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love love love.. what kind of love do i want ?? what kind of love do i Need ?? i’m surrounded by love every day.. surrounded by fondness and affection and familiarity and connection in different ways. love love love… it’s found in easy laughter and in shared jokes and banter that i experience with my friend. it’s found in offered mango popsicles and my boss’s funny way of trying to connect with me through suggested mixed drink recipes and easy support of my sexuality. and it’s found in my mother’s consistent want to discuss current events with me and her constant encouragement for me to pursue my passions. and it’s found in the energy of a crowd at a concert and the quiet serenity of a field of wildflowers. my week’s been full of love love love and it makes me wonder how much i need that sort of romantic love and maybe it isn’t even that i Need it as much as i know how good other kinds of love feel and i want to experience this new kind too. it will come when it comes, i suppose it’s not something that can be rushed. but i kind of wish i could have it ? and but kind of i mean really ? i don’t feel empty without it but i’m just getting antsy and i just. want that sort of connection with someone. 


After the scene in the woods my grandma called me up and said “Jon..“ you know and she’s like ”you shouldn’t be sleeping with that woman in the woods, she’s married! And you’re getting married, too!“ 

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ehghtyseven*tumblr*com/post/164308605048/welcome-to-team-crosby-ccm-skills-app omg this gif runs reminds me so much of the drift sequence in pacific rim/imagine the pens are trying to find a drift compatible pilot for geno and each person they try to match with drifts ok with him straight up until that memory comes up and its geno's first time meeting Sid and then the neural handshake just falls apart on geno's end and when he leaves the other veteran pilots have to reassure the rookies 1/2

(oh shit i forgot to copy and paste part 2 and i deleted it ;-;)

link omfg okay let’s say sidney was ripped from the jaeger and Geno saw his other half with his own eyes tumbling into the waters, Sidney screaming his last word, “Geno!” and Geno never recovered. 

So Geno is transported to where the Pens are stationed (coincidentally, the station where Sidney used to work at) to find a new drift partner, and he’s surly and mean and scares all the rookies and no one knows what to do with him because he refuses to work with anyone. 

But then one day, a Russian rookie manages to form that handshake with Geno and he sees the following sequence of events:

Geno growing up in Russia. His brother. His parents. A large dog chasing him in the backyard and kid Geno laughing.

Kaijus attacking.

Then a blur of faded blue, Sidney Crosby, famous Pens pilot, meeting Geno for the first time. “I hope you see me more as a teammate though.”

More blurs, then Sidney’s frustrated face, his voice angry: “I can’t have you risking your life for every stupid thing someone says about me.”

Then Sidney lying next to him, looking at him with wide, affectionate eyes, talking about his life before, about Cole Harbour, and hockey. 

Then, “I will,” Sidney says, laughing and crying out his words as Geno lifts his hands and kisses the ring on Sidney’s finger. “I will marry you. God, you have really shitty timing, G.”

Then, Sidney, unclothed and rumpled and looking so, so soft, half-lying on top of Geno and asking, “I don’t want to go to Florida for our honeymoon. I want somewhere that snows. It’s so pretty, G. We’re going.” Then Sidney jolts as the sirens blare, signaling another Kaiju attack.

Then, finally, Sidney’s frightened face, blood streaming down on one side, plummeting into the waters before as he’s pulled out of the jaeger along with a hunk of metal, screaming, “Geno–” 

Neural handshake initiated. 

Geno looks momentarily lost as he looks at his partner, like he didn’t know what to do with himself. Then his steely expression returns twice as fast. 

“Cut handshake,” Geno intones to control. “Need break.”

“Zhenya–” He feels the handshake cease and the jaeger powering down. 

Don’t,” Geno says harshly, then schools his breathing. He closes his eyes. “Just. Don’t.” 


Robert Carlyle as Gary “Gaz” Schofield (1/4)
The Full Monty (1997)

I just got this comparable visual in my head and had to share it –>

(mostly it just made me smile) :)

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Hey uhh... I don't wanna bother you...but... is it bad that I want to live despite not being worthy of living? I feel like I'm dying inside and I shouldn't be. I have an ok job,my family love me, and I have good friends... So why do I feel like if I died everyone would be happier without me? I've tried to find ways to "leave" but whenever I do I get scared and back down,then I yell at myself for being selfish for wanting to live.

no, buddy, thats not bad at all. thats a good thing. hang on to that. 

somebody once said that where there’s life, theres hope, and they were right. as bad and awful as things feel and actually are sometimes, as long as youre alive theres opportunity to get better, to be better. if you’re dead, there’s not. sometimes theres no explanation for feeling like garbage, you just do, and it sucks. 

i had an interesting discussion the other week with my therapist about being defined by what i do, not how i feel about myself. we talked about how it can be helpful to use the choices that you make to help define what kind of person you are. if you’re a person who thinks you’re bad, but who does good things, are you bad or good? externally, you’re a positive force in the world. thinking of the ways that i can and have improved the lives of the people important to me helps me fight that nasty voice that tells me the world would be better without me. (and being helpful to them makes me feel like less of a burden when i have to ask them for help. which isn’t a burden, really, but it makes me feel better about asking.)

and if there’s anything i know from having run out of chocolate, it’s that not having something you love never makes you happier than when you do have it. if your family loves you, they wont be happier without you. 

hold on to that strong, surviving part of yourself. feed it with good stuff. that’s how you can make it through to a better mental place. if you give in to the nasty, you’ll never make it to the nice. living is never selfish. 

man, this got a little heavy, sorry. i didn’t want to leave it unanswered, though, so here we are.  on a much lighter note, today i watched thor accidentally set a car down on his own foot, and i learned a bunch of swear words in asgardian. sometimes it’s the little stuff that makes me glad i’m still here, living life. 

real shit if concept art mercy was the one we got he’d literally be my favorite character. like id have a mercy url and he’d be my icon and plastered all over my theme (mobile and desktop) and id ot3 him w genji and lucio and ship him w mccree and write meta abt his convoluted complicated relationship with his hero, gabriel, that he couldn’t allow to die and unethically brought back to life. literally. like theres a different timeline where im living that life and im SO jealous of alter dimension me rn

Chariot hears music outside of her tower window one night. When she goes to investigate, instead of finding Croix holding up a boombox, she sees one of Croix’s roombas with a speaker and iPod attached to it floating outside

She looks down further and finds Croix smiling and floating a few feet below DJ Broomba.

What song(s) did Croix play to serenade Chariot with?

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*whispers* d r a w A k u… all the Aku, shapeshift them in swirls and in hard angles and with all the distorted faces and teeth! >:o

oh, ,

,i got you fam

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I can't find an KOBB Fics, do you know any good ones? Btw, your art is amazing! Especially the KOBB art!

That’s cause there hardly is any, welcome to suffer with me. No but really there is some really nice ones. Just go to like Ao3 but here’s some of ‘em i really like
First (nsfw kinda, also they’re based on my humanformers design), Second (nsfw) , Third, Fourth
Also thank you, that’s really nice of you!

He knew it was wrong. Hell, he knew that it was worse than wrong and that there were most definitely some wires that were crossed in his head because people who were normal didn’t think like this. There were times, late at night when he couldn’t get to sleep that he considered going to his parents and telling them what he wanted, what he craved but the thought of that, of what they would do to him, it made his stomach flip. They wouldn’t understand. No one would understand and they would take him away, lock him up in some hospital or something and Dean… he couldn’t stand the thought of being away from Sam.

He waited, laying awake and staring at the ceiling. The little red numbers on his alarm clock that sat on his bedside table read sometime around midnight and he threw his blankets off his body.

He stuck his head out into the hallway, looking down in the direction of his parents bedroom and stilled his breathing. He could feel his heartbeat beating in his chest as he tried to listen for the tale-tell sounds of his dad’s snoring, signaling to him that it was okay for him to sneak out.

Several moments passed and finally he was able to hear it over the sound of the blood pounding past his ears. He smiled to himself as he slinked out past his bedroom door and tiptoed down the hall into Sam’s room.

The door to Sam’s room was unlocked, like it always was now.

There was moonlight bleeding past the curtains that huge over the window in his room and it nearly made Sam glow in his bed, curled in on himself, sleeping soundlessly into the night.

Dean watched, for a few minutes, that was the beautiful perfection that was his brother, how soft and innocent that he looked and once again, that seed of guilt pooled in the middle of his gut that he had completely corrupted his brother.

He pushed that all away, every bad thought and the guilt and closed Sam’s door behind him, making sure to lock it before he crawled into bed.

Sam fit perfectly against Dean, Sam’s back to Dean’s chest and Dean kissed up the side of Sam’s neck, loving the feeling of his baby brother pressed right up against him.

Sam stirred against Dean, wide eyes blinking against sleep and Sam turned in Dean’s arm, a smile pulling on his lips.

“I tried to stay up and wait for you.” Sam muttered, his voice thick and groggy and Sam actually sounded upset with himself, that he fell asleep, that he couldn’t stay awake.

Dean bent his head and kissed Sam, hard and sweet and Sam relaxed into Dean’s hold, kissing him back. “You’re fine, baby boy.” He muttered, pushing back the hair that had fallen in Sam’s eyes. “You’re fine.”

It was wrong and Dean knew it, knew it with every ounce of his being but he wouldn’t give up this feeling, the feeling of Sam underneath him for everything. And after he’s pulled everything out of Sam’s little body, every sound, every twitch of muscle, Dean will disappear back into his room.

In the morning, his mom will walk into his room, a smile on her face and she’ll press a kiss to Dean’s forehead, pulling him from the couple hours of sleep he had and he’ll tell her ‘good morning’ with the taste of Sam still in his mouth.

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