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Intertwined Chapter 4

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Steve x Reader

Warnings: ANGST. Depression, Violence, Smut, Mutant Reader (ALWAYS) powers include immortality, healing and telekinesis. Currently can’t think of anything else. 

Summary: 5 years after the events of CACW, you are the live-in therapist for the newly reconciled Avengers, Steve’s Fiancé. The first words your soulmate speaks appears on your body, but only after your first conversation has taken place, making it impossible to know who your soulmate is, what will happen when Steve brings Bucky too live at the compound?  

Song: Blink 182 Obvious

I saw you again
I think you used me again
Should we try this before we give up and move on
And pretend to restore what we have and hold on
At times like these
It’s obvious 

The fights been raging for what feels like hours, remnants of a vase lay shattered on the floor from your aimed throw at Steve’s head, There’s a hole in the wall where Steve put his fist through it, you’re hurling insults at him, He’s steadily getting redder with every word out of your mouth “you haven’t touched me in a week Steve! Am I that fucking repulsive? Do you hate me that much?” your breaking down in front of him, tears are streaming down your face “you cant even look me in the eye! You’re a fucking coward!” you  spit he takes two long steps forward, grabbing you by the arms and shaking you slightly “Don say things ya cant take back doll, I don’ even know who ya are anymore!” he hisses “I’m getting sick of playin second fiddle to Bucky, you better make a decision” you’re eyes narrow “Fuckin typical of you Steven! Heaping the blame straight onto my shoulders! Get your self -righteous head outta your ass and open your eyes!” “The hell do ya mean? I gave you space! I see the way you’re eyein him when you think I aint lookin! I won’t be surprised if its gon’ further than that!”  Crack, you’re panting, the red imprint of your hand marking his flawless porcelain skin, his mouth is opening and closing, searching for something, anything to say that will fix the cluster fuck that you both seem to have created, clenching his jaw he takes a deep breath and says “I love you, but we aint happy, we gotta either fix this mess or give up on it, I hate the thought of you with him, but if that’s what it takes then I won’t stand in your way, if you wanna be with me then be with me, you can’t have it both ways doll” he steps away from you, “Let me know what ya decide, ill take one of the open rooms in the compound till ya can tell me what ya want” he adds, he moves to kiss your forehead, but you shove him away from you “you don’t get to do that Steve! you aren’t even going to try and fight for us? MAKE UP YOUR MIND!”

“this is not my decision (y/n), it’s yours” he somberly replies

“so you’re just gonna walk out on me? This isn’t fair Steve, we’re supposed to be partners, We’re supposed to mean something!” you sob

“Guess it didn’t mean as much as we thought it did” he replies as he leaves.

I saw you again
I know you fucked him again
Can you comfort yourself with a sense of revenge
Are you leaving me here with the taste of the end

Bucky’s POV:

Bucky had heard the screams emitting from your bedroom and cautiously made his way toward the noise, scanning the corridors for a threat, he ducks into a corner as he sees Steve exiting the bedroom, he knows that look, that’s the look he gets whenever he wakes screaming from a nightmare, drenched in sweat ans shivering with the horror, making his way to the open door, he spies broken glass and plaster scattered around the floor, you’re a mess, face blotchy and red from crying Fuck Steve He think as he watches you sink to the floor, letting out a wail that has tears coming to his eyes, he rushes forward gathering you in his arms he rocks you backward and forwards, making vague shushing noises, hoping you get some sort of comfort from his presence, your shaking in his arms, tears soaking through his shirt, he absently strokes your hair “I’m here Printsessa” he soothes “let it out”

At times like these
It’s obvious
At times like these
It’s obvious

This is his fault, he should never have come here, he should have gone back to Bucharest when he had the chance, in the space of a few weeks he’s managed to fall in love with his best friends girl, and what seems to him, break them up, he takes in your sobbing form sprouting out incoherent sentences, all he can make out is “Bucky”, “Please” and “Make it stop it” and he breaks, the fuck is wrong with him? What has he done? Your sobbing is calming down some when he hears you whisper “Please don’t leave me too James” he gives you a watery smile “I ain goin anywhere darlin”

I saw you again and again and again
There’s some room to move on, to move on, to move on
And I saw you again and again and again
How do we fix this if we never have vision

Your POV: 

Bucky picks you up bridal style and lays you down on the bed, placing a lingering kiss on your wet cheek, your insides ache, Steve just walked out, a 5 year relationship down the drain, and you couldn’t wrap your head around it, you wouldn’t believe it, couldn’t believe it. you are handling everything wrong, you’re destroying more than just your own relationship, you’re dragging down a friendship that spans a century, you need to stop this now, before you do irreparable harm to them both, you cant be with Steve without hurting Bucky, And you cant be with Bucky without hurting Steve, you can be without them both and hurt only yourself though. With that final heart wrenching thought you utter the words that you know will haunt you for the rest of your long life:


Shock doesn’t even begin to cover his expression “ Wha’ (y/n) No, we-”

“Get. Out. Find Steve. Fix this”

“Don’ do this” He begs

“Leave, right now. I don’t want you here” you lie

The pure gut wrenching sorrow on Bucky’s face almost has you taking back every horrible thing you’ve said, but then Bucky’s face hardens, winter Soldier replacing the warm caring man you have come to know. the look he gives you is so full of venom you physically recoil from it, “Tha’s right doll, let’s ignore each other, Try to pretend the other person doesn’t exist, but deep down we both know it wasn’t supposed to end like this” and with that he turns to leave slamming the door on his way out. 

You cry yourself to sleep. 

At times like these
It’s obvious
At times like these
It’s obvious

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It’s 3 A.M., I Must Be Lonely

“Uncomfor- no, Steve, that’s not,” Bucky runs a hand down his face, trying to keep from staring at Steve’s impressive pectoral muscles and abs because he doesn’t want to make the blond angrier than he already is.

“Then what,” Steve growls, leaning into Bucky’s personal space, and Bucky might faint dead away like a Victorian maiden in a romance novel, he really might. Because he is not prepared for that low, hoarse voice or that intense stare or the way Steve’s nose nearly brushes against his own. “Is your problem?”

In which Bucky Barnes is slightly bowled over by his neighbor’s lack of clothing, and Steve is shy and grumpy until he isn’t.

Read it on AO3 here.

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BBRae Week: Day 2

Awkward Moments vs Primal 

RATED: [M] for suggestive content.

Beast Boy had had some crazy ideas before.

Heck, he was practically full of them.

Maybe that was why hardly any of his teammates took his suggestions seriously. To be fair, he did make most of them in jest.

Unfortunately, this hadn’t really changed once he’d started dating Raven.

What he hadn’t been expecting, however, was for her to agree to something he’d semi-seriously mentioned offhandedly.

Pacing in his room, feeling high-strung, nervous, and uncomfortable, Beast Boy was still struggling with the notion that his girlfriend had decided to humor him and his ridiculous proposition.

Not only was it extremely risky, it was also extremely…weird.

[follow the cut for more!]

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anonymous asked:

Abby finds out she's pregnant and cant decide to how tell Marcus they will never meet their baby or that they somehow became pregnant before and they will only have a certain amount of time with their child. THANKS FOR SHIPPING AND WRITING FICS!!!!

Okay, because my brain cannot abide that specific scenario, I decided to do something equally yowch but slightly less apocalyptic - Abby has a miscarriage and doesn’t communicate with her partner until it’s too late. (This subject hits really close to home for me, so… yeah.) Sad-as-hell sequel to this ficlet; PG13-ish for content reasons ahem (miscarriage & blood & grief & so on). Also posted on AO3.

In fairness, Abby doesn’t realize what’s happened to her body until everything comes crashing down around her.

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The (sorta) continuation of “Easy

If you speak Spanish, please forgive me google translate.

(Also I just realized the scene that starts this fic and ends my Frederick one are extremely similar. Whoops. Apparently I think lying on beds in only lingerie is an important seduction tool)


Imagine being Nevada’s girlfriend and seducing him to get your way.


You had plans for tonight. Big plans. Plans that depended on you winning.

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beepy-sheep  asked:

Hi! love your writings, especially your DexNursey ones, so cute! If you find to time could you write something about how the SMH is fucking around and decides to play 7 Minutes In Heaven cause why not? and its Dex and Nursey in the closet and Dex is really bad at hiding his feelings.

If you had asked Dex a few years ago what he thought college would be like, he’d have told you it was like this. Sitting in a semi-gross house, with a group of cool people, talking and laughing and playing dumb drinking games. He pauses for a second to take it all in, because he really does love this. It’s not a party or a kegster, more of like a hang-out, and no one’s trashed out of their minds, but they’re all pleasantly buzzed. Chowder is kicking Ransom’s ass at Quarters on the living room table, Bitty and Holster are arguing about what playlist they should be listening to, and everyone else is engaged in easy conversation. It’s exactly how Dex wants college to be.

So of course the whole thing is ruined by one Derek Nurse, who is currently in the corner of the room with Whiskey and Tango, screaming, “You’ve never played Seven Minutes in Heaven?”

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generatorcat  asked:

Tim and Jason waking up handcuffed together, the key lost along with their clothes and memories of the night before. The handcuffs are Special and cannot be picked, and the boys are forced to go to the manor for help, to the amusement of the family.

Handcuffs - Part One

Beep, beep, beep.

Tim’s eyes fluttered open. A smooth, familiar white ceiling hung over his head.

His throat was dry in a way that told him he’d spent the previous night drinking a regrettable amount.

But what else would be expected at Bruce Wayne’s birthday party?

Beep, beep, beep. 

He lifted his head off the pillow and glanced out the window to spy a moving truck backing up into a driveway across the street.

It was hard to tell the time with the sky being so gray. He could probably get in another half hour of sleep before he had to meet up with Steph.

He closed his eyes and listened to the sound of muffled voices for a while, letting the gentle noises lull him back into a relaxed state. When he lifted his left hand to scratch an itch on his face, there was something heavy weighing it down. He tried to yank his arm free, but he was met with a sharp, cutting pain at the wrist that made him gasp.

He turned over to identify the problem and then promptly wished he hadn’t.

A body lay directly next to him in bed. From the size and shape and feint smell of old smoke he’d only just picked up on, he had a pretty good idea of whom it might be. 

“Jason?” he asked as dread began to settle heavy at the pit of his stomach. But there was no mistaking the white fringe that curled onto the other man’s forehead.

“Tim,” Jason said in a voice that didn’t sound like he’d just woken up. It sounded like he’d been conscious for a while.

Waiting and thinking, Tim thought, his belly clenching again. Never a good combination for Jason, even under the best of circumstances.

“What is—why are we—?” Tim couldn’t find it in him to say the words.

“You don’t even know yet, do you?” Jason asked, turning his steely blue eyes on Tim.

He swallowed. “Know what?”

There was a sharp tug, and Tim’s attention was drawn down to his wrist. Between them on the bed, a pair of shiny handcuffs attached his left wrist to Jason’s right. 

The sight was almost more shocking than finding himself in bed with Jason. “Why are we handcuffed together?”

“Wish I knew, Timmy,” Jason shrugged.

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Winter Wonderland pt. 2 (AoU)Pietro x Reader

Title: Winter Wonderland pt. 2      (pt. 1) 

Pairing: (AoU) Pietro Maximoff x Reader

Genre: Smut, humor

Warnings: NSFW, language

A/N: Especially huge thanks to tardis-221b-67impala and thesilvertrouble
for proof reading this and helping me out!  Also, many thanks to im-an-octopus for giving me tips and helping me get over my embarrassment!

Why did his stupid face have to be so goddamn perfect, and why did the simple action of his vocal cords producing sound in that stupidly perfect accent get you so damn flustered?  Who the hell did he sacrifice to the Gods of beauty and grace to get such an unfathomably well-sculpted body, more specifically such an unfathomably well-sculpted ass? Moreover, which God thought it was fair to humanity to put someone so insanely and alluringly divine on the planet, a true Adonis among men? You mentally noted to ask Thor each of these questions in impeccable detail when you regained your capability to think and speak clearly.

The feeling of those small, chaste touches the two of you had shared beneath your blanket fortress should not have been so problematic for your mental clarity, and the color of his eyes should not be the only one you could picture now. The white on your walls turned ice blue, like his irises, and the red of your bedspread was sea green, like the little flecks in those aforementioned crystal eyes. If simply existing in his presence could make your knees weak, your heart melt, and your mouth babble like an idiot, imagine what his quick kisses could do.

Actually, imagining his soft lips being anywhere near your body did not help clear your currently fogged mind or dissipate the pooling heat gathering below your stomach in any way, shape, or form. What you were preparing to do seemed wrong and vile in every aspect of the word, he was your friend and he trusted you: this would extend the lines of any acceptable boundaries that your friendship had constructed. That any friendship could construct. However, the fact that it seemed so wrong made it feel so incredibly and so fantastically satisfying.

Starting the hot tap in the glass-paned shower, you tested the cool waters raining down with an unsteady hand before carefully undressing, taking as much time as you needed to cope with the reality of what you were doing, of what you needed to do. ‘He won’t ever know, he won’t be able to judge me’.

Inhaling deeply to attempt to steady your racing mind, you stepped fully into the heat and sighed as the drops rolled down your body and caressed each supple curve gently, such a routine feeling had now turned painfully seductive to your wanton thoughts. You could practically feel his deft and experienced fingers toying with your exposed skin, pressing here and tugging there, or his mouth trailing down and nipping you in places your own fingers couldn’t even find.

Using the normal need to bathe as an excuse to run your fingers against your breasts and thighs, you lathered your rose-scented bodywash in slow circles across your abdomen and legs, rolling your head back against the tiled wall when you imagined your hands as his and your little grunts as a result of his touch. Tentatively, you dipped the tip of your index finger into the divot of your sex, moaning at the realization that you were dripping not because of the water, but because Pietro Maximoff had touched and spoken to and teased you. And that had driven you irrevocably mad with lust.

You leaned against the wall for support, not trusting your tingling legs to hold you in place, and felt electrified as the cold tiles bared against your skin and sent shivers down your spine. Quickly pressing more circles into your most sensitive spot with an unmatched fervor, you forgot to stifle your mewls and moans, gasping out “Pietro” from your agape mouth when you pictured what his lightning-fast fingers could do in place of your humanly slow ones.

If the wall had not been there to support your startled jolt, you would have split your skull open against the shower floor when the door slid open suddenly. Cold air prickled against your skin, causing your flesh to goose over. “What the fuck?” You shouted, scrambling to cover yourself and failing miserably.   

Standing there, almost heroically, was your personalized Adonis, otherwise known as the man whose name you had been moaning haphazardly and, unbeknownst to you, rather loudly just seconds prior. “You are not quiet, you know.” It seemed like an odd way to start this conversation. “I could hear you from the hallway.”  The horrified expression plastered on your face and the creeping blush traversing your completely exposed skin prompted him to continue. “It’s okay princeza, don’t worry. I’m not mad.”

Surprisingly, he maintained eye contact as he spoke in an attempt to make you more comfortable. “Tell me to leave and I will. I won’t mention this and I won’t ask any questions.”

Unsure of how your subconscious managed to muster the brazen confidence to blurt it out, you whispered “Don’t.”  and stepped over to make more room in the tight space. On cue, he slid his shirt over his abdomen teasingly slow before dropping it to the now water-misted ground, not caring where it landed. Seeing as his shoes were already off, he stepped closer to where you stood in the shower, not minding as the water soaked his jeans, and coaxed you out of the corner. He slid his nimble fingers down your wet arm and guided your hand to the belt loops of his pants, pulling you close enough to place a kiss on your lips.

Understanding the gesture as a sign that he wanted you to finish what he had started, you fumbled at the clasp of his jeans, surprising yourself as a giggle escaped your lips and reverberated off the tile walls when you couldn’t undo the little button. It was impossible to picture how awkward you had felt around him only hours prior as he was making you feel so comfortable and in control now. Smiling down at you and reciprocating the laugh as a gesture of goodwill, he claimed your fingers lightly in his and helped you unfasten him. Pulling soaked jeans and boxers off with one fatal swoop, he stood before in all of his natural glory.

To say that you had underestimated exactly how muscular and toned he was would be an underestimation in and of itself. To believe that anyone could be as perfectly cut as him was difficult in its own respect; furthermore, there was nothing to complain about in the size department, either. Before you could comment or express your appreciation of his divine form, you felt his hand tip your chin upwards. “Are you sure?” He asked softly, you nodded against his touch and stroked your free fingers across his abdomen and pectorals in response, savoring each dimple and dip in his hard flesh.

Tilting his head down, water trailed lazily off the slope of his nose and slipped down the curve of your breasts before dripping down your legs and pooling on floor. Lovingly, he parted your bottom lip from the top by pulling slightly on your chin and nuzzled his nose and forehead against yours before completing the kiss. While it was not fierce or crazed like the movies usually depicted, it was passionate and impossibly sweet, both descriptions you would never have thought to attribute to him. The way his deft tongue gently caressed your own made every inch of your body feel aflame. There was no stereotypical battle for dominance, only mutual discovery and heavenly attention as they darted and tangled together.

Slowly, he trailed nimble fingers down away from your chin and on to the top of your right breast, letting his thumb trace against your neck before resting softly against the peak of your nipple. There, he rubbed sweet circles and rotations in to the budding flesh before slipping his other hand down the line of your left shoulder and the shape of your hips. After slipping his hands down the bend of your ass and resting it at the bottom where buttocks met thigh, he brought his fingers towards your front and gently caressed your velvety opening.

Your breathing hitched ever so slightly against the curl of his lips as he brushed over you teasingly, he took the momentary lapse in contact to place his head in the crook of your neck and plant a series of wet, savory kisses against the skin of your shoulder before proceeding to your breasts.  Nipping and sucking just how you imagined, he swirled his tongue around your nipple and continued massaging both your breast and lower lips with calloused fingers.

Leaning against the wall in desperate search for support, you mewled as he unexpectedly kneeled, placing his mouth millimeters away from your most sensitive areas and breathing lightly against the skin of your inner thigh.  Looking up with a smile, he whispered “You smell like roses, princeza” before eagerly placing his moist lips against your slick clit and sucking softly. Fingers snaked in to his wet hair, you murmured small words of encouragement as he dipped his tongue in slithered it across your soaking opening and lips, hips accidently thrusting against his stubbled jaw as he devoured your sex.

Pausing momentarily, he mimicked your lighthearted laughter at these sporadic movements, smiling against you. As his tongue resumed its vibrations, he removed his fingers from your breasts, dragging them down your torso, and used them to spread you open, one digit after the other. Shuddering at the new sensation, you moaned “Oh fuck” into the crook of your arm, attempting to stifle your cries.

At this, he removed all traces of himself from your body and stood up. Noting your confused expression, he pulled you back into your previous embrace, his newly-gained hardness pressing against your stomach as his lips brushed kisses on your neck and jaw, “Are you ready?” You moaned into his touches and reached down between your bodies to stroke him, nodding and silently saying a prayer to thank whatever Gods there were that you had remembered to take your birth control pill that day.

You felt him shudder as your fingers stroked him up and down, gently tugging and bringing a wet thumb across his slit in encouragement. Before you could register what happened, he repositioned you with your back against the wall, one leg wrapped around his waist, ensuring you were comfortable before teasing your entrance by quickly dipping into you. “You feel so fucking good, princeza.”

Unlike his kisses and caresses, his fucking was franticly paced.  Fast, rhythmic thrusts repeatedly drove you further against the wall as you felt the rotations and contortions of his ass and hips with your leg and hand, moving in towards his movements desperately. Your other hand raked dull nails across the skin of his back in attempt to pull him closer to you, letting out a string of light expletives as he buried his head into your neck and his cock further into your body. “Fuck, Pie…Pietro!”

Pressing his lips tight against your shoulders, you felt him murmur words likely from his native tongue as you tangled a hand in his hair and pulled lightly. You grunted as he nipped your skin in response, increasing the speed and depth of his thrusts whenever you cried out until he felt you begin to tighten against him with incredible pleasure as you reached your peak. Riding you out, he slowed considerably and removed himself before spilling out at his climax. The water had gotten cold at some point, but neither of you had particularly noticed.

Turning off the water, he helped you out of the shower, being gentle with your sore body and aching hips. He dried you off carefully, rubbing the towel in soft circles to soak up any moisture without causing discomfort before he carried you to your bed.

He lay next to you, your head resting lightly on his chest as he breathed slowly, calming down from his high. “That was…”

“Yeah…” You interrupted, meeting his flickering gaze with a smile.

“So, do you want to catch a movie some time, maybe dinner?” He jokingly asked, playing loosely with strands of your hair as you cuddled.

“How romantic.” Rolling your eyes, you moved closer to him underneath the comforter, snaking an arm across his midsection.

“Ah, I try. But seriously Snowball, I’m taking you out.”

A/N This was my first smut fic, so I hope it wasn’t too horrible. I might do a more fluffy sequel to Winter Wonderland at some point. 

love or the lack thereof

malec // read it on ao3

It was no secret that Alec didn’t know what love was.

If it wasn’t something they learned in Shadowhunter training, it wasn’t something he bothered himself with learning about at all. Even if the love he might feel was something he could act upon, he wasn’t sure he actually would.

Love was never something he really believed in excluding the love you feel for your family or a very close friend. Did it come to you all at once, in short bursts, or so gradually you didn’t even notice it was happening? Was it supposed to make your heart go a mile a minute, or were you supposed to feel at ease? 

Alec had all the questions and none of the answers.

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drunk in love

6238 words, fwb!au with fratboy!tae and a tiny sprinkle of 2min because im trash lol

rated m

side note: tbh i only wanted to write fratboy!tae at a club but holy shit this turned out extremely long

*AASA: asian american student association


Everything starts, 500 kisses before and no alcohol involved, at a charity kissing booth in front of the school’s activity center for AASA’s ‘raise awareness for the children’ campaign.

Usually, the association plan things like carwashes, dunking pools, or selling calendars to raise funds but this year, with Namjoon, Yoongi and Hoseok calling the shots, you don’t have to hear the plan to already know it’s going to be bad.

And stupid.

“It’s a stupid idea,” you repeat as Hoseok walks you to the booth, smiling like rainbows and chocolate sprinkles combined.

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Body Switch IV

Running down the stairs is strangely easier for Kise in Aomine’s body. Instead of taking the stairs two at a time, he is pleased to discover he can now leap over a maximum of five steps and still make it down in one piece. Kise concludes that Aomine has steel coated lungs and a mountainous pile of stamina - his body is barely breaking a sweat after fifteen minutes of light running, jogging, and dodging various obstacles in Touou Academy’s school grounds.

Well, maybe Aomine was born a mutant and developed special skills during after school activities.

He isn’t surprised to discover he feels rather jealous.

Kise dashed past a group of teens with heads bent, hovering over a smartphone as they watched a video in the stairwell of Block B. He imagines Aomine as a secret agent on an undercover mission, toting a high tech handgun with an attached silencer, a katana and decked in a sleek, dark Kevlar bodysuit and looking as suave as Jomes Band in the 008 spy mission series that was currently airing on Channel AT9, if you subscribed to the action series pack, only 6,800 yen monthly, and an added 1,000 yen if you wanted an additional streaming of reality survival shows.

He pictures Aomine saving a hot blond, voluptuous female from being abducted and sold by an infamous drug cartel and then reaping the benefits later on somewhere in a luxurious hotel room with his newly acquired lady friend.

They would then proceed to fall in love and raise beautiful tanned, fair haired children of the future and retire to a quiet Japanese countryside home and coach basketball to a powerhouse school until the day Aomine would die of old age, a bad back and skin issues and his children would kindly donate his vast collection of gravure magazines to all deprived high school boys who loved sports.

The school bell rang, signaling the start of club activities. Kise shoved Aomine’s size eleven feet into his outdoor shoes, tossed his school shoes into his locker, and raced out into the sunshine, making a beeline for the train station. He was on his way to Kanagawa, to meet Aomine for a pre-planned after school meetup, mostly to play one on one, and partly to check up on how well his body was being taken care of.

The ride to his home city was painstakingly mind numbing. Kise had to stand in a crowd and endure a gaggle of third year girls from another neighboring school, spontaneous giggling outbursts, a sudden squealing fest and a lot of illegal gum chewing and smacking of lips as the girls applied, licked off and reapplied their lip glosses like unsatisfied makeup artists. Thankfully, he got off once the train slowed to a stop at a very familiar station, and then he was off racing to slap his electronic ticket onto the scanner and dive out through the sliding doors.

He arrived at the basketball court three blocks away from his house, panting and feeling a slight stitch in his side. Bent over, he supports Aomine’s weight with one hand on the fence, inhaling as much oxygen as he can manage.

Blond hair comes into view, and a fair skinned hand tilts his chin upwards. Eyes the color of amber meet his.

“Looking good.”

No shit, Kise thinks. That’s my face I’m looking at.

He catches himself, taking a step back and gives Aomine his brightest smile.

“Aominechii, hello. How have you been treating my body?”

Eyeballing him with a narrowed stare, Aomine grunts, and Kise finds it incredibly awkward to watch his body slouch, shrug, with one pinky finger in his right ear, digging for gold.

“S’okay I guess. I haven’t been using any of your face products though. Your face hasn’t fallen off yet so it’s pro’bly gonna be okay.” Aomine drawls lazily in Kise’s lowest tone.

Hearing his own voice drop deep like that brings shivers zinging up and down Kise’s - well, Aomine’s - spine.

“Bet you’ve been scaring everyone in school, huh.” Kise replies, dropping his gaze to rove the rest of his original body.


Aomine has dressed him in a black t-shirt, the rattiest pair of basketball jersey shorts he owns - from way back during Teiko days - and his Asics basketball shoes. There’s a piece of crusted tissue stuck on Aomine’s left shoulder, and an unidentifiable stain just under his collar. His hair looks like it hasn’t been washed for several days, and has lost its usual shine to grease and rumpled bedhead. There’s a thin, long scratch that is scabbing on the side of his left lower arm, and a blackish grey scuff mark on his left shoe, which is normally immaculately white. Irritated with how unrefined Aomine has made him look, Kise shakes his head and flicks the tissue crust away.

“I kept those shorts hidden in the back of my closet.” He grabs his body by the arms and turns Aomine around to inspect further. “And my closet is extensive, Aominechii.”

“S’what you tryna say?” Aomine mumbles back, grudgingly allowing himself to be fussed over.

Kise grabs him by the chin, highly annoyed. “I’m saying, did you go through my things?”

“Heh, like you haven’t gone through mine.” Aomine snorts with Kise’s nose, and the blond feels a spike of anger rise. “I know what you can be like.”

“Yeah?” Kise frowns, not a hard feat with the deep scowl Aomine permanently wears on his face. “What am I like?”

“You’re a straight laced model boy with no porn in his room, boring.” Aomine responds with a smug grin that makes Kise’s face look dangerously handsome.

Feeling the heat simmer down, Kise lets his own chin go and brushes past Aomine, making sure to bump his shoulder hard. He tosses Aomine’s bag on the bench and frowns down at his shoelaces, which have come undone a minimum of nine times since he has put them on.

“C’mere.” Aomine goes down on one knee, picking up his shoelaces and tying them in a secure knot. “Don’t you even know how to make a dead knot, idiot.”

“Shut it.” Kise growls, but he is all bark and no bite now. “I just ran across the country to see my own stupid face and to find out another idiot hasn’t been taking care of me.”

Aomine looks up at him with his own eyes. “Who says I haven’t?”

Kise doesn’t really have any real proof.

Sticking Aomine’s lower lip out into a pout, Kise averts his gaze, focusing on a flower bush not too far from where he was sitting.

“Then show me.”

Rush {l.h.}

Prompt: “look, i know we agreed to be friends and everything but that’s what everyone says when they break up. i can’t take you asking me for advice on how to ask out the new person you’re interested in, okay? it’s killing me” AU (Prompt from  tragicashwritingprompts

Word count: 1,294

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Beneficial - Harry Styles Smut

“Y/N, would you shut up about this guy? I’m tired of you complaining about him.” Your friend Amy groaned from across the table. The two of you decided to go out to dinner and catch up since you hadn’t talked all weekend, and that was a long time for you to be separated from each other.

“I know but he just annoys me so much!” you exclaimed, closing your eyes in an attempt to calm yourself down. He practically only talked to you when you were naked or benefiting him in some way. You remembered the texts he never responded to, the times you’d hung out in groups and he never acknowledged you, and the fact that he was your brother’s best friend for years.

“Obviously he’s an ass, just let it go.” She giggled, sipping her drink. Although you’d met your fair share of self-centered boys, there was something about this one that you couldn’t get over. Perhaps it was because he was just brutally attractive and his thick accent was enough to make keel over.

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A Hike For Two

Pairing: Pharmercy

Summary:  While the others sleep in, Fareeha and Angela get up early to take a day-long hike higher into the mountains. Warning for extreme fluff and sappiness.

Also available to read on:


Fareeha was the first to wake, snuggled close against Angela’s back under the sleeping bag large enough for two. They planned to leave early, before the sun came up, but Fareeha figured she could indulge for a few minutes, nuzzling into soft, blonde hair and tightening an arm around her girlfriend’s waist. She was drawing light circles across Angela’s stomach when the other stirred.

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#14 Newt: Quite Literally Fancy Pants

Request: anon

Prompt: reader receives a strange package in the box containing some very unusual contents…

A/N: I’m not too sure if this is what my lovely anon wanted, but I’ve tried! I hope anyone who reads this enjoys it anyway! :)


It’s only midday and I’m extremely tired. The box has come up, as it does every week, and I’m helping some of the guys unload supplies. The weather seems to be a lot hotter than usual, which is probably why I’m exhausted. Plus, I’m starving.

“Hey, Alby.” I call over to him. He’s handing up boxes and crates to Jeff and I, one by one. “When’s Frypan serving lunch?”

“Soon I suspect. It’s getting on that time.” Alby replies, handing me another box labeled ‘medical’.

Every week, we get labeled supply boxes. It’s never anything special usually. The guys have said that the most special or unusual thing they’ve had come up in the box is me, as I’m the first girl. When they said this, I wasn’t too sure at first weather it’s a compliment or a negative. Most of the things that come up in the box weekly, apart from greenies once a month, are basic fruit and vegetable seeds, knives and utensils for the kitchen, gardening supplies, medical resources and spare clothes. Occasionally, a keeper will get a box labeled to them containing resources for they’re work. Nothing out of the ordinary.

I continue to work in silence for a little while longer, absorbing the scorching sun rays on my back. All I can say now is thank goodness I came up with shorts, a tank top and a hoodie in the glade. I’m not sure I would’ve coped with long trousers like most of the boys.

As I take another package out of Alby’s grasp when I feel two familiar arms wrap themselves gently around my waist. I laugh lightly, turning to see the face of the boy.

“Hello Newt.” I raise my eyebrows at the boys soft face. A smirk is tugging at his lips. “Shouldn’t you be working?”

“Well, my favourite work partner is taking up another job today and work is pretty bloody boring.” Newt teases. His hands remain on my waist which leaves a bubble in the pit of my stomach, waiting to burst.

“Slacker.” I say playfully and spin back around to take another crate from Alby. Newt doesn’t leave right away, instead he places his head on my shoulder.

“JUST KISS ALREADY!” I hear Zart yell jokingly from the gardens not too far away. I immediately try to hide the blush making it’s way to my cheeks, as well as the smile.

It’s safe to say that the guys in the glade are constantly teasing Newt and I, saying that we should just “cut it out and get together”. I can’t blame them really, Newt and I flirt quite a lot. Of course, it’s all harmless and there’s nothing to it…well, for HIM there’s nothing to it, but let’s not go into too much detail. I may like him, I may think of him as more than a really good friend, which he is.

“Hey, uh, (y/n)?” Alby shouts, interrupting me from my thoughts. “This box is labeled for you…?”

“Huh?” I ask, breaking myself from Newt’s grasp so that I can see what Alby means. I only work in the gardens along side others, I’m not a keeper. I shouldn’t be receiving parcels.

Alby passes me up the box and indeed, it is addressed to me. After my name, it also says “we thought that these would come in handy”. What will come in “handy”?

“What d'ya reckon it is, love?” Newt asks, kneeling down next to me.

“Not sure…” I reply, ripping open the tape that secures the box together. “I mean they said it’s going to come in handy but…OH MY GOD!”

I stand up quickly and jump away from the box in a rush. What on earth…?

“What the bloody hell is this?” Newt tries to stifle a laugh as he holds up a very lacy, stringy red bra and underwear. I groan and close my eyes, my head in my hands. This can’t be good.

By this point, a few other gladers are gathering around and throwing around the pairs of, what I think is meant to me “sexy” underwear. It’s not just the one red pair though, oh no, there’s at least nine of them in all different colours. The guys are putting the bras on they’re head and the pants are being used as eye patches. I’m not sure what The Creator’s intentions are, but I’m not liking them too much so far.

“Hey (y/n)! What d'ya think?” Thomas chortles, waving a very revealing pair of lilac pants around his finger.

“Thomas for shucks sake put them down!” I sigh and shove him away. But he’s not the only one. Gally, Minho, Jeff, Zart, Winston and even Alby are enjoying this time to completely embarrass me.

“LUNCH!” Frypan hollers from his hut and it’s fair to say that I don’t think I’ve ever moved so fast. I’m hungry, yes, but these boys are annoying as hell.

“So…what’ve you been up to?” Frypan asks awkwardly as I approach him with my bowl. He must have seen from the window what’s been going on.

“Save it Fry. I don’t need any more grief. Honestly, you’d think that I’ve ASKED for them!” I say in exasperation and snatch my bowl off of him.

“Who’s gonna be the lucky guy then, (y/n)? Not like we can’t already guess!” Gally yells and some boys laugh. I just shake him off and sit at a bench away from him. I’ll deal with their mocking and comments after I’ve eaten.

What Frypan’s cooked up today tastes really good, actually. After I’ve finished, I’ll continue to sort out the rest of the boxes and crates with Alby and Jeff and then I’ll probably go back to work in the gardens for a while. To be honest, I’m not too fussed at what the gladers want to assume. They can tease me all they want.

“That was bloody somethin’ there, love.” Newt sighs, sitting down next to me. He was the only one who didn’t come over to me with a bra on his head.

“It was, wasn’t it.” I mumble, continuing to spoon my lunch into my mouth.

“I’ll help you sort through it later, if ya want. I can’t imagine you wanting anyone else after that…” Newt says sweetly and it makes me melt inside. I can’t seem to fathom some words together to make a sentence, so I just nod a reply and lean my head on his shoulder.

Once we’ve both finished, Newt and I stack our bowls away and head over to the mess of fancy underwear.

“This is ridiculous.” I mutter, stopping in front of the mess as Newt wraps an arm around my shoulders.

“Well, these boys aren’t exactly mature.” He chuckles, stroking my hair from root to tip. “They’re probably just jealous that they’re not gonna get a chance to see you in it.”

“And you are?” I raise my eyebrows, spinning to face Newt as his cheeks redden.

“U-uh…n-no! I u-um…” Newt splutters and bites his lip. It’s in no way meant to be seductive or cheeky, but that’s how it ends up in my eyes.

“C'mon then.” I shake my head and grin at him. “Let’s get all this away and then we can go back to work!”

Newt nods and immediately begins picking up stranded underwear. I can’t help but watch him for a moment, his hair flopping in front of his eyes, his toned arms and lean posture reaching down. But then, he catches me and smirks deeply.

“Like what you see?” He asks and it’s his turn to raise his eyebrows. Once again he’s biting his lip, but this time it’s not to hide any embarrassment.

I shake my head and try my hardest not to look when Newt lurks closer to me, pants and bras looping over his forearms. I try not to react when he places his hands on my hips from behind and pulls me closer. I really, really try not to enjoy it as he places his lips to my neck just once, leaving the spot tingling afterwards.

“You sure you don’t like this, love?” He whispers in my ear, nuzzling his head into the crook of my neck now. I haven’t admitted this to anyone, but it’s a total turn-on when he calls me ‘love’.

It’s so hard to contain myself in this moment, it really is. It is now that I let out a light sigh and relax the muscles that I didn’t even realise were tensed.

“I thought so.” I can practically feel the smirk tugging at Newt’s lips as he slowly released me.

Instead of turning to face his grin, I hastily gather the rest of the underwear and throw it into the box. Newt does the same, but I can still feel the musky tension between us and the feel of his lips against my skin. Even if it was only that one time.

“Let’s put these in my room and we can get back to the gardens.” I swallow and begin walking briskly back to the homestead.

Newt doesn’t say a word the whole way back and neither do I.

Soon enough, we reach my room and I dump the box on the bed. I’m relieved that I have my own room, or I don’t think that I’d see this box again. It’s a small room, it only has a bed and a desk, but it’s perfect for me.

“Okay, well, we should-”

I’m cut off by Newt closing the door with his foot and leaning against it so that I can’t leave. Wonderful.

“Let’s chat.” He says cheerily. Accepting defeat, I sit on my desk.

“Sit down Newt shucking hell.” I groan. “I’m not exactly going anywhere am I?”

“Fair enough.” Newt says, looking amused as he sits down on my bed. I can’t deny how attractive he looks with his messy hair and glowing skin from the heat.

My eyes widen as Newt makes his next move, which is to fish around in the box of “sexy” underwear.

“I never got a chance to take a proper look at these…” He chuckles. “I didn’t want to embarrass you further. At the time.”

I breath in deeply and lean against the wall, still sitting on the desktop. It was bad enough earlier, but now it’s just us two. On our own.

Newt stands up and makes his way towards me with the red bra and underwear pair that he first found in tow.

“Now these are my favourite.” He says, stopping in front of me. Our current position: Newt is standing in between my legs. My breath hitches in my throat harshly.

“W-what are you d-doing?” I stammer, finding it hard to look him in the eye.

“What I should’ve done a long time ago.”

Before I can respond, his hands are on my hips and his mouth meets my lips and all I can say is that a firework display erupted all around.

My hands thread through his hair and we pull each other closer. This. This is the moment that I’ve anticipated for so long, but never thought would become a reality.

We break apart eventually and I sigh into Newt’s neck, letting the reality that I’ve just kissed Newt sink in.

“You’re really something, love, and I really like that.” Newt murmurs, placing his hands on my thighs. “I really like YOU.”

“I like you, too.” I grin and place a butterfly kiss on his nose.

We sit in silence for a while, a comfortable silence, just admiring one another. However, it doesn’t take Newt long to get back to his flirtatious attitude.

“So, love.” He says, looking straight at me, hints of lust creeping through his eyes. “Why don’t you try this underwear set on and I’ll give you my VERY personal and professional opinion? I think you’d look pretty good in these in particular.”

I smirk and kiss Newt on the lips, taking the garments from him. “You’re on.”


A/N: idk I just found this really fun to write! It’s not smut because I don’t and I can’t write smut Hahahahahah. Besides, I like to thing my blog is like a nice, happy, innocent place! But anyways, thanks to anyone who reads this! Message me feedback or requests or even if you just need advice/want to chat. I AM HERE FOR YOU ALL BECAUSE I LOVE YOU ALL YOU ARE MY FRIENDS! I hope you liked this or whatever haha. See you, munchkins :)

45. wear it like an armor [T+]

(8)  隅 [sumi, corner]

It took time, but he came back.

(I make no promises.
he wrote
in his first & last
of his long mission
so, you can stop waiting.)

Uchiha Sasuke stood before its gates, doors open wide in a welcoming embrace.

The winter solstice was approaching, as he felt it every freezing morning, as well as the increase of tourists in each town festival he went into. But it was different in Leaf, as it seemed that the oncoming celebration was more grandiose than the village festivals he had been during his travels.

Crimson lanterns swayed from its twines, refracting sunlight in different angles. Bunches of stalls were set-up on the sidewalks, with a crowd of hagglers and vendors congesting the narrow path. A multitude of noises – from quick deals and great barters – were the droning buzz in the streets. And between the spaces of the crowd were the children, running without any care, brooms on their hands, dirt smeared on their noses and chocolates staining their teeth.

Konoha is a racket of conversations and colors, uncaring of the sacrifices it paid to maintain its current peace.

With practiced ease, he leaped on top of an empty post, taking another long look at the panoramic maze of shelters and people, against the clear blue backdrop.

It is the traditional house cleaning, the 13th day of the twelfth month, before the start of the New Year is the time to clear the past. This holiday demands the Fire citizens to sweep each space – from the most obvious ceiling cobwebs, to the hidden dust speckles that inhabited each window crack. It is a symbolic act of clearing their slate, starting with cleaning the stains in their own house.

(to Sasuke, susuharai was clearing old bone-ashes from the altars, wiping out the crumbling incense from its place. And at hatsuhinode, the whole clan would trek the naka shrine, then they would sit with their ankles and knees tucked on its wide porch.

they would wait with their palms upturned, a single coal – made from the collected dust during soot-sweeping, compacted into hard ash – on their hands.

they would always greet the first sunrise by waking the warm cinder with their breaths, coaxing it to live, a tame flamelight on their hands. and it is how the Uchiha are reborn for the promising dawn.)

He walks down the road, leading him to a familiar direction, still at odds with how strange the sights were. Memories told him that the walls and houses were not the same, the pavement felt different beneath his feet. People attempted to revive its former glory, but Sasuke knew the difference, in every acute detail. This was a mere replica of a once glorious district.

After the passing the shallow lake, at the swell of his path, he nears his childhood home, copies of an old, majestic relic.

He expected an empty house.

Instead, a wall – peppered with red-white fans and stark black slurs – greeted him.

The insults (demon) written in (die) jagged (burn).lines (monster)

If this was, a decade ago, when madness and anger had ignited his life, he would have razed the whole village. Surprisingly, the usual swell of anger was only a dull throb.

Sasuke would have ignored these insults, if it weren’t in favor of taking in the sight of an eight-year-old boy scrubbing off the stubborn smears at the nooks of the wall.

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