to be mad

harry: love! be happy! kindness is important! love is forever! i love love!

alex: do you think i give a fUCK if you drown? i don’t so go swim with the fishies BITCH

  • Jonathan Crane: Guys, Halloween isn't a date on the calendar.
  • Edward Nygma: Yeah, it is. It's the 31st.
  • Jonathan Crane: No, Halloween is in your hearts. Every time a little kid cries in fear, that's Halloween. As long as you carry the spirit of destruction and vandalism in your hearts, every day is Halloween!
  • Jervis Tetch: *pointing at calendar* No look, it is the 31st!
  • Jonathan Crane: *sighs*

explicitphoenix  asked:

That moment when Hannibal realises Will was lying about killing Freddy. Breaks my heart.

It is honestly, I mean, with Hannibal, there aren’t a lot of moments where you look at Mads’ performance and think, that’s harrowing. Even when he’s beaten and bloody and unable to stand you still think bastard

With Will, when you see him so vulnerable and helpless in Season 1, a complete victim you feel for him so completely. 

To feel that for Hannibal is so totally unexpected, and then that whole scene after (that I giffed earlier, so I spent a lot of time looking at Mads’ face) with the sacrificial lamb and he is visibly upset. I mean, the only time we’re used too feeling for a villain is when you’re fed their clumsy “oh woe is me, this is why I kill” story line, and this couldn’t be more different to that. It’s most genuine, and I find that beautiful.

That game is brilliantly written and shows such a sweet side to every character, portrays gay relationships in an actual kind manner that isn’t joking or offensive, and the sweet relationship of a single dad learning to let his daughter grow up while finding his own relationship. So many gay dudes love it bc it was written with them in mind and y'all are trying SO HARD to demonize it bc it got produced (not written or drawn) by the game grumps lmao