to behave more like a real girl than most other woman on tv

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The San Jose prospects are not toddlers and it's very wrong to call them that

No, it’s actually not very wrong to call them that.  I’ve seen this weird argument springing up in hockey fandom over the last few months, that calling a hockey player a child/infant/toddler/son is somehow infantilization and is therefore wrong and bad.  Listen, don’t come at me, an actual grown adult women who has studied this bullshit, about infantilization.  Instead of “woman,” most of society still likes to refer to me as “girl” and I’m at an age where people are starting to wonder when I’ll find a nice man to take care of me because, in some circles, women are still viewed as too child-like and immature to handle shit for themselves.  Women are pressured to remain as young as they possibly can for as long as they possibly can in order to even be seen as desirable by society.  As women age, they’re less likely to see themselves reflected back to them by the world around them; try finding a book, television show, or movie that depicts the story of a middle-aged woman rather than one who is much younger and therefore, by society’s standards, more worthy.  Women are praised for not looking their age and, when older women actually do see themselves depicted in advertisements, it’s usually for anti-aging products.  I won’t even get into how the infantilization of adult women also sexualizes young girls and may influence child pornography, but know that that’s all out there, too.

Against that backdrop, no, calling a group of prospects “toddlers” can’t even hold a candle to the infantilization that women face constantly.  And here’s why: calling an 18 year old dude who is 6′2″, 195 pounds, and who looks like he could rip the world apart with his bare hands an “infant” is being done because it’s funny.  It’s not being said to demean him, to patronize him, or to insinuate that he shouldn’t be taken seriously by society.  It’s not being said to make him believe he should act younger than his age if he wants to be respected and accepted by society.  It’s not being used to influence the way he behaves, dresses, or presents himself to the world.  It’s being said because, of course he’s not an “infant,” no infant could possibly look like that, and that’s the joke.  Not only that, but a group of prospects is never going to hear someone call them “toddlers” to their face (in any sort of negative way or otherwise), while actual groups of adult women, in higher education courses and workplaces all across the globe (and in restaurants, bars, homes, stores, etc., etc., etc.), will likely still be called “girls” when another adult wants their attention.  So no, I don’t agree that calling an 18 year old prospect a “toddler” is wrong, because there are no real, actual consequences attached to it and it sure as hell isn’t going to influence how that prospect, or any other prospect after him, engages with and participates in society, and it has no impact on how society values that prospect.

We’re watching a sport filled with grown, adult men who can take care of themselves, we’re all aware of that.  The players are also aware of that.  My calling one of them an “infant” isn’t going to change that and I’m not doing it in hopes that I will change it in any capacity.  So I will continue to call grown adult men “toddlers” as a joke because it’s a damn miracle I still have any sense of humor left after being actually infantilized by society for more than two decades.

The Charade; Part Seven

Summary: Two journalists strike a bargain with Misha Collins and Jensen Ackles to get the article they need, and end up getting more than they bargained for.
Pairings: Misha x OFC, Jensen x OFC
Word Count: 1791
Warnings: None?
A/N: Ash’s and my new collab! @d-s-winchester​​


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Kiss it Better Chapter 7

Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3 Chapter 4

Chapter 5 Chapter 6

After a while the party started to thin and die out. The guys were either returning home to their old ladies or getting cozy with a croweater in their rooms. Juice walked you to the room you were in. A true gentleman. He kissed your hand. Told you how amazing today was for him. You kissed his cheek and told him you’d see him tomorrow. As much as you wanted to have in sleep over, as much as your body craved it, you still had to guard your emotions. Not quite yet. Not so soon. He smiled as walked down the hall to his dorm he used when he stayed there even though he had his own house. You shut the door and leaned your back against it. A deep sigh leaving your lips. This was indeed the best day you’ve had in a long time.

You awoke to a soft knock on your door. You were always a light sleeper. You got up and walked to the door. You had been wearing shorts and a t-shirt so there was no worry about who it may be.

“Good Morning beautiful!” Juice said as he handed you a lily. “I wanted to see if you wanted to grab some breakfast. Want you to test out your bike too now that it’s done. If that’s OK.”

“Juice this… this is so sweet. Thank you! Of course yeah. Just let me get changed a I’ll meet you outside.”

Even waking up you were the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen in his life. He would give anything to be the man waking up next to you. He reasons with himself not to rush anything with you. He liked you a lot. Didn’t want to ruin what was developing.

You take your lily and search around the room for a makeshift vase. You spot an old beer bottle by the TV. You take it to the bathroom and rinse it a good couple times before you fill it with water and place your flower inside. You put it on the nightstand as you walk to the dresser to get ready. You put on your go to jeans and t-shirt ensemble, pull your boots on and look at yourself in the mirror. Your hair was all over the place. Holy shit. You answered the door that way. You felt like a total idiot. You combed your hair and braided it to the side. Your go to hairstyle. You brushed your teeth, got your wallet and keys and left your room to go find juice. He was sitting at the bar waiting patiently for you.

“You ready gorgeous?” he says as he grabs your hand. You’d go to the ends of the world if he asked. His compliments are making your heart overflow and you have to fight the urge to put the guard back up.

You’ve been scared of love and what it did to you. You don’t have to run, I know what you’ve been through. Just a simple touch and it can set you free. We don’t have to rush when you’re alone with me.

“You guys be safe and behave” Tig called after them.

“I’m surprised that word is in your vocabulary Trager” Retorted Juice as you just shake your head and smile.

“So you want to ride with me and test your bike when we come back? Or ride out together?” Juice asked although he really wanted you on the back of his bike with your arms around him.

“Let’s ride them both out” You said. Obviously not taking the hint right away. You wanted to know your bike was good. It was your baby after all. You saw a slight hint of disappointment in face and realized your mistake. You didn’t want to make the situation anymore awkward so you decided to make light of it. “I bet I could smoke you though. Get to the diner first!” You said as you climbed on your bike. Truthfully you had no earthly idea where the diner was. But he didn’t know that.

This struck him in the playful side of himself. He gave you the melt your heart smile that he gave you when he first met you and when he saw you in that dress last night.

“You’re on!” he said as he climbed on his bike. Your baby girl started right up perfectly. The purr making you happy that she was OK.

The ride to the diner was a blast. You both took turns showing off to each other. But eventually you let him lead the way so you wouldn’t get yourself lost. Juice was filled to the brim with admiration. One way or another, he was going to make you his old lady. He just had to convince you to stay with him in Charming. He honestly didn’t know what was going through your mind in that regard. Now that your bike was fixed, would you continue on your way? He made up his mind that he would fight to keep you here and safe with him. Beautiful. Great personality. And rides a Harley. Yeah he was keeping you.

Breakfast was going wonderful. The conversations you have feel like you two have been best friends for years and years. You liked the same things. You were into video games and computers. You loved bikes. Fave color was also black. He thought you were perfect.

“What’s your real name Juice?! I know your mama didn’t name you after fruit drinks?” You laughed.

“Very funny” he teased back “It’s Juan Carlos Ortiz. I prefer Juice tho. Fruit drinks and all”

You giggled more and he relished the sight of your beauty as you did so.

“Juice it is then.” You smiled at him again as you continued your breakfast.

Juice is so easy to listen to. After breakfast you guys decide to drop your bike off and take his while he gives you a proper tour of Charming. The road and the open air. The feeling of you holding him tight was almost more than both of you could take. You were falling for each other. This much was certain. He stopped to show you one of Charming’s beautiful lakes when the burner in his pocket went off. He excused himself to take the call. You sat in the shade under a tree relaxing and enjoying nature and all its beauty. You felt at peace here. Maybe Charming was meant to be for you. You always thought everything happened for a reason.















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Nice to meet you

Nice to meet you | Josh Pieters | Imagine
Word count: 1275
A/N: Hey guys! So I thought I could work something out really quick before this weekend end for real. I had this idea when on my Baci chocolate I picked the quote you will see ahead and I thought on it through all the last week. Hope you guys like it! See you soon!
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Since there do not exist two individuals exactly alike, there must be for each particular man a particular woman […] who corresponds most perfectly. A really passionate love is as rare as the accident of these two meeting.” Arthur Schopenhauer

Someone should tell London it was almost summer time, because you were freezing as hell (well, if hell is extremely cold… You don’t know that, you’ve never been there). Beloved London, did you know June is the next month? Of course not, that’s why you were heading to buy something to warm you. it didn’t matter if was a hot chocolate, a coffee or a tea, you just wanted to survive until it was really summer.

“Hello, Y/N!” Giuseppe, the nice old man who owned the little cafe palace said to you. The place was really close to your apartment, so you would always go there.

“Hi!” You greeted, nodding to his new employee too (he got the job last week). “How is your granddaughter? Did she turned well on yesterday assignment?” You asked, his grandaughter needed help for the task and you happened to be in the store, so, as her grandpa wasn’t able to support her, you volunteered (thanks God she was little, because it was Math and you weren’t good at all with Math).

“Great! Thanks for helping, by the way.” He said. “What are you going to order today, missy?”

“I don’t know… What do you recommend? I’m really cold, I need something to help me with that.”

“What about some irish coffee?”

You frowned. “I thought you were from Italy.”

He laughed. “I am, however I’m british now and I learned how to warm up.”

“I never had one of those.” You commented. “I didn’t know you guys do this in here.”

Giuseppe winked. “We don’t.”

You giggled and accepted the drink.

“So, you know what’s happening down the street?” You asked as he started making you your drink.

You saw large vehicles closing the street with some big lights and stuff like that, it seemed a production.

“Yeah, they’re filming a video. I don’t know if it’s for TV or not, though.”

“It’s for Youtube, grandpa.” A little blonde girl said, getting out from the door across the bar. On the other side of it was the stairs that headed to Giuseppe’s house.

“Hey, girl.” You greeted and she opened a smile.

“Y/N!” she exclaimed.

“How was school today?”

“Great! Thanks for helping me.”

“You’re more than welcome, dear.”

Giuseppe had a small bell on the front door, so when a customer entered, he could realize. That was the sound you heard that afternoon, the sound that would change your whole life.

“Hello! How can I help you?” The employee asked, being the cashier as the owner finished preparing your drink.

“Hi. I just want a coffee and a macchiato, please.” the stranger told. He was about to open his wallet to pay when he noticed the open bottle on the bar that Giuseppe just had putted down. “Actually, do you make irish coffee? I want one of these instead of the macchiato.”

“Actually we don’t do that.” The employee informed.

You were smiling still. Giuseppe’s granddaughter was talking about her day as you waited, then he interrupted her.

“Here it is, Y/N.” Giuseppe said, handing to you your cup.

“Thank you.” You smiled, taking a sip of it. “Oh, that’s delicious.”

“Alright, she is too pretty, I wouldn’t deny her anything too.” The stranger said, smiling and standing his credit car. “You can leave the original order then.”

You heard his comment and looked at him, paying attention on the customer for the first time. He was a tall ginger guy with a gentle smile, using what seemed to be a lot of coats.

“What happened?” Giuseppe asked to his employee and the younger told him the story. “Oh, that’s ok! I can do another, everything is already out.” He said. “It’s on the house.”

“There’s no need, thank you.” the ginger answered.

“I insist, new customers don’t become old customers unless we put effort on it.” Giuseppe declared.

“Well, in this case, thank you so much.” The client nodded his head in appreciation and paid his order. He walked and stood by your side, waiting to his drinks.

“Thank you for the compliment back there.” You said with a little smile.

“I meant it.” He said. You blushed, not knowing what to do. “I’ll take that silence as the confirmation that it wasn’t my best pick up line.” He joked.

“Oh my God, no.” You giggled. “That wasn’t it. I just don’t know how to react when people compliment me.”

“This should be a serious problem then, because I bet people are always complimenting you.”

“Yeah, that’s an improvement of pick up line.” You made fun, still not knowing how to behave. “I’m Y/N, by the way.” You extended your hand.


“Josh!’ You heard a sharp void exclaim. “You’re Josh Pieters! I knew it was something about Youtube!” Giuseppe’s granddaughter was almost jumping from emotion, you forgot she was there. “I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!”

Josh laughed. “Hey, young lady, you shouldn’t know who I am, I do many inappropriate things for your age.”

She giggled. “I don’t watch you!”

“Ouch.” he said, putting his hand in his chest. “You don’t need to be mean.”

The little girl giggled again. “I watch Joe! because Joe is Zoella’s brother. You are always on his channel!”

“Well, Joe isn’t good for kids children either, but I guess it’s ok if you are just a huge Zoella fan.” Josh shrugged and you noticed he had the brightest smile you had ever seen.

“Have you met her? Is she nice? Can you tell her I love her? She must be beautiful!”

You laughed, definitely the girl wasn’t that excited to you helping her with the Math’s task.

“Don’t annoy the customer, dear.” Giuseppe said, heading Josh his order on a paper support. “Here it is.”

“It’s nothing, really.” Josh told, picking the cups. “Thank you.” He turned to the grandaughter again. “Yes, I know Zoe, she’s really nice and of course I’m telling her I met her biggest fan.”

You smiled at him. “That’s really nice of you.” You commented.

“Thank you.” He nodded his head, extending his hand. “As I was saying, I’m Josh.”

You shook his hand, ignoring the shiver you had. “Nice to meet you, Josh.”

“This is your code to ‘you can have my number’?” Josh asked.

“The pick up lines’ game are only going up, huh?” You joked. “Yes, it is.”

“Nice.” he smiled.

You two exchanged numbers and he went away after saying bye to all of you. You couldn’t stop smile because you just met the nicest guy ever. He was really sweet and seemed to be someone who was easy to make smile, you loved people like that.

And the craziest thing of that day wasn’t meeting the love of your life in that place you would return many times after (alone at first, but then you would be always with Josh, even if it was far away from the house you would move in together). The craziest thing was that Josh would tell his kids that their mom was drinking coffee with Irish whiskey in the first time you met each other, after all, you never liked drinking. Of course, they wouldn’t know that the only reason you didn’t drink anymore was that day when you and their dad got so drunk that you… Well, this is a story for another time, isn’t it?

I’ve been thinking about doing another ASOIAF list,this one about characters that are markedly different on the TV show than they are in the books. So last night I was trying to articulate what was different about Catelyn Tully-Stark on Game of Thrones.

I decided that, though on the show Cat does a lot of the same things she does in the books, the underlying characteristics are very different. In the show, Cat’s basic motivations is her motherly love. I don’t want to imply that book!Cat is not a good mother, but I do think she is a much more logic and reason-driven person than on the show.

In one of her earliest scenes on the show, she tells Ned she doesn’t want him to go to King’s Landing presumably because she would miss her husband. But in the books, she is the one who convinces Ned he has to go–and a lot of the fandom blames her for what happens to him in the South. But Catelyn’s reasoning is sound. If he says no to the King, he could be viewed as unloyal. The court would certainly use this against him; Robert isn’t the same man Ned knew.

Throughout the books, Cat continually gives advice to the men in her life (Ned, Edmure and, most importantly, Robb) that is not wrong. A lot of things the fandom criticizes her for being “dumb” would have worked if not for circumstances that arise later. (Taking Tyrion prisoner and bringing him to the Vale, releasing Jaime Lannister, etc.) More often than not, these “circumstances” I refer to are really someone acting emotionally and not logically. Like Lysa’s craziness, or Cersei believing Tyrion would kill her son.

I feel like this is not a failure of intellect, but a failure of imagination. Like she can’t predict people would do things that she wouldn’t do. Even with Ned, she doesn’t understand why he would keep Jon Snow around if it’s not meant as some kind of fuck you to her.

I don’t think I’m getting this down properly, but TL;DR I think show!Cat is a lot more emotionally driven than book!Cat. Like there is that scene where she thinks it was her failure to love Jon Snow that caused everything. I thought that was much more of the writers talking through her than something Cat would actually think or say.

One scene I did like on the show was when she goes out to the woods to cry when she hears of Ned’s death. She feels like she has to keep herself together in front of everyone else and it’s only when she’s alone that she can express the emotions she’s feeling. That felt kind of right to me. Because there is talk of Cat having to put on a brave face to be there for Robb. (There’s even a flashback scene where she describes Ned as putting on a “Lord’s face” to govern, and I definitely think Cat has a “lady face” that she feels she should wear.)

I think of Cat as like one of the high-strung, intelligent girls that I went to school with. They’re very driven and want desperately to be perfect. They do everything they are supposed to do. “Good girls.” And, like, for me I kind of had a mental breakdown when I didn’t get into the college I wanted to go to. Cat sort of reminds me of that when she goes catatonic when Bran falls. She’s just like, “How could this happen?!” She expresses her grief and loss, even her anger because she snaps at Jon Snow. (I feel obligated to here to pause and say we have NO EVIDENCE that she had ever behaved toward him like this before that.)

And then she’s like “No, Cat. You’ve got to pull yourself together. Ned is in the capitol.” Then he has to keep holding herself together with Robb. I think Catelyn’s whole story is a tragic one. Here is this woman who is desperately trying to keep the plates spinning–while she loses everyone. Her husband dies, her father dies, her two youngest kids die, her daughters are captured, etc. Then when Robb is killed she just loses it.

It’s really sad.

And the show gives you some of that, but I think it could’ve been more clear. On TV she seems more like a squishy, lovable mom figure. Kind of like Molly Weasley (who is awesome, I’m not knocking her). But I always got the sense from the books that Ned was actually the indulgent parent–the one who lets Bran climb, and joins in snowball fights with Robb and Jon–while Catelyn is sort of the teacher and disciplinarian. ore of a McGonagall, if you will.

Anyway, that’s where I am at with this. One other thing that isn’t related to how the character was performed, is that I don’t think you get the sense of why Littlefinger would be kind of obsessed with her. Again, if we can use my perfect, good girl analogy then it makes sense that the idea of Cat would haunt LF because he wants the best for himself. It’s not necessarily any real emotional connection between the two of them.

I think he’s going to have a rude awakening with Sansa. I said it a lot in the westerosorting community, but I think her story is much more closely aligned with Ned’s (being naive in the capitol, being a good person while everyone around you is treacherous) while it’s actually Arya who is going through more of what Cat was (wearing masks, not being able to express dark emotions, losing your pack). It makes me laugh to think LF thinks he’s raising a tiny Cat, but he’s really raising a tiny Ned.

The Man Who Would Be King

I’m still doing my rewatch of S5, but it’s taking longer than I expected and I really wanted to do The Man Who Would Be King by itself since it is such an amazing episode, and to me marks the first real deliberate nod to a potential relationship between Dean & Cas. And not just in parts, but the whole episode. It really is the story of how Cas loves Dean. And, just to really make it even more awesome, it was both written AND directed by Ben Edlund, so it’s not like there was some disconnect between the writing and the direction. It is all pretty pure. So here it is, giffed and everything. I’m also going to apologise for the length. I’ve been working on this for about a month now, and it got a little out of hand.

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Why are Otome Heroines Expected to be Badass?

So, I recently started a new semester in University and one of my classes is Introduction to Women Studies. We recently watched a documentary called “Tough Guise” that talked about men, violence and the media.

It begins by talking that boys learn early on that they have to behave in a certain way in order to be considered a “real man”. They have to be strong, tough, in control, muscular, intimidating, etc. in order to be considered one and if they don’t fit this bill, then they’ll be called “unmanly”, “wuss”, “wimp” and other words with a much for offensive meaning which I’ll refrain to say. The fear of being an outcast and being called these names keep boys and men locked into this narrow box and as a result, they try to conform to this idea of what a guy “should be” as a survival mechanism.

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'Whistleblower' meta question: how does Eddie, who was abused by two men as a child, come to specifically hate women? I'm sure that kind of thing happens IRL sometimes, but I'm wondering if you have any ideas for Eddie in particular.


A lot of things have been swirling around in the fandom for a while, but sometimes we have to re-circulate things.  

This’ll be a mixture of things I’ve come up with & things other users have created.  & of course a lot of this is meta & speculation & entirely debatable.  & of course I am not defending Eddie in the fucking slightest; I only wish to understand him.

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Can you explain UKIP to some of your followers and why they are bad? Hope your day is well! x

UKIP are a far right political party that are notorious for sexist, homophobic, and racist behaviour. They want to get the UK out of the EU, tighten up immigration regulations and pretty much do all they can to abolish multiculturalism. They have a very real possibility of getting into power, due to the fact they are drawing votes as the “voice of the people” and “one of us”, due to growing dissatisfaction with the current major parties, all of which are often accused of being elitist and upper class (the Conservatives especially, being the current ruling party). 

Here are just a few of the things UKIP councillors, candidates, MPs and supporters have said - 

“islam is a cancer that needs eradicating multiculturism does not work in this country clear them all off to the desert with their camals that’s their way of life.”

“#ThingsAsianBoysDo groom and rape underage white girls, stab and rob innocent old white people, bomb innocent white people”

“Most Nigerians are generally bad people… I  grew up in Africa and dare anyone to prove me wrong.”

“Well, I reckon dogs are more intelligent, better company and certainly better behaved than most Muslims.”

“Is there any difference between the islamic ideology and the nazis?”

“Asian Muslims groom our white girls, now they rape our boys. Jordanian Paralympians commit sex offences. We need to reclaim our country”

“I rather often wonder if we shot one “poofter” (GLBT whatevers), whether the next 99 would decide on balance, that they weren’t after-all? We might then conclude that it’s not a matter of genetics, but rather more of education ;)”

“We must pray for the gay community that they will see that they are indeed prisoners who need freedom“

“Children need to be protected from the promotion of homosexuality, Margaret Thatcher was right to enact Section 28 in 1988 (prevented the discussion of homosexuality in schools). And it was a tragedy that it was repealed”

“Homosexuals are completely dependent on heterosexuals to create them. Curiously they never express any gratitude for this, while complaining constantly of persecution.”

“What irritates me is the way they (homosexuals) and their leftie, neo-Commie followers seem to want to force the rest of us to consider them as normal”

“How we can possibly be giving a billion pounds a month when we’re in this sort of debt to bongo bongo land is completely beyond me.”

I could go on with the quotes but there are far far too many. Here are some other disturbing facts about UKIP - 

There is so so much more stuff like this but I could literally sit here all day and still not list everything. Just put “UKIP” into Google and prepare to be horrified.

Please please please do not vote UKIP. I really cannot stress to you how important this is. If you live in the UK and are of voting age, I really shouldn’t have to tell you this, you should already understand how toxic and terrifying these people are. If you are not in the UK and/or are not of voting age, please make as many aware as possible.

The fact that they could actually be running my country, and that there are enough people here that would actually consider voting them in terrifies me.

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I like Simone, but her reblogging that is really not appropriate.

I strongly disagree.

This was the post in question by the way. All it says is, “Paseka and Hong hearing about Simone’s cheng” followed be a gif of Raven Symone chewing gun really funny and nervously with hysterical wide eyes.  The gif alone is legitimately funny.  It’s funnier than the post.  Her reply was “this had me dying laughing” with a cry-laughing emoji.  The post was funny.  She should be allowed to have fun on tumblr.  There was nothing inappropriate or offensive, no ill-intent or mean-spiritedness about it.

Simone is allowed to be proud of her accomplishments.  For one of THE most accomplished gymnasts there is, she’s still one of the most humble 19yo girls you’ll find for what they’ve achieved.  This post wasn’t even about her DEBUTING her Cheng for anyone to see - just back when they could’ve heard about it.  For all they know it wouldn’t ever even happen.  The hypothetical possibility and them not knowing what’s coming was also what made it funnier.  It never once said or implied she was going to beat them, that they would lose, or anything negative against their gymnastics.  She even reblogged a text post earlier that simply said “Simone was .125 away from vault gold at worlds with an 8 tenth disadvantage in difficulty :))”.  No one had any problems with that, even though it’s basically the same idea worded differently.  But because that one only mentions her name, it’s seen as her just being proud of what she did.  The other has been blown out of proportion bc god forbid another competitor actually be NAMED.  She can talk about herself but never bring another person’s name into it!  *shriek*  As if we DON’T KNOW who they are.  Quite honestly?  The *other* version undermines the other girls and their accomplishments way more than one that does name them.

This is all part of a bigger problem surrounding how we view young women athletes and expect them to behave.  They aren’t allowed to dare be seen as catty or competitive bc “women already are”.  They’re expected to be shy and humble and dismiss all they’ve done, no matter how badass or downright outrageous.  They’re supposed to have perfectly contrived answers and prepared, diplomatic responses.  If they’re ever asked about breaking a trillion records under the sun or obliterating the competition by five hundred points, they’re just supposed to give, “It was an honor to compete with them.”  Period. “I love them all, it’s just great to be here”  Period.  Or, “I’m not sad I lost at all, it’s just wonnnnderful to compete with these ladies.  This was a great opportunity.”  THAT is the expectation and the moment someone addresses their competition, it’s immediately taboo.  And, yet, one of the main reasons people ADORE Simone is because she isn’t contrived.  She giggles, gives real answers, and shows her feelings.  If she was having a bad day on beam, she gon tell you about it.  If she feels she coulda done better, she gon let ya know.  But she’s also allowed to be proud of herself.  IT’S OKAY.  The world won’t explode.  It’s actually healthy and teaches young girls (and old girls) great things.  And, hey, sometimes that could come in the form of saying she did better than someone.  But that didn’t even happen here and everyone’s acting like she went and created her own post about how much better she is than everyone.  And quite honestly?  Even if she did that?  I don’t even think I’d hate it.  Because women are ALLOWED TO BE PROUD OF THEMSELVES FOR DOING BETTER THAN THE COMPETITION IN A SPORT.

In mens sports, they will go on and on about the team they’re opposing that weekend on social media and in TV interviews.  Saying they’re going to murder and slaughter them.  They’ll go on tirades about how terrible so-and-so’s D is and how inept their QB is and how so and so can’t hit a baseball further than he could read a book - and he can’t do either.  They’re cutthroat, name-calling, skill-shaming and competitive af aND PEOPLE EAT IT UP.  They liiiiive for that shit.  It’s exciting, it revs up the competition, and it sets the stage for a great battle.  And when it’s over, you can be certain they’re gonna get up there and exclaim how they crushed it and how so-and-so didn’t stand a chance.  Sure, sometimes you get thoughtful and respectful responses too, but the other happens alllllll the time.  God forbid a teenager reblog a silly post that acknowledges she’s doing a super hard vault now.

Can we keep in mind that one of the girls in question had a teammate that accused Simone of using steroids????  And now everyone’s burning Simone at the stake for being true to herself in her silly, giggly nature over funny gifs while pausing to be a lil cool with herself for upgrading her vault.  She didn’t make accusations, slam anyone’s gymnastics, say anyone wasn’t any good, that they were cheating, or that their vaults were bad.  Getting nervous hearing about a Cheng????  Is not an insult.  It’s not derogatory, inappropriate, offensive, or negative.  Y’all think she didn’t get nervous hearing about Paseka’s Cheng????  It’s competition!  It goes back and forth!  It’s relatable!  She was prolly like, yeeeeh buddy I know that feeling!  She’s taking an intense, pressure-filled, insaaanely stressful sport and finding the fun in it.  That’s good.  That’s healthy.  And it shows proper and healthful ways to have and deal with competition.  Without name-calling or attacks or demeaning each others’ talents.  It’s respectful and comedic.  It’s a step in the right direction for a young black female to be proud of herself, in a competition against women, and being able to be lighthearted and silly about both.  It’s certainly eons better than the way many have dealt with competition against her.

There’s a bigger picture here.  And everyone’s too busy feeling bad for the “poor wounded ones” and wanting to find a villain they’re forgetting they’re feeding RIGHT into the trope that woman aren’t allowed to feel good about themselves or even ACKNOWLEDGE that they’re IN a competition at all bc god forbid they might “look competitive”.  It’s not a secret.  It’s why we all watch it.  It’s what they’re working so hard FOR.  Why would we not want to find fun, lighthearted and relatable ways to celebrate that?  Pretending it’s not there and insisting that they never acknowledge what they can do or who they’re competing against?  Is a much, much bigger problem.