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let’s all start stanning au 1d. the 1d where harry and louis came out years ago, zayn is still in the band, niall stopped dying his hair blonde after 2012, and liam is still tweeting about green beans and not being pregnant. plus they have a good management/pr team that picked good singles to release…and they’ve also won 3 grammys. OH AND THEY STILL DO VIDEO DIARIES…AND THEY’RE ALL HEALTHY AND HAPPY AND SO ARE WE…AND SIMON COWELL IS DEAD

I started thinking about Taekook constantly teasing and acting dorky around Namjoon just to get his attention and make him laugh and just all three of them chilling on the couch watching some tv show or movie with Joonie sitting in the middle and Taehyung and Jungkook curled up on either side of him. It’s not that they’re bored or that the movie’s not interesting but rather that Taehyung and Jungkook can’t sit still for too long around Namjoon so they just kinda

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to get his attention but Namjoon has the patience of a saint and ignores them, completely engrossed in what ever is playing on the tv. Taekook would start doing all sorts of things, tugging on his arms and poking his dimples and sides, tugging on his sleeves and whining for their hyung to pay attention to them 

also, I’m not saying that Namvkook are the typa boyfriends who’d dance drunkenly in the living room at three in the morning but 

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Arkos Pregnancy Au

here it is folks. What started out as a way of making me feel less depressed spiralled out into this beautiful au.

are you ready??? (also please keep in mind that I only did some research into pregnancy so if something is wildly inaccurate its because I’m lazy)

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Shiro:So, top or bottom?

Keith:(blushing) Wha…What?

Shiro:I asked do you want the top or bottom bunk?

Keith:Oh uh….bottom bunk is fine.