to be honest i'm surprised he even let her talk to him

Valentine's Day HC

This is my Valentine’s Day present for @sleepingupsidedown blame her for the suffering

-Lance has everyone’s back

-Even if no one ever really talks to him but Hunk

-Keith goes to Allura or Shiro because god forbid he talks to anyone else

-Allura goes to Coran and Coran goes to Allura

-Shiro only goes to Keith

-Pidge goes to Hunk or Shiro

-Hunk can talk to Pidge, Keith, Lance , and Shay

-Lance well, when it comes to the real important stuff, the homesickness, feeling inferior, a burden, a seventh wheel, Lance has no one

-Lance tries to form close bonds with the others but they never give him the chance, and those that do he doesn’t want to hurt by telling them of how unhappy he is

-Or he feels the horrible tension that seems to constantly be around them so he takes it upon himself to be the comedy relief

-The reason he flirts is because it makes him feel closer to his brother who taught him all those awful pick up lines

-He’s used to being overlooked it happens when you have a big family, it can’t be helped

-So when they finally have a moment to stop and relax Lance isn’t all that bothered that everyone naturally paired off only leaving him alone

-Lance then decides to simply go to his room, have some me time

-When he finally has his mask on he finds that he has tracks down his face mask(HIS VERY EXPENSIVE AND RARE FACEMASK MIND YOU)

- Cursing he realized it was wet with his tears

- He rushed to fix the mask and try to stop his crying but he finds that he can’t

-He can’t stop crying

-He can’t breathe

-He can’t hear the music he put on earlier

-He’s on the floor

-He doesn’t know what’s wrong and yet he remains quiet, rides it out by himself because who can he tell

-So he waits for what feels like forever to be able to breathe again

-Then he just waits for the panic and blind terror to subside

-And when it’s all over he gets up, the timer went off, it’s time to take off the face mask

-He doesn’t want to be alone anymore

-He doesn’t want to be there

-He wants to be in his mama’s arms

-He wants to listens to his siblings trying to make him laugh

-He wants his dad to be making him chocolate caliente

-Hell he just wants someone to talk to

-He just wants someone in the spaceship to have his back for once

-Someone who is genuinely interested to see him or just listen to everything be it good or bad

-He wants too many things that will never come to pass

-So instead he lays back in bed until the next battle because what else is there to do?

-What Lance doesn’t know is that it’s his birthday

-Everyone went and paired up to go prepare the surprise party for Lance the flirt who just happened to be born on Valentine’s Day

-Hunk went to go make the cake with Coran

-Pidge went to find some dank memes

-Allura,Shiro, and Keith went on to decorate the common space

-What Lance doesn’t know is that they all love him and appreciate him

-What Lance doesn’t know is that Keith planned all of this after Hunk let it slip that Lance’s birthday is on Valentine’s Day

-What Lance doesn’t know is that Keith plans to tell him how he feels about him

-WHAT LANCE DOESN’T KNOW is that the reason no one has had time is because they have been busy trying to hunt down the beauty products the know Lance loves or anything that brings him happiness to be honest

-You see Hunk isn’t making an Altean cake, oh no, he managed to find more than half of the ingredients to make Lance’s favorite cake, a tres leches

-Pidge found at least 3 new face mask made by humans for humans

-Allura is giving Lance a book she’s been writing with all the pick up lines Lance has ever directed toward her because she doesn’t know when but at some point it stopped being annoying and it started to be endearing

-Shiro is giving Lance the chance to give himself a nickname that Shiro will use from then on but it must be appropriate

-And Keith….. he has a whole letter were he wrote down all the feelings he knows he won’t be able to ever say to him

-Just hundreds of words stating how much he loves him and how sorry he is for ever forgetting him

-Asking Lance if he will take him, God please allow him to have a special place in his heart

-So Lance doesn’t know that when he is finally feeling as if he can actually maybe function that the others have Hunk going to his door to coax him out of his room

-But when Lance learns about all of it, learns that he’s not alone and the others have his back

-Now his tears are from happiness and a spark of hope that not everything is impossible

-And yes he does have enough space for Keith, why wouldn’t he?

Jack Zimmermann was accustomed to dealing with difficult situations; he was captain of the Samwell Men’s Hockey team after all, but this? This was never in the job description.

“Can I tell you a secret?” Bitty whispered into the side of Jack’s neck, breath hot and sweet against his skin. The kegster ended a while ago but Bitty was still feeling the effects. When he fell off the coffee table attempting to dance to All the Single Ladies, Jack swept in ready to piggyback him to bed.

“Alright,” Jack said, mouthing I got this in Lardo’s direction before heading to the stairs.

“I don’t wanna be a single lady anymore,” His voice faltered and Jack became acutely aware of Bitty’s thighs around his hips. “I want a person. Everybody else has got a person.”

“With moves like that I don’t think you’ll have to wait long,” Jack said, supressing a chuckle.

“Mmhmm,” Bitty mumbled, fighting a losing war against sleep. Jack pushed open the door to Bitty’s room with his foot and ducked inside.

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anonymous asked:

Prompt: Derek, master of tight black jeans and tight dark henley's, shows up to a pack meeting wear a soft blush pink sweater and light faded blue jeans and he just looks so soft Stiles wants to touch.

Stiles had learned a lot of things about Derek Hale, Beacon Hills’ very own grumpy werewolf with a dry wit and a heart of gold, over the years of knowing him.

For one, Derek Hale was a nerd behind the walls he had put up to protect himself – his feelings, his heart – after everything he had been through. He owned so many books, that they couldn’t even fit onto the many, many shelves he had put in the loft after he returned to the town the year before.

He had a movie collection that easily beat Stiles’ own, and he could talk for hours and hours about pretty much any historical event. Stiles knew from personal experience, had listened to him go on and on for a seemingly endless time, and he hadn’t been bored for a single second of it.

For another, Derek had incredible, although slightly boring, taste in music. Incredible because the music he did listen to was good and calming. Boring because there wasn’t a lot of variety, the same songs playing on repeat.

Stiles had only complained about it once (okay, maybe three times) but then he’d seen the relaxed expression on Derek’s face while the music filled the loft and he’d promptly stopped.

For a third, Derek had pictures of his family stored away somewhere. None of them were put up when the loft got redecorated, and no one in the pack had asked. Not even Cora.

For a fourth, Derek was a damn good cook and an even better baker. Stiles could eat his own weight in his cooking, probably more than.

For a fifth, Derek was as much of a big brother as he was a little brother. He could tease and annoy in his own way as much as he could protect and glare away anyone coming anywhere near the people he cared about.

For a sixth, Derek looked amazing in dark colors, and his typical tight black jeans and dark henley combo constantly made Stiles drool. Dark colors, Stiles had learned over the years, were Derek’s color. Stiles hadn’t seen him in any actual colors since that one blue shirt that was ruined in a fight all those years ago.

Stiles hadn’t even realized how much he had missed seeing Derek wearing colors. Not until Derek walked in through the door wearing a soft blush pink sweater that fit him perfectly and faded blue jeans that hugged his thighs in all the right places.

So really, he couldn’t be blamed for stopping mid sentence to turn and gape and stare.

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The Assistant - One

Part Two

Summary: AU. Every boss needs a competent aide, but Steve Rogers, major attorney of his own law firm, seems to fire every single one, until you come along. Smart, capable, and professional, you’re everything he wants in an assistant and more.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x f!Reader; Reader-centric 

Tagging: Open

A/N: First Chapter is a little slow, next chapter let the fun begin.

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anonymous asked:

i get that people are freaking out about that clip, i'm bi myself and i don't want any of that stuff from the books on the show but a) we don't even know if this isn't edited together and the 'how many' doesn't even relate to the line about magnus' past and b) even if it is .. i doubt it'll be some biphobic shit like in the books and just a .. healthy talk? i'm sorry but when i start dating someone new and get to know it's normal to talk about each other's past? idk this fandom is wild lmao

i don’t blame ppl for being anxious bc media has let many marginalized groups down in the past. so people expressing a bit of nervousness that they hope the story will be well done is not really my issue; i am always forever anxious about how they’ll treat magnus, so i get it.

my issue is the specific claim that the discussion of past relationships and question of “how many” itself is problematic. a person’s sexual and romantic history is not off limits if you are pursuing a relationship with them, especially a serious one; asking honest questions and giving honest answers is important. like, i can’t imagine diving into a long term relationship with someone without having had any frank discussions about these topics.

it isn’t a mark against someone if they’re a bit insecure about all the answers, either. i think it’s odd to expect alec, who has never had a real relationship before, to be totally chill with everything. he’s probably going to be a unsure of himself and magnus is going to feel way out of his league, like he can’t compare – and that’s okay as long as it isn’t something he turns around to hold against magnus. given that he buys magnus a cute gift in 2x07, i would be surprised if this were happening. if anything, it seems alec is dealing with any uncertainties in a positive way, i.e. getting magnus a little present because…that’s what good boyfriends do, right? and he wants to be a good boyfriend to magnus.

basically, the biphobia in the books was not alec being insecure about magnus having more experience; it was 1) the framing of magnus having more experience as “sleeping around” and 2) alec letting it manifest into an ugly irrational anger against magnus, snapping at him did you sleep with him too?? and i bet you also slept with her!!!!! (in front of his parents at one point, no less) which was horrible. but alec perhaps thinking am i going to be good enough for him? and what if i’m not able to compare? is not the same thing.

Not Another Teen Cliché (That Ended Up Being Totally Not Cliché At All)

Based somewhat off this.
Title based somewhat off this

The whole thing was malicious.

Chloe had been sitting at her lunch table with her friends enjoying one of the last high school meals they would have at that specific picnic table in Barden High’s courtyard.

“Look,” Alice Peterson sneered, pointing to one of their classmates sitting alone under a tree.

“It’s that Beca Mitchell girl,” one of Alice’s lackeys said with a grin.

Chloe shifted uncomfortably on her wooden bench spot. She glanced across at Aubrey who was silent throughout the conversation, despite her obvious discontent with the conversation and the girl in it.

“Shame,” Alice shook her head rhetorically, “some girls just can’t be as attractive as we can.”

It was conversations like those that made Chloe question why she ate lunch with those girls three of her four years of high school. Why she was friends with them and why she even put up with them a little bit.

“Bet even you can’t make her pretty,” a lackey noted, nodding at the girl across the way.

Alice sat and contemplated for a moment. “No,” she scoffs for a moment, “but I bet I know who could.”

All eyes turned to the redhead.

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anonymous asked:

Hello! Could you do how the RFA + V & Saeran would react to MC having a really close male friend who occasionally flirts with them?? I'm a huge sucker for them being jealous or worried! Thank you!

hello ! this was a lot of fun to write lol :9 thank you for requesting !


  • he got jealous so easily holy shit
  • you were his princess dammit how many hickies did he need to leave to prove that
  • so when your bff visited, he was already a bit wary, keeping his arm around your waist the entire time
  • especially when he went in for a hug
  • but then he said “you were still as beautiful as ever, honey”
  • yeah…..really beautiful….its almost like… could have……….a boyfriend…………..
  • also excuse me ???? youre his honey ?????????
  • when he winked, you giggled, and zen scowled
  • when he called you sexy, you waved him off, and zens arm got tighter
  • sensing zens discomfort you gave him an opening to talk about himself and insisted zen was the sexiest one there
  • it worked
  • until your friend commented on how nice your hips looked
  • heeey mc remember that super important date we had planned for that incredibly expensive restaurant today ?
  • no ?
  • surprise !
  • your friend left, much to zen’s relief, but you were promised a date so youll get a goddamn date
  • you two went out for fish-shaped bread and ate them snuggled on the couch together


  • listen this boy barely knows how to handle a skillet
  • he isn’t sure what to do when he gets jealous
  • he was perfectly fine at first ! i mean, male friends kiss their female friends on the cheek all the time right ?
  • he wouldn’t know he let it slide
  • he went to make snacks for the three of you, and when he came back, your friend had scooted closer and lay and arm around your shoulders
  • yoosung had to remind himself he was holding a glass plate so not to break it
  • “mc! could you help me real quick ?”
  • “oh, if you need help yoosung i can-“
  • “NO no, no no, no i think mc can help me with this perfectly fine, dont bother yourself, youre our guest!”
  • so, you went to the kitchen to help him with whatever he needed, curious about his tone and insistence
  • before you could even say his name, he had you pinned against the counter on the far side of the kitchen, away from the doorway
  • “mc… you know youre mine, right?”
  • you would have said yes, honest, but his lips were on yours and you were fervently making out before you knew it
  • you took… longer than expected to show your friend the door
  • but it happened nonetheless, so yoosung was happy
  • he wasn’t getting away from you now though
  • “yoosung you naughty boy… come finish what you’ve started~”


  • she never really thought she could be jealous when it came to you
  • she never really had to worry about it
  • but that boy, your friend, was just… a bit too close
  • her hand was the only one she ever thought shed see on your waist
  • you didn’t seem to have a problem with it, so she assumed it was all in a friendly matter…
  • but still…
  • she couldn’t shake that nasty feeling in her stomach off
  • “ah, mc… could you come here a moment? i know its your break and all, i just wanted to speak with you…”
  • of course jaehee ! anything for the princess
  • when you made your way around the counter to her, she took your hands in hers and gave you multiple smooches on the lips, each lasting a bit longer than the other until they got a bit… less… suitable for work
  • when she was satisfied with herself, your lips were left slightly pinker and shiny from her lip gloss
  • glancing at her friend, she let you go after that, feeling a bit better

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Caffine Challege

This is an older challenge that I wanted to do but didn’t get a chance to start till now.

Prompt: “You sign the contract in crayon and pray that you haven’t already made a mess of things.”

You sign the contract in crayon and pray that you haven’t already made a mess of things.

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Growing Together

There we go. I can’t believe I did it. Finally. I do apologise again for the long wait. I truly appreciated your patience and I do hope you’ll love the second and last chapter as well. I read all your comments, tags and reblogs, and I treasured all of them. Thank you for the time you spend reading my work!

Part II / II
Part I is here

Demetra Trevelyan X Cullen Rutherford, NSFW

“There you are.” Dorian’s voice interrupted her reading, as the mage marched inside the hidden library under Josie’ office “Why are you working here, in this dark and smelly place?”
“It’s not smelly!” Demetra protested weakly, closing the ancient volume in front of her. She wasn’t able to concentrate in any case. Yawning, the Inquisitor rubbed her swollen eyes. Blessed Maker, she needed a good night of sleep so badly. Dorian shrugged “I’m glad at least you tidied up this place a bit. Now, I’m here to invite you to have a drink with your handsome Tevene friend.”
“I don’t drink, Dorian.” she forced a smile “And I fear I wouldn’t be a good company today.”
“Fine.” Dorian sat graciously on the simple seat in front of her desk “Let’s skip the tavern part, it was an excuse anyway, and arrive straight to the explanations.”
“About?” she prompted, leaning heavily on her more luxurious seat.
“About why you barely eat, speak, and spend your time hidden in this library.”
She bit her lip, lowering her eyes “Dorian, I would rather not…”
“And why Cullen spends his time buried between his reports and the armory, brooding more than usual, and scaring the living life out of whoever tries to make him sleep, eat or speak.”
Demetra clenched her jaw, looking at some scratches on the old desk surface. She didn’t want to talk about their fight. She didn’t want to say aloud how badly she had messed up. She didn’t want to tell Dorian she had tried to speak to Cullen, just to have him avoiding her.
She was sleeping in her bad alone since three days now, and she had no idea how to fix this. If this was something she could fix. Maker knew that if the situation was reverted she would put Cullen through the Void, so she truly couldn’t blame him for being so mad at her.
“Demetra.” Dorian’s voice was soft and he leant on the desk, grabbing gently the hand she was fisting “Fights between lovers can’t be solved refusing to talk to each other.”
“I tried.” she said, her glare fixed on their hands “He didn’t listen.”

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Odd liar.

A victuuri thingy based on @aina-p‘s AU post. Warning, this is awfully written but I was in a rush to finish this out of excitement. Does this story have a sequel? Maybe, maybe not.

Yuri was, to be fair, quite young when he started skating. And he did it mostly because he thought Yuko was cute, and she liked skating, so of course he had to find a way to impress her with that. He wasn’t exactly talented, but there was no denying that he had potential and talented or not, he was good at it; and he had fun doing it, which was important as well.

So years after his first time on ice, Yuri was now a skating teacher alongside Yuko and her husband Nishigori, and while teaching wasn’t as fun as skating on his own, he had no reason to complain. He was helping others and making some money in the process.

It was weird to have older students; Yuri was pretty used to deal with kids and on rare occasions, teenagers.

Not only the man that crossed the front door was older but he was also not Japanese. And he was undeniably attractive. With his silver hair, piercing blue eyes and cared figure he was drawing all the attention from people all around regardless of their gender. Yuko was obviously impressed when he approached her at the front table.

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The Foxhole Court, Chapter 11 – Orange Sportsball Gets The Fuck Real

In which the Foxes play their first match of the season, I have questions about American college sports, my Percy Jackson obsession has a brief cameo, and I’m sadly less excited about Actual Sportsball Games than I should be.

Sounds good? Then it’s time for Nicki to read The Foxhole Court.

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anonymous asked:

Really liked your meta on where Bellamy's feelings are currently at, you know, in love with Clarke and knows it, but doesn't think she feels the same. You touch on it a little, but I wanted to ask where you think Clarke stands? As in, does she realize he has romantic feelings for her and that she is in love with him, or is she still in denial about one or maybe both those things? Also, I'm curious when you think each of them realized that their love for each other isn't platonic anymore? Thanks.

Nonny, I’m gonna take your questions in reverse order for chronological reasons.  

To start: When did they realize their love wasn’t platonic?  

For this question, I’m gonna stick to just Bellamy for now because that’s a little easier to answer, and I’ll tackle Clarke’s feelings at the end.  Basically, I think he started to realize his feelings for Clarke were a little stronger than just your garden variety Platonic Love somewhere in 2B, but when she walked away in 216 he put those feelings on a back shelf.  When he found her in 302 they came bubbling back up, but he wasn’t really dealing with them/acknowledging them because of Gina– first because he was with Gina, and then because she died when he went to save Clarke and he felt guilty about that.  You could make the argument that he realized his romantic feelings for Clarke in 305 in a very heartbreaking fashion– because he didn’t want to love her like that, especially not right then– or you could put his acknowledgment of being in love with her at 313, because that’s a similarly emotionally honest moment for him.  I’d buy either explanation (and honestly, I bet Bob Morley can answer this question) and since those moments are like, idk, 10 days apart it’s not much of a difference.  The end result is, by the start of s4, Bellamy is firmly in love with Clarke and knows it.

As for whether or not Clarke knows he’s in love with her…I think she suspected it when he geared up to confess, but I also think this is probably her first inkling that his feelings for her might be romantic.  She was a little surprised when he left in 403, and I took that look of slight bewilderment to mean she didn’t get why he couldn’t stay and hug her like she wanted him too– and really, the reason I suspect Bellamy didn’t stay was because he knows he’s in capital-L Love and she isn’t, and so he left because that moment was about her needs, not his.  I don’t think she realized he loved her right then, but it was a tiny little flag in her brain, like something is up with Bellamy.  I also think when he left she realized she didn’t want him to go, and that was another tiny little brain flag: why did I want him to stay?

So like…here is where I admit that I do not think Clarke is in love with Bellamy quite yet.  She loves him deeply, but she lost L.exa like…two weeks ago. (Maybe a month ago, tops).  What she has with Niylah is simple and uncomplicated– friendship and sex– and I honestly don’t think she’s ready to consider romantic love right now.  That doesn’t mean she’s using Bellamy or she’s not worthy of him or even that it’s unfair of her to not love him back– she’s just in a different place right now, and there’s not a goddamn thing wrong with that.

But back to that moment on the beach.  Clarke is not generally the most expressive person when it comes to feelings (she prefers hugs to talking) so she’ll see how special you are was much more about how Clarke feels about Bellamy than how she thinks Octavia feels about him.  She saw her friend at a low point, calling himself pathetic, and goes that’s not true; you’re special.  It’s more than just a “buck up, buttercup” moment though, because she immediately breaks eye contact after she says it.  If she was just saying you’re my friend and I love you, she wouldn’t have needed to look away because she’s said that to him before.  She had no problem maintaining eye contact with him on Luna’s beach, but now she faces the water and her eyes are darting all over the place because for some reason, this moment is different for her.  I’m not sure she’s ready to put words to it, and I think it’s too soon for her to fully embrace romantic love for about 400 different reasons, but it is a sign that Clarke’s feelings for Bellamy are slowly shifting.

 When Bellamy says Clarke, if I never see you again…her brain finishes that sentence almost immediately.  She is, as I’ve said before, an expert at last-minute love confessions.  She knows where he’s going, and so she stops him.  I don’t think it’s because she didn’t want to hear it– although I think she’s probably reasonably scared of falling in love again, given how the previous two people she loved literally died in her arms– but because she knows he’s saying it because he’s hopeless.  Bellamy is basically saying goodbye, and Clarke is like …yeah no nice try you are gonna live FOREVER if I have anything to say about it.

I also think she stopped him because if he says it, that will change things.  (She also stopped him because I suspect the writers are going to pull up just short of full canon bellarke in s4, and having him say I love you in episode six of thirteen would be too soon).  Clarke is doing better than she has been in a long time, but she’s still fragile and healing.  Her previous two loves have ended incredibly traumatically, and they’re facing a dangerous, unstoppable foe.  She might not think love is weakness anymore, but she is going to be understandably gunshy about romance.

Mostly though, I think she stopped him because she doesn’t want him to say I love you at such a low, desperate moment.  He wasn’t going to say it because he thought he’d hear it back, he was going to say it because he’s worried this is their end.  By not letting him finish that thought, Clarke is telling him she believes in a future where he can say that to her without fear and hopelessness hanging over them both.

memoriesofpurelight  asked:

For the follower special: either 10 for pidge and her mum, or 26 with Shiro and adult/authority/family figures? Please and thank you if ts not too much trouble/you already have too many requests. I'm new to this fandom but I love both it and Shiro so your fics bring me no small amount of joy. You deserve ALL of the followers!

It’s the 1000 Followers Special!  Based on these prompts.  Prompts are now closed.  Don’t want to see all 35 of these?  Block ‘1000 Followers Special’.  Can’t read on mobile?  These will slowly be posted to AO3 starting in a few days as ‘Hold Up Half the Sky’.  A huge thank you to Xagrok for the beta’ing!

It had been a long day, and it was barely mid-afternoon.

Sam wandered down the halls, hands in his pockets as he sighed.  

The reality of what they did was the need for training and developing resources.  Part of that was one-on-one training.  Shiro ran them every few weeks, checking individual progress and making sure no problems or weaknesses were developing.  It was standard by now, and something Sam approved of.  With how busy their lives were, the ritual and schedule of it was good, and it kept issues from falling to the wayside with everything else.

At least, Sam had approved until this afternoon.

After a full morning of target practice, hand-to-hand sparring and running drills, all of them had been exhausted.  But Shiro in particular had been going nonstop since breakfast, and he’d already looked ragged that morning.  It was a recipe for mistakes.

Eventually, inevitably, there had been one.

(Read More Below)

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Gus Wins

Michael isn’t really happy with how you really do not want to go public with your long-time relationship. Or even tell your friends.

Wordcount/Warnings: 2,358 || alcohol cw, swearing, passing discussion of abortion, food mention, mentions of baby related unsanitary things
A/N: @switchtodecaf asked for an angsty/happy ending secret relationship fic with Michael. Here you go babe.

Michael and you are standing on either side of the bed, straightening up the last wrinkles of the bed the two of you had just made up, mostly dressed for the day, when he stops abruptly and stands to look at you. You straighten up and look back at him, narrowing your eyes, because he’s either had a really wonderful idea, or a really bad one.

“We should tell everyone.” Is what comes out of Michael’s mouth.

So, it was a bad idea.

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sunnyjungkook  asked:

aLL THE KISSES (nah but jimon 19? i'm sorry i'm trash indulge me)

19. jealous kiss

Simon admits he’s kind of an oblivious person. And with ‘kind of oblivious’ he means that he probably wouldn’t notice an entire parade of unicycle riding elephants rolling down the street unless someone specifically pointed it out to him.

So it’s really no surprise that he doesn’t notice that the beautiful Seelie girl he’d been talking to at this party Magnus was hosting was, in fact, flirting with him. Which, looking back on it, was kind of obvious, because she literally had one of her hands resting on his bicep, and was leaning into him a lot more than strictly necessary.

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  • Ghira: Alright, now listen. Sienna Khan is a strong terrifying leader. She will only show respect when given it so be on your best behavior. That means no rude comments and Speak. Only. When. Spoken. To. Is that understood? *Ghira said as He, Blake, and Sun are lead down an old street to a large abandon building.*
  • Sun: Why do I feel like that was only directed at me? *Sun whispered to Blake.*
  • Blake: It was. *Blake informed him.*
  • Sun: Well, that is just rude. *He frowned while Blake looked at him with a raised eyebrow.* ... Fair enough.
  • Blake: Look don't take it personally. Sienna Khan is the reason why the White Fang became violate in the first place. She is a firm believer in the only the strongest survive and is the one that started the grim mask.
  • Sun: Wait. Seriously? I thought is was, uh, you know who.
  • Blake: *Blake frown knowing who Sun was talking about as her cat ears drooped down.* It's true Adam was the one that made all of the white fang under him start wearing the mask but it was originally to show that he was her pupil.
  • Sun: So then that means...
  • Blake: Sienna Khan trained Adam to be the killer he is today. *Blake sadly admitted then felt Sun place a comforting hand on her shoulder.*
  • Sun: It's not your fault. That dumbass made his own choice and now he is going to be in for a big surprise when we are here to kick his ass.
  • Blake: If he tries to attack Sienna Khan directly.
  • Ghira: Which I doubt young Adam is that foolish. Sienna Khan is a fierce warrior and won't hesitate to kill anyone who challenges her. Even I had few... close calls with her. *Ghira frowns rubbing his side.*
  • Sun: Yeah but you still won right?
  • Ghira: Of course.
  • Blake: Weren't you in the hospital for three days after your last fight with her?
  • Ghira: It was a luck shoot!
  • Sun: Soooo, not to change topics about the possile butt whoopings you may or may not have gotten. *Sun slowly started as Ghira glared at his.* But What kind of Faunus is she? Is she a tiger? A lizard?
  • Blake: I'm... not really sure to be honest with you. *Blake muttered.*
  • Sun: What?! How could you not know what kind of Faunus she is after working for her for so long? *Sun asked with surprise.*
  • Blake: I rarely meet her and every time I did she always wore her grim mask hiding her face. Sienna khan isn't even her real name.
  • Sun: And THAT didn't immediately set off a few red flags when you let her take over. *At this Blake and Ghira both stop to Glare at Sun who held his ground as he crossed his arms.*
  • Blake: ... Point taken.
  • Ghira: Fair enough. *He and Blake admitted as they entered the building the leader of the White Fang has made her base.* However to be fair she only started to wear it when I and Kali had decided to take of as leader of Menagerie.
  • Rhino Faunus: Ahem. Excuse me for interrupting. *The rhino faunus cleared his throat, getting the attention of the Belladonnas and Sun.* Please wait here. I shall inform Sienna Khan that you have arrived.
  • Ghira: Very well. Thank you.
  • Rhino Faunus: My pleasure. It is the least I can do for you and your daughter. *The Rhino faunus bowed and walked off.*
  • Sun: ... He seems nice.
  • Blake: He is. He was my babysitter when little.
  • Sun: He was!?
  • Ghira: He was. Blake used to use his horn as a scratching post.
  • Blake: Dad!
  • Sun: That poor man.
  • Blake: Sun!
  • Ghira: Anyway, as for Sienna Khan's Faunus heritage, she is from an old bloodline of Faunus. One which allows them to either shows fully what they are or hides it completely.
  • Sun: What's that mean?
  • Blake: *Blake shrugs* It's only a myth. A clan of Faunus that-
  • Rhino Faunus: Sienna Khan will see you now. *The Faunus interrupted as he reemerged from the room which he enter before stepping aside to hold the door for them.*
  • Ghira: *Ghira nodded and looked back at Blake and Sun.* Are you both ready? *The two nodded and followed Ghira as they made their way into Sienna Khan's room lit by candles and a fire place. Once inside Blake and Sun quickly noticed dozens of maps of different kingdoms, Schnee dust minds and factories, leaders of anti-faunus groups with some that are crossed out, even photos of other white fang members, and what catch Blake's attention a small framed picture of half a picture.*
  • Blake: That's Photo. *Blake thought to herself.* They look almost like...
  • Sienna Khan: It's been a long time hasn't it, Ghira? *Sienna Khun spoke causing Ghira, Blake, and Sun to quickly turned to the fire place. There two chairs, open empty and the other that's back faced them where taken that shows a red armored gauntlet rest upon the arm rest, sat in front of the fire with a small table in between them where a large Grimm mask laid next to a small glass.* What bring you back? If its about what happened at Beacon, It's being taken care of if you haven't already received the plans on dealing with my pupil.
  • Ghira: Actually, this visit is to warn you about your pupil Sienna Khan. *The former leader of the white fang started taking a step towards it new leader.* Aside from leading that attack on Beacon, twisting what the White Fang stands for, and even sending his followers to track down and on my daughter. He plans on attempting to over throw you and taking over the White Fang.
  • Sienna Khan: Yes. I am aware of this. *She told them, reaching for the glass of liquor.* As well as the order that Adam has told his followers to track and find your daughter.
  • Ghira: You are aware of this? *Ghira questioned in a low almost threatening tone.* You were aware of the spies in Menagerie? You were aware that one of them attacked my daughter and nearly killed her friend?! You were aware that my daughter was endanger and you didn't think of warning me!?
  • Sienna Khan: *The leader of the white fang pauses while lifting her glass, Blake's ears picking up the sound of her turning her head towards her father.* The Towers are down Ghira. By the time I learned about Adam's obsession with your daughter, Whom I remind you betrayed him and broke his heart, *Ghira and Blake both notice a hint of frustration in her tone.* I received your message of wanting to speak with me. Which is why I will deal with it.
  • Ghira: Which is why I will be PERSONALLY be assisting you and the white fang hunt him and his follower down. *Ghira told her crossing his arms before Sienna Khan slammed her glass on the table hard startling Blake and Sun.*
  • Sienna Khan: You seemed to misunderstood me, Ghira. You may help our people find his followers to restore our tribes good name. But I will be dealing with MY pupil. Personally. *She told them, in a very threatening manner. However, to Ghira and Sun's surprise, cause Blake to step forward.*
  • Blake: Then I am going with you.
  • Sun: Wait What!?
  • Ghira: Blake. No.
  • Sienna Khan: Blake?
  • Blake: Adam was my partner. He was a friend... I have to take responsibility and stop him. *Blake begins.* It's my fault he is like how he is. It's my fault that he has become the monster he is now. It's my fault that now everyone I care about is in danger. It's my fault that the one I... The one I love lost so much... I need to make things right. *There was a moment of silence Sun and Ghira seeing the determination is the young huntress's eyes. Then to all of their surprise Sienna Khan rose from her chair as she spoke.*
  • Sienna Khan: Sure.
  • Ghira: Sienna Khan! *snapped as his successor as she reach for her dust blades sword.*
  • Sienna Khan: You can drop the title Ghira. I won't be doing this hunt with you daughter as Sienna Khan. Beside, *Sienna Khan said, turning to face Blake and Sun watching as an expression shock washes over their faces and stared right into Blake's eyes with her red.*
  • Sun: No way...
  • Blake: I don't believe it... You're... You're...
  • Raven Branwen: We have a lot to talk about.

Special thanks to @edendaphne for allowing me to use her art for the thumbnail!

“Dude! You caught the bouquet!” Nino exclaimed, looking at Adrien in awe and respect.

“I am aware of that,” he said, adjusting the arrangement before swinging them over his shoulder like they were a suit coat.

“Looks like your best man is a double,” Alya piped in.

“What do you mean by that, my dear, sweet wife?” Nino asked, grinning at his new bride.

“He’s a catch that can catch,” she joked.

“Oh stop that, you two. This is your day. You can worry about my love life tomorrow,” Adrien laughed, giving his best friend a pat on the back.

“I hope it won’t be too long before we get to see you in a church again,” Alya said.

“I would need to get a girl first, now wouldn’t I?”

“Well, maybe if you’d stop being married to your work you’d notice the girls around you who want to be with you.”

“Yes, because all I want in life is a girl whose goal is to marry rich,” Adrien sighed, glancing at the bouquet. He knew Plagg would tease him about it if he brought it home with him, as though it were proof that he couldn’t get over his teenage love for Ladybug.

“Oh! Marinette!” Alya exclaimed, gesturing her Maid of Honor to join her.

“Looks like the squad’s back together,” she smiled, nodding at Adrien in greeting. He had left to study in New York soon after graduation years ago, and she hadn’t seen him in person until today, despite him being the best man. She knew she’d be staying up late with Tikki to talk about it.

“It’s been a while, hasn’t it?” Adrien said, leaning in to kiss Marinette on the cheek. “Three years? Four?”

“I don’t think I’ve seen you since Hawkmoth disappeared,” she smiled.

“I’m convinced that he’s Ladybug,” Nino cut in.

“I’m sorry?” Marinette and Adrien turned to him in surprise.

“He’s joking,” Alya said, nudging her husband in the ribs. “Adrien disappeared when Ladybug did, but Chat Noir’s been seen around the city looking for her.”

“I’m only half-serious,” Nino said. “I think Adrien would make a beautiful girl.”

“Yes, well, my modeling days are over,” Adrien said, pointing to a scar on his jawbone.

“Where… did you get that?” Marinette suddenly cut in.

“He won’t tell me. Every time I ask he changes the story,” Nino said, rolling his eyes.

“Will you excuse me? I have to use the bathroom,” She said, rubbing her temples. Before anyone had the chance to answer she had fled the scene, feeling the air escaping from her lungs.

“Are you alright?” Tikki asked, flying out of Marinette’s handbag.

“Tikki, did you know?”

“Did I know what?”

“That Chat is in Paris. That he’s looking for me.”

“No, I didn’t know that he was looking for you…”


“But I knew he’s in town.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I only knew because I saw him as a civilian.”

Marinette froze as she heard her kwami’s words. “You…” she began. “You know who he is? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“It wasn’t too hard to figure out. Besides, he’s at this wedding.”

“What do you mean? He’s here? As a civilian? We’re… friends?”

“You were, at one point.”

“Why is he looking for me?”

“He’s in love with you.”


“You still like Adrien.”

“That’s…” Marinette’s voice trailed off as she realized she couldn’t fight the truth.

“Do you want to meet him?”

“I…” Marinette’s voice shook. She missed her partner terribly, but she was scared to meet him after all these years.

“Do you want me to get him?”

“…What?” Marinette gasped, astonished at her little friend’s proposition. “Tikki! What if someone sees you?”

“You could just walk out as Ladybug.”

“No way! I haven’t transformed in years!”

“Alya would like it.”

Marinette sighed, knowing Tikki was right- A Ladybug appearance would make her best friend’s wedding day even more miraculous. “I…” Her voice trailed off. “How will I know it’s him?”

“He’ll let you know. He’s been waiting for you all of these years, you know.”

She set down her bag and looked in the mirror, her earrings catching the light. She couldn’t bear to take them off, even when she slept. She thought about her time as a teenager, running away in the middle of the night to save Paris with a man she loved by her side. She had often wondered if she had fallen for him after they parted ways, but perhaps she just missed his companionship. He was her most precious person, after all.

“…Spots on.”

She felt the all-too-familiar warmth encompass her as her dress turned red and her false lashes into a mask. She glanced into the mirror, expecting to see her teenage crime-fighting outfit but was surprised to see something see something different- a red dress with black spots with matching gloves. She felt encouragement in her chest to go out the bathroom door, one step at a time.

Adrien felt Plagg sneeze from the flowers and excused himself from the room, hoping no one had heard him. “You okay in there, bud?” He asked.

“Why did there have to be daisies in there?” Plagg whined, rubbing his nose.

“My scar is hurting again,” Adrien sighed, touching his chin.

“I’m not surprised. She’s here, after all.”

Adrien froze at his kwami’s words. “‘She’? As in…” His voice trailed off, a mixture of excitement and fear. “How do you know?”

“I can feel her kwami.”

Adrien gulped for air as he felt his throat close. Ladybug’s here? At Nino’s wedding? She’s a friend of Nino or Alya? “Plagg… do I know her personally?” He asked, his voice shaking.

“You went to high school together.”

He felt his legs give out beneath him and hit the ground. Ladybug went to high school with him. She was around his age. They had probably talked between classes, or at least seen each other in the hallways. “…Do you… think that she ever recognized me?” He asked.

“I dunno. I don’t really care either way.”

“Plagg! I need you to-” Adrien was cut off by screams from the dance floor. He immediately bolted out, his hand wrapped around his kwami in case he needed to transform. What he saw, however, surprised him much more than any Akuma he had ever fought.

Alya was wrapped around a girl in a black and red dress, sobbing.

Ladybug. His air escaped him and he forgot how to breathe. After all of these years, after all of the nights running out into the city as Chat Noir trying to find her, there she was… in a dress that would make his father jealous. He moved as though he were possessed, running towards her.

“Can you believe it, man? Ladybug showed up for the wedding!” Nino said, slapping Adrien on the back and back into consciousness. This was no place to reveal himself.

“She’s more beautiful than I remember,” He whispered.

“I’m sorry, my dude. I didn’t catch that.”

Adrien moved towards her as she broke away from Alya, ignoring his best friend. “Ladybug,” He said, placing his hand on her’s shoulder. She stiffened at his voice and whipped around at the sound of his voice. Her eyes grew wide as she looked at him and he knew that she recognized him.

He knew that she realized, in that moment, he was Chat Noir.

He leaned in towards her, heart racing, and placed his hands on the small of her back and her neck. “I’ve missed you, my Lady,” he whispered in her ear.

She froze at his words and looked up at him in awe. “Chat?” she whispered, drawing herself to his chest. “You’re… Adrien Agreste?”


“I’m…” She was at a loss for words, tracing the scar on his cheek- the proof that Hawkmoth got away all those years ago. “Had I known you were so close to me all this time, then I could have spent my nights these last few years differently.”

“I’ve missed you too, my Lady.” He kissed the back of her hand. “May I have this dance?”

“Of course, Chanton,” She smiled. It was the most honest smile she had given in years. Even without his mask, he was the man who loved her, flaws and all, to the point that all of her anxiety melted away with his Cheshire grin. “But you know what would make our friends even happier?”

“What would that be, bugaboo?”

“If you slip away and transform into Chat Noir.”

“Only if you promise not to leave at midnight.”

Ladybug giggled and bit back a joke about being his princess. She was so happy to see Chat again, alive, that he was the same person as Adrien Agreste hadn’t quite clicked in yet. Besides, he didn’t know that she was Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

“What just happened?” Alya exclaimed, pouncing on her idol as Adrien walked away. “Why are you here? What were you two whispering about? Where have you been all these years?” A hundred questions tumbled out of the blogger’s mouth as she struggled to pull out her phone to record.

Ladybug said nothing as she waited for Chat to make his appearance. She had a special place in her heart for both him and Adrien Agreste, and now that she knew that they were the same person those feelings were beginning to fuse together. Her heart was a cocktail of Eros and Philia, swirling together and overflowing like sand that her hands couldn’t hold.

But which feeling will stay? Eros, the feeling of desire? Or will it be Philia, the feeling of friendship?

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I sent a message about 707 reacting to mc being sad but can it be the whole crew instead? I didn't realize and I'm sorry!

no problem!! and writing this really cheered me up, so i hope it will also cheer up you guys as well! if you are stressed, feel free to come and message me! under the cut due to length!!!

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post-reveal adrienette hurt/comfort???

He’s awkward and he can’t stop wiping his palms on his pants, but he knows too much time has passed (and one of them has to break sooner rather than later).

After all, it’s been two weeks now.

She’s shifting uncomfortably on her feet in front of him and he can’t stand what’s happened between them, can’t stand how him being there makes her so uncomfortable.

Gosh, he feels like such a jerk for showing up at her home uninvited.

“Uh,” he says intelligibly.

Come on, man–Speak words!

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Hey! I'm so hyped I found your blog :) Please don't stress much over the assignments and rest up. You know your way about words, write those people whatever and you'll still be good :) Anyway, I was wondering if you could do a secret crush imagine? Like, MC is dating some other guy outside RFA, but our guys (+ Saeran and V) can't help but like her. What do you think would they do? Freak out and keep quiet? Be honest and tell her?

omg thank u for caring friend ;o; the only thing that’s been keeping me going are the rfa and v and saeran 



  • he really, really likes you, but when you admit in the messenger that you already have a boyfriend, he’s a bit heartbroken
  • though he is genuinely happy that you have someone by your side, he’s also sad that he couldn’t be that person by your side right now
  • he is an honest person and would speak out, but he feels like he’d just be intervening with your relationship with your current partner if he also confessed his feelings for you
  • and Yoosung doesn’t want to ruin things for you
  • so he just keeps his head held high for you and your current relationship
  • “I’m happy for you, MC! ^^”
  • there is a chance that seven might find out because he’s pretty good at reading Yoosung
  • he’d keep it a secret for his friend


  • he’s shook
  • you??? have a boyfriend???? shouldn’t your boyfriend be… none other than him???? Zen The Knight?
  • he’s internally conflicted because he’s been having true feelings for you more and more and to find out that you already have a boyfriend…
  • but he does respect your relationship, and hopes he doesn’t pose as a “threat” to you since he is so handsome and good looking
  • he tells you in the messenger that he’s happy for you that you’ve already found someone to love
  • “Be careful, though, because all men are wolves, MC! It’s in our DNA.”
  • you only laugh and thank him for the advice
  • deep down, he’s wishing one day that you’ll be available again because he’s never felt this way about someone before, despite how awful that sounds


  • slightly disappointed that you’re already taken
  • she tries to not let it bother her too much, but it was still lingering in the back of her mind from time to time
  • Jaehee’s never felt real feelings for someone before you, so to hear that you already have somone is a bit disheartening
  • she constatly keeps telling herself that dwelling on unrequited feelings will mess with her and her work, which she can’t afford to jeopordize
  • it’s not like you can’t talk anymore in the messenger, so she keeps her usual stoic mask on as a sisterly figure
  • it hurts her to think of you as a sister now rather than a potential significant other, but it’s the harsh truth that she now has to accept


  • he’s upset, to say at the least
  • yet another unrequited love; yet another love he’s had for someone only to be taken by someone else
  • much like Zen, ironically, he’s grown very fond of you to the point of developing real feelings, but since you’re already taken, he can’t do anything about it except provide his utmost support
  • you probably wouldn’t be able to tell that he’s upset about it because of his usual calm demeanor
  • but he cuts his visit in the messenger rather short, using the excuse of having to take a call to leave
  • and when he does, he slams his fist on the table, causing Elizabeth the 3rd to silently pad over towards him, as if she can sense his sadness
  • he leans down to pet her on the head, then goes to his wine cabinet
  • Jumin pours himself a glass, rolling the liquid in his glass for a bit, then downs it, hoping to forget what happened tonight


  • it’s no surprise to him, really
  • he did hack into your phone, despite him telling himself that it was wrong
  • but he just had to know
  • and he found what he was looking for
  • he instantly leaves the chatroom without another word, which leaves the remaining members and you confused
  • seven stares at his phone for awhile before tears start pouring down his face and creating drops on his screen
  • why is he crying over something like unrequieted love? did he really feel like this way for you?
  • well, it didn’t matter anyway – you already have a boyfriend to make you happy
  • the next day when you’re in the chatroom, he puts on his usual silly facade and enters with his large cloud chat bubble and “Officer 7 0 7 reporting for duty!!!” and his “Hello!” emoji
  • you asked if he was okay from yesterday, but he claims that it was nothing
  • but behind that expressive and happy mask, a crying seven was behind it all, secretly wishing that he could have you
  • he then realizes that selfishness won’t get him anywhere


  • he tries to not let it get to him too much
  • he’s not even mad, but maybe… sad? it’s not like you guys can’t talk anymore, but…
  • even after recovering from a toxic relationship from before, he thought maybe you were the one
  • but it seems like you’ve already found yours
  • he doesn’t bring up his feelings because he feels like that would be really disrespectful towards you and your current relationship
  • but he still treats you with all the same kindness and positivty as he usually does
  • as you’re his other closest friend, he suggests that he meets your boyfriend in the future because he seems like a great guy and wouldn’t mind becoming friends with him


  • the one person he’s come to have true feelings for… turns out to already have a boyfriend
  • he’s jealous really jealous
  • but he can’t do anything about it, and he’s not going to be some dick and break you guys up
  • because you seemed genuinely happy to be with him and he didn’t want to ruin your happiness
  • saeran wouldn’t forgive himself if he did that, so he kept quiet about it
  • he acted normal in the chatroom, but while he wasn’t in there, Seven was able to sense his brother’s feelings
  • “Is it about MC?”
  • “Shut up.”
  • “I figured it was.”
  • he holed himself up for a day and Seven pitied him
  • perhaps only in his dreams that you would be his
  • he clung to those dreams for a very long time