to boo or not to boo


(I’m super happy for you oh my god!! I was also kinda planning to do this anyway R I P)

- Michi goes through weird phases where she’ll cut her hair super short and then get it ridiculously long

- she has weird athstetic clothing, like she has one outfit that’s just lemon, it’s just a yellow dress with the word lemon over it and nobody knows why

-she absolutely loves cartoons and will binge watch one series before hopping to another

- she has a weird quirk for making all her food slightly bitter, nobody knows how she does this (not even Michi knows) but michi tends to make green tea flavoured sweets because of it

- she actually wants to be Aphmaus friend, but also hates Aphmau, Michi is very conflicted

- Michi doesn’t call herself “Michi-chan” because she doesn’t think she deserves it, however the rest of the edge squad calls her Michi can, even Garroth and Kim call her Michi can (shhh I’m not pushing Kim and Garroth into the edge squad or anything *NERVOUS SWEATING*)

- Michi has a tendency to style people’s hair, Bolto, teony, Ivy and Zenix tend to be the main victims

- Michi has the Same terrible ship habits as kawaii chan but Michi is a lot more contained and screams into her pillow

- Michi and Bolto are literally the worst duo ever, there obnoxious, too good at sports, too ridiculous, and everybody fucking LOVES them

- Michi has bipolar and anxiety and is trying very hard

- Michi is one of those people that can look you dead in the eyes while taking 7 shots in a row and still be perfectly fine

- Michi is the best at any party, she’s a master at bear pong thanks to college

- Zane and Michi get along after learning they share the same interest in sweet and heavy alcohol, they may or may not try to out do each other making the best shots (Travis and Ivy tend to be the taste test victims)

- Michi is a fully qualified clothes maker and chef/baker. She however has no business experience and is too scared to open up a store

- Michi absolutely loves anime too death and calls herself ms. Weeb to irritate the others, though gene is secretly trash with her

- Michi cosplayed gukopo (vocaloid) and everybody thought it was flawless

- same thing happened when she cosplayed shinoa (owari no seraph)

- she actually gets along with Laurance, albeit they fight over cooking but they get along great

- Michi kicks ass decorating for any occasion, they won the Halloween commotion

- leochant (that’s wrong rip) and Michi are actually best friends but Leo can’t move due to money problems, though she really wants him to visit

- Michi tends to do stupid things that end up making her look like an idiot just to prove she’s right about something

- Michi tends to mess up her make up due to minor tremors, because of this gene, Bolto or teony end up doing her makeup

- Sasha tents to talk with Michi about baking science, Michi is actually really interested because “oooooOOOOO SCIENCE”

- Michi loves space. She thinks it’s super cool and pretty

- Michi makes jokes that she’s married to space and that the sun and moon are her happy wives

- Michi Zenix and Sasha tend to make those ridiculous “draw your ot3” memes in real life and take photos and upload them to tumblr, they have a super popular blog because of it

- Michi is disgustingly flexible