to boldy flee

A World in It’s Own Right

I doubt this qualifies, but ever since Suburban Knights, I feel like the TGWTG continuity has evolved from a loosely connected series of gags into it’s own full-blown universe. I felt that the Lord Vyce arc, To Boldly Flee, and the Warrior reviews only solidified this.

I really hope to see this taken advantage of further in the future, and want the rebooted Nostalgia Critic reviews to turn out to be taking place within the Plot Hole itself (I like to pretend The Review Must Go On… never happened and Critic decided to just start reviewing from the Plot Hole for the hell of it {I also pretend that the Demo Reel team are just taking a creative hiatus while figuring out what to do next}.).


Doug needs to sing more often. So does Nostalgia Chick. And let’s not forget that FANTASTIC tenor! (Also no I did not make this video.) Note: If you haven’t watched To Boldy Flee the visuals in this video will most likely confuse the ever-living fuck out of you. Feel free to listen to the song as you browse through other tabs.