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Tbh I think the people who work at Stellaworth know me “as that one chick trynna act all casual while she uses one arm to swipe the entire new releases aisle into her basket”… 🙃 ✨

“horse girls” are crazy, we’ve all met at least one girl who was really into horses… and they’re not normal.


Someday I might actually shade this and give it a background, but it’s already late for Pride weekend so here, have a WIP. Human off colours at pride. (Plus what happened when I did an image search for the lesbian flag for colour reference)

Wish me luck, I have to go on stage today…


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Edd grabs Eddy’s face to give him a lesson on the importance of taking notes.

Did Edd realize what he was doing? He’s never held Eddy’s face when lecturing him.

After he looks all embarrassed realizing what he’s done.

I wonder if this is the point where Edd started questioning his own sexuality. He has become closer with Eddy. This topic is something that bothers Edd seeing how his parents are never there to talk with him.

Edd gives up on his parents all together in BPS. He begins acting like a kid more letting go of how he was trying to impress them by acting like an adult. He frees himself from his parents neglectful shadow to explore himself.

I started making a whole bunch of clay pikmin and I love them???? So so much 

I made them just slightly bigger than they’d be in a real life perspective (any smaller than how I made them and I wouldn’t be able to get any of the details >3<) and they’re so small and cute! They’re like an inch tall each!

I’m gonna leave them in my plant pots and take cute pictures C:


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i wasn’t really sure what to do for this so… send me ur locus rarepairs + a specific prompt (sfw please) for them and I’ll see what I can do! A brief description of how you think their relationship would work would be helpful too :) 

It’s pretty late I know, but I wanted to draw a somewhat fluffy Tommy and Deborah moment, so here it is! :3 I’ve beat up Tommy a lot lately so I figured it was high time Deborah got herself hurt. I’m figuring it was one of Jason’s traps in front of the phone box that got her; Tommy spotted it but Deborah walked right in and got hurt. So they’re inside while Tommy patches her up a bit.

Please ignore the ‘I totally didn’t use a ruler’-ness of the background, my sketchbook is small and it’s hard to get straight lines to work sometimes. XD I don’t normally try backgrounds at all, so it’s kind of a step forwards for me at least!