to boldly go

Star Trek Intro
  • William Shatner:Space, the final frontier
  • William Shatner:this are the voyages of the starship Enterprise,
  • William Shatner:it's five year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations
  • William Shatner:to boldly go where no man has gone before!
  • Random girl, screaming:woooooOOOOOOUGH UUUUUOOOOUuuuuugh WOOOOUUUUUuuuuUuuuuGh WOUUUuUuUuUUUUUGh UuuuuUuuuOOoUH!!!!!!!

Assimilation of a Vulcan into the Borg is not unheard of, and it seems that everyone’s favorite half-Vulcan, Mr. Spock, will soon be added to that very exclusive list. The logic of Vulcans, while often dubbed as inhumane by the likes of Dr. Leonard McCoy and others, is no match for the cold, hard disdain for individuality of the Borg’s hive mind. Spock will be assimilated in the near future of Star Trek: Boldly Go, but we have hope for a (mostly) full recovery.

A January cover for the Star Trek: Boldy Go comic series features an assimilated Spock. Historically, the Borg have been known to ignore smaller groups of people and individuals. They’re looking to assimilate the masses: entire starship crews, cities, planets, etc.

So, the precedent is there, and it’s terrifying. The new cover isn’t just a warning of what could be, it’s a prediction for what will happen inside the issue’s 32 pages. But, luckily, the precedent for Star Fleet officers assimilated by the Borg also leads us to believe that Spock will be freed from their grasp (but also haunted for quite a while afterward).

Star Trek: Boldy Go #4 arrives in January.


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