to be written as an actual human being

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I don't mean to create any kind of conflict or anything but, about the shipping post, what would be considered as fetishizing?

Here are some of the problems we see when women write mlm:

  • They’re written as sex objects instead of actual human beings
  • Their safety and comfort is ignored in sex scenes to get to the sex faster
  • They’re used as an outlet for gross and harmful kinks
  • They’re portrayed as abusive and then the abuse is dismissed as them “just being men”
  • Their sexuality is undermined to make them have sex with men and then end up with a woman
  • Women write about mlm but then don’t support them irl
  • Women don’t allow mlm to be quote unquote feminine because it takes away from the kink of two manly men making out
  • Also like!!! Consent!!! Suddenly when two men are being written together by a woman, consent doesn’t matter anymore!!! Because men are aggressive and can just take what they want!!!!
  • Women also have this thing where we like?? Don’t let mlm be sweet and gentle and loving. They’re always fiercely making out and pushing each other against walls and tying each other up and yanking and pushing and shoving and it’s like!!! Guess what!! Some mlm actually like to hold hands! They peck each other on the lips! And cuddle! And sex isn’t always rough and quick and to the point!!!

And I’m saying all of this as a cis girl so if a mlm is reading this and is just like “oh boy she got all of this wrong” please tell me!!! Call me out!! Like, I’m not trying to stand on some high tower, if I’m spreading wrong information please correct me!!

I literally do not think half of you understand manipulative behavior and the impact this shit has on victims. This happens ALL the time. The second someone is called out for abusive behavior, they make a very public gesture that points to the contrary and it WORKS because society is straight up fucked. Do you have any idea how many victims are dismissed or discounted because their abuser makes a half ass attempt to look like a decent human being after being proven otherwise? I’m literally livid. This is actually stupid. Please get a grip. Taylor has laid out exactly what happened to her in the most heartbreaking lyrics she’s ever written and y'all are so quick to say “awww that was nice!!! He’s a better man!!!“ and pretend it never happened. This isn’t him being a better man. This is him saying two words and putting a pretty little bandaid on something to protect his own image because he KNOWS y'all will fall for it. I’m done lmao. I can’t. Internalized misogyny at its finest.

Sorry I haven’t written. I keep trying to write, but it all ends up regressing into a bitch session. Oh well, duality gonna dual I guess.

I want to say something that will cut through all this bullshit. I want you and me to shutup about ourselves and bloom into something mysterious. 

…but sometimes you gotta let shit die and be reborn again into something new. 

Love isn’t just being dogmatically good and nice. Love can be a screaming shit fire, love can be an orgy of puppies (and I do mean actual puppies having a cartoonish human like sex orgy) Love can also be death and failure. 

I keep forgetting that this is earth 2017 and people still think they die or that anything dies. I keep forgetting that most of us have yet to discover that we are an infinite number or realities because it’s all a tremendous loop of consensual realities that fun house fuck and collapse into the totality of singularity and vice versa..

The truth is you’re already dead. You’re coming to life. And if you don’t feel like you are coming to life, you’re doing it wrong. Don’t blame anyone or yourself - that’s just another waste of time because you’re afraid - becoming alive hurts - it fucking hurts that’s the deal - when you are born it fucking hurts - you leave the womb - its hurts, but then you’re born into a larger reality -  and that’s how you go, becoming more aware of how balls deep you can get into selfishness until you are completely fucked and bloom into an orgasm of everything - so stop being a dumb little shit and let love and life in. Of course it’ll hurt, that’s half the fun.

Fall in love you fucking idiot! 

Happy Holidays!

Love, Jade

P.S. You can fall in love with anything, the more it’s everything the better, unless you’re really into hate sex - you evil little bitch! =)

Some writers use the word charity to describe not only Christian love between human beings, but also God’s love for man and man’s love for God. About the second of these two, people are often worried. They are told they ought to love God. They cannot find any such feeling in themselves. What are they to do? The answer is the same as before. Act as if you did. Do not sit trying to manufacture feelings. Ask yourself, “If I were sure that I loved God, what would I do?” When you have found the answer, go and do it.
—  C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity

what i hate is that im already seeing dudebros complain about jacob in fantastic beasts saying that ‘feminazis’ are going to complain that he ends up with an attractive girl but if the genders had been reversed we’d be all for it - and im like lol no … jacob is an example of positive masculinity and he’s actually a genuine, likeable person! whose storyline isn’t centered around being an asshole! who is funny and kind and has a great personality! who is down on his luck but works towards his dreams! who is realistic - unlike the plethora of seth rogen-esque schlubby dudes who are DICKS yet still manage to have a wonderful supportive girlfriend whose only role is to be overlooked… like our complaint isn’t chubby guy ends up with pretty girl it’s that below average, unconvincing, poorly written “protagonist” always seems to be given a cute little reward for scraping the barrel of human decency lmao. for god’s sake the man opens a bakery keep your fedora hands away from him

i recently hit 1k a couple months ago and wanted to give a big thank you to everyone who follows me (i have a tendency to disappear for long stretches at a time whoops you guys put up with a lot lmao) and take a hot second to recognize the people who make my dash and my life so much better tbqh. i’ve made some amazing friends here and met a lot of great people and hopefully 2017 gives me even more opportunities to do that!!! ♡

some people i can’t go without mentioning specifically:

@ginnyweaslays - i can’t believe you exist?? like you are an actual human being on this planet???? i honestly can’t tell you how nice and wonderful it is to know you and talk to you and get snapchats of ur cat (this is for you too, ally). my life is brighter because of you and trust me if i ever get another hp fic written down u will be the first to know. did i mention you’re a+ and i love you

@littleshortstormtrooper - my babe omg i don’t even? remember? how far back we go? it’s been a wild ride and i wouldn’t trade any of it, you are so so sweet and amazing and without a doubt one of my favorite people of all time. i’m so glad we’ve gotten to talk more lately and i hope you’re having the time of your life at disneyland 💕

@whitematerias - we haven’t really talked much in a while but i think about u a lot and i always hope you’re doing okay and you’re still one of the sweetest human beings i’ve ever met like wow ♡ ♡ ♡

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regardless of its other problems, the “compulsive heterosexuality” and “internalized homophobia” when it comes to fandom discourse is still just so shitty.

like, they’re fictional characters. they literally cannot suffer these issues. unless the author specifically created them to be doing so, they cannot have compulsive heteronormativity or internalized homophobia lmao. what is ACTUALLY happening is applying the logic and inner workings of REAL PEOPLE to fictional ones who are incapable of it to justify bi erasure.

and the worst part is, 99% of the time y'all fucking know it. but you’ll tout your bullshit arguments to delegitimize any queer characters who aren’t gay, and its fucking old. characters written to like men and women are bi and your try hard shittery ain’t gonna change jackshit save your standing as a decent human being.

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I feel like tst disappointed me, why did moftiss waste an episode on this backwards ooc mess when they could have been building up the tension and dropping hints to the casuals so they weren't so surprised when they kissed. I get this episode is meant to feel Wrong but why would they chose that over a well-written and moving episode where the estrangement actually makes sense?

I felt a bit like this too at first but now that I’ve heard about the Sherlock is being drugged theory my opinion really changed, I feel like this could be a good build up for TLD & I feel like it really shows you how much Sherlock cares about John..? and how very human he is. He just can’t do it without John. I think the estrangement is actually a good thing because it makes the general audience want john & sherlock to be back together and could also be what pushes Sherlock to confess his love..

The anti scott mccall tag is probably the ugliest thing i’ve ever seen. ‘he’s so boring’ yeah having a character whose been through hell and back and still manages to be a good fucking human being instead of using his man-pain as an excuse to be a problematic piece of shit. I mean how boring is it that he’s actually a well written character, gross. 

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I've been thinking about request stuff and I'll probably make actual requests after I read the second installment but what I'm really curious about is the mechanics of a rut. I've read enough about Sport being in heat, but I've barely read /anything/ about ruts at all so it's a new thing. And Sport trying hard to resist his nature while Robbie is like B^) over there bc he knows there's /something/ going on with Sportacus and does nothing to help (quite the opposite) is apparently my kink

Oh! Sure! 

In my other fandoms, I’ve written a lot of A/B/O dynamics. With Sportacus and Robbie though I really don’t feel drawn to that. That being said, though, I do see Elves as an entirely different species, though not entirely incapable with humans. 

I’m also a bigger fan of top!Sportacus. So I was more drawn to a Rut than a Heat.

They really aren’t so different, in actuality. And this is entirely based on my own HC–I know everyone has their own when it comes to pretty much everything, Writer’s allowance and all that.

A Rut, like a heat, is a hormonal change in a sexually mature male elf. Elves live long lives, and they seem to spend a grate deal of time apart from one another. So occasionally, when they’re in close proximity with someone they see as a potential mate. This is rare and far-between, so they don’t populate very quickly. Often it isn’t with other elves, but with humans (since they’re more plentiful). This also helps with their empathy for mankind since they’re raised in human households sometimes, but that’s another discussion.

An elf in Rut displays aggressive tendencies, gets very territorial, and will often lose their temper. They’re also tend to display feats of strength, both magically and physically, and agility while they ‘court’ a prospective mate. It’s a baser instinct, ancient and old, so it’s all about proving that they can care for a mate who is carrying a child, and provide for a family in the end. Once the Rut sets it, and they find someone who returns the affection, they behave not unlike the common ‘heat’. They’re sexually active for prolonged periods, often aggressive and unresponsive to outside stimuli that isn’t their mate. 

If they chose to mate for life, they’ll leave a magical mark on their mate, like a brand, which imprints a little of their own magic into the life force of said mate. Mostly they don’t mate for life, since they’re usually a nomadic people, but in some cases (like Sportacus choosing to stay in Lazytown), they do.

Ruts can last between 3-5 days, depending, and the older an elf is, the less severe they are (i.e. they’re more able to be level-headed in the Courting processes leading up to the actual coupling). Sportacus is very young by elf standards, and has never been through a rut. He’s currently fighting the Courting instinct, which is going to be a hassle for him (and for Robbie, later). 

I hope that makes sense! 

Let’s discuss Sam Wilson being flat as a pancake in Winter Soldier recovery fics!

1. While I would hesitate to say people are individually being racist when writing Sam as an always available helper to Bucky and Steve, I think race is involved in this developing as a fandom trend. How come Bucky and Steve are allowed to have emotions and needs and Sam is not? How come they are allowed to be angry/difficult and Sam is not? How come they (especially Bucky) can be written as overwhelmed by mental health issues, trauma, grief, and other things that affect their ability to be there for other people–but Sam is not? Why is he a 24 hour hotline? So basically…are people less inclined to see a black guy as emotional, human, and complex?

2. In addition to him a)being black and b)coming off as a friendly, kind person, I think this trend partially developed from Sam supposedly being a therapist in CATWS. I have 3 things to say about this.

a. He’s not actually a canon therapist, he just leads a support group for vets with PTSD and there was a great tumblr post a while back explaining what his job title/training might actually be, especially considering he implicitly has PTSD and talks about it in the support group (he might be “peer support,” I don’t know much about it so if someone could find the post that would be gr9). However, he still could be a therapist and since he was also a pararescuer it does make sense to imagine him having a helping personality–but that doesn’t mean he would have limitless energy, and he might even be especially burnt out in personal relationships because of the jobs he has and had.

b. Here’s some stuff that is not utilized in the fanon characterization: he has PTSD; he got disillusioned by war/fighting and only goes back in to help Steve; he apparently has nothing in his life keeping him from turning on a dime and going all in at the drop of a hat; and his best friend died right in front of him. This last thing really sticks with me when it comes to Winter Soldier recovery fics! Here’s Sam, whose best friend is actually dead, watching Steve get his best friend back; and possibly losing some of his closeness with Steve, who he really connected with, when Steve gets Bucky back. Not that Sam would be immature or stew about this but it’s got to be painful.

However, primarily I feel like fanon ignores Sam’s mental health issues and trauma, which to some degree I get because we’re just told and not shown about them, but they still are very much noted in the movie. Ironically, there’s an assumption that Bucky definitely has PTSD, although not everyone who’s had traumatic experiences will develop PTSD, while Sam’s PTSD is ignored even though it’s canon.

c. Fandom expects that Sam will be able to predict and identify Bucky’s issues but this is unrealistic for several reasons. First of all, Sam counsels veterans and Bucky’s trauma include many things that have nothing to do with being a veteran and have more in common with domestic violence or being in a cult. Sam doesn’t work with DV or cult survivors and even if he did, Bucky has really unusual circumstances. Natasha would be a better character to offer insight on what he’s going through, but even she wouldn’t be able to do a perfect job because everyone is different and deals with things differently.

(Also, I think that sometimes people who spend a lot of time on tumblr think that tumblr views on trauma and mental health issues are the correct attitudes that are shared by everyone but this isn’t necessarily true and I think it’s more fun to write different characters with different views on how to deal with it.)

d. Oh no, I have one more. My roommate is a therapist but she is not my therapist so she does not act like Sam does in the type of recovery fic I’m vagueblogging about. Because we are friends and she is a person and she is not at work.

3. In conclusion, I just think if you actually think about it, it’s hard not to become stressed and worried about fanon Sam the 24 hour hotline. Is he sleeping enough? Is this bringing up bad feelings for him about Riley’s death and/or the fact that he didn’t have a best friend there to help him with his recovery? Doesn’t he need to go to work sometimes instead of being there for Steve and Bucky? Are Steve and Bucky actually treating him like they care about him as a friend and not just a helper? And so on.

I applaud any and all attempts to subvert this.

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How does one know which way the Bible was actually written..?

History. We know the bible is not without error because it contradicts itself many times in very significant ways. Moreover, we know that the stories of Genesis are ancient and pre-date the Israelites by 1000 years. We know because we have found the tablets in the ruins of ancient Sumer. This blows the lid off of the “God wrote the Bible” theory. 

I believe that human beings can be inspired to write things which seem beyond their capabilities. Inspired by God? Perhaps. I don’t know.

My favorite book series has no blogs, 2 fics that are probably based in the crossover world and no fanlore page. This is seriously disappointing because the main character is 2,000 years old and acts like a college kid. It has a fascinating premise, the Celtic gods being human and flawed, the Greek/Roman gods being serious douches and Thor is a “major asshat” (actual quote). It is written by a comic book nerd who treats his female characters as interesting, powerful, flawed and sexy without making them less interesting and complex characters. He explains medieval history with internet memes and the modern day with prophecies. Also, the world set up is practically begging for crossovers. People, go read the Iron Druid Chronicles right now. Please.

ok what if rather than rebooting shows that were excellent and hilarious in their original run 10+ years ago, what if they decided to reboot some terrible one-note forgotten show and turned it into a complex and cleverly written story on-par with adventure time and steven universe?? 

what if instead we were in a fucking situation where we were all totally invested in the canon of the ‘my gym partner is a monkey’ reboot and people were making goddamn artistic gifsets of it analyzing the human kid’s struggle to fit in, doing frame-by-frame analysis of scenes, fanzines of background characters, ‘gym-partner -sonas’ everyone would discourse over being “different from fursonas”, i would fucking take it over whats ACTUALLY been happening in the reboot-cartoon business rn

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You are one of the first people I think of for Red vs Blue writing, so I wanted to share an idea and if you want to pass it to anyone or just trash this, I completely understand. I was re-watching RvB and when they confront the Director and he calls Carolina his greatest creation, what if he wasn't being a dick? What if he and Allison never had a daughter. What if he made Carolina, as in AI in a robot body or even a human on like with Alpha's original? What if that's how they knew how to do so?

Would you believe I have actually written this story already? lol 

My Greatest Creation ( tumblr | AO3 | )

Hope you enjoy it!

Daily Monster 214: Humans

Region of origin: Africa

With variations and origins appearing for centuries in mythologies and folklore on nearly continent, stories attribute these creatures with great feats of destruction or creation but mostly they just wasted their time futzing around on the Internet and generally being dicks to one another. Accounts persisting to this day claim humans actually exist but most sightings are written off as misidentified apes or a bear with a skin condition.

time for a dialogue snippet

I am in agonies trying to work on this commission fic, which is coming along nicely but very slowly. Like, I’m satisfied with what I’ve written, but I’d like to be writing it at a faster clip.

Anyway, once I’m done this one, I’ll have the auction fic to do, and another commission, but I’ve also got a couple of LazyTown stories I wanna write–one theoretically canon-universe, one dubiously AU. I keep noting down bits and bobs of stuff for those, and I feel like posting one, so here, have some out-of-context bitchiness.

“You’re not actually human, are you? You can’t be entirely, not being the way you are.”

“And what’s that supposed to mean, elf? I’m the very pinnacle of human perfection.”

“You had eight martinis last night and didn’t even waver. I’ve met your mother, what was your father? Assuming you know him.”

“How dare you suggest otherwise, my mother and father loved each other very much. Of course she poisoned him when I was twelve, but he would have done the same to her. It was very romantic. No, elf, what you’re seeing is simply the result of superior breed–get your hands off me, what are you doing?”

“Looking for signs of non-human parentage. Horns, tail, vestigial wings, something. No human can survive on nothing but liquor, sweets, and junk food.”

“If I’m not all human, it’s nothing I know about, and if this is leading to some sort of ‘do you have a little elf in you’ pick-up line then I’m leaving. If you’re that desperate to get your hands all over me you can pay for the privilege. Money or dinner, I’m not picky.”

“…it always comes back to sex with you, doesn’t it.”

“No, usually it comes back to money or sugar. You’re the one who keeps groping me.”

human as construct

I was hoping to write an actual coherent writing on this, which eventually will, because there are some books I’d reference that I happen to be rereading. One of the things I ramble about in one of my sound tests was the topic that’s been parroted back against being animal: human is a species and not a construct by any means. And I very much disagree. 

(As an aside, I would like to point people to a small thing written by @thewilddominant, which is so poignant and captures animality well. “Humanity”.)

Being animal trash gives my life a perspective some other people might lack, simply because it’s something that shapes you in a particular way.

Several ideas have been forced upon me as an animal person, over the years from various sources. One is the idea that being a therianthrope means I must see myself as subhuman. When we say something is ‘subhuman’ we rarely mean that it is simply less-than-human, instead we mean that it is derogatory and undesirable to be subhuman and it is insulting and degrading to be subhuman.

On the opposite side of that, the occasional person takes nonhuman identity as a form of transcendence, even if that nonhuman identity is something simple and animal like my own. There is the idea here and there that we as not quite human people are here for a specific purpose, beyond just existing; we’re messengers, or teachers, or meant to bring humanity closer to its original source, or whichever theory I’ve heard over the years. Our souls are evolved, is often the idea. 

These are things that strangers and peers have described us as, and in some cases told us we are. The more frequent is that I must think I am subhuman, and be filled with internalized self loathing. But, if I prefer the idea of being nonhuman, then to others I am stagnating and my soul can never evolve until I learn to ‘embrace humanity’. 

The thing is: what does it mean to be human? Human is not just a series of genetic information lined in rows to be reproduced. The ideas we have wrapped around our species are deep and many. 

If there is no construct of humanity, then it is impossible for me to be subhuman, because it is impossible to define subhuman. Yet, we have defined it. If being human is purely about being a primate in the genus homo, then the idea of transcendence cannot exist.

So much literature and mythology and philosophy focuses on what it means to be human, focuses on separating our world from other worlds. 

And I am inbetween. What does it mean to be human? What does it mean to be not quite human? What does it mean to be animal trash? 

Humanity, being human, is more than our taxonomy. 

Being a Harry Dresden fan on tumblr can be so annoying, like one small portion will vehlmety deny  his casual sexism and chanvositic tendancies that  Even the character himself admits he has these faults, that they are faults and frequently gets his ass handed over himself for them.

But these fans won’t admit that there was anything wrong even in the face of the freaking narrative bashing them over the head with “THIS IS A BAD THING”.

While another small portion bashes the entire fandom because how dare this character have problematic issues and faults and how dare people actually like this character at all because they are so ~problematic~.

Even those again,  Even the character himself admits he has these faults, that they are faults and frequently gets his ass handed over himself for them.

Over the course of his books Harry unlearns all that crap while gaining new faults and positives to himself because  The writer has written him as an actual fucking human being. And actual fucking human beings are constantly changing and the process of unlearning is slow because of the various systems in our hold that hold up these  problematic traits as ideal.

Meanwhile the rest of the fandom is just trying to enjoy their stories about  Actual human Disaster ™ Harry Dresden and  his attempts at being a decent person and maybe the save world while at it.

Asgore might be Satan

Tall, broad shouldered bearded goat man, with a crown, large curved horns, and a red trident. Commands an army of monsters in the world underneath the ground. Wants to break the seal keeping them trapped. Sound familiar?

The design, character role and red trident really make it hard to think of this all being coincidence. When anyone says his name, it often shows up in red text. ASGORE.

It’s almost like the game is implying that in the Undertale universe the European idea of Satan came from the stories of humans about the war against the monsters, and that all religions involving Satan, the devil, Lucifer, Lord of the flies, Whatever you want to call him, was just the story of the war against monsters being translated and changed over generations with each written version passed down.

Basically the modern humans idea of the devil is actually just this corrupted story of a king that was a gardening dad who loves tea and is really polite and hates hurting anyone and just wants everyone to be hopeful. All the demons of hell are just the monsters that were sealed inside the barrier. Pretty funny when you think of it.