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When I was in counselling last year for anxiety we somehow got on the topic of sexual orientation and I told her about being ace, and she didn't know what it was. So I told her a bit and figured that was that. Then like six months later it comes up again and she's like "I watched this documentary and done all this research and told all the other counsellors about it so they're aware, and I want to get a flag so others know it's safe here!" and I just maybe cried a little because THAT'S SUPPORT


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Paranormal Happenings

Stories shared from my followers:

“While ringing in the new year, we were making a ruckus in our house. The resident ghost must have felt left out as he threw a clock off the wall to the other side of the room which landed safely on the couch. We cheered and welcomed him to join us.”
- littletreeflower

“When i was a kid i saw something, not sure what but some kind of werebeast or demon. I was not the only one who saw it, other people on the party i was thought they saw a “creature” roaming in the grounds earlier. I saw it tete-a-tete before it runoff.”
- catharisme 

“Once when I was working at a festival at a high school, I went into the gym and heard some strange noises. No one was there when I went to investigate, but when I came back, there was a basketball in the centre of the gym. It wasn’t there before.”

“One night I was laying in bed and felt the covers being taken off me. When I looked I could see the covers slowly being pulled down in an alternating motion. I never took a closer look.”
- boolglunk

“I didn’t find this too scary but the friends with me nearly wet themselves. We were playing around with a Ouija Board mid day and in the middle of it a crow flew into my room through the window. I can’t begin to convey the bedlam it produced.”

“I once woke up randomly in the night thinking someone was in my room. i grabbed my phone while asking if it was my mom. I shined the light at the wall next to my door and saw a dark and shadowy figure turning from profile towards me.”
- fictionalhistorian 

“My old house had a lot of paranormal activity. One time I was watching tv in my room when a bloody, black man (a slave) in chains walked past it. He stopped and we stared at each other. Then he walked away. When I got up to look. He was gone.”
- zaynsafezone 

“Short but very scary. I was 12, sleeping with my back against a wall. I felt a warm, moist breath on the back of my neck, two long creepy exhales. I froze, then bolted to my moms room. I didn’t have a window, nor a vent anywhere near me.”
- salamandir 

The Signs' Wedding Vows
  • Aries:it'll be a passionate, intense declaration of love. It'll be exciting and fierce with the love they have. Tbh, they'll probably keep it on the shorter side, bc they just wanna marry you already!
  • Taurus:sweet and romantic. They'll tell you every little quirk of yours that they adore, and will promise to keep you safe and love you unconditionally. They want to be there for you no matter what.
  • Gemini:it'll be funny for sure! They'll share your weird inside jokes with you so that you both are snorting with laughter, but they will also make it serious. They want to make sure you know how much they adore you.
  • Cancer:it'll be so beautiful. They'll share with you all the things they can't wait to do with you, big and small. They will be by your side through thick and thin, and they will promise to share the rest of their life with you.
  • Leo:it'll be Romeo and Juliet-esque. Your Leo will make you feel like you're the only person in the room. Their vows will be intense and filled with adoration. You're the only one that matters to them now.
  • Virgo:they'll probably be flustered, since they're usually not used to expressing such deep emotions. However, what they have to say will probably make you blush too, as they tell you all the little things they love about you that you didn't know they noticed.
  • Libra:it'll be sweet and charming. They'll make you melt. Their vows will probably sound like a beautiful Shakespeare sonnet. They're so in love with you, and they will proudly declare that to everyone in the room.
  • Scorpio:like Aries, it'll be intense. They passionately love you, and will fiercely vow to protect you, keep you and support you. You will feel feel their loyalty in every word.
  • Sagittarius:like Gemini, they'll make it funny and light. However, they'll also show you a romantic and loyal side. Their feelings for you will be in their eyes, and you'll know for sure that you are the only one that can make them feel this way.
  • Capricorn:it'll be nerve wracking for them. They're not used to showing their emotions in public. However, their vows will make you realize how important you are to them, how romantic they truly are, and how they can't believe someone like you would pick someone like them.
  • Aquarius:it'll be quirky but sweet. Like Capricorn, Aquarius doesn't like to show their emotions. But their vows will make you realize how madly in love with you they are. They'll tell you all the silly moments you've had together and share the little things you had no idea they remembered.
  • Pisces:it'll be like an epic love poem. So romantic and beautiful, you'll both probably start crying. They just want you to know that you are it. You're the only one for them, and that they didn't know what life was until they met you. They belong to you now.
  • you can check your Moon and Venus signs for this too.
  • ("They" refers to the sign in question, and "you" refers to the partner that the sign is saying their vows to)

So me and my mom were driving home from the store, and I’m sitting in the passenger side, and this teenage boy was driving beside us and his window was down and he kept yelling something at our car, even though my window was up, and I was like ?? what this fuckyboy goin on about and then we made eye contact and I wasn’t about to roll down the window, I was in a really shady part of where I live and I just didn’t feel safe. And so he’s like laughing and trying to get my attention and he’s roaring his trucks engine and I could tell he was yelling obscene things cuz I could kinda hear him and just the way he was acting so I was like ‘mom speed up and get past this guy’ but he just kept following us and staying right beside us no matter what so like I’m a bit salty so I rolled down the window and was like ??? what?? and he was like ‘SHOW ME YOUR TITS AHAHAHA’ and like his friends were all laughing and I was like oh my fucking gOSH literally the disease of fuckboyism is traveling through the air and so I just gave him a dirty look and rolled my window back up because I didn’t want to start anything, because he seemed like the kind of guy to like, lose his temper and hurt us or something and I just tried my best to ignore him but he literally would not leave us alone and I was scared you know bc some mother fucker 17 year old horny piece of shit is harassing me through his car window and my mom is like angry about to call the cops or run his ass over or something and tHEN he was hanging out the damn window yelling and throwing like pieces of garbage that were in his truck at my fucking window and at this point I was about to bust a nut man if I were a capri sun or something man i’d be like flying but eventually my mom sped up and took some back roads and we got away from him. It was terrifying honestly because it was a solid 15 minutes of him actually following us and not letting us get away and not giving up and it was just so scary like I can’t even drive 30 minutes from my house without the constant worry of being attacked 

i was practicing driving in a parking lot with my mom today and a cop pulled in and i just casually drove to the other side of the building so we could switch seats and get the hell out of there cause i don’t even have a temporary license yet lol…. but good thing is !! i’m getting a whole lot better with driving, a few months ago I thought it would be years before i could because I had terrible issues with anxiety and OCD that made it not safe for me to be behind the wheel, and those issues aren’t resolved but i feel a lot more confident now and i don’t feel like i’m putting anyone in danger.

I’m also applying for some jobs that i’m nervous about but also super excited for! i emailed three people to ask if i could use them as references (they all said yes!) and i had help from my mom but i used my own email address instead of having my mom completely do it for me like i usually do because i’m too scared. and that sounds super pathetic but is actually a big accomplishment. i’m also going to be a sub next year for the preschool i volunteered in last year which is pretty awesome cause i feel like they take me really seriously there and know that i’m responsible and good with the kids and can do the job. I subbed a few times this year and it was pretty nice to actually get a pay check… but that was just a bonus because I love love love love spending time with those kids it makes me so so happy!!!!! For the first time in a long time i feel encouraged about my future!!! 

though i am not an active participant, i think my favorite side of tumblr is furby tumblr, it feels so pure and good, it feels safe

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‘You’ve just been saved from a burning building and you’re begging to go back in to save your pet cat’ AU - sterek - that cat has been by stiles' side since forever and his mom give it to him and even tho he's old and almost blind please save him

(Sterek, firefighter!Derek, Derek’s entire pack are firefighters, Stiles wears glasses, human!AU, pet owner Stiles, some strong language from Stiles)

Most of the time, Derek loves being a fireman. He saves people, almost every day. The look on the faces of parents when he walks out of a burning house with their child safely in his arms, and the cheers of children when he manages to pry their dog out of a car wreckage, help him get through the days where he can’t save someone.

And the job has taught him a lot of things, compassion, bravery, appreciation for the small things. What it hasn’t taught him is tolerance. Especially not for the idiots who try to run back into a burning building to save their laptop, or their pink sweater. That incident had nearly made him renounce going to any sorority house fires in the future.

He watches as Boyd tries to stop a man from running back into the burning apartment building. Boyd towers over him, but the guy is a fighter and his colleague is having some real trouble holding him back. The guy is aiming for the places he knows he will hurt the firefighter the most, his crotch, his solar plexus. He even tries to kick him in the knees.

This isn’t going to end well for either man if someone doesn’t stop that guy soon.

‘- have to get back inside!’

‘Sir, it’s too dangerous,’ Boyd tries to reason with the man.

‘I have to get Wolverine! I’ve had him forever! My mom gave him to me!’ The guy manages to break free from Boyd’s grip when the firefighter has to duck an elbow aimed at his nose. But before the guy can slip between the fire trucks, back towards the building, Boyd grabs him around the waist and hauls him back.

‘Let me go, you giant-‘

Derek interrupts him before he can utter what promises to be a very colourful insult. ‘What’s going on here?’

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I came across this when browsing around Facebook. Σ(゜゜)


But it’s true. It worries me there are so many little kids on Omegle without supervision.

Don’t get me wrong, they can of course… but you know how people are nowdays. Not all of them are nice and not all of them understand that there are CHILDREN on Omegle and shouldn’t be showing their privates on camera. Specially in tags like “Cosplay” or “Five nights at Freddy’s” where people thinks it’s safe to look in.

I’ve seen many perverts using those tags.

One never knows who’s the guy at the other side. 

So… yeah, I’ve told many kids to be careful if they’re going to be on omegle on camera. Or plain leave when there are NSFW assholes. It’s the only I can do. I mean, I wouldn’t want my little sister to see fucking nudes on webcam. 

PD: #BestPurpleGuyEver. I’m supposed to be a kid murderer. But I can be nice too. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

thinking abt that post…… it felt the slightest bit biased, like it sorta neglected to mention how people who are into problematic content should conduct themselves responsibly, and it used some… pretty forceful language addressing what could be a large audience of mentally ill people, or people with emotional involvement in this issue. i think some people really are just immature and trying to feel part of something important by screaming abt these issues and dont truly give a shit about victims, but. still the post could have been more sympathetic

also idk what that feminism stuff was about or how it was relevant. that part felt like op was trying to “get back” at that side of tumblr by using “their logic against them”. but maybe it was relevant, because it showed that this fetish shaming issue has history IN feminism, not that on TUMBLR its a specifically feminist issue

anyway, good shit op,  i agreed with the main message that fandom isnt any one persons personal safe space. its a huge clusterfuck of ideas and content crashing together and some stuff you like and some stuff is shit to you. purging fandoms isnt exactly the most heroic crusade you can spend your time on

Guard him: part 3

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Hey, decided to write a short part before my evening shift. I realise that the link to part 1 links to a really cool shirt now, I’ll have to change it some time tomorrow… I am still amazed that people are reading my little daydreams. I love you all readers! Shout out to thetenthdoctorsassbuttkarenmendescaniff​ and swissgirl10 for reblogging. 
TW: swearing as per fucking usual.

It was all mostly a blur and indistinguishable noises. Loud thunking of the metal as you’ve jumped the stairs, skipping the last few each time. Loud heart thudding as you’ve felt the adrenaline rush refusing to subside. What did they teach you about tranquilisers?! WHAT DO YOU DO IF YOU SHOOT HUMANS?! You’ve jumped the last flight of stairs and realised that you’ve held the first aid in one hand and the gun in the other. You threw the gun to a side and ran into the prep cage. They would occasionally call it the safe cage but you didn’t feel safe in there at all.
“He’s… I think he’s…” Barry sounded confused. Too calm.
wen?” you’ve dropped on your knees next to him.
“I feel funny” his voice slurred. “I feel GRRR-E-A-T” he roared. You’ve started looking for the white darts on his body. Men were shouting and two ran into the prep cage.
“Y/N, the raptors are all knocked out. We need instructions on how best to handle this situation” one of them was Lewis.
“Hey, I’ll knock youuu out” Owen’s words slurred and he pulled a face towards Lewis that was supposed to look intimidating however looked too comical for the situation. He started talking really silently, incoherent words which made no sense spilling out of his mouth.
“Get 5-6 men into the paddock with the rest watching over them just in case. We need to remove these little fellas…” you’ve found two white darts next to each other near Owen’s left lung and pulled them out carefully and raised them for Lewis to see. “…out of the girls ASAP. Get them inside into an individual cage and lay them on hay. Has anyone called the ambulance yet?!” you’ve heart yourself command them however you’ve felt like it wasn’t you commanding. The strength to react and to talk and to move came from your fear and panic. You had to make sure Owen was ok. Lewis stood there for a second. “Well?” you looked him in the eye. “DO IT” anger filled your lungs and Lewis quickly ran to get more men.
“Thaaa’s my gurl” Owen looked and sounded really high. You and Barry both laid him down in a comfortable position and double-checked for more darts.
“Y/N” he was almost asleep. “You look very pretty” he said silently and closed his eyes.
“Owen?” you hesitantly whispered. You’ve checked his breathing and heart rates and timed them. The man was asleep. Knocked out, stone cold.
Barry started laughing. “What you think this is FUNNY?!” you’ve raised your voice. 
“Kind of” he smiled. “He’s just really super high on aenesthetics and it’s actually fortunate, because I’m sure he broke a rib or a leg or something during the fall”
You’ve sighed. I guess it was better to laugh than to cry.
You’ve kneeled next to him until the ambulance came and followed it to the hospital on your own bike. 

“Miss Y/L/N?” a nurse was standing next to your chair, holding some papers and a coffee mug. You’ve just woken up in the hospital chair, realising it was morning already. 
“Yes?” you both heard the panic in your voice and the nurse smiled reassuringly.
“Mr. Grady is now awake, he knows you’re in the waiting room. He instructed me to make you some coffee and bring you to him” she extended the mug and you gladly took it. He instructed them to make the coffee just how I like it. 
“Ready?” you’ve realised the question was aimed at yourself rather than the nurse.

“Hey” he was in bed, his right arm in cast and a few bruises on his face and arms.
“Hey” you’ve whispered suddenly aware that you looked a bit crazy with your messy tangled hair and yesterday’s clothes that haven’t dried completely yet. “I wanted to make sure you were ok. I am so so sorry I’ve shot you” you’ve felt something get stuck in your throat, eyes swell up.
“Hey, hey, shh…” he was hushing you. “I’m great. Still a bit high. I mean I was so high I saw Lewis take orders from you” he giggled and it made you feel better.
“Yeah, he actually did, the little shit” you started crying and laughing at the same time. “Oh, I was so scared, Owen”
“Yeah me too, babe” he shuffled in his bed a bit. “There’s going to be so much damage control after I come back. I want to knock the teeth out of the guy who shot the first one when you’ve clearly stated not to.” he clenched his jaw and then winced in pain.
“Owen, I wasn’t sure if you would have been able to stop her. This was the minimum risk action and I would’ve reacted two seconds later too, you know. I’d never risk your life like that” you’ve looked at the bed sheets then the floor, avoiding eye contact.
“Eyes on me, Y/N” Owen commanded and you’ve hesitantly obeyed.
“I would have been ok. What’s been done, has been done. I’m alright now and we’ll go back and teach both the girls AND the guys in there to behave and take orders properly, ok?” you’ve felt his hand on yours.
“Ok” your tears carried on and Owen shuffled a bit, patting the little space on his bed. 
“Come here. You need some rest” he sighed and you’ve found yourself obeying him again. You’ve placed your head near his chest and he wrapped your shoulder with his left arm. “All good?”
“All good” you found yourself drifting to sleep rapidly.
“Owen” you’ve decided to say it. 
“You look very pretty too” and as you drifted to sleep you’ve felt his chest rise and fall and heard a slight giggle.

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what are your favourite songs of taylor ? :)

Cold as you, should’ve said no, picture to burn, tied together with a smile, love story, white horse, you’re not sorry, the other side of the door, breathe, sparks fly, haunted, mine, innocent, last kiss, enchanted, I KNEW YOU WERE TROUBLE, we are never ever getting back together, ALL TOO WELL, state of grace, holy ground, treacherous, red, eyes open, safe and sound, ALL OF 1989 INCLUDING DELUX

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Rose is one of my favorite characters. She has so many layers. Like just from like looking at her you wouldn't think that she's into fixing cars and things like that. Also you'd think she would hate men or at least be stand offish(over the years she warmed up). She's just badass to me. She clearly cares about her family and just wants ten to be safe. And the fact that everyone(well not everyone)is like what a bitch bothers me. It's like you'd side with the new problematic human girl over me

Rose is one of my favorites too. I think she’s an important voice in the story, especially because vampirism looks so great to Bella (and possibly the reader) and Rosalie gives an alternate view. People write her off as shallow, but she’s the one speaking up for the value of mortality/humanity over supernatural, ageless perfection and that’s hardly shallow. There are those who say that Rosalie should just get over it, and be happy with what she has, and while I certainly I hope she does make peace with it and appreciate what she has, you have to consider that she had her dreams–simple dreams, really–crushed in the most horrific way. 

I mean look at Bella in New Moon and how hard she took it when Edward and the Cullens left. She talks about having “the whole family, the whole future” she had chosen taken from her. Isn’t that exactly what happened to Rosalie? She had the dream of love and family and children, and she lost that future when Royce revealed his true colors in the most brutal way imaginable. And Bella got her dream in the end–Rosalie only “got half,” or maybe it’s like 60% now that she also has Renesmee, but still not the full dream, and she never will.  It’s hard for anyone give up their dreams, and hard to watch someone else live your dream. 

I have a lot of sympathy for Rosalie, and I don’t think she’s as bitchy and mean-spirited as fandom makes her out to be. She’s not wrong about the danger that associating with Bella brings to the family–just look at the things that happen because of E/B relationship–and she’s never mean just for the sake of being mean to Bella (like she is with Jacob or even Edward in MS “Moron! Jackass!”). 

“We may marvel at Shantry’s idiosyncratic action, but there is an artfulness in his bowling that grows more obvious with every season. He made a vital first breakthrough before lunch, ending a painstaking stand of 105 between James Taylor and Riki Wessels when he drew Wessels into a big off-side drive and Joe Clarke dashed back at cover to hold a storming high catch.

Neither did Taylor’s careworn half-century reach lunch. His runner, Alex Hales, was short of making his ground, when attempting to complete a third run, and was duly run out by Clarke, completing an excellent morning for the Worcestershire fielder. Taylor stalked off, his pulled hamstring not noticeably restricting his movement as anger suppressed the pain, Hales trailing in a safe distance behind him.”

Just the description!
'Abortion drone' delivers pregnancy-terminating pills to women in Poland

Dutch activists successfully flew a quadcopter carrying abortion-inducing pills into Poland this weekend. Abortion is not currently legal in Poland unless a woman’s life is in danger or evidence of rape, incest or severe fetal abnormalities is provided.

The entire trip lasted only 60 seconds, but the drone was able to make it across a river and deliver its load to activists waiting in Poland despite threats of being shot down by pro-life activists.

Women on Waves called the mission “a success” in an update on its website later that day.

“After the drones left, the German police tried to intervene but the drone pilots were able to safely land the drones at the Polish side,” the post reads. “Two Polish women swallowed the abortion pills that were delivered to them by the drones. The German police confiscated the drone controllers and personal iPads. They pressed criminal charges but it is totally unclear on what grounds. The medicines were provided on prescription by a doctor and both Poland and Germany are part of Schengen.”

4 years ago today I gave birth to my twin sons Luke & Rocco in the comfort of my bedroom, surrounded by my tribe. This moment right here is why I chose to give birth at home. Luke joined us earth side weighing a whopping 8 pounds and Rocco followed 45 minutes later born in the caul weighing 7 lbs 9oz. Their birth day was so healing for me on many levels. The gratitude I feel towards my midwife for trusting in my body’s ability to birth my twin boys safely into this world is beyond measure. I can’t even really put it into words. And my sons, you are such a gift. I must be the luckiest Mama on the planet to be stuck with you crazy hellions. Happy 4th Birthday Lucky & Rocky! #twinstwice #homebirth #carriagehousebirth #twins #twinhomebirth #doula #midwife #beautifulmadhouse #secondsetoftwins #childbirth

The vet visit for redoing Voodoo’s shots and heartworm test went as well as I expected. He’s clean, good to go for another year, and holding steady at 68 lbs. 

We also took Milinka and had Dr. Beckett look her over. She’s now 75 lbs at 5 months old. I told her about my concerns for her weight and the vet said she’s fine, and she prefers her on the lean side as she grows since she’s a giant breed and it’s so hard on their joints. As it is she has splayed feet but there’s not much we can do about that since the house is completely tiled except for the throw rugs. The answer concerning her weight ended up being what I figured it’d be, but it’s always best to double check to be safe.

Milinka was a little shy of them at first since her last vet visit she got the nasty microchip needle but quickly warmed up to them. The cookies were especially delicious to her and she showed her thanks by promptly slobbering all over everyone’s nice clean clothes.

We still need dog bibs, but it’s going to have to wait a month or two. At least washcloths make good drool towels, right?