to be honest he was running around anyways though

4x01 Recap - Echoes (The 100)

Alright folks, it’s time. My show has returned, and I am throwing myself back on this ride with wild abandon.

I’m adopting my Discussapalooza style from here on out. Which is to say that this recap is going to be very long. If there are any sections that you’d like me to pull out and post seperately, let me know. Otherwise, you have been warned - I like to go in depth.

We ready? LET’S GO.

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I was reading The Host And Amy part 2 and started picturing The Host holding onto Amy's arm as she guides him around describing what the trees, clouds, and flowers look like to him but he already knows but likes to listen to her voice and is just smiling softly :)

“Those over there are purple with traces of white around the edges. They’re small, and they’re all close together.” Amy adjusts her arm in his so she’s supporting him better.
“There are some near the fountain,” Host says softly. “What do they look like?” The Host can sense the flowers, but the colors and shapes are much harder to get. Though if he’s honest, he just likes listening to Amy describe them.
“Those are daffodils. They’re some of my favorites because they’re one of the first signs that it’s spring.” Amy tilts her head so it’s resting on his shoulder.
“Tired?” Host asks, worried that he’s worn her out running around describing things for him, and Amy looks up at him.
“No, just happy.” She pats his arm. “Anyway, daffodils are the yellow ones that look like teacups on saucers…”
The Host feels the sun on his skin and the gentle breeze in his hair, as Amy’s soft, sweet voice and her guiding arm lead him once more around the park.
(Hope you like this! Thanks for dropping by, cutie pie!)

(where i am)

Neal-centric. Season 3 canon divergent. “He never fucking learned.” Inspired by “The District Sleeps Alone Tonight” by the Postal Service. Or: I am finally seeing why I was the one worth leaving.


i am a visitor here

i am not permanent


            He doesn’t know why it never occurred to him. Maybe because he was so busy being distracted by the asshole who knew his past, or the cops on his tail, or the fact that his father was here, in this realm, possibly looking for him. His father, the monster. Maybe he was too busy beating himself up for setting her up, for knowing she was rotting in a jail cell meant for him, knowing she must hate him—debating doing something, fucking August be damned, or getting as far the fuck away as possible, changing his name, maybe, leaving the country—anything to get as far from his fucking father as fucking possible.

            Or maybe he’s just still that dumb kid who doesn’t think too hard about birth control or condoms, the same kid who sat with that girlfriend he had in Wichita, the one who worked at the diner—Sarah, was it? Sandy? Something with an ‘S’—sat with her in the bathroom while she cried because what would they do if the test came back positive?

            It came back negative, and he left town without a word the next day.

            (He knows it probably makes him an asshole, but he knows he would’ve left just the same if it’d been positive.)

            Funny, that he never learned from his mistakes.

            (Almost mistakes.)

            Funny, that he never did care too much about condoms, or pulling out, or morning after pills, or whatever the fuck.

            Funny, that it never even occurred to him that he might’ve gotten her pregnant.

            (There was Sally or something in Wichita, Abby in Reno, Taylor in Austin, Diana in Chicago. Three negatives and a false positive. He made her take another test, and that one came back negative.)

            He never fucking learned.

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Fluffy date with 2p!Axis and 2p!Allies at aquarium!:

America/Allen Jones-
Allen had been the one who’d suggest you go, and you agreed, thinking he’d be on his best behavior. You were wrong. It was fun, at first. Until Allen bet some kid five bucks that he could swim in the shark tank and get out. So after you stopped him from stripping and explained yourself to security they kicked you out anyway. But not before he stole you a few pieces of merchandise.  
China/Xiao Wang-
You didn’t know that simple fish could lead to so many sexual innuendo’s. And honestly you didn’t need to know. But after you corrected him the day went well. He let you explore and joined you in petting the sea creatures. It turned out he was just as interested in them as you were.  
England/Oliver Kirkland-
He’d be so eager to spend the day out with you. While he was a little nervous around some of the larger creatures he loved the petting tanks. You both ran around, trying to lead the other to various exhibits. You took pictures with all the stand in’s and models. And before you left he secretly bought you matching t-shirts.  
France/Francois Bonnefoy-
You’d have to drag him in. Eventually when he accepted that he was going, he’d turn it on you. His thoughts being that if he was here he might as well make it difficult for you. Each time you bent over he either slapped or pinched your ass. He’d turn every phrase he could into something dirty. If you correct or snapped at him too harshly he’d go quiet. He didn’t actually want to ruin your day, and you knew that. To make up for it he’d get you a shirt, something corny and involving love.  
Russia/Viktor Braginsky-
Ideal date. He lets you run around and read everything to him. He points out the fish and turtles he likes, even insisting he should get one. Many jokes about him and hermit crabs are shared. And after you two hear that otters hold hands so they don’t float off, he grabs yours. He doesn’t let go the rest of the day, fearing you’ll float too far.  

He’d been a little opposed to the idea of going to such a public place for a date. But when he’d floated the idea of the aquarium to you, your face had been so bright. The day mostly consisted him losing you and struggling to keep up as you ran around. He let you look at every thing for as long as you wanted. Though he did act a little pissy when you wanted him to pet some of the animals in the touch tanks. He refused, and you may have sunk his hand in anyway. And you’re ninety percent sure he hissed.  
Italy/Luciano Vargas-
Oh god. Okay, I’ll be honest. Worst idea ever. Even though it started off pleasant enough the day took a dark turn. You end up getting kicked out because he asked every single tour guide what the different fishes tasted like. Even the great white sharks which Luciano was, and I quote “Sure he could get a piece of if they just let him in the damn tank.”
Japan/Kuro Honda-
Also an ideal date. He let you run around and tell him all the fact on the plaques. He sketches the fish he thought interesting as you ogled. He purchased many of the pictures and assorted items from the gift shop, wanting you to remember the day.

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How do you think Jason should have reconciled with Bruce preboot, if at all? Would it have mirrored any other similar two characters reconciliation in fiction?

Well, as everyone should know already, Bruce very much loves Jason as his son. Hallucination!Jason said it directly, Black Mask himself called Batman out on it, Bruce openly displayed his love for Jason when he was Robin, and Jason’s death clearly haunted Bruce for years, making him a darker and more grief-ridden character. I think Bruce is so caught up with loving Jason as he was and reconciling that child with the man in front of him, frustrated that Black Mask and the hallucination are right, that he can’t try to figure out a way for Jason to understand where he’s coming from. Bruce does love Jason, like a son as true as any other, and he’d do nearly anything not to hold Jason’s dead body in his arms again, but it’s not enough to satisfy Jason, so he’s at a loss. All he can do is maintain the status quo of their “conflict” and hold himself back just enough.

Jason also clearly loves Bruce in return. As Robin, he was eager to please Bruce and loved spending time with him. After he was resurrected, all he told the police was that Bruce was his father. When he found out that the Joker was still alive, he was absolutely devastated, enough to trash a hotel room and curl into a ball on the floor, because he assumed this meant Bruce didn’t love him too. He very much considered himself Bruce’s son, and couldn’t handle the fact that he wasn’t enough to warrant killing the Joker. He spent most of Lost Days wanting to kill Bruce for it, albeit because his empathy was a bit lacking after he got dunked in the Lazarus Pit. During the climax of Under the Hood, he stated plainly that he would’ve hunted the Joker down if it had been Bruce who’d been killed, because he associates love with doing anything to avenge/protect that person. It’s a product of his black-and-white judgments coupled with his gray morality–either you love him or you don’t, and you should cross any line to prove it. The crux of his pain was that the Joker “took [Jason] away from [him]” because Jason loved being at Bruce’s side. His anger is proportional to his love. As they say, there’s a thin line between love and hate. 

During the final showdown in Under the Hood, Jason set up this entire scene, knowing that Bruce wouldn’t be able to kill the Joker, but hoping anyway, and trying to make Bruce feel guilty in the process. Bruce is too distraught to even notice the crime lord standing over “Jason’s” body, and he later begs Jason not to make Bruce stop him. 

Jason is the one who made the situation such that neither of them won in the end. Yet when Bruce throws a batarang at his neck rather than let Jason kill the Joker, it cements the betrayal more than Jason ever imagined. Supposedly. If Bruce was willing to do that but not kill the Joker, then Bruce didn’t love him, right? Except Jason continues to try to guilt-trip him and gets possessive when Bruce allows others into their feud, which would only matter if Bruce cared, especially since he would have otherwise already been in Arkham. I interpret this as Jason being in a constant state of semi-denial–he knows that Bruce cares, but he doesn’t believe it because it isn’t in a way he can understand, so he uses it as a weapon against Bruce rather than let it hurt him further. 

Now that we’ve established that they both love each other, how do we get them to reconcile their differences? Here are two of the more straightforward methods: 

A) One of them taking a near-fatal hit for the other. 

It’s pretty typical, but it’s been shown to work–in fiction, anyway. (Don’t try this at home!) I think it would play out better if Jason were the one to sacrifice himself for Bruce, simply because of the convenience of the Manor and the Cave. If Jason could witness, firsthand, Bruce freaking out and curb-stomping whoever they were fighting, as if Jason was someone who mattered, then it would be harder to downplay Bruce’s affections on the mere basis of him refusing to cross the line. If Jason woke up with Bruce at his bedside, then his convictions would hold even less water. It still wouldn’t be what Jason wants, but it’s far better than what he’d deluded himself into thinking. Ideally, Bruce would speak openly about how worried he’d been, simply because he knows this might be his only chance, unlike with the rest of his kids when they get injured. He’s already shown that openness in Under the Hood, so it’s very possible. Even so, it would be somewhat emotionally constipated and uncomfortable and awkward. Jason would still sneak off at the earliest opportunity, but at least they’d have come to an understanding of sorts. When it really matters, they have each other’s backs, because they do love each other even if it’s not in the way that Jason wants, and even if they will never see eye-to-eye on justice. 

B) Bruce finding Jason as Jason, not as Red Hood, and attempting a conversation with him when Jason is emotionally vulnerable. 

I think it’s much easier for Bruce to convince himself that the Red Hood is just “dirt in the sewers” than that Jason is, even if he can’t bring himself to take the Red Hood down and holds himself back. The Red Hood is a murderous criminal, but Jason is the boy whose broken body he held in his arms and whose old uniform is still displayed in the Batcave

Jason, on the other hand, doesn’t draw the line as clearly. When Bruce visits him at Arkham, he wants to chit-chat with Bruce, not Batman, and he’s visibly upset when Bruce shuts him down (the opposite of love is indifference). Still, we can tell by his initial tone that Jason was just going to taunt him and screw around anyway. Jason gets stupid when he’s angry, and his breakdown when he found the newspaper in Lost Days and when Bruce refused to kill the Joker in Under the Hood showed that it’s very possible to drag an honest response from him if he’s pushed enough. He’s probably the most emotional of the Batfam, even though he’s become more guarded after Under the Hood (probably because it backfired so badly).

I don’t think it would be impossible for Bruce to have a proper conversation with Jason under normal circumstances, such as running into each other at a coffee shop, but I don’t think it would lead to reconciliation either. 

However, if Jason was emotionally compromised in some way, and Bruce saw an opportunity to comfort Jason and took it, I can see it working, even if Jason might lash out (even violently) at first. Maybe it’s his birthday/the anniversary of Catherine’s death/the anniversary of his own death/something happened to Talia/day after a case involving children went horribly wrong.

Bruce would need to play it very carefully, mindful not to step on any landmines or push Jason too much, but I think if he allowed himself to be visibly sincere and concerned, Jason might let up enough for them to actually talk. It didn’t work in Under the Hood because Jason was too focused on his anger at Bruce himself at the time, but if he was upset about something unrelated or more general, he’d be more receptive to Bruce’s attempts at reaching out. 

Maybe they’d even hug, and then you’d hear me screeching from wherever you may be on this planet, and both of them would try very hard not to cry but Jason would probably fail miserably let’s be real. If the two of them just understand that they love each other, even if they know they’ll never come to an agreement on the big moral questions, that would be enough. Jason would never be welcomed back into the family or even into the Cave, but maybe he’d show up for Christmas (fashionably late and demanding food), and be less frustrating on required team-ups, and send Bruce and Alfred more first editions for their collection. 

Overall, it’s a very delicate situation, so one wrong move could blow up the whole attempt, but if everything aligned properly…who knows? 

C) Jason gets a dog and it somehow fixes everything. 

Shut up this makes complete sense I will fight you

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Hi!! Love your blog so much!!! Seveteen's Vocal team - Reunion with s/o at the airport after being away for awhile? Please and thank you!!!

Jeonghan: He’d see you coming out of the terminal and when your eyes meet he’ll smile this soft, genuine look that already melts your heart. He’ll wait for you to come to him and when he sees you, he’ll silently just take in the moment and then kiss your forehead while softly whispering that he’s glad to have you back. 

Joshua: The first thing he’d do is he’d take a hold of your luggage for you and settle it down somewhere safe before turning to you and sort of biting his lip because here you finally are and he’s speechless because he has so much to say, but what to say first? He’ll probably just stare at you for a while and you’d have to snap him out of it and he’d get sheepish like “I’m sorry, It’s just been so long since I’ve gotten to see you up close like this and god you’re still as gorgeous as ever…..” 

Woozi: In the middle of scolding the plane for being delayed, he’d finally notice that a flood of people where coming out of the gate and when you spot him he’ll hear you call out his name and this really endearing smile will settle on his lips and he’ll just wait till you come running up to him. To be honest he’d try to keep it cool and collected by asking you how your flight was, but you’d be like “Jihoon don’t be dumb - just kiss me ok” and even though he’d get a little shy, he’d do it anyway because it’s been too long. 

DK: The whole time he’s waiting for you, he’ll keep fidgeting with his hair or his cardigan and keep looking around frantically to make sure he doesn’t miss you. The moment you come out, he’ll brighten up and just hurriedly try to come over and meet you (might trip in the process, he’s pretty excited)  while waving his arms so you see him too. Once you two are face-to-face he’ll just be smiling so wide it hurts and he’ll just pick you up into his arms in a tight hug and just keep repeating that he missed you so so so so much! 

Seungkwan: Would probably tear up on sight and just run to you full speed and knock you over with this full force hug and he’d just be a mess of “I love you’s!” and “I missed you’s!” and he’d probably just wrap you up in his arms and hide his face in your neck because it’s hard being away from someone you love, especially for Seungkwan. 

A Suicidal Acquaintance

Okay actually, I have a story to tell.

I encountered a 20 plus year old man that I’ve seen around town quite a number of times, and when I asked him, “How are you?” he actually honestly answered, “Not that great.”

He started shaking and his bottom lip was quivering. I could see he was holding back a lot of emotions, and covering–not quite successfully–it up. I gave him a big hug and he admitted to struggling with depression. 

To be honest, plenty of people say they are depressed but little do some know that depression is actually a sickness, and it isn’t really a word to throw around. But then again, never think someone’s faking it when they tell it to you. 

Anyways, I proceeded to talk to him and he opened up to me, even though we are very mildly acquainted. 

Here’s one thing; I’ve never actually had the chance to talk with someone who has contemplated running away or even suicide. 

And I’ve been blessed to not be in a being that’s in a depressed state, or even feel like ending everything (my life) would be better than living it. I would never even contemplate or even THINK of purposely, forcefully ending my own life. 


I reckon suicide is a super selfish thing to do. I would go on to explain why but really, it’s pretty straight forward.

And then there’s that quote, “Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.” They’re really not joking. Your problem is really temporary. No matter how hard it might seem right now, it will probably be better tomorrow. There are many other things you can do with yourself to make the life you’re living more fulfilling, you just gotta know what makes you happy.

Granted, I’m no psychiatrist, and I’m no professional in this, and I sure as heck do not know how to fix depression.

That man openly let his heart out to me, who told me everything he does, everyone he meets, he can’t seem to find happiness.

I asked, why? Why are you looking for happiness in other places? Maybe you should start with looking for happiness within yourself first. 

He proceeded to tell me he’s a very insecure person. 

There is no way that there’s nothing to be proud of, about yourself. His work, his art work, it’s beautiful. I said there’s something you created yourself, and it’s something to proud of, start there. Start being amazed by yourself. We are mere mortals. But we do things that some people just a couple of tens of years ago never knew could exist. How amazing is it to think that?

He told me he stopped eating.

And I’m no fitness expert either, but if you feel healthy, you’re gonna feel good. Eat, I told him, why you’re feeling down is probably because you don’t have enough energy. Sluggish, it’ll just add on to the depression. 

Again, I’m not saying I’ve cured his depression. But I’m just saying, if you’re going through something emotionally unbearable, please take one step at a time. 

His first correct step was admitting to it.

Second was opening up to me (a stranger) about it. 

Third would probably be to seek professional help.

Suicide is no joke. Depression is no joke. It’s not something to take lightly, and it’s not something to be ashamed about it. If you need the help, please look for it. 

And if you have a friend who is even showing signs of interest in suicide (harming themselves, threatening to kill themselves) please don’t brush them off and tell them they are silly. Please talk to them. Even if they are overreacting. It’s nothing to joke about.

No one is alone on this planet. If you think you are, you’re not opening your heart wide enough. 

Be careful out there, guys. Take care of yourselves. Love yourself.

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I saw your breakdown of SP and it was amazing. Could you do one for TnC ?? I only vaguely remember and I REALLY need you to explain it

Togainu no Chi? Yeeeah~

TnC was Nitro+’s first ever BL game (came out in like 2005) and has since been adapted into both a terrible manga and an equally terrible made-for-TV anime which I will get into later BUT FIRST ONTO THE STORY


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