to boldly flee: the 4th year anniversary

Goodbye, Farewell and Amen CA.

It’s time I parted ways with Channel Awesome. This has been coming for a awhile. So it might not be a shock to some. The direction and attitude at CA changed after the filming of the 4th year anniversary movie, To Boldly Flee.

Now things weren’t always perfect before that, of course, but it really was the start of the team/group feeling at CA being lost. Once upon a time I used to watch almost everything on TGWTG. That was something that was actually kind of possible at one point. Now it’s gotten to the point there are so many people I don’t even know most of the names on there. That’s nothing against them, I’m sure there’s a lot of talented producers on there, but it’s more of a crowd than a team at this point.
CA itself used to also make us feel remotely like we were part of team but post TBF it became clear the only goals were productions made in their studio with the Chicago crew. The company goals/focus for it’s other producers had changed. There had been quite a few things promised to us over the years including us actually being hired on by them at some point if we were consistent with our videos. Of course none of that was even close to happening. The main thing was I wasn’t a part of any of CA’s plans and it certainly doesn’t make sense for me to stay on as an appendix to the site.

While I don’t wish to be OVERLY negative about my departure I do want to be truthful and being part of CA just stopped being something I was happy about. And believe me I WAS happy about it before. I wanted to support the site before. I made that original CA bumper on my own just as a way to plug CA and give people something to show the group we were a part of, if they wanted to use it. I also did a lot of the more complicated effects for Suburban Knights for free, plus the amount of effects I had to do for that movie ended up pretty much doubling.

This leads to to another major problem I had with the company during the making of effects for the next movie, TBF. This time they promised me some pay, which was cool and there was no problem with that BUT after completion of an effects sequence I was accused of half assing it. Actually, accused sounds a bit more forthright than it actually was. They talked about it behind my back and decided to send Mat (Welshy) to covertly try and find out if I was “half assing” my effects for the film. Mat is an actual friend though so he wasn’t going to play that game and just told me flat out what was going on.

The exact effects sequence in question was where Noah has turned into the containment unit from Ghostbusters, they unplug him so there was a red light flashing, Noah’s eyes glow white, energy shoots out of his mouth and explodes through the roof.

Now if there was a problem with an effect last year on SK, Doug would simply ask me if I could make a change to it and I would. Apparently that was far too effective, so gossip and attempted covert information gathering was the way to go next year.
By the way the response I got from Doug when I originally sent him these particular effects was “LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! …”
I should have known there was a problem clearly. He would have said “love it” one more time if he was actually OK with it.
Holly was the only one who actually apologized to me for the situation either. Any of them that actually started the high school BS drama about something that could have been as simple as asking me, didn’t.
That was my thanks for doing so many effects for them last year for free.

They seemed grateful back when I did them but with CA it always seems to be what have you done for us lately.
I really wish it didn’t start feeling like that but the sad fact is it did. I’d been with them since late 2008 and started realizing they didn’t really care about me or what I did. The sad fact was we weren’t really important to CA. It was my disenchantment with the site that partly lead to me going into a heavy depression during the beginning of 2013. You might have noticed I barely did anything during the 1st few months of that year. This was partly why.

There’s been many times other producers have had a hard time with management. Especially getting answers on anything. So much so we had several meetings with them to really try and get things fixed between us and them. It resulted in a monthly newsletter they didn’t send consistently and died a quick death. Then, they let Holly go. The one person that actually communicated with us regularly. Plus it was right after she got out of the hospital. Those things were pretty much the end of me wanting to remain a part of CA.

I had made the decision to leave all ready not planning to post to the site anymore in 2015 when Michaud had an argument with Allison and told her she was off the site for not being around to talk to him with in 15 minutes. It can take DAYS to get a response, if you get one at all, from them so yeah 15 minutes in return is pretty fair. I didn’t want there to be any drama crap going on with my departure but apparently I couldn’t even have that. I informed Rob of my decision to leave the site which he was cool about but I guess Mike wasn’t and my vids were removed immediately.
6 years on that site…