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Rope (dir. Hitchcock, 1948) follows two men who’ve just murdered a man and host a dinner party for his friends and family. It has a lot of homoerotic (sub)text and is actually based on this real life murder

ANYWAYS, I was watching it last night for my Queer Cinema class and was struck by the dynamic and how I felt it followed Hannibal and Will’s:

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There’s quotes like this:


Lights Camera Murder | Ladyhawke

And there was more, there was a young man. Like fine porcelain with
deep blue eyes. Almost like a bird’s. His voice…the dulcet tones of an angel.
He spoke? What did he say?
I asked him if I was dreaming. He said I was. I’m not insane. You must believe me when I tell you these things.
No I believe you. I believe in dreams.
I see
This young man, does he perhaps have a name?
Not that he mentioned. Why?
Well, he might wander into my dreams. Wouldn’t it be nice… if I could call him by name and pretend we had met before.

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whenever the members see comments asking for other members on vlive, they lowkey reply negatively and show they don’t like that. stop doing that!! they have a tight schedule, they’re all tired and literally sick. just appreciate and respect the members who took the time to do vlives, as well as the absent ones who are probably working or resting

Finn Wolfhard wasn’t able to attend the SAG Awards because he had the flu. Here’s an artwork of the Stranger Things cast in the 2018 SAG Awards, Finn included.

Been a while since i did one of these so… Deanoru youtube AU

  • Nico is a rising youtube star primarily focused on fashion and make-up tutorials with the occasional vlog thrown in for good measure.
  • Karolina is a smalltown girl from a very religious family in a very religious area
  • Karolina first find’s Nico channel while researching an assignment about how liberal media is leading to the moral decline of future generations
  • But even after she’s handed in her report (and gotten an A+ for it) she remains subscribed, watching every single one of her videos the day they come out
  • She tells herself that it’s a sort of “know the enemy” situation, and that Nico might be a morally reprehensible deviant, but she did also teach Karolina how to replace a zipper, so she can’t be all bad
  • And okay maybe a few republican senators are kinda blowing the whole bathroom debacle out of proportions
  • Then Nico post her coming out video.
  • Karolina watches it from start to finish, with bated breath, twice, before breaking down crying.
  • She writes a long, tear-stained comment under the video about how she’s going to stop watching Nico’s videos. Then she climbs into bed to hide beneath her duvet and sob into her pillow
  • In the morning she drags herself out of bed to find that Nico has replied to her comment!
    • With “lmao don’t let the door hit you on the way out”, and for the first time in her life Karolina fakes sickness to get out of school.
  • In the week that follows Karolina probably watches the coming out video somewhere between 30 and 50 times, feeling her heart being torn out of her chest every time Nico says the words “I’m bisexual”
  • Karolina’s vow not to ever watch Nico’s videos ever again lasts for about a month, but then Nico post’s a video titled “Shego inspired make-up tutorial/look” and Karolina just has to see that.

  • A years later Karolina drives for 3.5 hours to go to a gay bar in the big city, she’s definitely NOT GAY, she just wants to know what its like being around gay people
  • She put on her best dress, and make-up, then end up sitting in the parking lot for what feels like forever, before gathering enough courage to go in.
  • Karolina makes it maybe half-way to the bar before seeing 2 girls kissing, and having to rush out because suddenly she just knew. 
    • She knew she was gay. She had probably known for a while, but seeing those 2 nameless girls kiss was the final nail in her coffin. She wanted that, not 2 kids and a house with Chase. She wanted to make out with a girl so much that the rest of the world was forgotten.
  • She more or less collapses into her, and tries to get her tears under control. She has no idea how she even makes it home.
  • For the next month Karolina is crawling out of her skin to tell somebody, anybody, what she learned about herself.
  • With no one else to turns to, she waits for a day where her parents are out of the house, and begins rambling at her phone’s camera.
    • On a whim she uploads it to youtube, fully expecting it to get at most 2 views, and not really thinking about what would happen if her parents found it
  • The next time her parents are out of the house, she does it again, and from there it sort of becomes her main outlet for her emotions. Her views never climb above the double digit, which she’s totally cool with. (She also gets a couple of really nice and encouraging comments, and if she could she would print and frame those.)
  • What she isn’t cool with is When Nico DMs her to say she’s watched her video’s and that she’s really moved to hear she’s been able to help her learn about herself and get through some times.
  • Karolina screams in the middle of Walmart’s break room, then has to come up with a really bad excuse about her second cousin thrice removed having twins
  • After unsuccessfully trying to locate her chill for the rest of her shift and the drive home, she finally replies. To her shock (she might legitimately have passed out for a second) Nico replies back, and they start talking.
  • In fact, they keep talking way into the night. Nico lamenting how much editing sucks, and Karolina offering a never ending supply of encouragement.
  • When she wakes up in the morning she sends Nico another message, hoping for the best, but preparing for it to go ignored.
  • Except Nico does reply, and they keep talking and talking. Almost every day, and the “who are you texting? you’re smiling, is it Chase?” conversations with her parents wear out real fast
  • Has Karolina somehow become friends with Nico Minoru?
    • Is it bad that maybe she hopes it could be something more?

My head wasn’t really in this 100% while writing this, and I think it shows. I think some time after my exams i’ll probably do a follow-up or rewrite that’s more Nico centric, until then you’re stuck with this junk sorry :/

why didnt the game of thrones suicide squad mention arya. i dont understand. i will never get over this. you have jon snow, her fucking BROTHER, but hes excused bc he didnt know anyone else knew her. then you have gendry, whos BEST FRIEND was arya for like 2 full goddamn years. and he just… doesnt mention her. then theres the hound, and one of his main character arcs is arya fucking stark. then the brotherhood without banners???? like??? thEY KNOW GENDRY ONLY WITH ARYA im literally gonna yell what the fuck wtf the fuk