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Never Say Never (Part 3)

Pairing: Arthur (Mr.) Ketch x Reader
Word count: 2,865
Warnings: Cussing. Violence. Mentions of Blood.  Smut. Fingering. Oral Sex (Female). Unprotected Sex. Season 12 spoilers.
Sequel: Part 3/? of  Never Say Never. This ended up becoming a mini-series.  

Authors Note: My use of vampires in this installment has nothing to do with the previews for this weeks show.  It was more about me trying to find a creature that fit into all the criteria I needed for this story.

Special thanks to @lucis-unicorn for being my beta, idea-bouncer, and support system.

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Giving & Taking Pt.01 (M)

Ok, so this is my first fanfic ever…. so I’m not sure if it’s any good or if anyone will even read it. With that being said hopefully you will enjoy it and I hope to make this into a series (again that is if anyone actually reads this). Also didn’t really edit this that well so sorry for any grammar mistakes! 

Warnings: Oral Sex 

Genre: Romance, Angst, Smut, & College AU

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader, Jungkook x Reader (just not in this chapter)

Word count: 2,080 


Originally posted by yoonig

The first time you saw him, you couldn’t stop looking at him. He stood across the room talking up a few girls. He looked absolutely ethereal. You were intrigued nonetheless absolutely smitten. He was tall and lean but somewhat muscular. Your eyes trailed down his body to his delicious thighs. Your mind started to drift on its own accord and soon enough you started to feel that familiar tingling sensation between your legs. But before you could get too carried away you were suddenly shaken out of your thoughts when you felt an arm tug at the side of your shirt.

You quickly snapped back into reality suddenly aware of your surroundings. It was a Saturday night and you were at a frat party. You stood amongst a small group of people all with red solo cups in hand.

“So babe what do you think?” Namjoon said looking at you a bit irritated. Clearly, he had been trying to get your attention but you were too busy daydreaming.
“Umm sorry, I kinda spaced out. What were we talking about?” You looked at him with apologetic eyes.

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Save Me - Jimin x Reader

Anonymous asked:
Jimin angst/fluff please. The reader is a new idol, great singer but awful dancer. Her company is really severe on its idols and bc the reader can’t get the dance routines correct, is punishing her through various methods. Refusing her visits to friends, limiting her food, extending her practices. And when the company asks Jimin to teach, he falls for her and gets upset at how broken the reader has become. He eventually has to take her to a hospital and after gets her to move to his company.

A/N: God this is so long
I’m sorry for how late it is, and I apologize if it’s bad ;-; anyways, I really hope your enjoy it!

Genre: Angst / Fluff

Word Count: 4,614

The music flowed through the room as sweat broke out, your legs were trembling from tiredness, and your vision was getting blurry. Just when your body was about to give up, the music stopped and your dance teacher stood in front of you, “Well, that didn’t suck, so I guess you’re progressing. But it’s still not good enough. Since you did improve a little bit, you can go home now, but remember practice at 7 am sharp. Don’t be late.”

You nodded as your eyes glanced up at the clock, it was a quarter to 2 which meant you had around an hour to get home, and shower before you could actually sleep. Then wake up in time for 7 am practice. You have been practicing non-stop for the past 8 hours, but it still wasn’t enough for them.  A sigh left your lips as you quickly gathered your items and hurried home.

Your biggest dream was to sing. You loved to sing and had a talent for it. When you first saw the flyer for the audition, your friends encouraged you to do it and you did. But you didn’t think you would get in so quickly. You were so happy when the company accepted you as their trainee, but the happiness didn’t last long. God is fair, he gives you something but takes something away. You have a great voice but no dancing skills what so ever, not even the basics.

When the company found out they were quite upset, but they couldn’t lose a trainee like you. They needed your voice. So they decided to give you extreme dancing lessons and practices. It would be worse than any other idol because you had to learn from scratch. But you endured it because you were finally so close to your dream. You needed to keep this opportunity.

You slide under the comfortable covers after the nice hot shower. Your legs still sting from the long practice with no breaks. You were just glad to be able to rest after a long day, only to wake up a few hours later for your next practice session. You stared at your clock it read 7 am. Your eyes widen as you jumped out of bed to change. You were so late! You quickly got dressed, grab a protein bar before heading out to the studio. When finally you arrived you were about half an hour late and your instructor was pissed. You walked into the practice room and changed shoes.

“You’re late.” She hissed, “I told you 7 am sharp, look at the time now. It’s 7:37. I guess we’ll have to extend your practice if you think that you can just come in late.”

“I-I’m sorry, I overslept. I was just really tired and-”

“That’s not an excuse! Maybe I shouldn’t praise you anymore. One small praise causes you to think you’re good enough to come in late? I don’t think so. You know what? Every time you make a mistake I add 15 minutes to your practice time.” She smirked.

“You can’t do this! I practiced so hard and I listen to everything you say. If you’re mad that I overslept, I’m really sorry and I will never do that again.” You begged, feeling the tears in your eyes. Your body screamed for you to call quits, it couldn’t take it anymore, but your heart wants to endure this. You can’t quit now! You’re so close, so very close.

“Of course, I can. The company permitted me and told me to use such methods to make sure you get this dance correct. Not just correct, you have to ace it. This will make sure you don’t ever oversleep again, you will remember what your punishment is. Now dance. If you still can’t get it. There’s more that awaits you, so you better do it right. What time you go home tonight will depend on how well you dance.” She warns you, turning on the music.

You quickly got in your position and danced. You tried your best to remember the steps, but you hesitated and missed the beat. Similar things kept happening, you either messed up on the step, forgot the next step, and/or missed the beat. She even counted the small mistakes like you tripping or slipping. By lunch time you couldn’t even count how many mistakes you’ve made. You just knew that you weren’t going home tonight.

The staff called your name before handing your lunch box to you. You opened it shocked to only see rice and some vegetables. There was nothing else. When you asked the staff they only said they were ordered to give it to you. You saw the pity in their eyes but none of them helped because of the fear of losing their jobs. As the days passed, the food kept reducing and practices got longer. You no longer remember the feeling of a full stomach because you were never full.

It got worse when the last thing that kept you going was kept away from you. Your friends were the only family because your real family were in your hometown. They were there for you but as time passed, you watched as your friends got chased away by your company. Before they would come and visit with snacks and drinks, they helped you relax. They encouraged you and comforted you, but the company thought they were a distraction. One by one they disappeared from your life.  

This made you wonder why you were still doing this. There was no one there to tell you that it was for your dream and that it was worth it -because it wasn’t. You didn’t see the worth anymore. Your love for music went downhill and you couldn’t find the will power to continue. You danced around and did whatever the company wanted, just like a robot. You had no say in anything. That was, until you met someone that changed your view on everything. He became the reason you continued.

The company was still not satisfied by your progress. You were improving, just not fast enough. Your slow progress caused them to hire a new dance teacher, someone that they trusted to get you where they wanted you to be. It was just like any other day when he arrived, you walked into the practice room at exactly seven am and waiting for your choreographer.

“Hey, this is your new dance teacher. You probably know him as Bangtan’s Jimin.” Your old dance teacher introduced as you looked up to see a bright faced blonde boy enter. He bowed before introducing himself. You watch as your old choreographer leaves before giving him a weak smile. Jimin couldn’t help but notice how beautiful you were, but there was something off, you seemed so depressed.  

His smiled back as he practically jumped in excitement. This was the first time a company hired him to teach their trainee. He felt honoured that his skills were recognized. “So, you’re Y/N right? It’s nice to meet you. I can’t wait to get started! I just want to see where your skills are at. Can you show me a little bit of your choreography?”

You nodded, not really prepared to dance. You were nervous especially since this was another dance teacher that could punish you for your horrible dancing skills. You’ve been through a lot and all of them were the same, you wouldn’t be surprised if Jimin was like that. He turned on the music as you got in your position.

You started off pretty good until you made a mistake and completely stopped. You stared at him with widen eyes before apologizing to him over and over again. You looked down at your feet, expecting him to yell at you, but instead he just smiles.

“It’s okay, trainees aren’t supposed to be perfect. It takes practice.” Jimin chuckled, holding out his hand. “Let me show you how that move is supposed to go.”

You stare at the hand, making no attempt to reach out for it even though he was asking you to. He noticed your insecurity and made his move to take your hand. You winced at his touch as you looked at his smile. “Trust me, I know how the whole dance goes. You can learn better if I lead you.”

You nodded as he leads your hand into the position, as well as your feet. You watched as your arm followed his through the music. This was the first time you really felt like you were dancing. All the other times all felt like a punishment. But with Jimin, you really felt the excitement and the joy in dancing. You were able to feel every part of the music with your body, and it was the same rush you got from singing.

Reality came rushing back to you when the music stops, your eyes snap open as you pulled away from Jimin. You didn’t know if you could trust him, this could end up the same as every other time. You continued to stare at the floor until you hear his cheerful clap. “You did really well! You really felt the music. You’re not as bad as everyone said you are.”

“Thanks.” You mumbled, nervously pulling at the sleeves of your sweater. He smiles again, man this guy can’t stop smiling. He was like a smiling machine, not that you didn’t like it. In fact his smiles gave you more encouragement than the usual dull faces you were so used to seeing. He starts the music again but this time he watched you dance.

You felt embarrassed at first but you were able to get rid of the shyness. You felt a small trust towards him, he wasn’t like your usual dance instructors. You were able to dance without any stress of punishment. You continued to improve more in one week with Jimin than in the few months with the others. You were proud of yourself for once.

As time passed Jimin noticed you got a lot happier and you were a lot more excited for practice than before. Despite how much longer it was compared to his own practices, as well as how little breaks you got. He also noticed how poorly the company treats you, especially the meals that shouldn’t even be called meals.

He was also able to learn more about you. He learned your interests and facts, surprised at how much in common you two had. Behind that shy girl was a bright friendly person that melted Jimin’s heart. He wasn’t sure but he thinks that he might be falling for you. You were such an amazing person but you were treated so poorly. He always wonders how you make it through.

But then he heard you sing. It was before your dance practice and Jimin got their early, not knowing what to do he walked around. That’s when he heard a beautiful voice. Curious he peeked inside the room to see you having vocal lessons. He couldn’t believe how amazing your voice was, that’s when he knew how you made it through.

You had a dream, you have a passion for singing. You’re willing to put a lot of effort in this, no matter what. That’s when he really fell for you. Knowing that you were someone who could do anything for their dream. He just hoped you don’t overwork yourself…


It was another day of practice when lunch time rolls around and you stare down at your practically empty lunch box. The small smile you had on your face disappeared as hunger took over. You sighed as you picked at the rice that could be finished in a few bites and extremely small amount of vegetables. Jimin was about to head out for his own lunch when he saw yours.

“Is that really enough? That’s barely anything.” He frowned, you nodded as you took a bite of your food. “This isn’t right. You should have a better lunch than this.”

“It’s fine Jimin. You know my company will only ever let me eat this much.” You answered in a flat tone.

“You know what? No, I’ve stood around long enough to know that you’re not healthy. You’re lacking nutrients. Which is why you’re coming with me to lunch right now.” Jimin demanded, grabbing your hand in his, pulling you up.


“Plus you did very well in practice these past weeks. I think I should treat you.” He smiled, “Come on, you’ll thank me later.” You nodded as you held his hand tighter before he led you out of the building and to a Korean barbeque restaurant around the corner. You are quickly seated with the lack of costumers.

“Eat however much you want. It’s on me and no, you cannot refuse because I am your Sunbae.” He grins, handing you the menu before turning to the waiter, “We’ll have the all you can eat please!”

“Jimin, I can’t thank you enough.” You said giving him a smile, his eyes widen in shock. This was the first time he’s seen you actually smile for real. It was a smile from the heart and it caused his own to beat like crazy. Who knew your smile could be so beautiful?

“You don’t need to thank me.” He chuckled, grabbing your cheeks with both his hands, “God you’re so cute.” You quickly brushed his hands away before covering your red face with the menu. A soft smile appeared on your blushing face as you told him what you wanted to eat, still hiding behind the menu.

Why does he treat you so well? Why did your heart beat so fast? It’s probably nothing, he’s probably just being nice. You thought as the waiter asked if you were done with the menu. You stared at him for a second, apologizing before handing him back the menu. He gave you a small smile before heading back into the kitchen to grab your food. You looked up at Jimin to see his hand covering his mouth trying not to laugh. You glared at him, causing him to burst out in laugher.

“I’m sorry, but seeing your flushed face is so funny and cute.” He said between laughs. You couldn’t help but laugh along with him. You haven’t been so happy in such a long time. If you never met Jimin you wouldn’t know what you would’ve done. He has become such an important person in your life that you can’t imagine what your life would have been like without him.

Did that mean you liked him? Could it be possible to fall for him without knowing? You didn’t know, but what you did know was that you felt like yourself with him. You felt free and happy.
After a great lunch, you walked back to the company with him. And as you approach the studio, one of your managers were there waiting for you. His head turned towards you, “Where were you?”

“Oh, I-” Jimin tried to explain but your manager cut him off.

“I wasn’t talking to you. Y/N, where were you?” He hissed, arms crossed in front of his chest.

“It was lunch time and Jimin wanted to award me for improving so well with a lunch.” You mumbled looking down at your feet. You knew you shouldn’t have given into Jimin’s offer. You didn’t mind being punished but you were worried about what might happen with Jimin.

“Jimin, I would appreciate if you followed our company’s rules. Y/N is our trainee and we have set her a reasonable amount of food and time for practice. It would be great if you don’t randomly take her out for lunch, this could ruin her figure.” He went on, “We might have to talk about your position in this company.”

“Reasonable amount? I don’t think so. Maybe you might think that it’s reasonable but you’re not giving her enough! The amount of food you give her is ridiculously low. You can’t even feed a rabbit with that much food! Not to mention her long practices, I get that dancing isn’t one of her strengths but she needs rest to do better. How can she improve if she isn’t healthy? Or if she isn’t well rested? If anything I think this company needs to treat her better.” Jimin argued, you could tell he was furious. You reached for his hand telling him it was okay and that he shouldn’t worry. He stares at you with saddened eyes before your manager speaks up again.


“Mr. Park, I think it’s best if we talk to you about personal boundaries. How our company treat our artists and trainees are none of your business. Remember we hired you to help us. We don’t need your advice. Please come follow me, we should talk to the CEO.” As your manager walked out with Jimin you had a feeling that this might be the last time you’ll ever see him.

And you were right. The next day you were introduced to a new dance teacher. You weren’t given an explanation, you didn’t need one because you knew exactly why he wasn’t there anymore. Once again you were alone, broken, and had nobody. Jimin had told you that it will all be worth it soon but you didn’t know if you could believe that again. Not when he was out of your life.


Jungkook watched as Jimin paced back and forth in their studio. They were having a break before starting practice again. The younger member had noticed something off about Jimin, he wasn’t as focused as usual. It was strange; and Jungkook started to think it had to do with the new trainee he was helping.

“Hyung?” Jimin’s head turned to the Maknae’s direction as he stopped pacing. “Are you okay? You seem a little off.”

“Yeah I’m fine, why wouldn’t I be okay?” Jimin laughed nervously, hand rubbing the back of his neck.

“Cut the bullshit, you’ve been pacing around the room all day.” Yoongi growled, gaining the attention of the all the other members. “It’s annoying. So just tell us what’s wrong.”

“Yeah come on Hyung” Jungkook whined with puppy eyes and a small pout.  Jimin sighed looking down at the floor before answering, “I’m worried about Y/N. The company isn’t treating her right. She’s not getting the nutrients or the break her body needs. She’s going to break down. A-and I don’t know what to do! The company told me I’ve done enough and I had to leave, which means I can’t take care of her anymore!”

The members stared at Jimin as he ranted with his hands tangling his hair in frustration. In all honesty none of them knew what to do. They could tell Jimin really cared for this girl and that they should help, even if they didn’t know you. From what Jimin told them, you desperately needed their help.

“What if we transfer her to our company?” Taehyung suggested, the others stared at him, surprised at his suggestion.

“Yeah, that could work. Okay. How about you go find her right now and we’ll go talk to Bang PD-nim?” Jin told Jimin, everyone nodded and agreed with the idea. Just when they were about to leave, Namjoon stopped everyone to ask, “Wait, what about practice?”

“We’re on break aren’t we?” Taehyung chuckled, “Come on let’s go. We’ll go ask Bang PD-nim for you and you go look for her. We can meet here if he says yes. And I’m pretty sure he will.”

Jimin happily arrived at your studio ready to tell you their suggestion. He was excited that he could finally do something to help you. As he approached the studio’s glass door, he watched you dance. You were alone dancing tiredly to the music, when you suddenly stopped. Your hand reached your head shaking the dizziness off.

Jimin knew exactly what was going on, before you had a chance to fall on the floor he burst through the doors catching you just in time. He stared at your unconscious body before calling out to you. Y/N! Y/N!“

No answer. There was only one solution left. He had to take you to the hospital.

Quickly he carried you on his back, rushing outside to grab a cab. He really hoped you were alright.


Jimin stared at your sleeping figure as the doctors words echoed in his head. "Thank god you brought her to the hospital. She was clearing lacking nutrients and sleep. Her body is not healthy and the excessive exercise did not help. She needs a lot of rest and Proper nutrients to recover.”

He knew the company wasn’t giving enough to you but he didn’t know it was this bad. That’s when he knew for sure that you wouldn’t stay in that company anymore. You had to transfer somewhere else, even if it wasn’t to BigHit. As long as it wasn’t the one you were currently at.

He watched as your eyes opened slowly, blinking a few times before realizing where you were. You started to sit up as you looked around, “Jimin?”

“Whoa, slow down there. Your body is still very weak.” He told you, helping you sit up.

“W-where am I? Is this the hospital? What happened?” You asked, practically whispering, your weak state made it hard for you to talk.

“I stopped by the studio to tell you something and you fainted during practice. I rushed you to the hospital. The doctor said your body is very weak, especially from the lack of nutrients and sleep, you need rest if you want to recover.” Jimin explained, staring at his hand over yours. He had held it so tightly just a couple of hours ago when he was waiting for your results. He was so worried that it was something bad, but luckily it wasn’t.

“Thank you Jimin, but I should probably head back to the studio…” You whispered, staring off in to space. You knew your manager probably looking for you, and if you didn’t head back soon another punishment awaits you.

“You can’t and I wouldn’t let you. Your company is too much, they didn’t take care of you. You’re hurt a-and I can’t let that happen again.” He mumbled, not understanding why you would still want to go back to that place.

“Jimin, where else could I go? I have to go back or else I’ll have to suffer through another punishment.” You sighed, looking at Jimin’s hurt expression.

“You’re not going anywhere.” A voice interrupted, the door opened to reveal a smiling Taehyung. “We talked to Bang PD-nim and he said yes! He has heard your vocals and seen your skills, you’re accepted to our company!”

At first you were confused, but Jimin then explained everything to you. You can now leave your current company without giving up on your dream. You couldn’t be happier, especially how Jimin –and the rest of the boys- helped you quit.

Your manager found out about what happened and met you at the hospital. Jimin told him about your situation and how it violated your contract, which meant you’re no longer eligible to be a part of their company and can officially be a part of BigHit. You’ve finally found your path again, but this time there was someone walking this path with you.

You watched as your former manager threw a stack of paper onto the floor before stomping out the room, shutting the door in a loud slam. Taehyung quickly slips into the room along with the rest of the BTS members. They started congratulating you and welcoming you to their company. But they were quickly shooed out by the nurses telling them that you needed to sleep.    

“Jimin?” You called before the blonde haired boy could leave, “C-can you stay with me?”

A smile spread on his face as he rushed over towards you, “Of course.” You watched as he took a seat on the chair next to your bed. “I’ll stay here as long as you need.”

“Thank you, Jimin. You really saved me.” You chuckled, “I-I just…”

You tried to speak but the words wouldn’t come out, instead you felt your eyes tearing up. Drops of tears started to fall and Jimin took a notice, “Hey, hey, why are you crying?”

“B-because… I don’t know why you would go through so much trouble t-to help someone l-like me.” You sniffed, choking on your words. You didn’t realize it before but Jimin was a lot more important to you than you thought. He was more than just a friend, and he was definitely more than just an instructor.  Jimin was your light, he was your guide. He is the person that saved you from months of torture. He is the person you loved.

“Well it was because I like you Y/N. Don’t take it the wrong way.” He quickly explained, “I would’ve helped you even if I didn’t like you, but because I did I just… became a lot more selfless. You’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen and your voice was just amazing! It hurt to see you so broken, I just had to save you.”

The tears continued to flow down your face, you tried to look at him, but you couldn’t. Yours eyes shut tight. You didn’t know what to feel. Embarrassed? Happy? A soft chuckle left his lips as his hands cupped your face, brushing his thumb over the tears. His hands slowly brought your face up to look at him. “Y/N, look at me. I want you to look at me.”

Your eyes opened to see the sweet smile on his face, “Jimin… I-I don’t know what to say. I just… I just want you to know that I’m so thankful that you came into my life. If you haven’t… I don’t know what I would’ve done. Thank you for saving me, and thank you for… letting me experience how it feels to like someone.”

His eyes widened at your sudden confession, he hadn’t expected you to feel the same way. But there you were confessing your love to him. “W-what did you say? Say it again.”

“No nothing, I didn’t say anything.” You mumbled with a giggle as you looked away.

“Fine, I’ll just leave then.” He got up from his chair, and headed for the door.

“No wait! I’ll say it again.” You called out, looking down at your fiddling fingers. A smirk appeared on his face as he sits back down. “B-but you have to close your eyes.”

Jimin nodded at your request before closing his eyes. But after a few minutes passed he still hasn’t heard what he wanted. He quickly grew impatient, “I’m waiti-”

Before he could finish his sentence he felt something soft against his lips, his eyes opened wide to see your lips on his. Your eyes were closed as well, before he could react, you pulled away. Leaving him and his mouth opened in shock, completely speechless.

“I-I like you, a lot. And I’m really thankful you saved me.” You mumbled, looking down at your fingers again.

“I’m really glad I saved you too.” He smiled, bring your face up to look at him again, “And I’ll do it again and again. Whenever you need me, I’ll be there to save you. Forever.”

A shade of pink blush spread across your face as you repeated his words in your mind. He chuckled at your next reply, “Well then… maybe I should try saving you sometimes too.”

“You’ve already saved me… with love.”

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Unexpected (Vampire!Yoongi)

Request: Hello! If you have time, can you please do a vampire!AU for Yoongi from BTS? It doesn’t necessarily have to be smutty, just however you think he would act as a vampire with a human girlfriend~

Summary: A relationship with Vampire!Yoongi is just full of surprises and unexpected moments.

Tags: Fluff, comedy (?), Vampire!Yoongi, mentions of sex, mentions of blood and violence

Word Count: 2.3K

Note: I hope you enjoy this! I had fun writing this ahaha tell me whatchu think :D 

Originally posted by lethargicmin

In your life, there were unexpected things that seemed weird to you or that didn’t make sense. Like why people ate salt and strawberries together, or why you hadn’t died yet even though you were a clumsy mess. One of the things that didn’t make sense to you was how you managed to get an amazing boyfriend, but something that just really didn’t make any sense whatsoever, was how he was a vampire.

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sarcasticambiguity  asked:

Hi, hello I just came by to say thank you for Hispanic Apollo and I would like to know if you have any more headcanons about him

Hello!! I sadly cannot take credit for Hispanic Apollo (I have no idea who created him, I’m sorry!) but I CERTAINLY DO HAVE HEADCANONS ABOUT HIM!! BUCKLE UP BUDS

(Also, a sidenote: I am not Latinx or Hispanic and I would like to apologise if I get anything wrong, please feel free to correct me!! …Politely, please!)

  • Clay’s nickname for him is “Pollo” and Apollo is extremely offended by this because THAT MEANS CHICKEN CLAY YOU CAN’T CALL ME THAT oh yeah Pollo I’ll call you whatever I want OH YEAH WELL I’M GONNA CALL YOU yeah I’M GONNA CALL YOU what are you gonna call me Pollo SHUT UP I CAN’T SHORTEN CLAY THIS ISN’T FAIR oh man that’s just too bad Pollo I HATE YOU
  • Whenever he gets excited or angry, he starts speaking extremely rapid Spanish without realising?? and he does this in court all the time and the poor Judge is always just like???? Mr. Justice please
    • He also mutters under his breath in Spanish constantly, probably the little sarcastic asides we get in brackets. everyone who knows him becomes instantly paranoid when he starts doing this
    • and when he’s startled he will yell out in Spanish. usually cusses
    • Klavier thinks it’s really hot rip (soz everything becomes klapollo with me lmao)
  • SPEAKING OF KLAPOLLO so I have this headcanon that Klav and Pollo would adopt kids if they got together, and I really like the idea of them being bilingual or possibly multilingual (klav is totally a fake German but I’m pretty sure he can speak it so there’s that)? So they grow up speaking mostly English but there would also be a few Spanish and German words and phrases mixed in there because they’re just too little to really distinguish between languages
    • Except most of the Spanish that the kids know comes from Apollo’s angry ranting? Which is primarily swear words
    • So they’ll be eating dinner sometime and one of the kids just blurts out FUCK
    • and Apollo SPITS OUT HIS FOOD and Klavier is like WHAT WHAT DID THEY SAY and Apollo’s like choking NOTHING NOTHING THEY SAID NOTHING
    • they have a Serious Talk later in which Apollo informs them about no-no words and also about how they can never, ever tell their father about this, ever (Apollo has a potty mouth and Klavier always insists NOT IN FRONT OF THE KIDS)
    • of course the kids don’t listen and they just keep spouting shit just to mess with poor Apollo so Apollo just keeps like, inventing word meanings whenever Klavier asks (”Apollo what does ‘hijo de puta’ mean” “uh, um, it means, ‘good morning kind sir’”)
    • But then Klavier starts learning the words too and thinks they mean nice things and like, he’s talking to a new Spanish prosecutor one day and lets loose a whole stream of profanity and the poor prosecutor is like????? Excuse me????
    • Cue an EXTREMELY uncomfortable phone call that Apollo does Not enjoy
    • The kids don’t stop giggling for a week afterwards because anytime they say anything in Spanish Klavier will instantly stop what he’s doing and just. glare at Apollo, who just shrinks

I think that’s all the specifically Hispanic Apollo headcanons I have at the moment? I’ll probably come up with more!! but GOD i have so many Apollo headcanons (and klapollo headcanons) and other headcanons honestly if you’re ever interested in them then hmu!!!

anonymous asked:

hello, can i have this scenario “will you stop flirting with me you just got seriously injured and i’m the EMT trying to tend to your wounds in the ambulance, i don’t give a fuck that i look cute when i’m concerned, you’re lucky you’re not dead you dipshit” with kuroo and oikawa? thanks

bing bang bong here’s a long awaited scenario

Kuroo couldn’t feel his legs, the searing pain that’s supposed to come with the car crash, the broken shards of glass prickling at his skin, but he could feel the blood that ran down his forehead tickling his ear.

“Hello? Sir, can you hear me?” At first, he couldn’t, the voices that float above him was subsided by the ringing in his ear. He could only process the question and the owner of the voice after he opened his eyes, which instantly close after you shined a flashlight over him.

He produced a groan, temporarily blinded by the light on his face.

“Sir?” He tentatively opened his eyes, this time there was no sudden light, except for the tolerable amount of light lighting up the space he was in. Before him, was an unfamiliar face, the kind of face that you spot in a crowd and got your attention for an extra second more compared to other faces.

“Sir, are you aware of what happened to you?” Your face contorted to concern, and the longer Kuroo took to focus on you and how beautiful you would look if the frown that painted your face was replaced with a smile, the more he took notice of the siren blaring, muffled by the walls of the space he occupied, the various medical tools and labelled drugs in a small cabinet. He was in an ambulance.

“Yeah, I’m dead and now I’m welcomed with the face of an angel.” He wished his voice could’ve been in a better condition, he sounded like a choking frog, but you didn’t seem to care. You were busy, patching him up as best as you could, asking questions too fast for him to answer.

And then the flashlight was back on his face, this time Kuroo was prepared for it so he didn’t seem to mind it very much. He wasn’t prepared for you to lean in closer to him, just enough so the curtains of hair that fell brushed his cheekbones and swayed with each bumps that the ambulance pushed through.

“I need you to follow the light, okay?” Kuroo could understand your request, but he didn’t follow the light that moved to the right and left, his eyes were trained on you, a grin pulled at his lips seeing the panic on your face. He knew it was kind of mean of him to cause distress for you, but the last thing he needed was to fret over his condition, he needed something to distract him, and fortunately you were more than enough to do it.

“Oh no.” Cold fingertips peeled his eyelids wider, and Kuroo’s breath hitched for a moment at the contact. “Why would my eyes follow the light? I’m looking at something much brighter and prettier anyways.”

You retracted yourself from him and huffed, almost tempted to slap him for worrying you. 

“You’re injured, and on your way to a hospital, you could actually die.” Kuroo didn’t need that painful reminder, the stabbing pain on his torso was slowly getting to him already.

“At least I got to die next to someone so purrfect.” He felt accomplished upon hearing your choked laughter, and it helped distracted him from the increasing pain he’s now aware of.

“You’re a weird one, aren’t you?”

“I’d like to think the word you’re looking for is: hot to the extreme.”

“Ok, I think you need to shut up now, because that one was just terrible.”

“Only if you tell me your name, and promise to hold my hand when the doctor’s in.”

“Please tell me you have an off switch before I knock you out myself.”

Oikawa felt like an idiot for landing himself in an ambulance. He wasn’t aware of how hard he hit the pole—to be fair, Mattsun’s joke was really funny and Oikawa is known to be the ‘head banging laughter’ kind of guy—but he forgot all occurrences that happened after he laughed and before he got in the ambulance.

But he felt like an even bigger idiot for looking like an idiot who got injured in an idiotic way. Plus, the attractive person attending to him in the ambulance was quietly laughing at him whenever they turned their back to him.

“You’re so mean, laughing at an injured man.” He sighed dramatically while you slowly dabbed cotton drenched in alcohol on his injured head to sterilize the wound. Oikawa took this as a chance to heightened his drama queen act and yowl at the stinging pain.

You jumped, alarmed by Oikawa, “Oh, are you okay?” You were afraid that the injury was far deeper than it seemed and began checking on the wound to look for any other possible far worse injuries.

“Ah, I don’t think so, maybe you should kiss it better?”

A moment of silence passed, Oikawa’s exuberant and over confident smile has yet to disappear, even after seeing the indifference in your expression.

“You’re ridiculous, you might have suffered from some head trauma, that might explain this.”

His pout was adorable, but it was not something you should pay attention to. However, Oikawa was persistent, and will not give up before he redeems himself in your eyes.

“And now you’re insulting my personality? Why must the beautiful ones always be so cruel?”

“The same reason why you can’t be quiet and take this seriously, you’re in an ambulance, people usually panic over this.” Oikawa shrugged wiping off the blood that dripped from the tip of his curly brown hair. He was just fortunate that it wasn’t his arms or legs that got injured, if they did, perhaps Oikawa would’ve reacted differently towards the situation.

“It’ll heal. I’m a strong man you know, I play volleyball. But I can do other things to, like take pretty girls on dates they will surely enjoy.” He ended his line with a flirty wink, hopefully he still looked attractive with blood on his hair and a bruise on his forehead.

“And I have a syringe that I’m not afraid to use.” Oikawa didn’t think you were serious until you pulled one from your pocket, to which he pushed himself back and away from you, eyes wide in fear.

“If you can’t even handle a syringe, I don’t think you can handle me.”

Oikawa was silent for the whole ambulance ride, submissive to your orders and questions, he couldn’t believe he managed to make an even bigger fool of himself by being himself.

“Get rekt.” You whispered under your breath as Oikawa was rolled out of the ambulance in his stretcher, crying silently to himself about how ‘uncool’ he’s become.