families and pursuing their passions, and to having quite the adventures as Ladybeetle and Chat Noire- Marin and Adrienne chase each other through all the good and bad.
Miraculous and lucky, but who said leading double lives was easy?

Just uploaded chapter 2. Check it out:)


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Daddy duties kept me too busy yesterday to take the time and make a post, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t forgotten what it was. Yesterday was the eleven month anniversary for Lucy and I since getting back together, and today is when Mason turns two weeks old. Both are incredibly important to me and I can’t think of a better way I could’ve celebrated nearly a year together again with my beautiful girl than with our beautiful little boy. It’s been an amazing eleven months together, Goose and I swear, I love you just a little more each day. Even when we both resemble zombies and you swear that I couldn’t possibly find you attractive - I do. I really, really do. You’re the prettiest sight I ever did see. I love you and I love our little Nugget so much. @lucyhale​ @halethegoose

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Another day at work: getting coffees for big shots, running around after managers for signatures and approvals, making calls. It can be challenging with all the strong personalities you come across with the production company. Today was busy, with photo-shoots being planned and pre-interview meetings taking place. That usually meant big complicated orders of coffee, soy mocha fraps with no cream, a double shot of espresso. It was a blessing when the client ordered a plain strong black coffee. You already liked this one. As you rushed back to the office, your manager had called for the papers the star was looking over to be signed and returned before they could go ahead with the shoot and interview You always got a bit nervy when you had to interact with the stars, but c’est la vie. This was your job. Head up, shoulders back, you go to get it done; 

‘’Mr Hiddleston?’’ you ask, seeing him looking up from his sheaf of papers, his blue-green eyes meeting yours. 
‘’Yes? Oh, my coffee. Thank you..’’ His smile is stunning, makes you melt and butterflies swarm in your tummy. Brain short-wiring, your garbled response makes him grin a bit. And well, the rest is history… 

Now, years later, you sit at home and he’s the one making you coffee. Smiling just the same as that first day. He still give your butterflies…