to be honest i think these are pretty shitty

As a long time fan of Archie comics, lets talk about Barchie.

I have told y’all before that I have been a long time reader of Archie comics since I was a little girl. I have had a lot of fans of the show writing to ask about the love triangle dynamic/Barchie relationship in the comics. I have also noticed a number of fans who have not read the comics thinking that the triangle has to happen or that Barchie is a given.

Long ass meta post for those who are curious.

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So a couple people have reblogged my rant about dub hate (I’m sure you guys have seen that post going around) saying that dub hate is mostly left over from the 4Kids era, because people are used to dubs totally butchering their anime.

But here’s the thing. I originally made that post after seeing someone I follow make a really passive-aggressive comment saying people who watch the FMAB dub are “wrong” and should watch it subbed like it “should be”. And I’ve had upon a few occasions people come into my streams and be like, “The dub? And here I thought you were a REAL FMA fan.” Um, excuse me, what the fuck did you just say to me?

The FMAB dub is honestly one of the best dubs out there, and I’m not even just saying that because I like it. It is, compared to other dubs, really good.

The script, for example, is a decent translation. Sure, maybe there are things I feel would have been better translated differently, but that’s on a purely line-by-line basis; overall, it’s pretty good. They don’t butcher the plot, rename everyone, or censor things like other dubs. You’re not going to miss out on anything important by watching the dub.

And then there’s the voice acting. Like ok, maybe you hate Vic Mignogna. I get that. But you can’t condemn the entire dub just because you’re not a fan of him, that doesn’t make it a bad dub. And frankly? Even if Vicks McNugget only has one (1) character voice, you have to give him credit for one thing: He actually shows emotion in his acting, and especially for Ed, that’s REALLY important.. Hell, even just the “In other words, there will be no equivalent exchange with you scum!!!” rant has more range of emotion than a lot of other dubs as a whole. Can you imagine a world where Ed Elric shows no emotion? Do I need to bring up the fucking Sailor Moon dub? I’m serious, I really don’t like Vinny Lasagna and I’d still take him over someone who doesn’t know how to act at all.

And Vic aside, the rest of the voice acting is frankly really good. It’s a huge improvement from 03, for sure.

I’ve seen bad dubs. I was there, Gandalf. FMAB is not one of them. I made the mistake of watching the Tokyo Mew Mew dub once and I had to turn it off the moment they called Ichigo “Zoey”. The Hikaru no Go dub is really close to the original Japanese script, and the voice acting is still so bad I can only stomach a few episodes at a time. And I’m not just talking about old dubs, either; Toonami is currently airing the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure dub, which is far newer than FMAB, and it’s frankly really bad. (That being said, if you enjoy it, good for you!) Hell, even the FMA 03 dub is kinda shitty compared to Brotherhood. If you seriously think FMAB is a Bad Dub™, I want to know what fucking universe you’re from where all anime dubs are apparently so much better, because if I’m being honest you sound pretty spoiled.

And to repeat my earlier point: I am a huge FMA fan. I’ve seen Brotherhood both subbed and dubbed, I’ve compared it to the manga, and I have a fairly decent understanding of Japanese. I promise you, you will not miss out on much by watching the dub. The only major difference is of course the voices, and that’s entirely a matter of personal preference. Sure, the voices in the Japanese version are nice, but you’re not a bad fan just because you’d rather watch the dub than sit through the entire subs just for Romi Park.

It is 20-fucking-17 and there are still people out there shitting on others for watching dubs, for literally no viable reason other than that they personally prefer the subs. And I’m sick of it.

a davekat comic thing

Twelve years postgame wherein Dave and Karkat have an overly-heartfelt conversation, and Dave makes a confession.

(Contains non-canon events.)

Posting this (kinda late) for davekat week day 7, which was a free choice. So, I decided to do this! :D I’ve been working on this quite a bit for the past few days, so I hope you enjoy! BD

KARKAT: Is something wrong?

DAVE:… yeah.

DAVE: i’ve just had a lot of things on my mind lately.

DAVE: little things, big things.

DAVE: …hey, I just wanted to ask. have I ever…told you how I feel about you? like, as a person?

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The Perfect Feminist Boyfriend

I love watching Sh0eonhead’s videos on YouTube. They’re always pretty insightful, and well put together without looking at all like they’re some kind of production. Just honest opinions with thought provoking points.

This recent video she did regarding a shitty, pandering Cosmopolitan article about “The Perfect Feminist Boyfriend” made me think a bit about the nature of the pandering male feminist.

In it, she talks about actor Matt McGorry, who plays a prison guard who impregnates an inmate on Orange is the New Black. He makes it a giant point to remind everyone how much of a feminist he is on a seemingly regular basis, and apparently Cosmopolitan wants you to know about it too. Let’s not stray too far away from the fact that Cosmopolitan has been subliminally telling young girls for years now that they have to be thin, have the right make-up applied, and 57 suggestions on how they can better please their man in the bedroom. Because Cosmopolitan likely could have picked a number of overweight neckbeards in fedora’s to shine a spotlight onto who the best male feminist of all time is; but they, of course, are going to instead pick an actor with a chiseled body who overly panders in every pathetic way possible; because being against objectification is only a one-way street.

McGorry’s Twitter page is chock full of photos of himself letting you know just how hard he’s being an activist. Because it wouldn’t be activism if you didn’t let everyone on the internet know you were doing it.

Now, I don’t have a problem with being an activist for a cause you wholly believe in, and maybe Matt McGorry is legit sensitive to giving respect to people who feel or are marginalized. Here’s a better way to give respect to women: just do it. Just treat women in general like you would treat anyone else. Also, don’t shine a spotlight on yourself. No matter what Cosmopolitan says, announcing your male feminism to the world is the antithesis of proof that you actually respect them. Because when Matt McGorry writes a tweet like, “"When a woman asks if I’m a feminist & I say ‘yes’ & she gets really excited I get bummed bc it’s a reminder of how low the bar is for men,” all you need to understand is that this is pandering. 7,000+ likes. Good for you.

The thing about people who point this spotlight on themselves is that they’re sketchy at best. The term white knight is utilized as a basis to confront this sort of faux respect for others; because people like this want a pat on the fucking back, they want to get laid more and liked more. There’s an ulterior motive that’s never worth your respect. The men who claim themselves to be intersectional feminists, or male feminists, you automatically should be skeptical of every single time. Because if they were a real feminist, or they really respected women, they’d not feel the need to tell you; they’d just fucking do it. The reality is this bar that McGorry claims is sitting low for men, wouldn’t get put much higher if all men were like him. Your actions are what count; and if you’re already acting properly, then shut the fuck up about it. You don’t deserve a medal for treating people like human beings.

you know i firmly believe i have great friends. they let me ramble to them about dumb anime bs, they check up on me when shit looks wrong, when i say shitty jokes theyre nice enough to laugh and then honest enough to tell me how fuckin bad that was, they compliment some stuff i do and seem genuine about it, theyre uplifting by how talented they are, theyre super funny and nice but also they tell me when im bein an ass. sometimes they feed me biscuits & soda.
as a general statement i think theyre pretty great and should get some kind of “good friend” sticker to stick on their nice, friend-shaped faces. thats the good shit

Why study, when I could write minifics and snippets?

A wall.

Shiro and Ulaz sprinted around a corner and right in front of them… a wall.

Smooth, featureless, twentysome feet high, guardrail at the top of it. Separating the walk they were on – down here – from the walkway they needed to be on – up there

… And Shiro’s jetpack already out of action (that seemed to happen entirely too often. Should get that looked at).

… And (because of course) the armor’s grappling hook already jammed, due to earlier unfortunate circumstances, which had forced it to bear too much weight.

“Shit.” Catching his breath, Shiro chuckled at Ulaz, “So. What’s your jump height?”

“Roughly my own height. More with a running start, but not enough for this.”

Damn. “Yeah, mine’s only about chest-level.” Was a bit of a forlorn hope anyway. Galra were big. Big meant heavy, meant unfavorable strength-to-weight, meant need another plan.

Shiro darted forward to place an experimental hand against the wall. No dice, someone on Team Empire must have been taking notes. Shiro anticipated he’d probably just knock himself out before he managed to melt handholds into this.

God, a fucking wall. They had – Shiro checked his mask display – twelve dovashes, to get where they needed to be. Which meant that in twelve dovashes, one tick, Shiro and Ulaz would have officially been thwarted by one of the oldest, simplest defenses in the history of all civilized society. 

“Okay,” he clapped his hands together, pointing them at Ulaz, “back against the wall.”


“You, boost me up.” Ulaz was pretty strong, he could probably do it. “Then you,” he double-checked, “wallrun, corner, wallrun.” Shiro pointed to the wall next to them, then to the corner, then to the adjacent source of this trouble. “High as you can get, and I’ll reach down and grab you.”

Ulaz stared, “You think it will work?”

“… Sure. Yeah, Matt and I did it at the Garrison, when we were climbing the outside of the Mess hall. It’s fine.”

Ulaz stood, back planted against the wall, reaching out both hands.

Shiro stepped back. He had maybe three strides worth of a run-up. Cramped but good enough. He stuck his head around the corner. Still clear.

Yeah, it’ll work fine

Then one deep breath. He nodded to Ulaz, and one step – two – three – and Ulaz boosted him up hard enough he felt his spine bend.

It carried him just high enough to close both hands over the top.

Shit, no need to put me into orbit!

What was that? ‘Thank you, Shiro, for getting my boney ass up here?’

Hand over hand, he walked himself sideways until he reached one of the struts, supporting the railing. Then he hiked himself up, got his elbows over the top, and he was there.

Lying on his stomach, he wrapped his right arm around the support (brief visions of it getting ripped off his elbow made that decision), then stretched the other down as far as he could.

“Okay, go.”

Ulaz took it at a run, caught the side wall, then caught the corner, then came across, headed straight for Shiro.

It actually took two tries.

But on the second try (kicking gravity right in the face), palm met forearm and held fast. 

And then the yank.

Hero momen– oh fuck!

Shit, don’t  

Good thing Shiro had his other arm anchored, because godfuckingdamn, Ulaz was heavy. Odds were not favorable for pulling him up with one arm (unless he wanted to also throw his own back out) Shiro just grit his teeth and concentrated on holding on, and let Ulaz deal with hauling himself up.

Ack – climb faster – fuck, are you –

You twig – just – hang on –

Shiro owed Matt a(nother) apology.  

Ulaz hooked a heel over the edge, then finally he was up. Shiro flopped over like a dead fish, before slowly hauling himself upright. His whole arm was tingling, from aching shoulder all the way down to his buzzing fingers.

Am I lopsided? I think I’m lopsided, is one arm longer?

Probably. Come on

Seven dovashes left now. Ulaz pulled Shiro the rest of the way to standing (by the other arm, thank God).

And they were off.

Much, much later (after they’d made it with an entire dovash and a half to spare, thankyouverymuch), safely back at the Castle, Ulaz was doing Shiro the wonderful favor of gently massaging the life back into his shoulder.

Totally uncalled for, to be honest. He hadn’t sprained anything (and if he had, this wouldn’t be right anyway). Sure, it had felt pretty shitty but Ulaz, though heavy, hadn’t actually done any damage. Shiro was fine.

But given the butterfly kisses brushing along the nape of his neck, and given Ulaz’s warm (blessedly warm) hands, fat chance of Shiro mentioning that fact.

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Headcannons: Dally's girlfriend has a shitty memory and a hard time remembering things said and done (including dates and conversations w/ Dally) and it frustrates her sometimes; short term memory loss. Thanks.😊💙

I hope this is what you were looking for! Enjoy💛

-He’s pretty annoyed with it at first to be honest.

-He doesn’t really understand what’s going on.

-And he hates that he has to keep repeating himself.

-Especially during moments when he was actually being kind of sweet.

-Because those moments are so rare and he thinks they’re meaningless the more he says them.

-But then he sees the way your eyes keep lighting up at him like you’re falling for him over and over again.

-And he starts small with trying to help you.

-Instead of saying compliments out loud he writes them down on random scraps of paper.

-And you keep them all so you can keep reading them back.

-When he realizes how helpful that is he starts doing more.

-Like writing down each date with you detail by detail.

-He doesn’t realize it but this ends up being such a good way for him to work out his emotions for you.

-On the days where you get down on yourself for it he doesn’t let you feel to bad.

-He’ll be there for you and promise that it’s okay.

-Because after a while he’s willing to be there for you through the good days and the bad.

-And when he finally starts saying I love you.

-He will always love the way you smile like it’s always the first time.


June 13, 2011

“Can I talk to you for a sec?” I was surprised to see Jace poke his head around the corner, “the door was unlocked.”

“Yeah, sure,” I nodded. Jace and I barely spoke a word to one another in almost a month. It’s been killing me, to be honest, but I don’t even know where to start with him. Talking about feelings is pretty high on the list of things I hate. 

“So,” Jace began, “I’m moving out. Thought I should let you know.”

“I’m that terrible, huh?”

“Shit, no,” he frowned, “I didn’t mean it like that, Gorgeous. It’s just that…things have been tense between us. I thought it’d be best. For both of us.”

I felt a pang in my stomach, “That’s nice of you,” I said sarcastically.

“Look,” he sighed, “I know I wasn’t the greatest to you. In fact, I was pretty shitty sometimes. And I know how bad I fucked up. I just wanted to say I’m sorry.”

“…I wasn’t that great either, if we’re being honest,” I admitted, “I picked some stupid fucking fights with you. Sometimes I think I just enjoy fighting about stuff.”

“Yeah,” he chuckled, “like that time you bit me because I told you a platypus wasn’t a bird?”

“Fuck off,” I pouted, “I don’t remember you complaining about biting any other time?”

“True enough,” he smirked. 

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“Bubblegum pink really ain’t my colour, doll”

Originally posted by love-buckybarnes


Pairing: Bucky x reader

Warnings: FLUFFY

Word count: 3.634

Summary & A/N: It’s originally based on an idea I got from @hymnofthevalkyries but then I saw this prompt and it actually comes pretty close to what I had in mind. I also took the liberty to use the four prompts (in bold) provided by @the-vigilante who requested a fluffy Bucky x reader. Here you go hun ❤

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ABC - (Young) Sirius Black one shot (slight smut)

“Oh please, you know I can do better than that.” Sirius teased as you, James, Peter, and Sirius were discussing what to do to a seventh year Slytherin who had picked on Moony and your only job for him was ‘bring James a big sheet.’

You rolled your eyes, “This is my plan, remember?”

“You’re an amateur, you’ll get caught.” He said, waving his hand as if it were obvious.

“Have hope, Sirius!” Peter exclaimed.

“Yeah, it’s a good plan.” James stated, Sirius smirked,

“Well I can do better.” He sent a wink in your direction, which earned him an eye roll from you.

“Shut up, Padfoot.” You snapped. James snickered. You went over the plan again, putting emphasis on the ‘Sirius brings James a big sheet’ part. Sirius just spent his time scoffing at you.

That night before dinner the five of you got into position. Peter was giving the signal when to go, Remus was making sure no one else was around, James was the one doing the prank, and Sirius was bringing James the sheet. You were making sure everyone did their job right – or at least making sure that Sirius actually followed the plan.

You saw Remus leading a first year Ravenclaw into the great hall, away from where the Slytherin boy would be coming up from the dungeons. Peter gave the signal, and followed Remus into the great hall. That meant that Sirius would have been up to giving James the sheet by now, but when you looked over to James he only had a rope and a bucket full of glue. You quickly turned your eyes to the staircase leading up from the dungeons and saw the Slytherin boy coming up.

You tried signalling wildly to James to tell him you couldn’t see Sirius anywhere, but he was too busy looking around behind him for Sirius.

“Damnit Padfoot.” You groaned.

“It was a pretty shitty plan to be honest.” Came Padfoot’s voice from behind you. You turned and glared at him.

“You are the biggest shit ever.” When you said this he just smirked and pointed to where James was standing. You turned and saw that the Slytherin was gone and James was signalling to you to come out from your hiding place.

“I think it’s time for dinner.” Sirius stated, and walked to James, leaving you standing there fuming.

“Fuck you.” You mumbled as you followed him,

“Oh, please do.” He laughed; you glared at the back of his head as you followed him into the great hall.

Dinner was filled with you sitting there fuming, Sirius complaining about how your plan wouldn’t have worked anyway, and the others not sure whether to be made at Padfoot or laugh at how pissed off you were. James eventually chose the latter.

“Wow, you look like you could murder someone,” James laughed, as you sat glaring at your pumpkin juice.

“I just might.” You snapped, you gave Sirius a light tap on the head before storming out of the great hall and up into the Gryffindor tower.

You threw yourself onto the couch in front of the fire, lying on your stomach and mumbling into the couch cushion about how dumb Sirius was.

“It’s nice to know how highly you think of me.” Sirius said as he entered the common room and stood next to the couch.

“Piss off.” You growled and gave him the middle finger.

“You’re so feisty.” He laughed. You felt him join you on the couch; he sat on your lower back, practically straddling you there. His large hands were on your shoulders and back giving you a massage.  It relaxed you, but you were still pissed at him.

“I’m sorry.” He spoke softly, as his hands travelled from your shoulders to your upper back.

“You better be.” You quipped; he chuckled and continued massaging you.
You felt one of his hands travel up your arm as the other stopped moving and rested on your back. He hummed as his hand closed around yours. The humming got louder and before you knew it he was laying gentle kisses on your neck and shoulders. You didn’t want to stop him, in fact, you wanted more from him.

“Sirius…” you struggled to find want to say, “I want to teach you a lesson.”

Well that’s not what you thought you were going to say, but you rolled with it anyway. He climbed off of you and sat on the other end of the couch as you turned around and climbed off of it. You went onto the floor to look under the couch, trying to find what you needed. You knew James left a bit of somewhere in the common room. You grinned when you found the small length of rope under the couch, grabbed it and stood up to look at Sirius on the couch whose eyes had widened.

“Oh Merlins beard.” He muttered. You joined him on the couch again, he held out his hands for you already knowing what was coming. You tied his hands together with the rope and climbed onto his lap, straddling him.

You unbuttoned his white shirt and kissed up all over his chest, along his jaw and even left a hickey on his neck. You were glad to hear him softly mumble how he loved what you were doing. You could feel his erection pressing into your thigh, which was your cue to climb off of his lap. He whimpered as you stood up and smirked at him.

“That’s your lesson,” you quipped, “maybe next time you’ll follow my orders, Padfoot.”

You walked out of the common room, leaving Sirius groaning on the couch with his hands still tied up.

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Do you have some tattoo Jeon and innocent Tae Thanks. your blog is awesome, love it so much!

Heya ^-^ Check out the Badboy!Jungkook tag for previously recommended fics!

  • badboy!Jungkook

Our Red Scarf Jeongguk is trouble. Taehyung likes trouble a bit more than he probably should.Just don’t tell Jimin about it.

Soft (Like You) Jeon Jungkook and Kim Taehyung are definitely not the nicest people you’ll meet in highschool; they’re far from it. at least, that’s what everybody thinks.

✄ Orange is my favourite colour Bad boy Jungkook is dealt community service, but without this shitty hand of luck he may of not met orange-haired Taehyung, who may just be sunshine itself.

  • badboy!Taehyung

✄ Darling, I’ll Show You What It’s All About “Be honest with me, darling,” Taehyung whispered. “Because I would like to get to know you.”(Taehyung thinks that if he were given the chance, he’d gladly give up all his gold and cigarettes for the angel with pretty eyes and reserved smiles.)Jungkook just reads.

✄ We are Bulletproof Jungkook and Taehyung are living opposite lives. One lives in a part of Seoul where there is enough money to live and able to go to school. The other has to fight to survive every day. One has a best friend who is always by his side, the other has got three friends which whom he fights with other gangs. One has got parents who are never there, the other has got no parents. What will happen when the two meet?

I hope you enjoy these! Check the tags before reading ^-^

✄ Admin Amanda

Malyen Oretsev Hate: A Measured Response (I won’t even mention The Darkling).

I tend to get a lot of posts popping upon my dash that really lay on thick the hate for Mal. Which has always baffled me. The complaints that I keep seeing are that he’s a dick, or emotionally abusive, or a dick, or not emotionally abusive enough, or a dick, and that time he was kind of a dick. 

But here’s the thing:

What Grishaverse male isn’t a dick?


But other than that. Seriously. It’s like everyone else got this free pass. Kaz Brekker uses an incredible amount of leverage to get Inej into many dangerous positions, because don’t forget; Inej’s primary motivation is paying off her debt and seeking justice, not pleasing Kaz. Also Kaz goes into an unholy rage and rips out a guy’s eyeball over him harming Inej. None of this I have any issue with, but Kaz can be a massive dick to Inej. But he gets away with it because he’s charming and has a tragic backstory. Once again, I love Kaz, love Mal, ship Kaz and Inej, ship Malina. We’re introduced to Matthias through his nightmares of strangling Nina, but Nina’s charm tends to smooth over that rough patch and their ship is viewed pretty favorably. 

I sincerely think this is how much charisma tides people over. Nikolai was pretty shitty about manipulating Alina, once again, all for rational reasons that I don’t hate him over, and he also gets total support from the fandom. Sure, he’s fun. Kaz Brekker is brutal but at least he’s honest about it. And funny. And charming. But Mal and Alina have fun. Mal just isn’t flashy. He’s honest and straightforward. He doesn’t like all these complications seperating him from the simple life he once knew. And yes, he is a dick about it. But he is self-sacrificing, self-deprecating, physically fights his battles in a world of silver-tongued politicians, and solid. At least he grows to be. It took three books to get there, and I am satisfied with how much he had grown. Mal and Alina aren’t about masks and pretenses and power manipulation. Mal and Alina are about how two people who love each other don’t need epic stories and empires; they have enough magic in the ordinary and beautiful just between them. That’s the ending that really spoke to me. Their quiet, happy life was all that Alina needed. 

So in conclusion: You don’t hate Mal because he’s a dick, you hate him because he’s not a flamboyant, charming dick. 

the sequel trilogy is gonna have so many fucking plot holes by the time it’s over. that’s why i consider this whole thing a poorly planned fanfiction with some really great oc’s and a potential to be good only if the author wasn’t pressured by the mutuals they were collabing with and their insistent readers to update the next fucking chapter. therefore they have a crappy, rushed update with new characters to distract the readers whilst meanwhile never answering any fucking questions that were left in the comment section of the previous chapter. not only that, but they’re one of those fic writers who is pretty new to the fandom and thinks they’re a really great writer when in reality they’re not and their interpretation of classic characters becomes shit. and then this stuff becomes a really popular fic because, and ONLY BECAUSE of the oc’s. lucasfilm has no idea what the fuck they’re doing and i’m honestly scared to watch tlj.

Oh nice! We only see part of her abilities before but it seems she can’t negate the gravitational pull of anything that she touches. That’s hugely useful and it could be applied to a million things.

Looks like she gets tired if she uses it a lot, though.

On the other hand we have “Full Leg-Day” dude over here. He seems to have… rockets? On his legs?

That’s… cool.

Let’s be honest, unless he wrecks the entire city with a single punch there’s no way Midoriya is passing the normal way.

And I can’t think of something right now that would help him pass that’s not kinda shitty writing wise.


He looks very interesting.

And of course Bakugo is acing the test.

This was pretty much designed for him.

Excuse me, what.

Is that a fucking… mouse man?

Square person?

Fucking… horror movie 2017 man?

I had a big long post about the whole intertwined manner that sex and romance are considered by society and the many “exclusionists” who think the SAM is awful, but, to be honest, it can pretty much be summarized as this;

“Pushing the idea that sex and romance must be inextricably linked is literally nothing new, and, while I have no problem with people who consider this true for themselves, it’s pretty shitty to police other peoples romantic lives, sex lives, and identities in order to fit your own personal mores.”

Regarding the way aro allosexuals and ace alloromantics are being treated by this… ““discourse””.

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you're so right about elena being shitty friend outside of stefan. In pilot she laugh when stefan rejected brutally caroline and went to her and caroline was sad and hurt. and earlier in the bonnie elena caroline scene she bitchy nodded when caroline was leaving and said ''no comment'' when caroline went away

I think everyone on the show but Bonnie, Stefan, Lexi and Matt are pretty shitty friends to be quite honest with you and again Elena being an indifferent friend is not Elena as a character, that’s the writers not knowing how to write properly.

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"You don’t have to like every other ship, but please don’t get up in people’s faces about it" Yeah this pretty much. People really need to stop being threatened by what others ship. I don't like it when Amedot shippers complain about Lapidot, and I really hate when I see Lapidot shippers complain about Jaspis. Maybe it's because I like all of those ships, but come on people, they're just fictional relationships. Enjoy yours and let others enjoy theirs.


Like, holy shit, I still don’t understand the need to send actual hate to people over this stuff.  And tagging ship hate is pretty shitty as well, let’s be honest. 

Shit all over ships that you dislike as much as you want to, but for God’s sake, respect the fact that not everyone thinks the same as you - don’t tag negativity, censor the ship name, and seriously don’t send people messages and/or harass them because they ship your NOTP or whatever. 

There’s a fundamental difference between hating a ship and hating the shippers.

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when I watched the first episode of TWP, I remember thinking that Jodie and the faceless guy who played Richard 3 in those 10 seconds had more chemistry than the actors who played Richard and Elizabeth in TWQ had in the entire hour long episode (and I'll be honest also more chemistry than Lizzie/Henry VII in this series, but that's largely because of the shitty plot and sometimes horrible dialogue). I didn't expect much from TWP going by how bad the book was but was still disappointed.

I don’t think they had necessarily chemistry (since you need to see the other party in order to judge) but I think Jodie Comer at least looked happy and the sex scene didn’t give off the impression that one of the actors had a gun held to his head. Freya Mavor and Aneurin Barnard’s sex scene was pretty awful in comparison. Freya looked like a dead fish in the scene and Aneurin looked like he would rather be anywhere else but there. I mean it really isn’t either’s fault, as Freya was given such a horrible script, and Aneurin you can tell wanted the storyline to go elsewhere. 

TWQ never built up the Lizzie and Richard affair, and Aneurin Barnard clearly didn’t like the storyline. You can see it written all over his face in episode 10 that he was unhappy with what they did to his character. It would be hard for him to pull off chemistry when he was clearly very unhappy with how they were ending things. Also, I think we were supposed to still be questioning Richard’s motives until the very end. As I’ve stated several times I believe in the context of the show Richard slept with her in order to make Henry VII hate her and he was on some kinda suicide mission at Bosworth.

I certainly think Jodie Comer and Jacob Collin Levy have good chemistry, it’s not as stunning as some other chemistry I’ve seen but it’s good and it’s there. I think with a better script it would have been better.

We were all expecting nothing and still, we were disappointed because both Emma Frost and Philippa Gregory aren’t incredible writers. We can only hope some day we get an actual tv series on TWOTRs that doesn’t follow Gregory’s nonsense and is run by a showrunner who knows how to construct a timeline and a plot together.

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I've been reading your works on AO3, especially about Nanami and your fun prompts. And it's really great when I finally have time to search you here in tumblr. Can I request that you can make a sequel of your prompt " why don't you just die already" in which Junko thinks she successfully killed Naegi by execution but his luck save him. Thanks~

A/N to think that I’d write a follow up to that disaster of a gag prompt. I am impressed that you came all the way from ao3 so here’s a reward for your efforts! I tweaked it a bit but I hope you don’t mind the changes and enjoy!

Why Don’t You Just Die Already? (prequel)

I Finally Killed You - wherein Junko gets a lucky break at killing Naegi

“I’ve been waiting! I’ve been waiting for this moment!” Enoshima bellowed with great satisfaction. “Upupu! I finally did it! I fucking finally did the do!” She giggled with a lopsided grin and then hollered again, “I, the great Enoshima, has finally killed the luckster brat Naeggs!”

And it was no easy feat either. After days and days of failure after failure, she finally got a lucky break. Lucky. How morbidly ironic for him… and how despairing it must be if only he knew! After being saved by his luck countless times, it had betrayed him this time. Statistically, it had to happen and now that it did, oh how the annoying wait was worth it!

It happened while they were walking alongside the pool. It wasn’t at all planned, in fact it was actually spontaneous. One second he was talking to her, the next he was slipping, and then the second after that he was already drowning. She could only assume that he had leg cramps with the way his knees hit the side of the pool right before he fell into the water. And so he was drowning while she watched the spectacle before her. His body wildly flailed and thrashed until it finally stopped and floated still on the water.

This wasn’t her intention at all when she lured him to the pool. It was actually his idea to go to the pool and look where it got him. Poor naive Naegi just got killed by gorgeous scheming Enoshima. Okay so technically she didn’t directly kill him per se but she did let him die so that had to count for something. Whatever! She couldn’t care less for the details. What matters was that he’s finally dead and now she could do what she had been wanting to do all this time.

Which was what again?

It felt like it’s been so long since she last thought of her grand scheme. She’s been so focused on eliminating this variable that she had lost sight of her main goal along the way. Think, Enoshima! Despair… Desbear… Did it start with a D? How about M? Mastermind? Mutual… Oh, that’s it! School Life of Mutual Killing! How could she forget? That’s right, all of this was for the sake of her precious game with her precious classmates minus one!

Oh, but don’t think she’s forgotten to include Naeggs in the game. She’s sure there’s plenty of uses for his body later on like say planting a totally fake murder with a totally real corpse. Upupu, imagine the despair they’ll get over arguing who the killer was and pointing fingers at each other when no one was actually to blame! It’d be hilarious and despairing! Oh, but why wait until then to taste their despair? She’s sure she’d get some good despair out of them when they see the corpse of their beloved classmate.

But first, she’s got to get the corpse out of the pool. He’s been in there, face down, for a good ten minutes so he’s definitely dead. Any longer then his body would show signs of it and they’d suspect her of felony. So she jumped into the pool and dragged him off to one side of the pool, not even bothering to move his arm which was still dipped in the water. Alright, now that the stage has been set all that’s left was for her acting. Drama time!

“Help! Emergency at the pool! Medical help needed! Quickly!” She shouted as soon as she got out of the pool area.

Everyone immediately ran straight towards her pleas of help with a mix of faces of alarm and concern. She hid a teasing smirk of excitement. She was getting giddy by herself. Oh, what kind of faces in despair would they make once they see his corpse? What would her sister’s face be like! She was getting excited over this beneath her excellent mask of panic. This should be fun. Everything was going smoothly now with him gone.

Or at least, it should have been. She should have known by now to never trust his erratic luck.

In everyone’s haste to get to the scene, someone had pushed Enoshima which caught her off-guard and caused her to get bump rather harshly with the person with the defibrillator coincidentally enough. It slipped through their fingers as it flew straight for the pool. Naturally, the device short-circuited which charged the pool dangerously with electricity. And Naegi’s arm was still dipped in those charged waters.

Enoshima could only watch in horror as the most absurd possibility came into mind and then it became a reality.

The charge was so strong that when it finally reached Naegi and passed through his arm, his body convulsed wildly. Enoshima didn’t need an ECG to know that his pulse had restarted. Within moments he was breathing and at his first breath he coughed up all the water he had in his lungs. Everyone but her rushed to his side all the while she stood by at the entrance with her jaw slack.

Naegi was miraculously brought back to life.

And rather than despair, her classmates was filled with hope upon his revival.

Hope! As if his luck wasn’t enough to annoy her, he just had to give them hope! Disgusting hope! If there weren’t any witnesses she would have thrown up on the spot. This was too much for her to handle! And just how the fuck did he even come back to life from that? She’s pretty sure that’s not how defibrillators work. He should have been double dead with that shock and not brought back to life. What the actual fuck?

But she’d analyze those odds later. For now, she didn’t want to raise any suspicion by being so far for so long. So she begrudgingly dragged her feet toward him and the shitty brat smiled at her. A smile filled with gag-worthy hope, ugh!

“Thank you, Enoshima.” Naegi started with an honest grin. “If it weren’t for you, I don’t think I would have survived.” He continued in all his earnestness.

“Oh, I don’t think I did much.” She mock-embarrassed refuted. Seriously, she wanted no part of this hope-fest.

“But you did! You’re the one who called for help!” He sincerely insisted and reasoned, “And I don’t really know what just happened but I’m sure glad to be back. Thank you! This wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for you.”

He’s absolutely right. If she hadn’t called for help then he probably would have still been dead by now.

“Yaaaay.” She replied with all the excitement of a corpse as she internally screamed and berated herself. Goddammit!

Enoshima may have killed Naegi but his luck had revived him right after.

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What are your thoughts on Alicia Zimmermann? Any interesting head canons – especially those involving her total dweeb of a husband?

[Bad Bob]

  • First, let’s get the basics out of the way: Alicia Zimmermann is probably the smartest person… ever. I mean, she is not a genius like Shitty and she is not a grade-hungry stressball like Ransom- no, Alicia Zimmermann is one of those perfect humans who is born with just the right amount of book smarts partnered with the person amount of street smarts and people skills. A perfect, gorgeous, all-round genius.
  • Also, Alicia did not come from a well to-do family. I haven’t thought this all the way through and so I don’t think they were poor but I think Alicia startled modeling in high school to help pay the mortgage on the house (and so maybe her mother could quit that second job) and I think Alicia continued modelling and acting in commercials (pretty terrible ones to be honest, like she was constantly type-cast as the stupid pretty girl in horrible local car dealership commercials but money is money) throughout her time at Samwell because she needed to afford books.
  • Lots of books. Alicia Zimmermann probably double majored in Theater and Business and, like Shitty, technically had the credits for a third major in English but Samwell doesn’t allow triple majors. 
  • She couldn’t justify the cost of joining a sorority but Alicia was one of those girls that every single sorority wanted and so she ended up being invited to all the sorority events on campus. In fact, she was invited to everything on campus. You know that person who your entire campus knows and it’s a little bit of a celebrity sighting when you see them and then when you actually meet them they AcTUALLY ARE THAT NICE and will REMEMBER YOUR NAME when you meet them again?? (This might just be a small college thing but samwell is small so-) ALICIA ZIMMERMANN IS THAT PERSON.
  • Also, the theater department at Samwell is where Alicia realized she actually was good at acting. Like she always knew that someday she would stop accepting the dumb-pretty-girl parts because she planned on stopping acting all together and go off and use her business degree but then she actually fell in love with it. With acting and the theater and modelling and look, during her four years at Samwell, the theater department was basically the Alicia Zimmermann show. Which other students would have been mad about except DAMMIT SHE IS SO FUCKING NICE AND SUPPORTIVE and one time, she purposefully faked an illness because her understudy’s parents were coming in from out of town and had never got to see her act. Dammit, Alicia. Be harder to hate please.
  • Seriously, Alicia Zimmermann is this perfect, perfect human who you can’t even hate because she loves dirty jokes and has a potty mouth and is so wicked funny that you aren’t even mad she is better than you. Is she sounding OP right now? THAT’S CUZ SHE IS. ALICIA ZIMMRMANN IS SO OVERPOWERED.
  • (The girl plays starcraft in her spare time. Just does. Has a freakin’ sick zerg game. Luckily, she is terrible at LOL. Gotta have some weakness, Alicia.)
  • Okay, fast-forwarding a bit. Bad Bob and Alicia Zimmermann meet on a job after college. It’s a short commercial for gatorade and Bob sees her and is immediately smitten (like FULL heart-eyes smitten) and Alicia sees him and is immediately unimpressed. Because this man is such a jock and he is already flirting with everyone (the director, the camera-guy, and oh look, he’s over to flirt with her too. How original.) So she pretends not to notice the giant of a man heading her way and goes to get dressed

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