to be impulsive

I don’t mind that in this comic (the one where Keith spontaneously dip kisses Lance) if people assume they had spent a lot of time rehearsing that maneuver, because just the idea of them practicing it in their free time is hilarious

however I do want everyone to know that when I drew it I kinda figured that it was entirely spontaneous. Keith is very impulsive and I feel like if he were to dip kiss Lance with no warning Lance would just be like “cool alright I guess this happening now” and just go with it no questions asked

  • Me on Monday: I think I want to put together a shrimp bowl, and I'll buy it little bits at a time, one thing a week. I'll buy the bowl on Thursday.
  • Me on Tuesday: ~buys the bowl~ ... I'm still gonna wait 'til next week to buy the sand
  • Me on Wednesday: ~buys the sand~ ... I'll wait until next week to buy the plants...?
  • Me on Wednesday, 2 hours later: ~passing by my lfs where I want to buy the plants from (and that sells the shrimp I want) on the way home~ .............. ~turns in~
  • Me on Thursday (probably): ~Has everything needed~ I swear I meant for this to take me at least a month to put together.

S1EP05 - “Bye Bye, Bon-Bon”

While performing at a local fair, Funtime Freddy accidentally loses his best friend, Bon-Bon. Being the only person who can keep Freddy calm, it becomes a race against time for Baby, Ballora, and Foxy to find Bon-Bon before Freddy officially loses all impulse control.

This was actually a little tougher to write than I thought it would be. I hope I did alright. Enjoy!

theremaybegays  asked:

Tuaf when you have a rlly hard time telling sarcasm, and you have rlly bad impulse control, so when someone asks you to design something for them (cause you're a graphic designer) you do, and when you show them it, they say they were being sarcastic and insult your work. So you come home and spend the rest of the day in shutdown bc you can't tell what reality is anymore.