to being honest with one another about their feelings

16 nice things about 2016

- Graduated from Law and Criminology
- Was brave enough to leave a city that felt like a cage
- Was honest to myself about my mental health
- Ended toxic friendships
- Embraced my vulnerability as a part of my strength
- Became more confident about my art
- Successfully survived to another year in a long-distance relationship with the most kind-hearted guy
- Learnt lots about feminism, nature and other topics
- Created things out of feelings
- Attended my own mother’s wedding and looked like a fairy
- Read over than 40 books
- Forgave
- Made new friends, met some people
- Saw one of Louise Bourgeois’ (aka my most favourite artist and the most wonderful human being) Cells in person
- Found my home-book (which is beyond the “favourite book” concept)
- Understood that I’ve got home away from home and that it does make sense


I feel like this Nygmobblepot moment doesn’t get talked about a lot. But it is honestly one of my favorites. Ed goes out of his way to check on Oz when he was taken in by the GCPD. This is why I never understood why people said that this love bs came out of nowhere. This was back in S2 and you can already see the chemistry between the two and how much they care about one another. To be completely honest, as thrown off guard I was when Oz confessed his feelings, it was honestly because I always thought the person who confesses feelings would be Ed (since we had been making jokes of Ed being in love with Oz since S1) so it being Oz was shocking to me. In the beginning it was clear that Ed was just fangirling over Oz but this scene showed that Ed actually grew to care about Oz. I am not entirely sure how Ed feels about Oswald. Idk if he has feelings for Oz and doesn’t know it, or he had feelings for him than cut the idea out cause he thought there was no way Oz could love him too, or if he doesn’t have romantic feelings for him and only loves him as a friend. But I do believe that Ed and Oz will eventually become friends again, once Ed discovers that Isabella was a phoney and Oz forgives him for shooting him. I believe that moments like this will happen again but we will have to wait for it.

To be honest, in my opinion, the Ninjago fandom is great…? Probably the best fandom I’ve been in. I used to think the Tamagotchi fandom was nice but there are too many extreme nostalgiatards and self-entitled jerks…

Almost everyone in the Ninjago fandom is so friendly and supportive to one another, and always willing to help a fellow fan. Fanart of all skill levels gets appreciated, and the fans make some really beautifully-edited music videos (as well as hilarious parodies). It just feels like a comfortable and welcoming fandom to be in.

Everyone gets excited together and no one judges one another. I rarely see people complaining about the show not being exactly the way they want it to be, and when they do, they aren’t as whiny as other fandoms.

I’m probably gonna get killed for saying this but to be honest one of the only flaws I find with the fandom is how they think humanized Cole MUST be drawn with dark skin and get mad when artists draw him with pale skin. He’s a yellow lego person with no canon human skin tone… you can’t dictate how people can draw their humanized legos; it’s all up to interpretation and just because most people draw him black, doesn’t mean EVERYONE has to.

okay can we talk about mike goddamn ross in this scene for one second please

because harvey, we’ve all talked about harvey–how open he’s being, how honest, how raw and how he’s expressing feeling

but can we talk about mike??? and his reaction to hearing that harvey misses working wtih him??? for a few seconds when he tells harvey that he misses working with him, too, he can’t even look him in the eye 

and after he’s said it, it takes him another second or two to finally meet harvey’s gaze with his own

like???? when has mike ross been so vulnerable and shy and awkward of expressing feelings? WHEN HAS MIKE EVER FOUND IT DIFFICULT TO DO THAT??? COS???? WHAT?






fuck man just fuck me up with marvey god damn it

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Not seen you much right now. Wanted to how your feel about current storylines. I'm still struggling, still trying to find points in positivity posts. But, dont answer this if you're uncomfortable.

Hello lovely. I totally understand that you are still struggling. I’ve struggle to see the point in it all if I’m being honest. They promised us one thing and gave us another. I’m not really sure where they are going with this story right now but I’m going to wait it out. I absolutely refuse to get caught up in the spoilers and speculation right now. What’s the point? What’s done is done and we just have to let it all play out. 

I needed a couple days to sort though my crazy thoughts. Which in all honesty can be really difficult when you follow people with such opposing views. But I’m not going anywhere. I’m still invested. I never even fully considered no longer shipping them. I still love Robert. HE’S A FUCK UP BUT HE’S MY FUCK UP! When you TRULY LOVE a character you don’t just love them at their best. YOU HAVE TO LOVE THEM AT THEIR WORST TOO. Aaron was my first love but Robert wormed his way in there and now for better or worse we are all stuck together. As you can see my bi pride icon is still in place and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. 

I know it might seem like there is no light at the end of the tunnel right now, and this is a totally different set of circumstances, but there have been a few times while watching these two that I thought this is it. I can’t do it anymore but somehow ED was able to turn it around for me. I’m holding out hope that they are able to do this again. I know it will be hard but I’m not ready to give up just yet. There are so many amazing people who are really lovely and positive. Try to stay with them and try to steer away from the negativity. Most people are kind enough to tag so if you can blacklist DON’T BE AFRAID TO USE IT AND BLOCK WHEN NECESSARY! Anything that makes your time here less enjoyable. I’m not sure this helped at all but if you ever need someone to talk to I’m here anytime. Massive amounts of love and hugs to you. <333

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Send me a ship

ship: ew / nonono / maybe / ship it / aww / otp / MY HEART

Now I’m going to be honest here: Do I think it is a healthy pairing? No. Do I think that Bruce can sometimes be an absolutely unnecessary jerk to Hal to the point of being ooc? Yes.

Do I ship it anyway? Hell yes because I’m allowed to have my ships where the two of them constantly wind each other up and act completely vitriolic but deep down actually care about one another and also happen to be extremely hot. They’ve got that opposites attract quality for me, though I recognise not everyone feels the same way.

Label : Something you put on clothes. Not on people.

Hi Guys,

As you know I’ve been wanting to create a tumblr for a while now. The reason being is that I have so many moments that are just too big to share in a short 140 character tweet. I also have so many feelings that I want to be able to express. I want us to be able to have an environment where we can discuss topics that need to be addressed, a place for us to give each other advice and to support one another. I want this to be a place that we can come and let our feelings out, our opinions out and pour our hearts out. So I hope that you will be a part of this journey with me!

The first thing I want to write about is something that I am currently experiencing and something that I’ve truly always been going through without me being old enough to realize it. I think to be quite honest ALL of us at some point in our lives go through this and IT. NEEDS. TO. BE. TALKED. ABOUT.

I’m talking about LABELS. No, not the kind we put on our lunch boxes when we are a kid, or on our sweater so if we lose it on the playground it can be returned to us, or even the ones that we put on the side of a mason jar with the fresh jam we just made (hello Pinterest thank you for the idea).
I’m talking LABELS. The kind of LABELS that are put on PEOPLE. I was sparked to write about this after finding a post on a twitter account saying:

“If a girl likes ugg boots and starbucks she’s stupid and stereotypical, but if she likes combat boots and obscure coffee houses she’s a hipster wannabe and is trying too hard. If a girl listen to boy bands and other popular artists she’s a dumb follower, if she reads comes or plays video games she’s a poser/fake geek girl, if she likes sex she’s a slut but if she doesn’t like sex she’s a prude…”

Now, I’m going to interrupt the quote for a quick minute to get personal about that last description. I was just labeled as a “prude” by someone a few weeks ago. Now at the time I didn’t know what it meant so I just laughed it off and nodded my head awkwardly (as I do). I then got home and looked up the definition of it and was so taken back… For those who aren’t sure of the definition either, it’s this:

n./adj. One who will not engage in any kind of sexual activity with a member of the opposite sex. 1. Usually used as a discriminatory word. 2.Can be used in a fashion as to bait someone into sexual activity.

So this word isn’t a kind word. There’s no way to make it a kind word.

Here’s what upsets me and makes me feel a little confused:
Where does having morals and waiting to take big steps until you’re absolutely ready to take them a negative thing? I didn’t know that making a personal decision based on what you believe in your heart was such a terrible thing…. that’s because IT ISN’T.

I didn’t speak about this for a while until a few days ago at breakfast. I was with my mom, a castmate of mine and his family. We were sitting around talking about life and it just kind of slipped out. It was only then that I let myself actually feel hurt about it after weeks of holding it in. I don’t want you to ever hold things in. Talk about it to anyone who you feel comfortable with. I don’t care if it’s the barista at your coffee shop. Never. Hold. Stuff. In.

I am not a prude. I respect myself and my body and I will always always do what I believe in that doesn’t make me any word or anything besides:


Okay- now back to the quote:

“…. if she doesn’t wear makeup she’s a slob, if she has low self esteem she needs to learn to love herself but if she has high self esteem she’s overconfident and vain, if she’s interested in politics she’s a crazy social justice warrior but if she prefers to stay out of social matters she’s a dumb airhead….”

I don’t know about you BUT this Twitter post really effected me and hit me straight in the heart. I also want to make a point to say that this doesn’t just go for girls it goes for boys as well…. and that’s where we move on to stereotypes.
stereotype :
A stereotype is used to catergorize a group of people. People don’t understand that type of person, so they put them into classifications, thinking that everyone who is that needs to be like that, or anyone who acts like their classifications is one.

How many of you have been stereotyped? I know I have. I’ve been called: fat, skinny, fat again, anorexic, fake, smart, innocent, precocious etc. All words that have flown over my head and that I’ve made myself laugh at rather than cry over but I know that that isn’t the case for ALL of us.  How do you think the boy in the glasses who happens to like reading books feels when the whole school looks at him as some foreign object who can only date a science book? Or how about the boy on the football team who happens to be good at football but is immediately labeled the jock who is gonna be with all the girls in the school? There is so much more to a person than what they do and what we can see. Not all of us can be there with them to see what they do at 4am when they can’t sleep, or when they come home after winning a game to a house with their parents screaming at each other. None of us can completely know what that person is going through unless we are that person. So let’s stop talking about that person unless we really know them and even then don’t talk unless it’s something positive. Yes, I know it’s fun to talk to your besties about the latest drama and the he said/she said of it all (trust me I’m guilty of it too) but remember that much like the internet, once you put something out there it’s out there. Once you say something you cant take it back and you have to live with what it, so make sure you can before you say it.

We live in a generation where we are judged and looked upon every two seconds. I know that in my case I am being watched because I am in the public eye. I also know that one small mess up or mistake could honestly overpower any good that I have managed to do because sadly people are more interested in the bad mess ups than all the good things we do. Labels and stereotypes don’t help this situation. So here’s what I want to encourage us all to do:

Take out a piece of paper.

Grab a pen.

Take out a phone or a laptop or any device that can record. (and if possible I would love for you to tweet/ instagram me your pictures and/or video, I’ll be putting together a project about it)

Hit record.

I want you to know write down any word that you have ever been called on that paper.

Once you’re done lift up that paper and face it towards the camera so we can see those words.

On the count of three I want you to stay facing the camera and tear that paper into as many pieces as you can.





Did you rip it?

Now I want you to explain what you see.

What’s left on that paper? Is it just scraps of letters here and there?

At the end of the day if we put those words on a piece of paper, they just become words and if we rip the paper they become scraps. In theory they become NOTHING.

However as people we are EVERYTHING. Not one person is the same as another. Not one word can define exactly who we are. You can’t put us on a piece of paper, you can’t rip us up and you can’t make us nothing.

So, next time you are labeled or placed into a group that isn’t you…
grab your phone, blast your music and have an epic dance party because YOU are worth so much more than a word.

With Love, 


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Kise :3

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
this was another tricky one, this time between gryffindor and slytherin, but I feel that Kise’s drive to be honest about himself even if that means being rude is what lends him to being a gryffindor over a slytherin
best quality: Adaptable with lots of potential for growth
worst quality: Tends to miss the broader picture
ship them with: Kasamatsu, Aomine
brotp them with: Momoi, Kuroko, Aomine, Kasamatsu
needs to stay away from: Okay I know I’m just recommending that everyone stay away from Haizaki but y’know I think it’s very justified
misc. thoughts: He’s too pretty and too excited I can’t trust him but I love him anyway, I want him to do my eyeliner and then go stand 60 feet away so I’m not blinded

Thank you for sending an ask, this was really fun!! I’m gonna be completely honest, I’m just having a blast house sorting characters, it’s my favorite thing to do.

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Im so fucked, my bestfriend who i lowkey highkey in love with is currently on a date with another friend of mine and is goibg to prom with yet another friend of mine And im just standing lonely at the side. Everything hurts. why do I have so many gay friends... any advice?

Sorry I’m just seeing this right now, and I’m really, really sorry you are having to deal with this 💕 being in love with your best friend is one of the worst feelings in the world. My advice is to tell your friend how you feel about them. In my experience it is best to be honest about your feelings so you don’t have the burden of keeping this secret anymore. Besides if they know, even if they don’t reciprocate your feelings, they still know not to make their relationship with your other friend so obvious since they would know that it would hurt you. I’m sorry if this wasn’t really any help, but feel free to message me if you have any specific questions. I just recently went through a similar issue, so I could probably help some. 💖

This conversation:

is so important. A lot of people don’t seem to understand just how healthy Bellamy and Clarke’s relationship is. They’ve always been honest with one another, they’ve always supported one another and even when they don’t agree with one another they still talk about it. 

Bellamy being so frank and open, stating exactly what the problem is, admitting that he still feels that way and then saying he doesn’t want to feel this way anymore is so mature. He didn’t blame her for anything, he stopped using sarcasm (the Wanheda comment before this conversation) to camouflage his feelings. This is how you work out your issues as an adult. This is a good foundation for any type of relationship.

He’s still angry with Clarke but the statement “I don’t want to feel that way anymore” is an acknowledgment that he wants to work on fixing and healing their relationship, and rebuilding the trust that’s been broken. These are the types of conversations you should be having in your romantic relationships, honestly in all of your relationships. 

BTS Learning you had slept with another member before dating

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Namjoon: Namjoon would probably be one of the most relaxed members about this, however he would definitely proceed with caution when talking about the subject and the incident that occurred, and I think what he would care about the most was the fact that you were being honest with him. He would probably want to have a talk with you and that particular member, just to clear up any awkward feelings and ensure that there isn’t any attraction between you two any longer.

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Suga: I feel like Suga would initially have a bit of a problem with this just because I think he really seeks deep and unique relationships, especially ones involving romantic love. The fact that you and one of his closest friends had sex and you (and his band member) neglected to tell him until you and Suga were dating would really irk him and he would need a few days alone to digest the new information. He honestly wouldn’t want to hear from you or the member, and when he finally came back to earth he would probably have a serious talk.

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Jin: This is something that would probably break up a relationship for Jin to be completely honest, he simply wouldn’t be okay with the fact that you and one of his band members used to be friends with benefits. Jin is someone who wants to settle down with a partner, he’s not looking for a quick hook-up or to waste time with someone who won’t see their future with him. He would understand if it happened once and was a mistake, but you would really be pushing it if it was a common occurence. Also he would hate that you happened to tell him now.

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J-Hope: J-Hope would be so grossed out because it was his girlfriend and his best friend and neither of you brought it up to him or considered his feelings, he wouldn’t even want to picture such a scene in his mind. He would cringe so hard and shake his head, demanding to know why you hadn’t told him and insist that honesty and trust were such important attributes in friendships and relationships. When he demanded to know which member and you told him, he would roll his eyes and sigh, demanding to know why him of all the others.

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Jimin: Jimin would probably get emotional because of this and he would want to take a break from your relationship because no one ever told him and he accidentally ended up finding out himself, and he would feel so incredibly betrayed and hurt. It would honestly leave scars on his big heart, and he would have such a hard time getting back into the relationship and in order to do that, you would have to be begging him because Jimin would be really badly affected by this. 

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V: V would just be in shock in all honestly, it would never occur to him that you could ever be attracted to any of his best friends, much less have sex with them and then never tell him until much later. It would practically be impossible for him to digest this new information, and he would get slightly sick to his stomach at the idea of such a strange situation playing out in the bedroom. It would take a few minutes to shut his mouth and swallow, successfully coming back to reality as he contemplated what to do.

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Jungkook: Jungkook would honestly find it so, so incredibly weird that he would be like Jin in the sense that he would want to end the relationship. They’re practically his brothers and he’s barely of age, and the fact that you two had been hooking up behind his back would make him really uncomfortable and that would simply be something that he wasn’t comfortable with. Jungkook would probably break up with you shortly after that and stay distant from that member for a while. 

Gilgamesh from the Fate series is one of my favorite characters of all time because of several reasons.

He is totally unapologetic in his behavior and attitude. While the character is fun but a little shit, at least he is honest about how he feels.

Another reason is, the fact he shows respect to those he feels earns it. He is shown to value loyalty in his own way praises it, even though it might feel like an insult at the time due to uh… Certain words.

Lastly he is a lovable douchebag. Plus his character design kinda helps.

Fact of life: Being attractive gets you far in life, or a fan base based on looks alone. Haha

The relationship dynamics within the Krew are so wonderful and now I’m sad all over again that we didn’t have much of a chance to see them play out more.

Bolin and Korra clicking immediately; their date was honestly nothing short of #goals. Asami being so excited about the Fire Ferrets she makes Pabu a jersey. Mako and Asami sharing their earnest “grew up young” dynamic from completely different perspectives but still finding some kind of compatibility with them. When Korra is upset, the other three do their best to understand and boost her back to confidence. Korra meeting Mako’s dry, no-nonsense attitude with innocent snark and nicknames. Asami and Bolin becoming like sibling figures and being honest with one another when talking about their troubles. Mako personally protecting Asami from the blast in Zhaofu. The absolute trust displayed between Korra and Asami throughout later canon. Mako going out of his way to let Korra know that there are no hard feelings, that nothing has to be awkward anymore.

Basically, even though they live their lives largely apart, they love each other.

Caine/Jupiter - deference at first sight?

One of the most interesting things Caine does, as far as I’m concerned, is defer to Jupiter absolutely from the get-go. After rescuing her, his priorities are to:

1. Get Jupiter to a place of safety.

2. Make her feel safe.

As we all know, he makes her feel safe by giving her a gun and answering every single one of her questions. He respects her and is completely subservient, while nonetheless being realistic and honest about her being in danger if she doesn’t go with him. 

This is interesting to me because Jupiter is basically Caine’s mark. She should be another job to him, an anonymous human desired - for mysterious reasons - by devious asshat Titus Abrasax. Going by that logic, Caine should simply want to turn her over quickly with minimal care for her comfort or security. 

So, that’s my question - why does Caine make such an effort to make Jupiter feel comfortable from the get-go? He should be a hardened military man, but he bends over backwards to accommodate Jupiter and take care of her. Is he especially nice because Titus asked him to be deferential? Or is it somehow instinctual, a response that he can’t quite explain logically himself?

I look forward to reading your theories!