to blacklist or not to blacklist
On Difficult Women and Wanting More – Cliffhanger – Medium
Megan Boone, of ‘The Blacklist,’ speaks out about women in film.
By Lillian Brown

Entering its fifth season this fall, The Blacklist’s promos have always dealt with these issues. Often, Red’s either the only character promoted or the focal point of the image. Even the 30 second TV spot trailers have become problematic. Promos used to be about Liz, Red, and the rest of the team taking down someone on the blacklist, but in Season 3 they became about Liz’s love life (“which man will she choose?” and “what does this [other female character] mean for Liz?”) and Season 4 has become about what she means to Red (“the only way to save Liz, is for Red to…”)

A lot of women are hesitant to call out their shows or networks, for fear of being blacklisted or labeled “difficult.” But now Megan Boone is speaking out. And I sincerely hope she gets to have that conversation with the show, because viewers will follow her throughout what will most likely be a lengthy career, and The Blacklist is worth saving. Wanting more isn’t selfish. We need more.


Happy Diego Wednesday!

So this is kind of a dual post today, having some lovely Diego/Ress to look at, and also these two women, Laurel Hitchin and Reven Wright. Ressler’s history will forever be tied to them.

 At 8pm Eastern tonight we’re tweeting in support of the Women of the Blacklist, and so I’m highlighting Diego in these gifs and also two great women, Christine Lahti and Adriane Lennox. We’ll miss them both!

How to blacklist tags and keywords
  1. Open XKit in Tumblr. Look for the XKit icon at the top of your Tumblr dash. …
  2. Install “Blacklist” from the extensions. Blacklist isn’t automatically installed when you download the XKit app. …
  3. Open XKit again, if necessary. …
  4. Navigate to the blacklist app. …
  5. Add tags and keywords. …
  6. Save your changes.

So, you do have to install XKit (or New Xkit), but it’s super easy. 

If there are things you don’t want to see on your dash, but still want to follow friends, go ahead and try this. I have friends on other corners of the Tumblrverse that use this and like it. 

This is a sincere post, not sarcastic or malicious. 

hey,,, tumblr,, i got some constructive criticism on ur “safe mode” policy.

1. let users chose what to see and not see. you say that we have more control over what we see, we dont we have the same control because youre controlling it for us

2. specify why the post is being filtered

3. make it have a “show this post anyway” button on blocked posts

4. just refine it so it doesnt block posts seemingly at random. In the span of about five minutes I have found blocked posts including

  • a post about sonic the hedgehog
  • a post about the heatwave in europe
  • a post about skyrim
  • a video of birds dancing
  • multiple posts about being gay

things it did not filter out: porn, both real, and drawn/written

k thx bye


The jacket origin story that no one asked for

And now for something completely different: a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach giving birth. 

What, you say? You thought cockroaches just laid eggs? Well, they do! Just… some species incubate their eggs - still within their eggsac- internally and then ‘birth’ them once they’ve hatched. (This is called being ovoviviparous). 

It’s cool and gross and fascinating and not something most people ever get to see, so I got permission to share this great video my friend Cindi took of one of the collection cockroaches giving birth. I’ve tried to tag it as thoroughly as possible. 

it’s honestly really funny to me how people want to justify cullen’s terribly paced and badly thought out development and characterization with “but he’s a complex character!”

duncan was a complex character

solas is a complex character

morrigan and flemeth are complex characters

fenris is a complex character

anders is a complex character

honestly dragon age is literally drowning in complex characters

cullen is a boring character that was brute-forced into a main role because there was a section of fandom who made romance mods about him

cullen was a minor character who had endings in the previous games like “goes on a mage killing spree” but because some people liked the way he looked they retconned any of his negative endings and made him a main character anyway and negated any of your choices concerning him

he isn’t complex. he’s boring but attractive by typical standards and a bunch of you fell for it and now the rest of us have to live with him no matter what choices we made in-game. but sure it’s just because he’s a complex character~ and the rest of us can’t appreciate it. it’s not like the universe isn’t full of complex characters and we might just be sort of put off by how obviously they’re shoehorning in a character with a badly written backstory just to appeal to people who don’t want to play without a not!alistair 

anonymous asked:

au where the ml audience doesn't know adrien is chat noir until origins comes out

theres actually a post out there about this somewhere! or, actually somewhat similar. it was made just after volpina aired, where the audience didnt know adrien was chat until The Door Scene TM

it was a really interesting concept that if anyone has the post to should send my way because a lot of my thoughts come from that post actually

but like imagine

  • the fandom wars
  • the actual ship wars for once
  • everyone and their mother being headcanoned as chat noir
  • the people who are like “no way adrien is chat they look too much alike thats too easy” 
    • the people who point to marinette
    • the people who say its just a kids show
    • every random blond background character is now chat noir 
  • the adrien x chat shippers have a big storm coming 
    • i know thats already a thing but do you know how much bigger itd be like oh my god thatd be a mess and a half 
  • can you imagine how mad people would be?????