to be with him

It won’t really be touched on till later but I feel like this might bring some more understanding as to why Lance is so afraid of Keith right now:

Lance and Hunks type of mermaid are not at the top of the food chain. They fall about where sea lions are, as in they hunt in pods and are a favorite treat for Sharks and Orcas, and unfortunately mermaid pods don’t always make it back to safe areas with with no losses. Now Lance is alone in a dangerous zone with no pack and a very sharp toothed shark boy who was just leaning over his unconscious body so he is, a little frazzled to say the least 


So does this mean

that no one managed to dig the legendary OEG out of his kakuja, 100 years ago?

Does this mean that the body and kakuhou from which that huge kakuja originated is still somewhere inside? As in…

there is a very old person inside that thing???