to be so strong despite everything she had to do

Batfam Movie Preference Headcanons

Bruce is notorious for having pretty lame taste. He has just about every movie ever made by Tom Selleck, John Grisham, Clint Eastwood, and Alfred Hitchcock. leave him alone, he’s getting old. (they’d never admit it, but the kids don’t find Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, Her Alibi, and The Rainmaker as egregious as some.)

Dick is kind of an 80’s nostalgia nerd. Steven Spielberg and John Hughes are near the top of the list, because what can he say? he’s a basic bitch. (Jurassic World came out and you bet your ass he was at the premiere)

Babs is EXACTLY the kind of person to watch mysteries just for the pure satisfaction of solving them before the characters do. however, she’ll watch cheesy romcoms when the girls are over and enjoy them just as much. of course, that might just be because Helena and Dinah always bring plenty of wine. (she and Dick compromise on their somewhat conflicting tastes by watching Around the World in 80 Days on their anniversary)

Jason does not give a shit. The Count of Monte Cristo? he owns it. Fame? he owns it. Kingsman: The Secret Service? he owns it. in fact, he owns two different versions of Phantom of the Opera, which probably has something to do with the fact that he hates Gerard Butler as Erik. (when he finds out who stole his copy of RED: Retired and Extremely Dangerous, there will be hell to pay)

Carrie appreciates indie comedies. she leans toward the cute, lesbian ones, but it’s not a hard lean. she owns Steam Powered Giraffe and the Search For the Magical Harp of Golden Dreams on DVD, even though it’s available for free on YouTube. (she was a little disappointed by Yoga Hosers, but she still gave it 5 stars on Netflix)

Tim is a fucking nerd. a nerd with very strong opinions on Star Trek, Star Wars, and pretty much anything else with “Star” in the title. if he wasn’t so busy with everything else, he could write an entire essay on book to movie adaptations and why they Need To Not. (he missed Bruce’s New Year’s Eve party once because he was trying to watch all of the Tolkien movie adaptations despite this. the last Hobbit movie had finally come out, what was he supposed to do?)

Stephanie is all in for horror movies. bad ones are great. good ones are great. just as long as the female characters kick ass, or she has something to laugh at, she’s happy. (“no, I don’t want to watch Bloody Pit Of Horror, Stephanie,” is a phrase everyone has used at least once.)

Cassandra is very visual. she prefers ballet to films, but she has an appreciation for silent movies. but, since good ones are typically in short supply, she’s usually okay with anything without too much sound and dialogue. (the day she found A Trip to the Moon on Netflix was a very, very good day.)

Duke is an action movie buff. he likes the older ones, like The Karate Kid, but he’ll watch anything once. especially if it involves Jackie Chan. (his favorite movie, however, is The Goonies.)

Damian admits nothing about movie preferences. he’s above things like that. or so he claims. everyone always leaves a spot on the couch for him, knowing full well he’ll show up sooner or later. (he absolutely did NOT cry when the lion in Secondhand Lions died, thank you very much, Todd!)

the one movie everyone can always agree on is The Princess Bride. Bruce eventually had to buy several copies of it, because the one he had initially kept getting swiped from the Manor. one time, it actually turned up at Clark’s. wtf, Clark?

cullen doesn’t know how or why he keeps falling for mages, but maker, does he ever.

first, it was the warden. for too, too many reasons. she was beautiful. she was smart. she was kind. she was soft and sweet, and on some days made him feel like he had had one too many spoonfuls of sugar in his tea, and he watched her somewhat sadly, knowing that, any day, she could’ve turned into an abomination and he would’ve had to strike her down…

and then she left. and then they - those… things - took over, and everything about her in his brain had been ruined and wrecked. he had been afraid of her, hated her, hated everything she was and was made of… except for the way she had made him feel light-headed and sick to his stomach and like he was a child again, running around underneath the shining sun without a single care or burden in the world.

and then his brain reminded him what people like her did. and he would hate her again.

and then, there was hawke. no, he didn’t love hawke - but he did like her. she was admirable, and brave, and strong, and too well-spoken for her own good, really, because it got her in a lot of trouble. and he liked her; he did. he thought she was a fine woman, and should things have been different, he probably would’ve loved her, too.

but he knew… he knew she had magic. and then, despite his thanks and his kind words and everything else, something in his brain was telling him to take his sword out and do something before she could hurt anyone like the mages in kinloch hold had hurt so many of his friends.

after kirkwall, there was peace. for a time.

and then he found the inquisitor.

and he loved her. the moment he saw her, he knew. maybe it was her eyes - they were so deep and open and bright; maybe it was her smile, the way it started off as a gentle curve and grew and grew until it reached her ears; maybe it was the way she walked, or the way she spoke, or the way she made him feel like everything would be okay as long as he got to hear her voice for one moment out of every day.

he’s started to think that maybe she’s bewitched him, cursed him, put him under a spell - and then he feels his heart thudding madly against his chest, threatening to break out through the armour, and knows, without a doubt, that this is not the work of a curse - that no magic could be as powerful as this. as love.

and then… he’s afraid again. and he hates it.

Bonkaifan Teaser

Stefan wrapped his hand with a towel, the blood from his wound seeping through the white material. This was the second time he’d been stabbed since turning human and the third time he’d been critically injured. A burning sensation enveloped his hand, causing a throbbing pain to radiate throughout his arm, but that was not what worried Stefan; the stinging that plagued his body didn’t occupy his thoughts. Kai did. The person who stabbed him.

It was the first time Stefan had actually met Kai though he’d heard stories of his terror and had experienced it firsthand at Alaric and Jo’s wedding. Stefan knew he was responsible for Elena’s current condition and that alone had enraged Stefan with an aimless vengeance waiting for a target to be unleashed upon, cursed with an eternal delay since the target had been killed. That was why Stefan had expected to see Kai and hate him immediately, but what he felt was more complicated than simple hatred and it confused him greatly.  

Initially, Stefan had been bemused; after all he’d tracked Kai through a series of Yelp reviews and once he found him he’d been singing karaoke. But then there was the actual sit down between he and Kai where there seemed to be two conversations happening at once; there was what they were actually saying and then there was the energy that sparked once their eyes locked, once they inched toward one another. Each time Kai shifted toward Stefan, he found that his heart would begin to thud and not out of trepidation or fear and he had the urge to inch forward too. It had been an intoxicating energy, one that almost succeeded in pulling him in, in where, he wasn’t quite sure, but staying on task and discussing the dagger had been surprisingly difficult; there’d been moments, seconds, when all Stefan could do was look at Kai, gauge him but not as an enemy simply as a man, and he had the distinct impression that he’d been surveyed in the same manner. Then all too soon Kai had plunged a dagger through his hand and an anger rose in Stefan but an anger at the conversation coming to an abrupt end rather than fury at having been stabbed.

Now, he sat in The Armory, distinctly affected by what had happened and it twisted him with confusion. He couldn’t see Caroline or Damon, he couldn’t see anyone, he had to set things right in his head. Had he ever felt this type of energy before? He hadn’t. Not with anyone of the women he’d dated.

But there was Klaus.

And even that had been different, a different draw, a different … chemistry; a dark affection mired in all of the hate and resentment he’d had for Klaus, with Kai he was intrigued, he was curious, he was —

The doors slammed open and Stefan flinched, casting his thoughts aside. He stood up and turned around to see Bonnie walking swiftly into the room. Long strides, a determined expression, her stance not simply confident but poised and self-possessed. It was how she always entered a room and every time she did, she reminded Stefan of royalty. He walked toward her so that they met in the middle.

“Hi,” he said.

She glanced at Stefan’s wrapped hand, raising her eyebrows. “I see you’ve met Kai.”

“Wha — oh yeah.” He raised his hand and laughed bitterly. “He’s not what I expected.”

Bonnie furrowed her eyebrows. “What do you mean?”

“I…” Stefan sighed. “You spent the most time with him out of all of us, when you met him, what did you think?”

Bonnie hesitated. Kai had been an enemy from the instant they met; there was a darkness to him that she’d sensed immediately despite his casual gait and easy humour, but it didn’t stop from the feelings that followed. It didn’t stop the spark that energized her when they were in close proximity; the heat that claimed her and stopped her breath when he stared at her the day she tried to do the locator spell. The instant she pressed her hand to his chest, everything in her ignited with desire, the flames that sparked to life did so not because she’d discovered the ascendant but because the urges that roiled within her were not simply strong but powerful. It had taken everything within Bonnie to maintain her composure, to —

Bonnie thrust herself out of the memory only to be confronted with Stefan’s intense gaze; the Romance Novel Stare she’d called it once. Every so often his stare still startled her with its intensity; when she wasn’t prepared for it, she was rendered speechless by it and felt like Stefan could somehow see into her soul. She sometimes wondered how Elena could function.

“You know what I’m asking don’t you,” he said.

Bonnie regarded him. “Kai leaves an impression,” she said. “Leaving an impression is not always a good thing.”

“No, it’s terrible, but it’s —”

“What would you know, you’ve only met him once and it was today. It’s been years since I’ve seen him and —” Bonnie stopped speaking when Stefan cocked his head to the side. She closed her eyes. “Shit.”


She sighed. “You know I knew he was out before I knew he was out? I felt him.”

“You felt him,” Stefan repeated. “What did it feel like?”

“Like a pit in my stomach and a stirring in my chest,” she said quietly. “Even after all this time, he’s still in me.” She flicked her eyes up toward Stefan. “He’s in you too.”

“What makes you so sure.”

“Because he’s already driving you crazy.”

“I’m just curious.”

“Yeah,” said Bonnie. “So was I.”

Season 9 - Ep 21 - Sneak Peek

Written by: @nic6879

“Hopefully not for much longer.” Rick smiled, resting his hand atop hers on her stomach, their fingers interlacing.

“I just want her to come out now,” she pleaded, miserable from the mounting discomforts of being full-term, and impatient with the inertia of waiting.

Since the stroke of midnight, it was now officially her due date, and yet Lily showed no signs of wanting to make her debut into the world. Kate’s latest check-up had declared both baby and mother strong and healthy (her unexpectedly smooth pregnancy after the physical trauma last year still stunned her doctors, which they weren’t remiss at pointing out every time), so there were no reasons to be worried, and she had promised herself to enjoy this time awaiting and preparing for the birth of her baby.

Yet despite knowing that due dates weren’t an exact science, the date nevertheless had embedded in her mind like the finish line of this 40-week marathon, and she was exhausted. Now that it had arrived, now that everything was ready for Lily’s arrival and there was nothing to do but wait without any idea how long the wait would be, Kate found herself in a perpetual state of restless, nervous limbo.

“I know,” Rick murmured, rubbing a hand between her shoulder blades, and Kate burrowed her face into her pillow.

“You coming to bed?”

“Yeah. Just need to go brush my teeth.” He untangled his fingers from hers, brushed a quick kiss to her cheek before he got up.

Kate set her book on her nightstand, reached up to turn off the light, and then nestled back into the mattress and curled over on her side, cradling her stomach.

“Come on, Lily,” she whispered, smoothing her hand over her skin. “It’s time to come out, baby girl. Mommy is so excited to meet you.” But her daughter remained stubbornly quiet.

Walls of A Warrior

Originally posted by sundaze-e

Newt (The Maze Runner) x Reader Request

Request by anon: Y/n is a greenie who put “walls” up to hide her true emotions. everyone sees her as this strong, undefeatable girl. One night Newt had a nightmare and went walking around, and into the dead heads. He foind Y/N sobbing. They end up talking and Newt admits his feelings for her, and vice versa

A/N: This is written in Newt’s P.O.V. so the pronouns for the reader will be she/her but I’ll still be putting Y/N for the reader’s name. Hehe, Hope you enjoy this!

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One and the Same Chapter 4

Chapter 1: Food Source

Chapter 2: The Rogue

Chapter 3: Blood Troubles

The Brink

Lou Ellen was whimpering as Will dragged her by the scruff of her neck to the alley between the gym and the school. It was empty, the concrete stained with water and rust He could hear the firemen and the police talking in the locker room. There was so much blood in there, but Will had no idea where it had come from.

Will dropped Lou Ellen gently onto the concrete and whined softly, nuzzling her snout. She’d be okay. He put a large paw on her hind leg and felt the growl that rolled through his body. His eyes began to glow and the golden light stood out against the dark gray atmosphere outside.

Slowly, Lou Ellen’s whimpers lessened and she managed to pull herself up and shake herself off, the rain caught in her fur splattering the cement floor. Will gestured away from the school and let out a quick bark. Lou Ellen dipped her head and they set of to his house. They went around the back and both Changed back to their human forms. Shivering, Will knocked on the door and his father opened it, looking at them in surprise.

“Hi, Dad,” he said, trembling.

“You’re bleeding!” his dad said. He ushered them inside and Lou Ellen went to get towels and clothes as Will’s dad sat him down on a cot. “What happened?” he demanded.

“Someone pulled the alarm at school. I smelled blood and went to check with Lou Ellen. There was a vampire but we couldn’t see who it was. I don’t know what they’d be doing attacking a girl’s locker room.” He hissed as his dad disinfected the wound. “Stupid bloodsucker tossed the lockers at Lou Ellen and hit me with a freaking- ow- pipe.”

“I still don’t see why you can’t heal yourself if you can heal your whole pack.”

“Hey, what happened? Are you guys okay? You know I’m still not used to seeing everybody naked. Why are you wet?” Will groaned as Cecil came down the stairs and began his string of questions. “Here, Lou Ellen told me to give you this.”

Will took the clothes and put on the bottom half, leaving his torso expose for his dad to keep working. “You get used to it, buddy,” he told him as his dad put a large gauze patch over the bloodied side.

As he put on his shirt carefully, Lou Ellen came down the stairs dressed in Will’s clothes which fit her way too big. She tied her wet hair back and crossed her arms. “Well, we just got attacked. Do we get to interfere now?” Cecil turned his head to Will in alarm. “The vampires are obviously not keeping to themselves anymore.”

“Was it the same one from last night?” Cecil asked.

“I don’t know. I couldn’t see it.” He scowled at his own incompetence. He was a wolf for crying out loud. He should have been able to see a stupid bloodsucking parasite despite the lack of light. But everything had happened so fast and then Lou Ellen had gotten hurt. “The pack isn’t strong enough to join a war, Lou Ellen.”

“The pack? Or you?” she snapped. Will’s eyes widened. “Then why did you become alpha?” she continued.

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I wonder whether Pearl’s comment that “How could I know the gem contained within that mirror would be so powerful?” says more about Lapis or about Pearl.  

That is, the words could show that our Lapis is particularly strong, but I think it’s  interesting that it was Pearl who said that. Pearl is just so fascinating. Despite everything, of all the (current) Crystal Gems, she seems to be the one most steeped in Homeworld society. She waxes poetic about Homeworld, has had difficulty accepting change and has to struggle to see herself as anything more than “just a Pearl” who “needs someone to tell [her] what do to.”  

So, I wonder whether it’s possible that any Lapis could have done what our Lapis did, had she been trapped in the mirror. Perhaps a different Lapis could have also moved the ocean with such magnitude, even with a trapped gem, but perhaps Lapises aren’t seen as particularly strong gems and, since Pearl herself struggles to go against what Homeworld considers her to be, she also has difficulty seeing that Lapis could be more than what Homeworld says she could be. 

I mean, Pearl is a Crystal Gem. And the whole gems can be whatever they decide to be idea is a Crystal Gem thing. But Pearl still struggles with that. And Pearl would likely know that Lapis wasn’t a Crystal Gem. So, tragically, I feel that Pearl may have underestimated Lapis, not because our Lapis is more powerful than any other Lapis, but because Pearl herself had difficulty seeing that a Homeworld gem would do more than what Homeworld expected of her. 

Derek- The Rest Of My Life

Request-  Hello, I know you get this a lot but I really enjoy reading your imagines. Your writing is awesome. I thank you for the time and dedication you put into these imagines. This is my first imagine request and I would love if you would do a fluffy Derek imagine where the reader y/n is engaged to Derek and Lydia is planning the wedding. Also can you write about the wedding from the start to end please. Thank you.

A/N- Hey, don’t worry I always appreciate support and it’s not often that people take time to thank authors for writing. So thank you for acknowledging that! Anyway, I hope you like this one. Also, sorry if this is kind of inaccurate. I’ve never actually been to a wedding. 

The sound of heels clicking rapidly echoed across the church, leaving Stiles to find exactly who he had been looking for for the past 20 minutes.
“Lydia!” he cried as he took a sharp turn down the hall.
He cried out her name just in time to see a flurry of strawberry blonde hair hit his face, and he just barely caught himself before slamming into her.
“Not now, Stiles!” Lydia cried as she continued to hurry down the hall.
“Wh-no, Lydia!” he yelled as he chased her down the hall. “Where the hell is Y/n?! Derek’s freaking out!”
“She’ll be there!” she hissed through gritted teeth. “Just calm him down!”
“Uh, do I look like I have a death wish?” he asked. “What’s going on?”
Lydia huffed and held up a tiny plastic box, filled with spools of string and several needles. “Malia is a klutz, that’s what’s going on. My sister’s dress is ripped!”
“What?” Stiles demanded. “That’s why she’s 20 minutes late to the alter?!”
He blinked in the middle of the hall, staring at Lydia with raised eyebrows, but apparently she didn’t have time to argue. She shot him an apologetic glance and raced back down the hall.
A few seconds later, she was shoving open a heavy wooden door and bursting into the room.
“Okay, Y/n, get over here,” Lydia ordered.
“Lydia, are you sure we can’t just-”
“No way!” the banshee cried. “Y/n, I did not plan this wedding for the past year for it to be ruined by a torn train!”
“I told you that you shouldn’t have made it so long,” Malia grumbled from the corner.
“Don’t even start with me,” Lydia practically growled as she knelt next to you. “I’ll stab you with this sewing needle.”
“You can try,” Malia threatened, flashing her blue eyes.
“Uh, guys,” Kira said from the corner. “I’m pretty sure we don’t want to have a funeral on the same day as Y/n’s wedding.”
Lydia and Malia both shot her a look, but you sent the kitsune a grateful smile.
“All I’m saying,” Kira continued. “Is that this is her day. She’s getting married and she’s supposed to be really excited, but everyone is freaking out and trying to kill each other. So…maybe let’s not try to make this about us?”
Lydia sighed and stood up, finished with the expert patch job she had done on your dress. “Perfect. Kira’s right, Y/n. I’m sorry I was freaking out. I guess I just wanted to make this day good for you because you’re my big sister, but I never thought about how we were making you feel.”
“And I’m sorry I ripped your dress,” Malia told you. “And that your sister is a control freak who insisted on having a train a mile long.”
“Guys?” you cut them off. “I don’t care. Can I just get married now?”
“Of course,” Lydia told you with a smile.

You took a deep breath as the heavy wooden doors opened in front of you, feeling the most nervous you had ever felt in your life. After nearly sprinting down the hall in your heels, you had met up with your father, quickly slipped your arm into his and headed down the aisle.
Lydia, Kira and Malia trailed behind you, all of them looking beautiful in their bridesmaid dresses. You were so caught up in the chaos of rushing into the chapel that you didn’t even get a chance to look at Derek until you started to walk. The moment you did, you felt your breath catch in your throat.
He was staring at you with those gorgeous green eyes, with a look that said that after this, he was planning on spending the rest of his life with you. Of course he would because you were getting married, but even if you weren’t surrounded by decorations and bridesmaids, you would know what that look meant.
Your breath may have caught in your throat, but Derek swore he felt his heart stop. He had lost so much of his family in the fire, but now he was getting the opportunity to start a new one with you. Even after dating for several years, Derek still couldn’t believe you had said yes to him, but when it came down to it, how could you say no?
Despite the fact that he looked broody and angry at first glance, Derek was a total sweetheart. And as he stared down at the gorgeous woman walking down the aisle, he knew there wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do for you.
You finally made it to the end of the aisle, and you shot Derek an apologetic look. “Sorry I’m late.”
“Lydia?” Derek asked with a smile.
“Lydia,” you agreed.
“Well, you look beautiful,” Derek informed you.
Even though you and Derek had been dating for a while, he never failed to make you blush with his compliments. It wasn’t necessarily his words, but the way he said them, like he was stating a definite fact.
“You’re not too bad yourself,” you told him.
Derek grinned at you, and you smiled back, only to hear someone clearing their throat. You and Derek both looked over to see the priest raising his eyebrows at you.
“Oh, right!” you said quickly. “Vows. Do you wanna go first or…?”
Derek nodded and pull an index card out of his tux. He took a deep breath as he looked down at you.
“Y/n,” he started. “When I first met you, I never thought we’d end up here.”
A soft wave of laughter spread through the guests, and you shot Derek a look, but you weren’t able to hide your smile.
“There were some crazy circumstances that brought us together and you were just trying to find your sister, and you sort of threatened to kill me if I didn’t tell you where she was. But after you found her and I got to know you, I realized that you were this…amazing girl. You made me laugh, which was something not a lot of people were able to do. And you were so kind, despite everything you had seen. You were strong too, stronger than any other woman I’ve ever met. You’re still all of those things, Y/n, and I couldn’t imagine spending the rest of my life with anyone else.”
You smiled and opened your mouth, noticing the furrow in Derek’s brow.
“I memorized them,” you informed him.
“Of course you did, Martin,” he said with a laugh.
“Okay,” you began. “Derek, when we met, I thought you were broody and angry, and hiding my sister from me. And I might have threatened to kill you-it’s a little hazy-but I’m glad I didn’t. I know I can be a little over-bearing sometimes, and I guess I came off as kind of crazy, but you weren’t even scared. Then when I spent more time around you, I found out that you weren’t always grumpy and angry, but that you were actually a giant teddy bear. And I’m really glad I met you.”
A collective “Aww” spread throughout the pews, and you felt tears pricking at your eyes. You had told yourself that you wouldn’t cry, that you wouldn’t become a wedding day cliche, but you couldn’t help it. You were about to start the rest of your life with a man that you loved more than anything and you couldn’t believe your wedding day was actually here.
“Derek Hale,” the priest started. “Do you take Y/n Martin to be your lawfully wedded wife?”
“I do,” Derek answered, but he was looking at you the whole time.
“And do you, Y/n Martin, take Derek Hale to be your lawfully wedded husband?”
“I do,” you told him.
“You may now kiss the bride.”
Upon hearing those words, Derek didn’t need to be told twice and in seconds he was grabbing your chin gently and pressing his lips onto yours. You threw your arms around his neck and kissed him fiercely, but your eyes widened as he wrapped an arm around your waist and dipped you.
Cheers erupted from the crowd, and you and Derek breathlessly pulled apart.
“Mr. and Mrs. Hale,” the priest announced, somewhat bashfully.
You grinned at Derek and reached out for his hand. “Are you ready to party?”
“Do I have to?” he joked. “What if I just want to whisk you away? We could go on an early honey moon.”
“Well, I think Lydia would be disappointed if we ditched her carefully planned party,” you told him. “Come on. I’ll cut you a big slice of cake.”
“Are you planning on shoving that in my face?” Derek asked with raised eyebrows.
“Hm,” you joked. “I don’t know. Let’s see how well you dance.”

“Congratulations, dude,” Scott told Derek as he clapped him on the back.
Derek sent the alpha a small smile and continued to turn with you in his arms. All night, various members of the pack had been on and off the dance floor, congratulating you and Derek. Your feet hurt from the heels Lydia had shoved you in, because while you loved your sister, you hardly ever took her advice and wore them. Despite the pain in your feet, you wouldn’t have traded that moment for anything.
“I love you so much,” Derek whispered into your hair. “And I can’t wait until we get out of here.”
You laughed into his shoulder. “Believe me, I feel the exact same way.”
The slow song you were dancing to quickly changed to something fast-paced, and that was when you noticed your sister, sitting at an empty table and staring at the wall. Your brow furrowed as you realized she was frowning.
“Hey, would it be okay if I took a break for a second?” you asked Derek. “I think something’s wrong with Lydia.”
Derek frowned. “Do you want me to come with you?”
You eyed the other side of the dance floor, where Stiles was trying to talk Malia into dancing. Lydia was alternating between sullenly staring at the walls of the banquet hall and staring at the two on the floor, but it was obvious she wasn’t upset about the paint color.
“Nah,” you told him. “I think I know what’s wrong.”
You squeezed his shoulder and slipped out of his arms, walking over to the empty table.
“Hey, Lyds,” you told her. “Everything okay?”
“It’s fine,” she told you, flashing you a brilliant smile. “My feet just hurt. New shoes.”
“Oh,” you said slowly. “That’s weird. They look kind of like a pair I gave you last year.”
“Y/n,” Lydia said softly. “This is your night. You should be having fun.”
“I am,” you told her. “But I’m not having too much fun to talk to my sister. You should just ask him to dance, you know.”
“I lost my chance,” Lydia whispered. “Besides, he’s dancing with Malia.”
You shot a look over your shoulder at the dance floor. “Uh, no he’s not.”
“What?” Lydia asked, her green eyes flicking up to you.
“Malia’s biting her nail polish off in the corner,” you informed her. “And now Stiles is all alone with no one to dance with…”
Lydia looked up to find Stiles leaning against the wall with a frown on his face, and then she looked back at you. “Thank you.”
She reached up to wrap her arms around you. “Derek’s a lucky guy, Y/n. And I’m a lucky sister.”
She hopped up from the chair and headed over to Stiles. You couldn’t help but notice the way his eyes lit up when he saw her and that was right when you felt a pair of arms wrap around you. You turned to the side just in time to meet Derek’s lips.
You smiled against him and when you pulled away you buried your face in his shoulder.
“She’s right, you know,” Derek told you. “I’m a very lucky guy.”
“Well, I’m a very lucky girl,” you informed him as you looked over at Stiles and Lydia. “Maybe we’ll be going to their wedding next.”
“We’ll see,” Derek said. “But for now I think we should just focus on ours.”
You smiled and leaned in, wrapping your arms around his neck and pressing your lips onto his again. His arms snaked around your waist and lifted you off your feet, causing you to giggle as he peppered kisses all over your face.
You giggled as you thought about how all the stress and planning leading up to this moment had been worth it. Weddings were stressful and required a lot of effort, but you wouldn’t have done anything differently. Now you were married to Derek and in the end, it was that, not the food, the decorations or the venue that mattered.

Caitlin wakes up with a fluttery feeling in her heart and a heavy feeling on her stomach. She immediately opens her eyes and sees an arm of a man draped across her. The memories of last night suddenly hit her: a nearer than usual death experience for Barry, her feelings for him that were growing stronger with every passing day finally pushing to the surface, spilling over, then just tiding in, pulling them both together in a massive wave they both can’t fight anymore. So there they were, just the two of them left in the lab, a barrage of words and then a hurricane of arms and kisses. Then Barry flashing them to his apartment.

And so here she is, dazed and unsure of the aftermath. She is turned to her side and can’t see Barry’s face but judging his even breathing that she can feel by the nape of her neck, he is still comfortably sleeping. She tries to move but then his arm suddenly pulls her closer, snuggling his face in her hair, anchoring her to him. She can’t help but smile despite the thoughts that are now rattling her brain. What is she supposed to do now? What are they going to do now? Sure, they have had a number of stolen glances and comforting touches recently. But their friendship have become so strong after everything they have gone through; the regular saving the world included, they have also had the routine coffee at Jitters when either needs a break from whatever lab work, traditional karaoke nights (sometimes with Cisco), and even set each other up on double date nights. But now here they are, sprawled naked on a bed. Don’t get her wrong, she loves every idea of this with Barry. But Caitlin is a scientist, you can’t blame her for over-thinking and deducing every possible scenario.

She’s afraid that last night was just a flurry of adrenaline and vented out frustration. That if both their minds were just clear, they would not have let it happen, they would rather preserve the friendship. Well, at least that’s what she can think of right now. Because truthfully, Barry’s breathing is tickling her neck and his arm makes her feel so secured and cozy. So when he removes his arm to stretch, she thinks, this is her opportunity to get out of here, to give him a chance to think, for them to preserve whatever precocious thing they have. She waits a second and when Barry doesn’t move, she assumes he is still asleep so she tries to sit up and put her leg on the floor.

When Barry clears his throat, she can’t help jumping in surprise like a little kid caught in the act. She turns to face him and sees him with an arm supporting his head and a wide giddy smile on his face. (She thinks, Damn he’s cute; is he truly the purest person alive that he can’t be grumpy on mornings?)

“Good morning, Dr. Snow,” and with a nod to her bare legs dangling by the bed asks, “What’re you up to?”

Caitlin is stunned by his smile for a second, her mind is clouded with glimpses of the way his lips kissed him last night and how she kissed him back, so it takes her a while to reply, “Uh,” her mind argues on why she is really leaving and can’t think of a reason, but still she is stubborn, “Well, I have to go now.”


“Uh… I have to feed my fish.”

“You don’t have a fish, Cait.”

“How’d you even know that?”

“Because I flashed you to your apartment yesterday to pick up the files you forgot.”

And to that, Caitlin doesn’t know what to say anymore. She can’t exactly look directly at Barry because she knows she will just cave in and she will fall uncontrollably, inevitably.

He chuckles, seemingly enjoying the situation they are in. And Caitlin just looks at him with a confused expression, not exactly sure why he finds the disintegration of their friendship amusing. But her will is strong and plans on using whatever’s left of it.

“Barry…I think I have to go.”

“Why?” There’s a change in Barry’s expression and she thinks it’s not the selfish kind of sadness for himself but an emotion of worry for her. She’s falling so deep, if she doesn’t leave soon, she doesn’t know what will happen. And it scares her.

“I don’t know.” She blurts out, wide-eyed and shocked that she was able to say the truth. She looks at Barry’s eyes when she says, “I’m just scared. I don’t want to ruin what we have. I don’t want to force myself to you if you think we’re better off friends.” She starts to chew on her bottom lip, unsure what to say next. Barry reaches out his arm to caress her cheek and to touch her lip.

“That’s crazy, Cait. I don’t want us to be just friends anymore.” Caitlin looks up and sees sincerity and love in Barry’s eyes. Barry scoots to the side, slides his hand in her arm and pulls her towards him. “Come on, now. Still a little while before Joe and I have to go the the station, we can still lay down and you can still tell me what you want when I take you to dinner later.”

In that moment, Caitlin just jumps, she plunges into her fears and finds out she didn’t have to calculate anything to know that Barry has fallen in love with her too. She lies down beside Barry and he kisses the side of her head. “I can’t believe you were supposed to leave me.”

She smiles. “What are you gonna do then?”

“Flash and find you.”

“At least put on some clothes first.” They both laugh at that. And fall into silence when they hear Joe’s footsteps.

He knocks and says, “Breakfast in 10.” And when they think he’s gone, he adds, “And that includes you, Caitlin.”

Oh god. What was that right??? I just needed pure snowbarry fluff in my life at the moment so I wrote this and then just thought of, what if people need snowbarry fluff too?? so if ever you do, i hope this helps even just a little. 

set far into the future, probably. or in an alternate universe. or just wherever there is snowbarry morning-afters because i need that universe. 

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S/o who almost died in battle. Gimme angst and fluff please! For Reinhardt, 76 and Roadhog please and thank you!

I wasn’t sure if you wanted headcanons or scenarios, so I did scenarios! That’s why it’s taken so long! Just a heads up, I wrote only two scenarios for Reinhardt and Soldier76. I’m still getting used to juggling requests so I hope you’re not too upset! If you still really want the scenario for Roadhog, send me another message!

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In light of recent events, Fiona had quickly been sent back into the same mindset that she’d been in months before. It was reserved primarily for those times where she just felt unwanted. Logan had made her feel it following what she considered to be the unrepairable damage that had been put on their friendship. And now, most recently, Kelly had her feeling the same thing. When she’d learned that her best friend in the entire house had left without so much as a goodbye, Fiona’s initial reaction was shock. That had quickly been replaced by overall sadness. She’d thought that despite everything that’d been happening between them recently, their bond was strong enough for them to endure. Although there was a part of her that knew that he had to have been the primary cause of everything that was going on, the only thing that Fiona could think of to do was find Ryan. She knocked lightly on his door, waiting for him to answer with her arms crossed in front of her as a defense mechanism more than anything.


Taken (Rogers/Banner x reader)

Request: Hi! can you do one where y/n and Steve have a young daughter like 4 y/o and she is kidnapped and they don’t know how to get her back? Angsty? 😏

The day of the incident, the day that your child was taken while you away at a mission, Steve wouldn’t leave your side.  There wasn’t a moment that his skin wasn’t in contact with yours, as if he were trying to provide his own strength, despite that he had felt like there was none to be given.  Your needs were more important than his own; your pain was more important than his own. She was his daughter too, and as much as he wanted to scream and cry and destroy everything around him in his rage, he was doing his best to stay strong for you.  He pushed the pain away so that he could push forward in the search, not realizing that the day would come when even he couldn’t push anymore.

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I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I think I finally figured out why these movies mean so much to me. This is going to long and rambling but I’ll do my best.

1. The relationship between Lois and Clark is so real and true. Not only do they show an older woman with a younger man, it’s okay that there is an age gap. For a long time, I thought it was weird when a girl was older than a boy and they were dating. Thanks to my sister and this movie, I’ve learned it’s okay. Additionally, they are so filled with love for each other. Lois gets a helicopter to make sure Clark is okay even when she knows she may not come out all right on the other side. Clark literally professes his love (slightly cliche) before getting killed. 

2. Women seem to be the center of the universe. Bruce is totally devastated by his mother’s death. He loves her and has such a strong connection to her that the mention of her name literally stops him in her tracks. Clark is a mama’s boy. He calls her for advice and sends her an engagement ring. Lois makes Superman, well, Superman. Amanda Waller creates Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman is a BAMF.

3. El Diablo. Look, I’m only 25% Hispanic but seeing a Latino on screen like we did in Squad (I won’t post spoilers) made me so happy to be Hispanic. They made his character so multi-layered. He wasn’t just typecast as the gangster or the drug dealer. He had real life characteristics and I can’t thank DC enough for giving us such an amazing Hispanic character. (The Spanish in the movie could use some work though).

4. They showed origins. Everyone knows the origin of Batman but no one shows it. We got to see how traumatic that was for Bruce. We also finally get to see why Supes doesn’t kill anyone. That is so vital to these characters.

5. The movies are dark and gritty. I enjoy Marvel movies because they make me laugh and everything works out in the end, but DC gives me the real life. They show me what superheroes and villains are really like and it makes everything worthwhile.

6. Diversity. I’ve had people ask me how DC is diverse when so many characters are still white. DC is trying to add POC into their films. They cast so many black, Hispanic, Asian, etc. characters into (some) roles that in the comics are white people. Seeing an Asian character and a Hispanic character and strong black men and women on the big screen is so damn important. Sure, these guys are bad guys but they show that there is more to them than just their deeds and the Justice League has 3 out of 6 characters as POC… Marvel has 0 out of 6.

7. Hope. Despite the dark, gritty tones of the movie, you feel hopeful at the end of every movie. At the end of MOS, that little smile Clark gives makes us feel protected and safe. At the end of BVS, the little heart beat makes us feel so hopeful. At the end of Squad, well you feel good. Every movie ends on an upbeat note despite the darkness of their reality.

8. Katana. I want more from this character and I really wish we had been given more of her, but she is everything. She is strong, smart, talented and still allowed to show emotions. She is grieving and yet she is still focused on the moment she’s in. And to see an Asian character as strong as her that isn’t stereotypical gives me all kinds of life.

9. Journalism. I’m a journalist and seeing journalism in action in two out of three DC movies is so cool. We get such a bad rap for doing (or not doing) our jobs and when movies cast us in a good light, it makes me happy.

10. They keep making movies. Fuck what the critics keep saying about these guys. I can’t wait for their films. Wonder Woman is going to break records. I’ll tell you that now. Thank you DC for being you.

For those of you who think Narcissa Malfoy would have lost her mind after the war and sat passively by as a new world was born:


Narcissa Malfoy was fucking badass. Let me illuminate for you:

  • She defied Voldemort so that Draco (and by extension, Harry, though it was doubtlessly not her main concern) would be safe.
  • She stayed sane enough to do so despite Voldemort living in her home, torturing people in her presence, torturing her husband, and quite possibly torturing her.
  • She was a Black. Blacks are made of some really tough shit.

SO she would not have gone insane, even after Lucius had been put away for everything he had done. She would have stayed strong enough to help support herself and her son, who obviously meant everything to her.

Narcissa Malfoy was a mother. She wasn’t about to stand idly by and watch her son drown. There was no way she would leave him to do so after the war had ended.

Bloodlust [Indulge] + CS Fanfiction

The fourth in a series of soon to be smutty things about vampire Killian Jones and the woman he can’t stay away from.

Rating: M 
Word Count: 4,516

The world was a blur around her, the rich reds and golds of the walls and it’s adorning art melting together as her mind went dizzy. The floor seemed to vanish between her bare feet and the light feel of air beneath her body replaced the tingle of the hardwood on her toes. Killian’s arms were strong, one palm pressed hard against her lower back and the other hand holding her jaw as his kiss deepened. His fingers tangled in her damp hair, twisting loosely as he pulled her body tighter against his. It was like he was trying to swallow that single word - that agreement she’d given him. This kiss was his forfeit. It was the final breaking point of his last thread of resolve. It was his complying promise to walk the thin line between existence and execution, but his broken ability to resist was not where the actual threat was waiting.

No, Emma was almost sure his lips and that thing he did with his tongue were going to be the true end of her. She was also positive that somehow, he’d never allow such a thing.

No, this was Killian. He’d keep her safe. He’d protect her. He’d care for her. He’d ravish her - and he would completely and totally devour her. That combination of things was worth the sacrifice. If indulging in the possibility of this man was a sin, then she would gladly take the next available ride to hell.


Her name caught hard in his throat as he slowed his unnatural speed, bracing her against the intricate brass railing of the stairs. She’d barely noticed the way he had literally swept her right off her feet and up the long hallway to the foyer. His lips fell on her neck in a heated trail as she recalled the last time they’d been in this position. It was a stance full of that same fire, only the solid wood door that he’d held her up against was now replaced with the cold metalwork currently making indents in her back.

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Why do you love Garnet so much? Besides her thighs.

Hooo bo y hooo bo y lemmme tiel you..

I first came to love Garnet for her strength and poise. She became the leader of the crystal gems after such a massive tragedy, she must have had to bury her emotions just so she can be a good leader to Amethyst and Pearl who we’re also grieving in their own ways. She had to become strong and impartial despite what SHE would had wanted. It was conveyed very well by the crewniverse by having her be the strong stoic type

And yet she had flaws

things like being incredibly blunt in every situation, sometimes taking things too far on account of her strength, sometimes just not getting the social ques and making things worst. It showed that this strong and indomitable character was flawed and yet, she did her very best to do everything right. To make sure that her family stayed safe

And then, we find out shes a FUSION

Can you imagine how much this secret from Steven could have gnawed at her? Garnet HATES to lie, shes so incredibly forward with everything. But THIS…..this could make Steven see her differently, no It WILL. She want’s so badly to be closer to Steven but shes scared that he might not understand. So imagine her immense relief and happiness when he first fused. Now he has a basis to understand. She must have felt so good and assured when Steven accepted her, all of her, in Jailbreak.

Also, Garnet is made of Love. She is made from a loving and whole queer relationship in a childrens media. Do you understand how BIG that is?? She is such a revolutionary character and has made such an impact on peoples lives and has encouraged so many others, it’s simply lovely to be able to be here and watch it.

And finally, we have this strong, strong character, who at first seems like some immovable wall. Unobtainable, untouchable……And she turns out to be one of the most loving dorks in the series. The SHIFT we see in Garnet’s character when she ‘comes out’ to Steven is one of the best things I’ve ever seen. You can SEE them getting closer, you can notice how Garnet seems far more open, talking more, participating more, removing her shades. These subtle things just make the character grow and seems so much more relatable to us. This ‘perfect’ character learned, and is STILL learning

And yes, she is just sososososooooo aesthetically pleasing to look at with her diverse body type and beautiful natural hair and lips and of course… th i gh s

I can probably go on for MUCH longer but this is already getting a tad long for one ask, so in short

I really fucking love Garnet so much.