to be stared until hq come out

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1/2 ok so imagine Oikawa walking home late at night and thinks he's being followed (he is) n sees buff stranger (bokuto) walking out of the gym so ge runs up to him and throws his arms over his shoulders loudly proclaiming how much he missed him

and bokuto is shocked like, who is this gorgeous person hugging him?? then he sees the shady person behind oikawa ‘acting casual’ so bokuto plays along until they leave then asks oikawa if hes ok and offers to drive him home. romance ensues

:’) Bokuto is totally that kind of guy, the one who will make sure people being creep-stalked are okay. He may look like a big, fluffy beefcake, but when he steps out of the shadows and stares down that stalker, said creep may or may not pee their pants. But he’s all sunshine and smiles when it comes to his new friend in distress.

some trashy music headcanons for the haikyuu captains (plus tsukki)

Tsukishima: sorry not sorry but she’s called Lana DEL REY for a reason, you fucking peasants

Kurooexcuse YOU, Queen B for life. GRAINING ON THAT WOOD, GRAININ’, GRAINING ON THAT WOOD. #serfbort


Oikawa: nonchalantly wall twerks to Work Bitch by Britney Spears until Iwaizumi comes in and pelts him with volleyballs

Ushijima: acts like he has a fucking cool guys taste in music but goes home and jams out to anime OSTs and Motteke! Sailor Fuku cause he’s a fucking CLOSET WEEB


Terushima: stares at a picture of Macklemore and wonders if he knows this guy from somewhere. he looks really fucking familiar wow wth. 

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Can you believe that Harry gets to witness what Louis is like first thing in the morning? He gets to hear his morning voice that would be slightly gritty and slow, and he gets to be the first one to look into Louis' beautiful eyes as soon as they open. And you know that Harry wakes up before him and stares at Louis until he can't resist it anymore and kisses him softly, then Louis will wake up slowly and a soft smile will appear and Harry will whisper something like 'morning angel'.

write a fic pls i need more of this